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  • Womens formal wear
  • Men casual wear
  • Women casual wear
  • Women sarees
  • Kurtas & kurtis

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How to Make Bulk Purchases for Apparel on Amazon?

1. Register for an Amazon Business Account

Create or log in to your Amazon Business account. This account is distinct from your personal Amazon account and offers tailored features for business needs.

2. Explore the Amazon Business Catalog

Once logged in, explore the extensive catalog of apparel products available for bulk purchase. This catalog spans various categories, ensuring you find what you need easily.

3. Add Items to Your Cart

Select the apparel items you wish to purchase in bulk and add them to your cart. Specify the desired quantity according to your business requirements.

4. Check for Bulk Discounts

While adding items to your cart, keep an eye out for potential bulk discounts offered by Amazon for wholesale purchases.

5. Review Your Order

Before finalizing your purchase, review your bulk order to ensure accuracy in quantities, products, and pricing. Make any necessary adjustments at this stage.

6. Complete the Purchase

Once satisfied, proceed to checkout and finalize your bulk purchase. Provide payment and shipping details as usual.

7. Track Your Order

Monitor the status of your bulk order through your Amazon Business account. Receive updates on shipping and delivery progress for your apparel items.

Benefits of Wholesale Apparel Buying with Amazon Business

1. Extensive Product Selection

Amazon Business offers a wide range of apparel products, making it a convenient one-stop shop for businesses.

2. Competitive Pricing

Access competitive pricing through Amazon's network of suppliers and sellers, helping to reduce procurement costs and enhance profit margins.

3. Convenience and Efficiency

Amazon Business simplifies the purchasing process, allowing businesses to easily browse, compare, and order apparel online, saving time and effort.

4. Flexible Ordering Options

Choose from various order sizes, catering to your specific inventory needs and business requirements.

5. Fast and Reliable Shipping

Benefit from Amazon's efficient logistics network, ensuring timely delivery of your bulk apparel orders.

6. Transparency and Security

Enjoy transparency throughout the purchasing process with detailed product listings, customer reviews, and secure transactions.

7. Business-Specific Features

Access specialized features tailored for businesses, including pricing options, quantity discounts, tax exemptions, and dedicated customer support.

8. Scalability and Growth Opportunities

Easily scale your purchasing operations on Amazon Business to accommodate business growth and expansion.


  • Bulk ordering refers to purchasing goods in large quantities at a discounted price per unit. It's a common practice in business procurement to meet high demand, reduce costs, and ensure a steady supply of essential items. Amazon bulk orders offer discounts like never before.

  • Ordering wholesale items on Amazon Business is straightforward. First, sign up for an Amazon Business account. Then, navigate to the "Amazon Business" section to access a wide range of wholesale products. Look through the catalog, pick out the necessities, and add them to your cart. You'll be able to indicate how much you want to order at checkout, and Amazon will take care of any relevant bulk discounts. Buy in bulk and enjoy all the benefits of large orders from Amazon Business.

  • Amazon Business offers a vast selection of products available for bulk purchase, including office supplies, electronics, industrial equipment, cleaning supplies, kitchen essentials, healthcare products, and more. Buy in bulk online and find everything from paper towels and printer ink to laptops and safety equipment.

  • Purchasing from Amazon Business offers several benefits:

    ●  Access to a wide range of products at competitive prices.

    ●  Buy in bulk online with convenient online ordering with flexible shipping options.

    ●  Specialized features for business customers, such as tax-exempt purchasing and integration with procurement systems.

    ●  Dedicated customer support.

    ●  Transparency and security throughout the purchasing process.

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