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B2B Wholesale Online Shopping Store in India - Amazon Business

The word wholesale is familiar to most of us, but we pay less attention to it as end-users. But if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or a buyer, the term wholesale carries more weight. The Indian market is becoming more prone to e-commerce, dropshipping, and online shopping, pushing the business owner to adopt online wholesale practices.

With time, the significance of e-commerce and online businesses have intensified. It’s high time for buyers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to identify reliable b2b wholesale suppliers. This is where Amazon Business comes in and we will tell you why Amazon Business is the best platform for wholesale online shopping. 

Let us walk you through how Amazon Business meets your wholesale online shopping demands, what makes us unique, the range of wholesale products – everything inside the Amazon app.


How Amazon Business Meets Wholesale Shopping Needs

Amazon business is equipped to take care of wholesale demands or bulk purchases of different nature of businesses operating at different levels. Amazon Business can aid the b2b wholesale online shopping demands at Business, entrepreneur or buyer levels.


Business Owners - Enterprise Level

Amazon Business, being the largest online wholesale store in India, eases your wholesale online shopping experience. It has secure accounts, compliance tools, and business analytics tools. These analytical and compliance tools let you track your purchasing patterns coming in handy for wholesale online shopping.  

Big to small enterprises procure products or items in bulk while ensuring their account and log credentials are safe, with every product having a GST invoice.


Entrepreneurs - SMB Level

Entrepreneurs and small or medium business owners could immensely benefit from Amazon Business online wholesale store. Procuring the right goods and identifying the right vendors could feel tricky while starting any business. Amazon Business takes this stress away from you by confining your wholesale online shopping needs to one place, saving time.

Utilize the analytical tools to track your buying patterns and product requirements and enforce compliance by directing the approval for bulk purchases. Focus more on growing your Business and productivity by choosing Amazon Business as your b2b wholesale partner.


Other Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale buyers who wish to resell their goods to retailers or directly to customers could also benefit from the wholesale online purchasing from Amazon Business. The easy onboarding process, product availability across industries, and best price deal by making Amazon Business their b2b wholesale supplier.


What makes Amazon Business Special - Key Features

Before you forge a b2b wholesale partnership with Amazon Business to take advantage of the wholesale market online in India, it’s useful to know what wholesale online shopping with Amazon is special.


Here is why Amazon Business could benefit your wholesale online shopping experience:

GST Invoice

All b2b purchases generate a GST invoice to ensure the details of the transactions and relevant product/ goods information like the name, product description, quantity, seller & buyer details, terms of sale, price, or any offered discount. There is a provision to manage and filter out the GST enabled products. Moreover, GST registered buyers could get a 28% discount on GST input Tax Credit.


Compliance Tools

Compliance tools are necessary to direct and regulate wholesale online shopping. Filter and adjust your purchases adhering to your organization’s policies and enforce restrictions as per your needs to regulate and manage the wholesale purchase.


Bulk Purchasing Discounts

Amazon Business offers attractive offers for bulk orders, especially wholesale online shopping. Bulk purchasing ensures more savings for enterprises, wholesale buyers, or entrepreneurs. Also, custom quotes could be generated to ensure more savings based on the quantity of the items purchased.


Business Insights and Analytics

While dealing with wholesale online shopping, keeping track of the purchase orders could be a hassle. Amazon Business simplifies this problem with business analytics tools tracking your buying patterns, discovering potential saving options, utilizing generated reports for your benefit, and finding out the hidden charges.


NEFT/RTGS Payments Methods

To ease your wholesale online shopping experience Amazon Business has NEFT/RTGS payment modes preventing multiple order placement due to transaction limits. Unlike credit cards or COD, NEFT/RTGS payment modes support high-value orders. Place the order and order and transfer money into Amazon’s account within 24 hours. Learn how this payment mode plays out for your wholesale store here. 


Account Security

Amazon Business offers impeccable account security easily configurable to your business needs. You could easily add team members based on roles and permission for better account management, set up buying policies per your needs, and do wholesome online shopping securely with seamless payment and shared payment.   


Shipping and Delivery

Amazon is known for its fast and efficient shipping and delivery with timely updates and guaranteed delivery. Make your wholesale online shopping worthwhile with free and fast delivery eligible on multiple products. 


Amazon Business Assured Quality

The distinctive feature of Amazon Business is the quality assurance in the products, service, delivery, mechanism, and the process of wholesale online shopping from its placement to delivery. The hassle-free and easy returns and replacements assert this claim of Amazon even further.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Amazon Business is the one stop solution for all your office purchase needs. Access India’s largest selection of products with GST invoice. Get competitive prices with convenient buying options. Discover a smarter and a more efficient way to buy for work!


  • It is free to register for an Amazon Business account. There is no long-term commitment, and no minimum spend. All you need is your work email and basic company information. If we require additional information to verify your business, we will let you know. To speed up verification, have these documents ready: GST certificate or Business PAN and Company Information (E.g: Name, Registered address) at time of registration.

    Click here to create a free business account.  


  • As a business customer, you get access to lakhs of products with a GST invoice allowing you to take input tax credit. Further, you will also get business exclusive deals and quantity discounts on many of these products. You will be able to enjoy the convenience of placing orders and getting those delivered to your doorstep.

  • If you have not used Amazon for business purchases, we recommend using your work email for business account. By doing so, you can keep your business and personal purchases separate. If you do not have a different email address, you can also enter your existing Amazon account email id to convert it to a business account. 

  • You can easily add multiple purchasers from your company from the business settings of your business account providing you control and visibility over your team spends. Add purchasers by entering their email address, or upload the available spreadsheet template to add multiple purchasers at once.


  • Yes, Amazon Business delivers to businesses in over 99.5% of pincodes in the country. Businesses from all over the country can now purchase business supplies and receive local delivery.

  • Please contact us.



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