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We are continually finding new and better solutions that address all sorts of business needs. From B2B business to wholesale business, our solutions will meet all your purchase goal.

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    Simplify buying

    Find everything you need in one place. Buy from a wide selection of education supplies to save time and effort. Use hassle free delivery and get supplies faster so you are ready for wherever the learning journey leads. Consolidate miscellaneous spend into one channel that integrates with your existing procurement system. Administrators can set guidelines for buyers and simply monitor compliance. 

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    Give more to students

    Stretch your budget further with bulk discounts, business exclusive deals and cashbacks. Choose from the best of brands to offer the best quality products to your students. Save time in procuring all the required education supplies and make your buying process more efficient.

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    Empower teachers and staff

    We offer a secure and user-friendly buying experience that allows you to add staff members to one single account. This feature will enable and empower your teachers and staff members to independently required buy classroom equipment. You can use Analytics to track spending patterns for insights that can help your budget decisions and buying policies.

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Wide range of products for both physical and digital classroom


Whetner you have a physical classroom set up or had to turn to digital classroom through a distance learning set up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon Business offers you a wide range of classroom and teaching related products across categories at wholesale prices to meet every aspect of your operational requirement.

  • Buy for your digital classroom

    Buy from a wide range of products specially curated to provide end to end support in setting up a digital classroom. Buy products like laptops, tablets, web cams, projectors, speakers, routers, other networking devices and many more from top brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Epson, Cisco and more. Provide your students with a seamless learning experience and enable their growth.

  • Buy for your physical classroom

    Equip your classroom with the best of classroom furniture, accessories like whiteboards, markers and erasers, cleaning supplies, projectors, stationery products like printing paper, pens, notepads, files, folders, registers and many more from top brands like Cello, JK Copier, 3M and more. Create a fun environment for your students engage and learn.

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BYJU's benefits from Amazon Business' bulk offering

“Amazon Business helped us to procure Lenovo tablets in bulk, at a time when we were finding it difficult to buy from offline channels due to stock issues. As tablets were delivered quickly, we were able to customize these tablets with our Apps and then share with students.”

- Abhishek Shetty, Procurement head, BYJU'S

Different businesses have different needs. At Amazon Business we provide solutions for all Organization Types

" With Amazon Business,we have been able to get GST Invoices for all the products we buy for our organization. Buying & Delivery options are easy to understand. Bulk orders facility is also a great option of Amazon Business which enables buying products in large quantities.”

— Mukesh Purohit , IT Manager & Assets Administrator, Miles Education.

Read our Education Supplies FAQs

  • For a physical classroom, furniture like desks and chairs, a whiteboard/ blackboard, marker, chalks, eraser, projectors are essentials. In addition to those, stationary classroom resources include printing papers, pens, scissors, notepads, files, folders, and many other things.  

  • Yes, you can buy school equipment in bulk at Amazon Business. You may have B2B discounts when buying classroom materials in bulk.

  • For a digital classroom, laptops, tablets, webcams, projectors are essential online teaching requirements. Along with those, speakers, routers, and other networking peripherals are also important classroom materials.

  • You can find a host of school equipment on our education store; from online teaching equipments to classroom materials, everything in one place.  

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