10 Best Smartwatches in India for Android & IOS

10 Best Smartwatches in India 2022: A Complete Buying Guide

Complete buying guide for 10 Best Smartwatches in India for Android & IOS. Consider these feature to purchase from top brands like Apple, Samsung & more

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What makes a watch as a smart watch?

Smartwatch Vs Smartphones

Features of a Smartwatch

Easy Media Management

Health Data Assessments

Sports & Activity Assessment

Technical Assessment

Smartwatches vs. Fitness Trackers

Things to consider before purchasing a smartwatch

Compatibility with IOS and Android

The Features

The Battery Life

Different App Availability

Top Brands to Choose from on Amazon Business

Our Top Picks

For IOS Compatibility

For Android Compatibility




For a watch aficionado, only analogs and chronographs are real watches that smart people wear. Such people often look for smart watches, not smartwatches.


Clearly, not everyone shares this thought, and it is evident in the huge popularity that smartwatches have gained over time. If you are also searching for the best smartwatches in India, this article might help you find one. Here we will mention the top 10 smartwatches that look cool, practical, and technically an extension of your smartphone.


Before we start, let’s discuss the basics of finding the best smartwatches in India .


What makes a watch a smartwatch?


One can wonder what differentiates a smartwatch from a traditional watch. Well, a traditional watch can only tell time. Chronographs can also double as a stopwatch and has some other functionalities.

On the other hand, a smartwatch is a wearable computer device that can work in tandem with smartphones. The best smartwatches in India can run apps, show call/message notifications, and also function as a fitness tracker.


Smartwatch Vs. Smartphones

Smartwatches do not compete with smartphones, but they work hand in hand. A smartwatch is an extension of smartphones and complements the latter in most cases. Many smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung, Motorola have their smartwatches. They run on operating systems that are not similar to that of smartphones, but they have maximum compatibility.


For example, Apple watches run on WatchOS while the iPhones run on iOS. Although the operating systems are different, they are most compatible with each other. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy series smartwatches function on Tizen operating system while the Samsung smartphones have an Android operating system.


With that said, there are many smartwatches from other brands that are not brand exclusive and have compatibility with most smartwatches in the market. Some of these can also be considered as best smartwatches in India.  


Features of a Smartwatch

There are many smartwatches available in the market, but only the best smartwatches in India should have the top features. So, what are the smartwatch features the buyers should look for? Here is a list –


Easy Media Management

The best smartwatches in India should ace the media management, and should function without any hiccups. The apps should load faster, the trackers should provide accurate data, and there should be dedicated sensors for most of the functions. Essentially, smartwatches were invented to make daily lives easier. Therefore, the best smart watch in India should at least have the following features –

  • The Notifications for Incoming Calls
  • The Notifications for Messages
  • The Notifications for Reminders
  • The Navigational Notifications

Keep in mind, for accurate navigational functions, a smartwatch should have a GPS locator, GLONASS, and other necessary sensors. The best smartwatch in India should have an uninterrupted internet connection.


 Health Data Assessments

After the pandemic, all smartwatch OEMs are focusing on health data assessment. In 2020, Apple launched Apple Watch Series 6 with the blood oxygen / SpO2 monitoring feature. It could also effortlessly take an ECG. These features were later improved in the Apple Watch Series 7.


Many other OEMs have prioritized blood oxygen / SpO2 monitoring in their smart wearables along with other smartwatch features such as,


  • Sleep Hours and Sleep Quality
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • Emergency SOS


 Sports & Activity Assessment

Initially, sports and activity assessment features were exclusive to fitness trackers. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, Fastrack reflex 3.0 fitness tracker, Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker, Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker are some of the products that dominate in this field.

Later, Garmin Forerunner 45 Stainless-Steel Smart Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and smartwatches from other premium OEMs entered the market with similar features. Today, the best smartwatches in India that have the following features can also double as fitness trackers.

  • Heart Rate
  • Step Counter
  • Calories Counter
Sports and activity assesement

Technical Assessment

As mentioned earlier, having dedicated sensors and programs are important for data accuracy. While buying the best smartwatches in India, the buyers should opt for a product that at least have the following sensors.

  • GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope


Having the GPS can help in tracking devices and also have accurate map directions. With the help of the accelerometer, smartwatches can read speed and momentum. Gyroscope sensor can decipher angular velocity and is crucial for the on-device navigation system.


Smartwatches vs. Fitness Trackers

As the name suggests, fitness trackers are for tracking daily activity. They have a smaller number of sensors and apps compared to smartwatches as they are not required to perform similar tasks. For their limited task responsibilities, fitness trackers have a smaller and compact form factor.


Smartwatches, on the other hand, are bulkier than fitness trackers and load a lot more features. The best smartwatches in India have all the features of a fitness band and can very well be a replacement. However, smartwatches are a lot more expensive than fitness trackers.


Despite all the differences, there is one strong similarity between the smartwatches and the fitness trackers – they both tell the time.

Smartwatches vs Fitness trackers

Things to consider before purchasing a smartwatch

At this point, buying a smartwatch should be relatively easier. To add more conviction to the buyers’ purchase, here are a few other points that will help sort out the best smartwatches in India.


Compatibility with iOS and Android

OS compatibility is one of the crucial aspects of buying the best smartwatches in India. For example, two of the premium brands – Samsung and Apple – have smartwatches that work best if paired with their brand-specific smartphones.


Android users can use the best smartwatch for Android, while iPhone users should go for the Apple watch, which is the best smartwatch for iOS. With all that said, the premium category smartwatches are breaking the barriers and opting for non-exclusive compatibility to reach more customers.


The Features

The best smartwatches in India should have smart features like contactless payment, setting reminders, sending text messages, better app control, seamless notifications of incoming calls and messages, etc. In addition, one should find a smartwatch that has health-related features like blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, heart rate measurement, as well as sleep monitoring feature.


The Battery Life

Be it a smartphone or a smartwatch, battery life has been the user-woe forever. Therefore, the best smartwatches in India are the ones that come with decent battery life. Because, without sufficient battery life, all the features become useless.


Different App Availability

If the user cannot run apps and need to use the smartphone for most of his app-related use, then the smartwatch becomes pretty much useless. While choosing the top smartwatch, app availability is one big reason that sets the best from the rest. Go for the best smartwatches in India that support the highest number of applications.


Top Brands to Choose from on Amazon Business

Under the electronic items category on Amazon Business, the buyers shall get a wide range of smartwatches to choose from. They can get the best budget smartwatches to the most premium ones. In case the buyer is still in any doubt, here is a list of top brands that offer the best in terms of quality and features.

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Garmin
  4. Huawei
  5. Xiaomi
  6. Realme
  7. Fossil
  8. Fitbit


Our Top Picks

For buyers who don’t have the time for extensive research, they can use this trick for buying the best smartwatches in India. All you need to do is look for highly rated products on Amazon Business. Products with higher ratings and more votes speak volumes of their quality.


Not just the best smartwatches in India, you can buy Best Laptops for students in 2021, Best Wifi Range Extenders, Networking Devices List 2021 using the same tricks – It’s easy and fast. However, there is a more convenient way to get the top ten smart watches – go with our top picks.

Best smartwatches

Best Smartwatches for iOS

The only best smartwatches for iOS are the ones from Apple itself. If you want an Apple Watch, you should choose depending on your need and budget. Here is a list of the top 3 Apple Watches you can buy.









Apple Watch

Series 7

(GPS, 45mm)

• All-day battery life
Runs on the latest

S7 SiP
• Always-on Retina

display has nearly

20% more screen

area than Series 6
• Swimproof Design

• Very expensive


New Apple Watch

Series 6

(GPS + Cellular,


• SpO2 monitoring
S6 SiP is up to

20% faster than Series 5
• Always-On Retina

display is 2.5x

brighter outdoors

when your wrist

is down
• Swimproof Design

• Sleep tracking

data not precise




Apple Watch SE

(GPS, 44mm)

• Large Retina OLED

Up to 2x faster

processor than Series 3
• Track your daily

• Swimproof Design

• No SpO2




Best Smartwatches for Android






Samsung Galaxy Watch4                                

• Bioelectrical Impedance

Analysis Sensor for Body

Composition Analysis, Optical

Heart Rate Sensor
Runs on Wear OS Powered by

• Enhanced Fitness tracking lets

you track 90+ workouts
• Full-day battery

• Only compatible

with Android



Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

• Enhanced Running Analysis,

Sleep Tracking, Blood Oxygen;

120+ workouts
Android and iOS compatibility

(iOS 9.0 and above)
• Enhanced Accelerometer for

Fall Detection
• Full-day battery

• Lacks a proper

navigation app


Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

•GPS, GLONASS and Galileo support
Constructed to U.S. Military standard

810G for thermal, shock and

water resistance

(rated to 100 meters)
• Monitor your estimated heart rate,

activity and stress, train

with preloaded activity profiles
• Battery life: up to 14 days

• Erratic heart

rate tracking


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G

• Super AMOLED

display with


Always on Watchfaces
24/7 Activity Tracking -

4 stage Sleep, Activity with

continuous HRM & Stress

• 39 built in trackers


50m Water Resistance
• Battery life: up to 2 days

• Some users don't

prefer the round



Fitbit Versa 3

• Real-time pace & distance

with built-in GPS
• Track heart rate 24x7


PurePulse 2.0
• Google Assistant or

Amazon Alexa Built-in
• Battery life: up to 6+ days

• Clunky Fitbit eco-system


Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

• Compatibility: Android

OS 6.0+



iOS 10.0+
Heart Rate & Activity

Tracking using Google Fit
• Smartwatches powered

with wear OS by Google
• All day Battery life with

fast charging

• Google Assistant


misinterpret voice commands


Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

• Effective fitness tracking
Track heart rate 24x7
• See a snapshot of your

cardio fitness level in

the Fitbit app
• Battery life: up to 4+ days

• Relatively expensive



Amazon Business only lists the premium quality products so that buyers can rest assured of the quality. In case you want to make bulk purchases of fitness bands or smartwatches, you can leverage the bulk discount offers.


Moreover, all the products on Amazon Business have GST invoice, which allows buyers to save up to 28% with claim input tax credit. Whether you are purchasing the best smartwatches in India or other mobile accessories, shopping from Amazon Business is effortless. The only thing you will need is a free Amazon Business account.


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  • Yes. The best smartwatches in India have dedicated hardware support for the tracking system. However, sometimes devices can falter and give out inaccurate data.

  • All the smartwatches mentioned in this buying guide are unisex models that can look good for men and women alike. Besides, there are smaller dial sizes that can look better on women.

  • Yes, smartwatches bands can be changed.

  • Budget is a relative term. Nonetheless, there are many smartwatches that offer great value for money. We recommend browsing through our exhaustive collection of smartwatches on Amazon Business to choose the one that suits your style and pocket.

  • Generally, a decent smartwatch can run for a day or two on a full charge. The best smartwatches in India offer a little more than a couple of days of battery life.

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