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Here is how we meet your medical equipment needs

Browse through the wide range of medical items such as masks, face sheilds, thermometers, sanitizers, vitamins from Amazon Business at the best prices by trusted brands.


Top Categories

  • Masks


  • PPE Kits

    PPE Kits

  • Sanitizer


  • Thermometers


  • Steamers and Massagers

    Steamers and Massagers

  • Vitamins


Medical Equipments

  • BP Monitors

    BP Monitors

  • Stethoscope


  • Oximeters


  • Needles & Syringes

    Needles and Syringes

  • Glucometers


  • Weighing Scales

    Weighing Scales

Professional Medical Supplies

  • Surgical Tools

    Surgical Tools

  • Radiology and Imaging

    Radiology and Imaging

  • Respiratory and Anesthesia Equipments

    Respiratory and Anesthesia Equipments

Top Brands

  • Omron
  • 3M Littmann
  • Oriley
  • Indosurgicals
  • Careview
  • Entair

Customers enjoy a large number of benefits when they shop on Amazon Business

Partner with us to help save time, money and effort for your business. We have all the medical supplies from the topmost brands. Our online medical supply store is your one-stop-shop.

  • Wide selection

    Access a wide selection of products from top brands, see top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement, and get GST invoice when you buy from India’s largest B2bB marketplace with GST enabled products.

  • Reduce costs

    Tap into business exclusive deals, wholesale pricing, and quantity discounts for bulk orders that help you save on your purchasing cost.

  • Get multiple quotes

    Compare across lakhs of sellers who compete for your business to choose the lowest prices. Purchase in bulk at wholesale prices and save costs through B2B purchasing.

Listing the PPE products on Amazon has helped us take these products to a larger number of frontline healthcare workers in even remote geographies, much faster, thus helping us play our small role in dealing with the PPE shortage much more effectively than otherwise.

— Valliappan Km, Founder, PinkBlue

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    • The purpose of the medical supplies store is to provide customers all the options in different categories clubbed under one umbrella, Amazon Business. It makes purchasing online medical equipment effortless.

    • Yes. If you do not have an account, you can easily create a free Amazon Business account.

    • Digital medical devices, surgical equipment and professional medical equipment – all of them are essential for a multi-specialty hospital.

    • Yes, you can get a GST invoice for every purchase made on Amazon Business.



    • Yes, you can purchase medical supplies in bulk from Amazon Business.

    • Amazon Business has a fluent delivery network and service channel that makes procurement easy for customers. Apart from that, there are regular cashback offers and GST input tax benefits for bulk purchases.


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    Wholesale Medical Supplies Online with Amazon Business


    Looking for Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Medical Devices? Get all kinds of personal & Hospital Supplies at wholesale prices.



    To cater to customers across India, Amazon Business brings the online medical supplies store. Here you can buy any medical equipment you need in bulk and at exciting prices. Perfect for business owners dealing in wholesale medical supplies, Amazon Business is the go-to platform for their bulk purchasing needs.


    Here is how we meet your medical equipment needs


    Buying medical equipment from Amazon Business is effortless and cost-effective. Foremost, customers will get to choose from a wide range of medical equipment products from reputed companies. They can compare the prices online before making a purchase. Here is a quick rundown of various benefits of buying from the exclusive online medical supplies store curated by Amazon Business.


    1) Top Medical Supply Categories on Amazon Business


    Sellers from all over India gather at Amazon Business with their raft of offerings. Hospital or clinic administrations can purchase wholesale medical supplies from us to keep their inventory up to date and always ready to serve patients.


    Below is a list of products that are available for bulk procurement from our online medical supplies store.


    Masks – You can purchase all types of masks from the Amazon Business online medical supplies store. We have a wide range of cloth masks, designer masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, and KN95 respirators.


    PPE Kits – For hospitals and clinics, it is crucial to have a stock of PPE kits for the healthcare workers and doctors. If you are a hospital administrator trying to procure PPE Kits online, Amazon Business medical supplies store is your one-stop solution.


    Sanitizers – In the present scenarios, sanitizers are crucial for everyone – businesses, hospitals, clinics, and households. For all your need for wholesale medical supplies of sanitizers, you can browse through our wide range and purchase from the comfort of your home.


    Thermometers – A crucial medical device for every household, one can buy them from reputed manufacturers through Amazon Business. You will get a varied selection of both conventional and modern digital thermometers on our online medical supplies store.


    Steamers & Massagers – The online medical supplies store curated by Amazon Business provides not just medical equipment but also a category of steamers and massagers. Spa owners and cosmetologists can purchase steamers and massagers online from Amazon Business.


    Vitamins – Reputed pharmaceutical companies have their vitamin supplements listed on our online medical supplies store. Hospitals, clinics, chemists, and druggists can purchase in bulk to revamp their stock of vitamin supplements.


    2) Buy Medical Devices Online from Medical Supplies Store on Amazon Business


    Hospitals and caregiving services must have adequate stock of medical equipment to treat all the patients. To serve this purpose, Amazon Business's online medical supplies store offers a wide range of medical equipment for bulk buyers.


    BP Monitors – BP Monitors or blood pressure monitors are crucial digital medical equipment that all hospitals need. These BP monitors come with an LCD screen that displays blood pressure levels. Since these devices are relatively easy to interpret, every household can have one BP monitor. You can buy BP monitors online from Amazon Business medical supplies store.


    Stethoscope – Doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics can purchase stethoscopes online from Amazon medical supplies store.


    Oximeters – Oximeters are essential for measuring SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation in patients. Oximeters play a crucial role to avoid hypoxemia in COVID-19 positive patients. As wholesale medical supplies, our online medical equipment store offers a variety of oximeters and other much-needed COVID-19 supplies.


    Needles & Syringes – Hospitals and clinics need a huge number of needles and syringes daily. Therefore, needles and syringes fall under the primary medical equipment category. To keep your hospital’s stock of basic needs like these, you can purchase needles and syringes from our wholesale medical supplies store.


    Glucometers – Glucometers are valuable medical equipment for diabetic patients. Glucometers are small devices that help patients keep track of their blood sugar levels. On our online medical store, there is a host of glucometers available from reputed manufacturers.


    Weighing Scales – Weighing scales are for everyone. One can keep a weighing scale at home to track their weight gain or loss. Apart from that, clinics of paediatricians and dieticians need weighing scales. Buying weighing scales online is pretty straightforward. Just sign in to Amazon Business wholesale medical equipment store and place an order.


    3) Buy Top Professional Medical Equipment on Amazon Business


    To cater to your all wholesale medical equipment purchasing needs, Amazon Business brings you a plethora of choices. The range of medical equipment available on our medical supplies store goes beyond the basics. You can even purchase professional medical equipment, like –


    Surgical Tools – You can purchase surgical tools on Amazon Business’s online medical supplies store. Ranging from mechanical cutters like scalpel, lancets, rongeurs, and scissors the medical supplies list includes grasping and holding instruments, as well as hemostatic instruments.


    Radiology & Imaging – To treat critically ill patients, hospitals and clinics require advanced radiology and imaging devices. Hospital administrators can purchase advanced devices like CT scanners, CT angiography machines, x-ray machines, and ultrasound devices from Amazon Business’s online medical supplies store.


    Respiratory & Anesthesia Equipment – Similarly, customers can buy nebulizers, CPAP, BiPAP, ventilators from our online wholesale medical supplies store.


    Why purchase from Amazon Business Medical Supplies Store?


    While many online vendors flood the market, why should you purchase from Amazon Business medical supplies store? The answer is pretty straightforward. Amazon Business is arguably the largest operating ecommerce platform in India and across the world.


    Amazon Business has a wide range of service networks with a deep-routed delivery channel spread across tier 1 and tier 2 cities. When purchasing from Amazon Business, you can get best-in-class door-step delivery of products and services, which is unparalleled.


    Besides, there are multiple benefits that entail every bulk procurement from Amazon Business –


    ● You can enjoy exciting offers on bulk orders.

    ●  The products are available at a competitive pricing.

    ●  Host of top-rated sellers sell the best products on Amazon Business.

    ●  Business owners enjoy GST input tax benefits, which adds up to more savings.

    ●  New business owners who do not have a GST account can make purchases using their PAN.


    It is clear how the benefits of buying from Amazon Business give it an edge over other platforms. All you need is an Amazon Business account. If you do not have it, fret not. It is easy to open a free Amazon Business account.