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Types of Training Machines

  • Functional Trainer

    Functional Trainer

  • The Dumbbell Stand

    The Dumbbell Stand

  • Weight Plate Stand

    Weight Plate Stand

  • Smith Machines

    Smith Machines

  • The Gym Benches

    The Gym Benches

  • The Exercise Balls

    The Exercise Balls

Ideal Home Gym Equipments

  • Bench Press

    Bench Press

  • Lats Pulley

    Lats Pulley

  • Abdominal Board

    Abdominal Board

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    •     Smith machine is a weight training machine used for multiple workouts like squats, bench press, assisted deadlift, and even leg press.

    • Cleaning gym equipment is easy. Take a damp towel, and wipe the surface of the machines. One can use disinfectant or sanitizers on the machine’s surface and wipe it with a towel.

    • The GST rate on gym equipment is 18%.

    • It depends upon the intensity of the workout. For someone trying to take up professional bodybuilding, a home gym is not enough. However, basic dumbbells, resistant bands, and some weight plates should be enough to keep someone physically fit. One can also opt for a 4-station multigym.

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    Wholesale Gym Equiment Store on Amazon Business

    Indian young population is health-conscious, and because of urbanization and social media influence, gyms are sprouting in cities and towns. Many corporate offices have gym setups for their employees because they consider this an added perk.

    Running a gym has always been a lucrative business. The segment is picking up pace in India. Several international gym franchises entered India and boosted the market. To grab this opportunity, many people are trying to set up their gyms. However, it entails a lot of expertise and research to know the risks of this business.

    This article seeks to address the basic and foremost hurdles first-time gym owners may face – procurement of the best quality gym equipment.


    A to Z of Gym Equipments

    Whether someone is opening a home gym, an office gym, or a full-fledged fitness center, the first thing they will require are gym equipment. There lies the real concern.


    When gym culture opened gates of opportunities, it also made way for the black market of gym equipment and other products. Therefore, for gym owners, it becomes crucial to buy genuine gym equipment from premium brands.

    Amazon Business is the one-stop solution where people can buy genuine gym equipment online. India's largest wholesale ecommerce platform has all types of gym instruments ready to deliver at your doorstep.


    Points to Consider Before Setting Up Your Gym

    Before you decide to buy gym items, there are certain things to keep in mind. 

    • Cost – First, set a budget. Workout instruments are not cheap. Therefore, one needs to set up a budget for everything – equipment, space, etc. They also need to think about marketing and subscription. There must be a proper business model.
    • Function – There are many types of gym setups. One may choose to set up a fitness center, yoga center, calisthenics, or a hardcore gym for powerlifters. Each of these types has specific requirements. 
    • Space – Arrange space for your gym depending on the gym type, equipment, etc.


    Gym Equipment Categories

    Multi gyms have several types of gym items. Here is a quick rundown of different types of gym instruments that you can purchase.

    The Cardio Equipment –

    • The Elliptical Trainers – It is an effective cardio machine that lets you track your progress with the help of a timer and calorie counter.
    • Rowing Machines – It is an effective cardio machine that also impacts the lateral muscle. It lets you track your progress with the help of a timer and calorie counter.
    • Stair-Steppers – It is a cardio machine that targets the glutes and hamstring area.
    • Stationary Bicycle – It is cardio equipment that focuses on leg muscles.
    • Treadmill – It is a basic cardio machine that simulates running/ walking.

    The Strength Equipment –

    • Ankle weights
    • Exercise mats
    • Hand Weights
    • Resistance bands & Tubing


    Types of Training Machines

    A fitness center must have several types of training machines. Certain gym equipment targets a specific area of a part of our body. Therefore, for a complete and rigorous exercise, gym members need versatility in gym equipment.

    Before you buy gym equipment online, here is a list of machines that you may need –

    • All in one gym Machines
    • Functional Trainer
    • The Dumbbell Stand
    • Weight Plate Stand
    • Smith Machines
    • The Gym Benches
    • The Exercise Balls
    •  The Olympic Bars


    Different Types of Gym Stations

    There are different types of multi gyms available. On Amazon Business, one can make a wholesale purchase of gym equipment according to their preference and need.


    4-Station Multigym

    Ideal as a home gym equipment, 4-station multigym offers,

    • Bench press
    • Buttery fly
    • Lats pulley
    • Abdominal board
    • It can have a weight of 180 kgs - 220 kgs


    6-Station Multigym –

    A 6-station multigym is also a good choice for home gyms. They take up less space than larger machines and offer a decent number of equipment.

    • Lats pulley
    • Bench press
    • Buttery fly
    •  Arm curl
    • Chin up
    • Bench press
    • Twister
    • It can have a weight up to 270 kgs


    10-Station Multigym

    A 10-station multigym has

    • Lats pulley
    • Leg curl or extension
    • Butter fly
    • Ground pulley
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Cable cross
    • It can have a weight of up to 400 kgs


    12-Station Multigym -

    If you opt for a 12-station multigym, you shall get-

    • lats pulley
    • Leg press
    • Butter fly
    • Squat press
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Twister
    • Dip
    •  Back hyper
    • Hip flexor
    • Chin up
    • Abdominal board
    • It can have a weight of up to 600 kgs


    16-Station Multigym -

    A 16-station multigym comes with more exercise equipment than other setups.

    • Lats pulley
    •  Leg curl
    •  Butter fly
    •  Squat press
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Twister
    •  Dip
    • Back hyper
    •  Hip flexor
    • Chin up
    • Abdominal board
    • Triceps pulley
    • Wrist curl
    • Shoulder press
    •  It can have a weight of 700 kgs


    To Conclude

    There are multiple brands selling gym instruments. With so many options of varied quality, buyers get easily confused. Amazon Business, on the other hand, brings everything under one umbrella and offers the best quality products at a value price. Since all the products are available with GST invoices, buyers can save up to 28% from claim input tax credit.

    You can make your purchases from Amazon Business using the regular Amazon Ap. All you need is a free Amazon Business account.


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