Wholesale Gym Equiment Store

Wholesale Gym Equipment Store

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Types of Training Machines

  • Functional Trainer

    Functional Trainer

  • The Dumbbell Stand

    The Dumbbell Stand

  • Weight Plate Stand

    Weight Plate Stand

  • Smith Machines

    Smith Machines

  • The Gym Benches

    The Gym Benches

  • The Exercise Balls

    The Exercise Balls

Ideal Home Gym Equipments

  • Bench Press

    Bench Press

  • Lats Pulley

    Lats Pulley

  • Abdominal Board

    Abdominal Board

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    • The Smith machine has multiple utilities and could prove essential fitness gym equipment. You could use the Smith machine for squats, bench presses, deadlifts, bicep curls, etc. However, the range of motion provided by Smith machine could be a bit restrictive.

    • You could clean your fitness gym equipment in a few simple steps:

      ·       First, remove the surface level dirt or grime

      ·       Apply sanitizer

      ·       Apply a disinfectant to kill bacteria (preferably an EPA-registered one)

      ·       Avoid using Ammonia, bleach, alcohol, or other abrasive chemicals

      ·       Clean once every few days

    • The GST on gym equipments stands at 20% compared to 18% of applicable on gym and fitness centers.

    • Some of the home exercise equipment that are essential and which are available on our online gym equipment store include:

      ·       Exercise mate

      ·       Resistance bands

      ·       Weight Bench

      ·       Kettlebells or Dumbbells

      ·       Treadmill

      ·       Exercise bike

    • Yes, Amazon Business provides GST invoices on most of its products, making it the ideal online destination for wholesale gym equipment.

    • Not only is Amazon Business the ideal stop for wholesale gym equipment procurement, but it also offers exclusive bulk-purchasing discounts to cement it. Moreover, the GST invoice ensures an additional 28% discount encouraging to buy gym equipment online.

    • Yes, you need an Amazon Business account to purchase wholesale gym equipment, home exercise equipment, or to purchase any product. However, you could create the account for free and quickly. Create an Amazon Business account and browse through all gym equipment available at our wholesale gym equipment store.

    • Maintenance of home gym machines and fitness equipment is crucial. Here’s how to do it:

      ●       Clean the machines regularly

      ●       Oil or lubricate the machines to enable smooth functioning

      ●       Examine the fitness equipment regularly, frequently used or rarely used, to prevent any accidents

      ●       Keep gym wipes handy

      ●       Note the machines used frequently

      ●       Maintain a clean gym area and ensure the temperature to adjusted accordingly

    • Disassembling gym machines vary with the fitness equipment under consideration. Here’re some general tips on moving gym equipment:

      ●       Read the manual and study how to disassemble

      ●       Before moving any gym machine, remove loose components like screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

      ●       Don’t force compartments apart. Take your time disassembling

      ●       Wear protective gear while handling heavy or sharp objects

      ●       Use more people while moving heavy equipment

      ●       When reassembling, always double-check to make sure components are securely fastened.

      ●       Seek professional help if you find it difficult

    • The frequency of replacing gym equipment is based on the factors like usage and type of gym equipment. Well-maintained home gym equipment or gym equipment has run for many years. Usually, cardio machines, like treadmills and ellipticals, are replaced after 6-10 years of use.


      For weight machines or strength equipment it varies depending on the machine type. For instance, you can consider replacing adjustable weight machines after 5-7 years and selectorized machines can last up to 10 years. Replace or upgrade your gym from our wholesale fitness equipment store and get gym equipment for sale.



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    A to Z of Gym Equipment

    Explore the Wholesale Gym Equipment Online Store Today and Get Amazing Offers for your Business. Get GST Invoices and Save Up To 28% on your B2B Purchases.


    Due to the health-consciousness of people, gyms and fitness centers are becoming the new norm. Setting up gyms at the office and at home has become a common practice. Buying gym equipment online can be really challenging and entails a lot of expertise and research to have the knowledge of the various gym items available for your home or office. This is where Amazon Business comes into the picture. Find the best wholesale gym equipment online at Amazon Business to meet all gym equipment requirements.


    Points to Consider Before Setting Up Your Gym

    Before buying home gym equipment online or any home exercise equipment or setting up your office gym, consider the following aspects:


    Cost plays a major role in any purchase. Therefore, careful consideration of the budget for purchase is important. Decide a budget for the equipment, space for set up, etc. It would be helpful if you created a well-designed plan before making a purchase.



    When you are planning, make sure to decide the type of gym set up you require and the type of function it would play in your life. You may choose to set up a fitness center, yoga center, calisthenics, or a hardcore gym for powerlifters. Each of these types has specific requirements.



    Include the type of space you require for a gym in your initial planning and budget decision. Arrange space for your gym depending on the gym type, equipment, etc.


    Best Selling Gym Equipment Categories on Amazon Business   

    We believe in providing the best to meet all your needs. One of the biggest concerns anyone faces while

    buying is the authenticity and quality of the product. Buying gym equipment online can be a real

    challenge if you do it all alone.


    To help you buy the best, most cost-effective, and high-quality gym equipment online, we are providing you with a list of exclusive gym items from our gym equipment store you will need for your fitness setup from our online gym equipment store curated by Amazon Business.


    The Cardio Equipments

    For any human body, the health of the heart is most important. Our online gym equipment store has this gym equipment at your disposal to strengthen your heart and core.

    • The Elliptical Trainers: These are effective cardio machines that help you track your progress with the help of a timer and calorie counter.
    • Rowing Machines: These are effective cardio machines that also impact the lateral muscle and help you track your progress with the help of a timer and calorie counter.      
    • Stair-Steppers: These are cardio machines that target your glutes and hamstring.
    • Stationary Bicycle: This is another amazing cardio piece of equipment to meet your home fitness requirement. It helps you tone your leg muscles.          
    • Treadmill: It is a basic cardio machine that simulates running/ walking.           


    The Strength Equipments          

    • Ankle weights: It is perfect for leg weight exercises, fat loss, strength training, and toning.
    • Exercise mats: This exercise mat was made to help you do stretching exercises without shoes. It provides a basic level of comfort and grip.
    • Hand Weights: Hand weights are ideal for exercises to do with hands like pushups, planks, etc.
    • Resistance bands: A resistance band is a stretchable band that helps you develop muscle strength.  


    Types of Training Machines Available on Amazon Business   

    At Amazon Business, we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality gym equipment online. Here's a list of gym equipment to look out for:


    • All in one gym Machines             
    • Functional Trainer         
    • The Dumbbell Stand      
    • Weight Plate Stand        
    • Smith Machines
    • The Gym Benches          
    • The Exercise ball            
    • The Olympic bars           


    Different Types of Gym Stations Available on Amazon Business

    On Amazon Business, you can make a wholesale purchase of gym equipment according to your preference and need. In addition to all gym equipment, we have various multigym stations available like the following:


    4-Station Multigym

    It is ideal for your home gym. The total weight of the equipment together could be 180 kgs - 220 kgs. A 4-station multigym offers the following:


    • Bench press
    • Butterfly
    • Lats pulley
    • Abdominal board


    6-Station Multigym

    A 6-station multigym is also a good choice for home gyms. They take up less space than larger machines and offer a decent number of equipment.


    • Lats pulley
    • Bench press
    • Butterfly
    • Arm curl
    • Chin up
    • Bench press
    • Twister


    10-Station Multigym       

    A 10-station multigym has the following equipment:


    • Lats pulley
    • Leg curl or extension
    • Butterfly
    • Ground pulley
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Cable cross


    12-Station Multigym       

    If you opt for a 12-station multigym, you will get-


    • Lats pulley
    • Leg press
    • Butterfly
    • Squat press
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Twister
    • Dip
    • Back hyper
    • Hip flexor
    • Chin up
    • Abdominal board


    16-Station Multigym

    A 16-station multigym comes with more exercise equipment than other setups.


    • Lats pulley
    • Leg curl
    • Butterfly
    • Squat press
    • Bench press
    • Arm curl
    • Twister
    • Dip
    • Back hyper
    • Hip flexor
    • Chin up
    • Abdominal board
    • Triceps pulley
    • Wrist curl
    • Shoulder press


    Why Purchase Wholesale Gym Equipments from Amazon Business?

    With so many options of varied quality, buyers get easily confused when buying gym equipment online. There are multiple brands selling gym instruments. Amazon Business brings all gym equipment under one umbrella and offers the best quality products at a great price. Since all the products are available with GST invoices, you can save up to 28% from claiming the input tax credit. Not just that, the exclusive discounts on bulk purchases and compliance tools to adjust and asses your buying patterns make the wholesale gym equipment procurement more desirable via Amazon Business.