Best Projector for Home & Office 2021

Best projectors for home & office in India 2021

The Complete Guide to an exhaustive list of categories, features, comparison & the top picks for the best projectors for home & office use in India 2021.

The Complete Guide to an exhaustive list of categories, features, comparison & the top picks for the best projectors for home & office use in India 2021.


Besides practicality, projectors always add an oomph factor both at work and in the home. But choosing the best projector for home isn’t an easy task, and it takes much research, even for people who know their business around a projector.


Therefore, Amazon Business offers this buying guide to cut short the uphill climb for the best projector for home and office use.


Best projector for home offers an excellent theatre feel with good picture quality


Meetings and presentations are not the only purposes that projectors serve the best. These are excellent devices when it comes to mass sharing, mainly images and video files. Plugging into a projector to share a movie during a family gathering will allow everyone to enjoy themselves better together. The best projector for home enables the user to create a theatre feel inside the house.


But before you start looking up the internet to find the best projector for home, spare a moment to read this buying guide. This piece will surely help you narrow down your search and grab the best deal from the Amazon Business itself.


 Best projectors to consider for home use


The market is flooded with many products from different brands. However, getting the best projector for home solely depends on the customer’s need and preference. For watching movies and web series, one needs a projector that offers an excellent resolution, and it also needs to be pocket friendly.


A simple solution to this is to browse through the Electronics & IT Products category on Amazon Business. Here buyers may find the best projector for home.


Best projectors to consider for office use


While purchasing the best projectors for office, one needs to keep in mind specific pain points. The room size, number of attendees, connectivity options, resolution, and cost are some of the critical specs one should look for in a business projector. Other than these points, there are certain additional features that an office projector should have –

  • Clear picture quality
  • Good audio output
  • Decent throw distance
  • Good projection size
  • Wider device compatibility

To cut the purchasing cost, Amazon Business only shelves products with GST Invoice. It allows businesses to claim input tax credit and save up to 28%.


Top Brands to select projector from


Amazon Business understands the value of the brand. All the projectors listed on Amazon Business are from premium brands. The buyers can rest assured of the quality and retain their peace of mind.

Top brands to choose the best projector for home and office are:

  •  BenQ
  • Epson
  • Everycom
  • ViewSonic


Categories to select the projectors


Before purchasing, one needs to know how to assess the quality of a projector. Certain criteria determine the capability of a projector for home or office.


Based on the source light technology


It is apparent that to project an image, and there ought to be a light source. Therefore, source light technology is a crucial differentiator between good and average projectors. From basic models to high-end projectors, they all have a static projection light source, which can be a lamp, laser, or LED. Each of these technologies has its own benefits and shortcomings.


The Lamp Technology – The Lamp technology in the projectors is almost primitive but not dead yet. This technology is prevalent in the entire range of projectors available in the market. Generally, lamp-based projectors are more cost-effective options against their counterparts.


The LED Technology – Many of the projectors use LED lights for a long projector life. Although these are not as bright as conventional lamp technology, many small projectors use them. So, if you are looking for a compact projector for your home or office, go with the LED technology.


The Laser Technology – The ones that do not rely on lamp tech or LED draw the image using lasers. While projectors with laser technology offer a better throw, they lack focus and also has speckling. Therefore, before purchasing a laser projector, decide whether you need better focus or a less speckling effect.


The Hybrid Light Technology – Hybrid light technology is an amalgamation of multiple light sources. This type of projector on brightness than color accuracy. And this same feature appears as a shortcoming when you consider them to replace your television.


A user needs to have a rudimentary understanding of imaging technology to understand the importance of light sources thoroughly. The imaging technology and the source of light work in tandem to make a projector work.


The Hybrid Light Technology

Based on Connectivity Options


The best projector for home or office should be able to connect to a plethora of devices. Any basic projector for home in India comes with a VGA port. However, with the advancement of technology, VGA ports are becoming more irrelevant.


You can only call a projector the best projector for home theatre or office if it comes with at least the following connectivity options.


The HDMI Option – HDMI ports are a pretty standard inclusion in any projector these days, and these are crucial to connect video devices with the projector. While buying the best projector for home, look for dual HDMI connectivity so that you can connect two video devices/ cameras to the projector at the same time.


The VGA Option – VGA connectivity option is one of the basic features of a business or home projector system.


The USB Option – The best projector for home theatre should mandatorily have multiple USB connections. With the help of USB connectivity, the user can plug in an Amazon Fire Stick to the projector and stream movies and other entertaining content on Amazon Prime.


The Display Port Option – Display Ports are snap-in connections allowing users to connect the projector with other Display Port enabled devices. Display Ports offer a high transfer rate, allowing easy streaming of video and audio files.


The Wireless LAN Option – The inclusion of Wireless LAN or WLAN in projectors has immensely improved the devices' TCO (the cost of ownership). If you are looking for the best projector for the office, make sure it has LAN or WLAN connectivity, as this feature drastically improves the overall efficacy of an office projector.


In case you are setting up your new office, check out what networking devices you need. On Amazon Business, you can buy dongles, WiFi routers/modems, USB devices, and many other computer and networking peripherals.


Based on Projector Throw Rate


The throw rate or throw ratio determines the required distance between the projector and the screen. For example, a projector with a 1.5:1 throw ratio needs to be 7.5 feet away from the screen to project a 1ft or 60-inches image.


The Ultra Short Throw projectors – Perfect for compact spaces, ultra-short throw projectors can project a detailed image from a very short distance. These projectors are ideal for offices, homes, classrooms, and every other venue with a space constraint.


The Short Throw rate projectors – Short throw projectors can be placed 3 to 8 feet away from the screen. Since they do not require much space, they are perfect for small conference rooms, homes, and classrooms, and they need comparatively more space than ultra-short throw projectors.


The Long Throw rate projectors – Long throw projectors are ideal for presentations in a large conference hall. They require more space than all the other types of projectors. The most apparent shortcoming of such projectors is the shadow distraction.

The Long Throw rate projectors


Based on the Projector Lamp Life


If you want to purchase the best projector for home in India, you need to factor in the life span of the projector lamp. Earlier in this article, we mentioned different types of projector lamp technologies. Each type of lamp technology has a different life span. For example, conventional lamp technology has less life expectancy than LED, Laser, or Hybrid lamp technology. However, it widely depends upon the usage.


The Full-Power mode – If you estimate that your projector will run for 3 to 5 hours every day at its full potential, bunk the conventional lamp technology. Go for projectors with solid-state light sources. These types of home projectors offer better longevity compared to conventional light source technology.


The ECO-mode – If you are running your home projector in ECO mode, it will dim the light after some time to conserve energy. It doesn't dim the light if there is a frame change; it only lowers the lamp's intensity if there is no change in the projection for some time.

[Pro tip: No matter what type of projector you use, running it on ECO mode increases the overall lamp life expectancy and thereby lowers the TCO or the cost of ownership.]


The factors to consider while selecting one


All the factors mentioned above play a crucial role in determining and purchasing the best projector for home in India. To ensure you are not settling for anything less than the best, look for the following traits while buying a projector.


The Sound factor – Only the best projector for home and office can project high-quality images along with crisp audio outputs. These projectors may come with a premium price tag. If the user does not have a budget, they can opt for a projector seamlessly connecting with external audio devices.


The Portability factor – Office projectors may not need to score high on the portability quotient. But projectors for home theatre should be portable so that users can place them as per the requirement.


The type of use factor – While shopping for the best projector for home, be sure about the purpose. One must not spend extravagantly on some business features if the requirement is for a home theatre set up.


The Reliability factor –Buying the best projector from Amazon Business allows you to rest assured of the quality. All the products available on Amazon Business are manufactured by market leaders and other renowned brands. Besides projectors, buyers can also purchase other premium electronics items such as laptopsaudio headsets, and speakers that will work seamlessly with all types of projectors.


The Zoom range factor – Whether you are using a portable projector or a wall-mounted one, the zoom lens of these devices offer a great deal of freedom. So, depending on your requirement, make sure the device offers decent zooming capabilities.


The Lens shift factor – A mobile projector placed on a table tends to be a little tilted most of the time instead of facing straight at the screen. This creates image distortion, and the projected image appears to be trapezoidal instead of rectangular. The Lens correction feature, also known as Keystone Correction, fixes this problem. Modern projectors generally have this feature, but the buyer should always take due diligence before purchasing.


The type of build technology factor – As mentioned in this article earlier, projectors are made with different technologies. There is conventional lamp technology as well as solid-state light source technology that helps in projection. The best projector for home is priced based on its technology.


The Projector Brightness or Lumens Capacity factor – Depending on the lamp technology, different home projectors offer different luminance levels. For example, projectors with conventional lamp technology offer a brighter projection compared to those with LED light sources. Laser projectors, on the other hand, outclass others in terms of luminance and throw.


The Cost factor – This is arguably one of the most important points to consider before buying the best projector for home. The price of the projector varies depending on the brand and the technology. However, buying a cheaper projector with primitive technology may cost the user more in the long run.


With everything said and mentioned if you follow all the guidelines and suggestions discussed in this article, bagging the best deal on projectors shall become effortless. Moreover, you can browse through Amazon Business to get the best deals on projectors and other IT accessories.

For buyers' convenience, here is a list of the best projectors for home and office.


 Our Top Picks


To help you buy the best projector for home in India, here is a list of the top 7 projectors segregated category-wise.


EGate i9 Pro-Max Projector

We name this the overall projector.

  • It is a compact-sized large display LED projector
  • Itcomes with VGA, AV, HDMI, SD Card, USB, Audio Out connectivity options
  • Brand: EGate


Everycom X7 Projector

We name this the best budget projector.

  • It has 1080p resolution support with 1800 lumen LED projection
  • Comes with HDMI, VGA, Aux, and USB connectivity
  • Brand: Everycom



This is the best home projector with a Built-in Speaker, 1080p support and remote control.

  • Comes with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV in, mSD Slot, AUX Out
  • It can project FHD resolution videos from its 2800 lumens LED light source.
  • Brand: Zebronics


ViewSonic PA503S

This one is the best office projector, and it comes with a vertical keystone correction feature.

  • It offers 3600 lumens brightness with 15000 hours lamp life
  • Flexible connectivity options for both PCs and Macs
  • Brand: ViewSonic


Visitek V3 Miracast Projector

This LED projector can be considered the best classroom projector.

  • It comes with 2700 lumens brightness and can project in 720p resolution
  • It has WiFi connectivity for screencasting
  • Brand: Visitek


BenQ W1700

This projector is the priciest option on this list, and there is a good reason behind the premium price. It is one of the market leaders when it comes to projectors and screens.

  • It supports 4K resolution and is ideal for a home cinema setup
  • It has the best picture quality
  • Brand: BenQ


Visitek V6 Smart Android Projector

Another pick from Visitek, this one is an android LED projector.

  • Compatible with Android devices, can screen 720 resolution images and videos
  • It also has WiFi and Bluetooth support for wireless connectivity
  • Brand: Visitek


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  • Primarily, there are four types of projector technologies available in the market. These are –

    ●        DLP technology

    ●        LCD technology

    ●        LED technology

    ●        LCOS technology

  • Since Blu-ray DVDs support a 16:9 aspect ratio, most projectors have standardized it, and it is considered the best aspect ratio for home theatres. For your information, you can still watch 4:3 videos on the 16:9 aspect ratio, but there will be a thick black border at the top and bottom of the screen.

  • Generally, projector lamps come with a 10000-hour lifespan, and if you run your projector in ECO mode, the life span can substantially increase. Moreover, projectors with LED, Laser, or Hybrid technology offer a better life span than lamp technology.

  • Office projectors do not need a significantly high resolution as these devices are mainly required to project images and charts. However, at least FHD resolution is recommended for both office and home projectors.

  • The primary objective of a projector is to project images, videos, charts, etc. Projectors are used in every case where there is a need for a presentation. These are presentation devices that allow one person to share a story, an image, a report, a video, or any media file with many participants simultaneously.

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