NEFT/RTGS Amazon Payments Methods for business purchases

NEFT/RTGS is now available for your business purchases


Easy payment for high value orders on Amazon Business

Tired of placing multiple orders due to transaction limits?

Amazon Business, with its massive collection of products and unparalleled service, is a one-stop solution for business procurement. With the introduction of trusted and familiar NEFT/ RTGS payment method, customers can now place orders without worrying about transaction limitations of other payment methods.

“Amazon Business has helped in fueling productivity across the company by at least 30-40%”.

— Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CEO, Magic crate

Key Benefits

  • One Click Checkout

    One Click Checkout

    Complete your order on Amazon Business in a single click. Then transfer the funds to the Amazon bank account within 24 hours.


  • No limit on order value

    No limit on order value

    Enables placing of orders of high value that is not possible through other payment methods like Credit Cards and Cash on Delivery.

  • Compliant Purchasing

    Compliant Purchasing

    Allows an additional check where users can place orders which are processed only after the approver (as per your organization policy) makes payment to Amazon.

How it Works

Follow these steps to activate and use NEFT/RTGS for a seamless checkout experience on Amazon Business

Step 1 : How to enable NEFT/ RTGS

NEFT/RTGS Amazon Payments Methods for business purchases

Step 2 : How to use NEFT/ RTGS for payments

NEFT/RTGS Amazon Payments Methods for business purchases

Note: The Amazon bank account is unique to each Amazon Business customer and stays the same for as long as the account is active.

“Amazon Business made payments easy for us. Earlier we use to make payments through credit cards and cash on delivery which was often not convenient. Now we have increased our purchases from Amazon with NEFT/ RTGS payment mode and it has really helped our organization”

— Nasib Singh, Assistant Manager - Purchase, Bebo Technologies

Simplify Your Business Purchasing

Customers can save up to 28% on GST input tax credit and have access to great deal and discounts throughout the year upon purchasing from Amazon Business. Now, add to that the convenience and safety of NEFT/RTGS payment option by making payment to Amazon within 24 hours of building your order. Open a free Amazon Business account today and activate the Shared Payment option to avail the benefits of NEFT/RTGS payment options.

Start using NEFT/RTGS

Enable the Shared Payment option on your account to use NEFT/RTGS as Amazon payment for all your business purchases whenever needed. Find out more about Shared Pay.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Reserve Bank of India provides their NEFT service to transfer funds from a participating bank’s account to another by crediting the receiver. RTGS is a system of continuous and real-time settlement of fund transfers.


      RTGS is faster than the NEFT procedure as it happens in real-time.




       Transfer funds starting from Re.1

       Transfer Funds starting from Rs.2,00,000.

       Used for low to medium value transactions.

       Used for high-value transactions.

       Processed in batches.

       Processed individually.

       Settlement on a half-hourly basis.

       Settlement on a real time basis.

       Rs.50,000 per transaction is allowed

       No limit on the amount that can be transferred per transaction.

    • For remittance of funds via NEFT, the following details are required -


      • Beneficiary's Name
      • Beneficiary's Branch Name
      • Beneficiary's Bank Name
      • Beneficiary's Account Type
      • Beneficiary's Account No.
      • Beneficiary's Branch IFSC code

      For NEFT, the RBI does not charge anything from its member banks. The RBI has instructed the NEFT member banks not to charge any amount for crediting funds remitted to beneficiary accounts. However, for outward NEFT transfers, the RBI has laid down the maximum charges.


      a)       Starting from 1st January 2020, the RBI has advised banks not to charge their savings bank account holders for online NEFT funds transfers.

      b)      The maximum amount that can be charged for outward transactions at the originating bank for other transactions are as follows-


                                      i) Transfers up to Rs.10,000 : charges must not exceed Rs.2.50 (+ GST)

                                     ii) Transfers above Rs.10,000 up to Rs.1 lakh: charges must not exceed Rs.5 (+ GST)

                                    iii)  Transfers above Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 lakhs: charges must not exceed Rs.15 (+ GST)

                                    iv)  Transfers above Rs.2 lakhs: charges must not exceed Rs.25 (+ Applicable GST)


      For RTGS,

      a)       Inward transactions – Free, no charge to be levied.

      b)      Outward transactions –

                                      i) Transfers from Rs.2 lakhs to 5 lakhs : charges must not exceed Rs.24.50 (exclusive of tax, if any)

                                     ii)  Above Rs.5 lakhs : charges must not exceed Rs.49.50 (exclusive of tax, if any)


      Banks may charge a lower rate from their customers but cannot charge more than the rates prescribed by RBI.


    • For NEFT, Amazon Business can receive the funds within 30 minutes of placing the NEFT request.


      For RTGS, Amazon Business should receive the funds as soon as the RTGS transfer request is placed. However, the maximum time it may take is 30 minutes.

    • After adding items to the shopping cart, you can select NEFT/RTGS as the payment method and complete the order placement. Amazon will hold the order for 24 hours. You would need to make payment to Amazon via NEFT/RTGS within 24 hours of order placement to avoid order cancellation.

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