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"Amazon Business has helped extend our savings by more than 30%"

— Yusuf Petiwala, Founder, Fakhri Events

Here is how you can save

Cut costs with bulk order discounts on everyday items available only to Amazon Business customers. We bring to you the best quantity discount pricing from sellers to help you save on bulk purchases. Between business exclusive deals and Quantity Discounts, you can save on over one crore items.

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    Deals and everyday savings

    Find single-unit discounts and bulk purchase discounts with business exclusive prices for your on-the-fly needs on lakhs of products.

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    Bulk Discounts

    Buy in bulk and get instant bulk order discount on lakhs of items from trusted brands. Tiers start at just 2+ items across categories from IT products to cleaning supplies. Don’t see a quantity discount for an item? Request one from multiple suppliers for your bulk purchase.

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  • Subscribe and save

    Subscribe and Save

    Simplify your B2B bulk purchasing by setting up your order once and letting us do the rest. We’ll reorder when it’s time and give you up to 10% additional off just by scheduling - Subscribe and Save.

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    No Cost EMI

    No Cost EMI is an offer by which you pay your EMI provider only the product price, equally divided over your repayment timeline. For example, if you buy a Rs.18,000 item at a 6 month tenure, you will pay your EMI provider Rs.3,000 every month for 6 months, amounting to a total of Rs.18,000 with no additional interest.

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    Amazon Business Premium program

    Amazon Business Premium is a loyalty program exclusively for Amazon Business customers and it’s a step closer to make your every purchase rewarding. Earn reward points on your business purchases where 1 Reward point = Re 1.

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    Business Value Days (BVD)

    Over and above all the promotional offers and discounts which all Amazon customers gets, business customers enjoy additional bulk order discounts and savings during Business Value days, which run on the last week of every month.

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"I managed to cut my monthly expenses budget by at least 10-12 percent a month with bulk ordering. We buy in Bulk for a variety of needs from top brands like HP, Dell & many more”

— Dheeraj Prakash , Procurement Head, Outbooks Outsourcing

"We saved up to 7-8% on purchasing office supplies and stationery items when we switched to Amazon Business."

— Chandra Gajendran, Procurement Head, Silver Crest Clothing Private Limited

All businesses are obsessed with one common thing, good deals! No matter the size, scale, and niche of your business, a good offer or discount is something no one wants to pass by. And we have just what you need. We offer the ultimate gateway to business owners, wholesalers, retailers, and entrepreneurs through our most attractive feature- Bulk discounts!


You are about to discover one of Amazon Business’s most anticipated features attracting business consumers and aspiring businesses every day. Let’s find out how our bulk discounts can benefit your business.


Amazon Business Wholesale Savings and Discounts

Amazon’s wholesale deals are very hard to ignore for any sourcing managers, store owners, or wholesalers. We are known for our convenient shopping experience, and our bulk order discounts add to this. Here’s how you can maximize your savings and ensure your business stays on a budget!


Bulk Purchase Discounts

It’s always profitable for businesses to opt for bulk orders to reduce the per-unit cost, stock inventory and manage cash flow. Amazon offers bulk discounts across product categories. Whether you purchase cleaning supplies, office laptops, medical supplies, or wholesale beauty products, you get an instant bulk order discount on them. If you are unable to spot any quantity discounts for an item you can get in touch with the supplier and get it!


You can also add to the discounts on bulk orders with the following:

●   Purchase GST-compliant products to get an additional 28% discount with the GST invoices.


●   Jump on sale events and business exclusive days to save more


●   Get a Prime membership for more perks and additional discounts


Exclusive B2B Offers

We even make your B2B shopping affordable with exclusive B2B offers. The best part is we offer single-unit discounts as well for our business consumers specifically across products. Discover specially designed prices, deals, and discounts for your unique business procurement needs.


We guide and streamline your procurement needs by saving money and time with our business-exclusive tools like the following:

●   Business Analytics Tool: You can track your order processing, analyze your order history, and optimize spending with various reports we generate for you to make the right business call.


●   Compliance Tool: Our compliance tools ensure you stay vigilant to the company policies and restrict your product selection to GST-compliant ones for more profit. With a single GST filter, you will only view products with GST invoices making it easier to claim tax credit.


●   Business PAN: Use your Business PAN while registering to save more on business purchases.


Industry Specific Wholesale Discounts

We serve all the major industries like IT , manufacturing, education, NGOs, Hospitality, SMBs, enterprises, and food among others. We understand how the needs and demands of industry may vary and it is reflected in our product listing and the way we offer the discounts. Highlighting the underlying differences in the industries and products Amazon Business offers industry-based wholesale discount rates to remain fair and reliable.


Not just that, our industry-based specialty stores make the sourcing easier. For example,

●   We have a corporate gifting store to foster deeper relationships with your clients, business partners, employees, and other businesses.


●   Our distance learning store offers all the required supplies, products and goods for digital learning for schools, educational, institutions, and coaching centers.


●   A wholesale beauty store  offers an extensive product range from skin care, hair care, personal hygiene products, to makeup. From home grown brands to luxury brands, we pack them all.


●   Our food and hospitality store for hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, or home use, we have all the goodies in one place.


Other Benefits of Amazon Business

We don't just stop at wholesale deals and offering quantity discounts. We ensure your entire procurement journey from sourcing to payment to delivery is effortless. When you choose Amazon you also get additional benefits like the following:


●  Streamlined Procurement

We are one of the major players in e-procurement. And we make sure your procurement process is streamlined and integrated. With just an Amazon account you could create a workflow and approval hierarchy to ensure the procurement is done the right way. Not just that, with our compliance tools you can impose buying restrictions and regulate the orders. If you want only GST-compliant products to make the cut, it could be easily done with our GST filter.


●  GST Invoice Benefits

Next is the GST benefits we offer. We provide GTS invoices along with most of our products. Be it a huge bulk order or a small pantry requirement our registered suppliers provide the GST invoices to establish compliance. These GST invoices can save you an additional 28% on your orders. The key is to use them correctly while filing your taxes. With the input tax credit feature, you can get returns on your GST taxes paid for business purchases.


●  Multiple Payment options

We also have multiple payment options  enabling uninterrupted business transactions. No more struggling with placing orders in parts for the payment to come through. We have introduced the familiar NEFT/ RTGS payment mode for a no-limit order placement. Check out your bulk order in one go. But wait, we also have Shared Pay. With this feature, the account admit can share the card details with the other members in the group for business purchases. This way business spending gets more visibility and control.


●  Reliable Shipping & Delivery

Our buyers have always appreciated us for the guaranteed and timely delivery . We bring the same energy to our business consumers ensuring top-notch delivery with bulk discounts. We deliver across India with our vast network and 50 fulfillment centers covering 99.8% of pincodes in India. To establish complete satisfaction, we make the returns as easy as deliveries. We work even faster for our Prime members. Get your membership today!


●  Business Analysis Tools

Our business analytics tools further ease your procurement process by tracking and monitoring your order status and history. You can optimize your spending with a pre-built custom report to identify places for improvement like tax exemptions, bulk ordering, supplier consolidation, etc. The best part is, that you could customize the parameters of spend reports to gain more insights.


●  Category Based Business Shopping

We have different online wholesale stores to save you from going back and forth for different items. Some of the popular product categories include electronics, beauty, security, office supplies, cleaning products, packaging supplies, medical stores, hardware and MRO supplies, laptop & mobile accessories, etc. Just go to the required store and pick what you want for a more category-driven business shopping. It saves you time and energy.


●  Amazon Business App

All these features and perks are packed into our Amazon Business App . Do all your business shopping and procurement on the go. If you don't have access to your company laptop don't worry, just take out your phone and install our business app. We have even added the profile-switching element to keep your persona and business shopping separate. Neat right? So check this wonder today.


Login to Your Amazon Business Account and Unlock Savings today!

You can unlock all the perks and benefits of Amazon Business, with just one account. If you don't have a business account  with us, don't worry you can create your free business account today in a few simple steps:


❖    Install our Amazon Business App or visit the Amazon Business website

❖    Input your Email address

❖    Fill in your business details- like name, address, GSTIN, business PAN, etc.

❖    Enjoy shopping!


You also enjoy business-targeted events like Business Value Days, Small Business Days, Stock Up Sale, EMI Fest, etc. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you become an Amazon seller and borrow our customer base to market your business and niche. We don't just offer bulk discounts with offer bulk benefits also. Log in today and find out!

Read our Bulk Discount FAQs

  • Amazon Business customers can place bulk orders to avail quantity discount pricing if they want to purchase bulk quantities of products from selected Third-Party Business Sellers. The savings made on such bulk orders leads to bulk discount and huge savings.

  • The minimum order to avail quantity discount pricing is the minimum quantity of a certain product that customers have to select in order to purchase that product. If customers order less than the minimum quantity or try to reduce the number of items during the checkout process, they will get a message explaining what the minimum requirement is.

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