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Explore a wide range of MRO products, hardware, and industrial supplies online at Amazon Business. Get wholesale prices from trusted hardware suppliers. Register Today!


Customers saved up to 28%  through tax credit on GST invoice and  bulk-purchase  discounts on industrial, hardware, maintenance, repair and operations supplies when they switched to Amazon Business.

Here is how we meet your MRO supply needs

Shop for a wide range of MRO products, hardware items and industrial safety equipment across categories such as lab & scientific supplies, power tools, safety apparel, tapes, adhesives, sealants and much more from top brands like Bosch, 3M, Dewalt, Black & Decker and more.

Top picks from Industrial & MRO Supplies

Top Industrial & MRO Supplies Brands

  • Bosch
  • 3M
  • DeWALT
  • Kimberley Clark
  • iBell
  • Lietmann Quality
  • Dolphy
  • Pidilite

Customers enjoy a large number of benefits when they shop on Amazon Business

  • Wide selection

    Access a wide selection of Industrial & MRO supplies from top brands. See top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement and get GST invoice on enabled products when you buy from India’s largest B2B marketplace.

  • Reduce costs

    Tap into business exclusive deals and quantity discounts for all your bulk orders and save on your purchasing cost.

  • Get multiple quotes

    Compare across lakhs of wholesale B2B suppliers who compete for your business to choose the lowest prices. Buy at wholesale prices and save costs while buying from India's largest B2B marketplace.

  • Explore top-rated products

    Explore wholesale B2B products that other B2B customers and businesses like you have rated highly.

  • Get Prime benefits

    Get what you want at the right time with our B2B services that consist of a variety of bulk shipping options including 1-2 day shipping with Prime.

“95% of all equipment and supplies I need, I have been able to find and order from Amazon Business.”

— Nagaraj K Chinnappaiah, Procurement Specialist, Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.

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Learn more about the lakhs of Industrial & MRO supply products and thousands of brands that you can access in our selection.

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    Buying Online MRO Supplies, Hardware Items & Industrial Products in Wholesale


    Explore a wide range of MRO products, hardware, and industrial supplies online at Amazon Business. Get wholesale prices from trusted hardware suppliers. Register Today!


    Are you scouting for wholesale hardware suppliers? Or are you looking for good MRO products or industrial items? Then your search ends here. Sourcing for MRO, industrial, and hardware products is not easy, especially finding the right supplier. What if there was a marketplace providing multiple vendors and you could just pick one without so much breaking a sweat?


    Wondering how?

    Amazon Business. A vertical dedicated to business consumers, enabling convenient shopping and a vast inventory for sourcing goods. We provide one of the best e-marketplaces for procuring MRO supplies, hardware products, engineering products, and industrial products on wholesale. From safety gear to material handling equipment, we have it all. You can also have a taste of convenient business shopping by creating your free Amazon Business account today!


    Top Categories to Choose From

    When we claim we are your ideal online destination for industrial buying and among the best online hardware stores in India, we are not kidding. Here’s a peek at some of the top product categories we offer:


    Power Tools

    Power tools are crucial in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. They are also one of the best hardware products for personal DIY use. From a business and personal point of power are essentials you cannot miss from your toolbox. If you are procuring for any upcoming manufacturing or industrial project, then you have landed on the right page.


    Our inventory will ensure you pack all the necessary power tools, like the ones listed below:


    ➔   Saw


    A saw is a must-have cutting tool for woodworking, metalworking, and other construction work. These versatile hardware items are available in various shapes and sizes, like band and circular saws. Don't worry, we pack them all.


    ➔   Screwdriver


    Another essential piece of hardware to pack in your toolbox. We have all kinds of screw drivers to match different screwheads.


    ➔   Jigsaw



    Jigsaws are vital in construction or woodworking and cannot be avoided from your hardware items list. Whether procuring for an ongoing or future project or you just want to nurture your woodworking skills, our online hardware shop has the right jigsaw for your needs.


    ➔   Drill & Drill bits


    drill bits

    No manufacturing to industrial buying is complete without drilling holes. We offer drills and drill bits at a fair price to your doorstep with our impeccable delivery and shipment. Get clean-cut holes with the right combo of drill and drill bits from our wholesale hardware suppliers.


    ➔   Chainsaws



    This portable handheld is ideal for woodworking, especially for cutting down trees, pruning, and other outdoor activities. Our online industrial store offers battery-powered and electric-powered chainsaws for your business. Check it out today.


    ➔   Angle Grinder


    angle grinder

    Angle grinders are also extremely relevant industrial and hardware tools. They enable the grinding, polishing, and cutting metals, concrete, and stones. Craving out a desired shape is not possible without them. That’s why we have angle grinders with different speeds and sizes for different needs.


    ➔   Hole saw


    hole saw

    Another great power tool for drilling holes on different surfaces and materials, including drywall. Our industrial equipment suppliers will give multiple options to pick from. You can negotiate and pick one based on the project, client, or demand.


    ➔   Makita Grinder


    makita grinder

    Makita grinders are known in the industry for their durability, ergonomic design, and durability. We pack lightweight to heavy-duty Makita grinders for industrial use. Moreover, we provide GST invoices on industrial and MRO products to claim tax credits.


    ➔   Jackhammer



    The ideal tool for breaking down concrete, stone, and other hard materials. If you are into construction and manufacturing, you cannot do without jackhammers to demolish and excavate old concrete and dig trenches. Add them to your industrial buying list today.


    ➔   Heatgun



    Heat guns are also one of the go-to industrial equipment for bending and thawing frozen pipes, removing paint, loosening rusted bolts or joints, automotive repairs, and electronic repairs. Our online industrial equipment suppliers ensure you get the best ones at good prices.


    Packaging Materials

    Our industrial and hardware buying options are not limited to tools. We also have package materials. In your sector, you may need to ship or securely pack tools, manufacturing parts, and other product extensions while assembling or dismantling. Our online hardware store in India covers your core industrial needs to basic packaging needs by ensuring you have enough cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, protective packers, and more, to access easily.


    Safety Apparel

    Safety apparel and gear cannot be overlooked or taken lightly in the manufacturing, construction, or industrial sectors. Whether you are an employer or employee, ensuring the safety of the workers is crucial. Along with buying industrial products online, you can purchase safety gear and apparel in bulk from Amazon Business. We pack common to industry-specific safety gear. We have high-reflective clothes, hard shoes, goggles, hats, earplugs, gloves, and whatever you need to ensure industrial safety.


    Adhesive Tapes

    Adhesive tapes are widely used in repair, construction, and maintenance, especially for DIY lovers. They have multiple applications, including mounting objects, labeling, temporary repairs, patching, sealing, and marking. We have hardware wholesalers selling quality adhesive tapes, like waterproof, duct, double-sided, electrical, anti-slip, foam, and aluminum foil tapes for all your MRO works. Sign into Amazon Business and discover today.


    Testing Devices

    For any project you embark on in manufacturing, repair, construction, and maintenance, testing devices are a must. They reinstate the quality, compliance, and safety of the goods or products. Make sure these products are stocked up every time. Grab good deals on multimeters, voltmeters, load testers, battery load testers and more through our wholesale hardware marketplace.


    Measuring Scales

    Basic but crucial MRO product completing your toolbox- a measuring scale. They are extremely beneficial in calibration, safety checks, weighing products or parts, and ensuring quality through weight checks. Therefore, this must be in your shopping carts if you are restocking MRO supplies. Grab your weigh meters, height meters, and stadio meters from Amazon Business today.


    Semi Conductors

    Semiconductor applications and utility in the MRO, construction and industrial sectors are enormous. Semiconductors are needed for electrical manufacturing, engineering products, hardware items, industrial automation, and even medical equipment. This is why it is wise to stock them and prioritize their purchase while placing your order. Use bulk discount perks on Amazon features so you don't break the bank while acquiring quality products.


    Hand Tools

    Construction, repair, and maintenance become easy with the right material handling equipment and hand tools, making the job easier. They are the ideal hardware products to add that hint of convenience or portability to your construction and manufacturing projects. We offer handheld hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, snips tools, crimping tools, spanners, and more in our hardware store to help you ease your industrial buying experience.


    Buy From Market Leading Brands

    While sourcing industrial and MRO products, finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier is the task. But what if you know a platform with curated known players in the industry? That’s what Amazon Business ensures for its business users. We combine convenience with quality and bring you the industry-leading players in hardware and industrial buying.


    Why Should You Choose Amazon Business to Buy Wholesale Hardware and MRO Supplies?


    As one of India's biggest wholesalers and online marketplaces, Amazon Business is extremely serious about its service and customer experience. The whole point of this vertical is to cater to business consumers exclusively, making it as easy and convenient as possible.


    Industrial buying and hardware shopping become seamless with Amazon Business, and here’s why you should pick us:


    ●      Product Category: We offer everything under MRO and hardware supplies on a single page. From safety gear to power tools to packaging supplies, we have it all.


    ●      Doorstep Delivery: We are known for our shipping and delivery. We deliver across India, covering over 98% of pincodes. Also, our guaranteed delivery policy ensures
    your goods reach you on the scheduled time.


    ●      Quantity Discount: We offer bulk discounts on bulk purchases, giving wholesale rates for the supplies.


    ●      Business-specific Pricing: Our product pricing is exclusively for business consumers. We offer discounts and good deals on most business purchases.


    ●      Sale Events: We also conduct monthly, yearly, and seasonal sales exclusively for business users to save big bucks.


    ●      Top Brands: Our suppliers are well-known players in the industry, ensuring product quality and reliability.


    The tempting part is our Amazon Business app does all this for you with an embedded switching feature for switching between your personal and business Amazon accounts. Now, you can source goods on the go with this app. Create your free account and witness easy industrial buying for yourself. Hurry and sign up today!


    • No, not at all. However, there can be some low-priced products with an MOQ requirement to maintain feasible shipping costs.

    • If you're looking for an online wholesale marketplace for hardware items, industrial supplies, and MRO products, try Amazon Business. We encourage bulk buying by offering bulk discounts on the same. Sign up and check out.

    • Some of the top brands of power tools are mentioned below:

      ●  Bosch

      ●  Black & Decker

      ●  Stanley

      ●  Hitachi

      ●  Taparia

      ●  Spartan

      ●  CUMI

      ●  Camel

      ●  Inditrust

      ●  JPT

    • All the vendors and suppliers listed on Amazon Business go through background checks. However, here are some tips to ensure you have the right supplier:

      ●  Check the product catalog to ensure they have what you are looking for

      ●  Check the supplier’s website for customer reviews and verify other details

      ●  Most importantly, see if there’s room for more negotiation before getting the quote

      ●  Check for the GST invoice on the required product to claim it in returns

      ●  Check the after-sale service of the supplier before finalizing

    • Some of the basic tools in the industrial workplaces include the following:

      ●  Power tools

      ●  Hand tools

      ●  Safety gears

      ●  Measuring tools

      ●  Testers

      ●  Wrenches

      ●  Levels

    • Buying packaging materials wholesale is as easy as shopping for a pair of socks with the Amazon Business app. Create an account, add the required details, find the vendor you like by comparing quotes and checkout your order. You will get the packaging material you require at your doorstep.

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