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Save time and cost buying industrial supplies and safety equipment from Amazon Business. We offer lakhs of maintenance, repair and operations products all in one place.  


Customers saved up to 28%  through tax credit on GST invoice and  bulk-purchase  discounts on industrial, hardware, maintenance, repair and operations supplies when they switched to Amazon Business.

Here is how we meet your MRO supply needs

Shop for a wide range of MRO products, hardware items and industrial safety equipment across categories such as lab & scientific supplies, power tools, safety apparel, tapes, adhesives, sealants and much more from top brands like Bosch, 3M, Dewalt, Black & Decker and more.

Top picks from Industrial & MRO Supplies

Top Industrial & MRO Supplies Brands

  • Bosch
  • 3M
  • DeWALT
  • Kimberley Clark
  • iBell
  • Lietmann Quality
  • Dolphy
  • Pidilite

Customers enjoy a large number of benefits when they shop on Amazon Business

  • Wide selection

    Access a wide selection of Industrial & MRO supplies from top brands. See top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement and get GST invoice on enabled products when you buy from India’s largest B2B marketplace.

  • Reduce costs

    Tap into business exclusive deals and quantity discounts for all your bulk orders and save on your purchasing cost.

  • Get multiple quotes

    Compare across lakhs of wholesale B2B suppliers who compete for your business to choose the lowest prices. Buy at wholesale prices and save costs while buying from India's largest B2B marketplace.

  • Explore top-rated products

    Explore wholesale B2B products that other B2B customers and businesses like you have rated highly.

  • Get Prime benefits

    Get what you want at the right time with our B2B services that consist of a variety of bulk shipping options including 1-2 day shipping with Prime.

“95% of all equipment and supplies I need, I have been able to find and order from Amazon Business.”

— Nagaraj K Chinnappaiah, Procurement Specialist, Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial tools

Learn more about the lakhs of Industrial & MRO supply products and thousands of brands that you can access in our selection.

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    • No, not at all. However, there can be some low-priced products with an MOQ requirement to maintain feasible shipping costs.

    • Yes, Amazon Business provides the option of purchasing these items in bulk quantities.

    • Here are the top 10 brands for power tools in India:

      • Bosch
      • Black & Decker
      • Stanley
      • Hitachi
      • Taparia
      • Spartan
      • CUMI
      • Camel
      • Inditrust
      • JPT
    • All the industrial tool vendors on Amazon Business go through a thorough background check before listing products on the platform. However, for the sake of extra caution, you can also check their websites.

    • Some basic tools used in every industrial workplace are:

      • Hand tool kit
      • Drill machine
      • Voltage multimeter
    • You must always buy hardware items from reputed brands and vendors. Moreover, ensure that you always take GST-compliant invoices from the vendor and keep them in your safe custody. Invoices are necessary proof if you want to stake a warranty claim at any point in time.

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    Buy Wholesale Hardware Items, MRO and Industrial Products at Amazon Business

    Buy Exclusive Wholesale Hardware Items, MRO and Industrial Products. Ranging from Hand Driven to Power Tools and Supplies. Explore Now to Avail the Offers.

    Good quality hardware items, industrial products, maintenance and repair products are needed across industries, whether you are a homeowner, business owner, wholesaler, or seller. We are here to ease your search with the one-stop solution at Amazon Business at affordable prices for businesses and other consumers.


    Here Is How Amazon Business Meets Your Hardware Items Need

    Every business owner, wholesaler, or seller is constantly looking for avenues to trim costs while ensuring access to quality products and services.

    Amazon Business is an online hardware wholesale market where you get access to quotes from lakhs of vendors competing to fulfill your demand for wholesale hardware products, MRO products, and industrial supply products for wholesale hardware suppliers, personal use, and other buyers. On Amazon Business, you can browse through category-wise product listings and avail of the best prices using GST invoices in a few clicks, without wasting time in vendor negotiations.


    Top Categories to Choose From

    Our hardware items list covers industrial hardware and tools, MRO supplies, and MRO products and hardware items. Here are our top categories to pick from on our online hardware store:

    Power tools

    Necessary for new constructions as well as repairs, power tools are critical hardware tools. Be it electric drills, hammer drills, grinders, multi-purpose cutters, industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, or other power tools. Amazon Business offers it all.


    Packaging supplies

    Packaging supplies like envelope bags, cardboard boxes, and cello tapes are required in everyday business operations. With Amazon Business, you need not worry about any MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) criterion for receiving packaging supplies. So, whether you require one unit or ten, you will always receive packaging supplies at the most competitive rates.

    Keeping in mind the growing consciousness among businesses related to environmental wellbeing, Amazon Business also provides options for eco-friendly packaging supplies.


    Safety apparels

    It is essential to equip your front-line workers with appropriate safety apparel to ensure their wellbeing and safety. Besides, it is also mandatory to provide personnel with basic safety apparel like helmets, safety shoes, gloves, reflective jackets, and safety goggles for several construction and maintenance activities. Worry not, Amazon Business has it all.


    Adhesive tapes

    Adhesive tapes are commonly required hardware items used frequently during repairs and installations in safety-critical environments, like installing a fitting or sealing a space. Our online store carries quality-tested adhesive tapes from reputable brands.


    Testing devices

    Testing devices are used with hardware tools to execute the work with perfection. Devices like multimeters, battery testers, and voltage meters are critical testing devices available on Amazon Business. 


    Measuring scales

    Measuring scales come in multiple variants for various uses. Such as for measuring height, volume, and weight with manual or digital display electric-corded or wireless. The right choice depends upon your on-field requirements, and vendors on Amazon Business are equipped to fulfill any of your measuring scale requirements.



    Semiconductors are an integral component of every electrical circuit and come in various shapes and sizes depending on the specifications of every electrical outlay. Although semiconductors are a predominantly wholesale category item, you can buy single units on Amazon Business at wholesale prices. 


    Hand tools

    Be it all-purpose screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, or hand-powered saws, you will find everything on the Amazon Business store, including professional hand-tool kits by leading global manufacturers, if you are looking for all-in-one kits for your business.


    Buy Wholesale Hardware Items, MRO and Industrial Products from Renowned Brands

    Buying quality hardware items is as important as buying them at wholesale prices. There is no doubt that price plays an important factor in finalizing purchases, but selecting untested brands for their rock-bottom prices is not wise.


    One mishap because of poor-quality hardware items and machinery is all it will take to tarnish your business goodwill. It can also cause damage to properties or threaten lives.

    At Amazon Business, you can be assured of finding products from globally renowned brands. Furthermore, our business vendors are committed to maintaining quality and supplying only the best quality products to you. Here are some of the major brands available on our online hardware store:

    • Bosch
    • DEWALT
    • Kimberly-Clark Professionals
    • 3M
    • i-BELL
    • Litmann Quality
    • Dolphy
    • Pidilite


    Top Selling Hardware Items

    The extensive online hardware store of Amazon business takes care of the diverse hardware and tools needs of wholesale hardware suppliers, shop owners, homeowners, companies, etc., looking to fix their office, revamp or upgrade their corporate systems, fix safety hazards & small tweaks at home, or sellers looking to check off their hardware items list. Amazon Business has you covered.

    Here are some of the top-selling hardware items on Amazon Business:

    1. Bosch Angle- Grinder
    2. 3M Hi Strength Bond Tape
    3. GLUN Portable luggage weighing machine
    4. Mextech Digital Multimeter
    5. Stanley Claw Hammer


    Top Selling MRO Products

    The online hardware wholesale market for MRO products at Amazon is also expansive. The hardware items lists for our best-selling maintenance and repair products on the Amazon Business store are mentioned below:

    1. BOSCH GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder,
    2. BOSCH Hand Toolkit
    3. TAPARIA Screw Driver Set
    4. I-BELL Professional Toolkit
    5. High Visibility Protective Vest


    Top Selling Industrial Products

    Our online industrial hardware store won’t disappoint you if you are looking for industrial tool supply or industrial supply products. From voltage tester to DC motor, we have all the industrial hardware and tools our buyers need.

    These are some of the best-selling products available in our industrial hardware store:

    1. Taparia Digital Voltage Tester
    2. STANLEY 51-152 Claw Hammer
    3. BOSH GLM 40 Laser Distance Measurer
    4. APTECH Soldering Kit
    5. THEMISTO RS-775 DC Motor


    Why Purchase from Amazon Business Industrial and MRO Supplies Store?

    Making your business purchases on Amazon Business comes with several distinct advantages, such as doorstep delivery, one-click access to quotes from hundreds of sellers, on-demand access to new products, and an easy return policy.


    Purchasing wholesale hardware items and MRO supplies from Amazon Business provides you access to products from renowned brands. You will never have to worry about quality once you make your purchase.


    Apart from quality assurance, discounts, and fast deliveries, you get GST invoices for all your business purchases and can avail GST input tax credit up to 28% on all your business purchases, thereby providing huge cost benefits.