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Success story

Byju's enjoys multiple-user feature of Amazon Business

"Amazon Business's multi user feature has helped us give access to five people in our procurement team, who would use Amazon Business to support different offices across India. Each user having separate access helps us as we don’t have to share username and password with each other.”

- Abhishek Shetty, Procurement, BYJU'S

Manage how your organization purchases

Establish purchasing guidelines for your account and enable your team members to make purchases independently and securely. No need to share your login credentials, just add your colleagues as users to your business account.

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    Roles and permissions for better control

    Easily add team members based on their roles like administrators, requisitioners or finance team members. Create purchasing groups among them and edit their permissions to manage how your teams purchases.

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    Approval workflows to manage orders

    Create multi-tiered approval chains to approve every order or only those above a set order value threshold. If an approver is going to be unavailable, easily assign a temporary delegate.

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    Shared Pay for secure and seamless payments

    Share payment methods like credit and debit cards, with team members in a purchasing group and do away with hassles in reimbursement. On making payments, securely enter CVV/OTP yourself instead of sharing with others.

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    Buying policies to help buy the right products

    Set GST Invoice Policy to give alerts when team members are buying products without GST invoice. Add customized messaging to help team members understand why those products are restricted.

“... various team members can make purchases separately, still giving us a systematic view and control on all the purchases.”

— Atul Vibhandik, Procurement Head, Relomi Ikan Consulting Services LLP

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