The Best WiFi Range Extenders

The Best WiFi Range Extenders in India for 2023: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A complete buying guide to Best WiFi Range Extenders in India. Find out the new features & details needed to select the Best Wifi Extender for Home in India.

We live in a network society where digitization has transformed the way we work, communicate, engage, and function. The internet and WiFi define the very nature of how we work and function. Therefore, an interrupted internet connection or WiFi signal is a strict no-no, especially when people are engaging in online sessions, webinars, virtual meetings, browsing, gaming, streaming content and more.


That’s where WiFi range extenders come in handy. However, given the sea of options out there for WiFi range extenders, it is difficult to pick one. With this blog, we hope to guide you through different types of WiFi extenders, the benefits of WiFi extenders, the top brands and models to consider.


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What are WiFi Range Extenders?

WiFi extenders

WiFi range extenders, also known as WiFi signal booster for home or wireless repeaters, are devices that help extend the reach of your home's existing wireless router. They work by connecting to the router and then rebroadcasting the signal in a new area. This allows you to get better coverage in different parts of your house or office, so you can enjoy reliable WiFi access no matter where you are.


Range extenders are easy to install and use, making them great options for both experienced tech enthusiasts and first-time users. All you have to do is plug it in, connect the device to your router, and then configure the settings on your computer or mobile device. Some range extenders are even designed to automatically detect and connect to the router so you don't have to manually set up the connection.


Why do you need WiFi Range Extenders?


WiFi range extenders are a great way to boost the coverage and speed of your home’s WiFi signal. By strategically placing WiFi extenders, you can get better reception and faster speeds even in remote corners of your home. This is especially helpful if you have trouble getting a strong enough WiFi signal in certain rooms or for larger homes with longer walls and thicker walls that tend to block out the WiFi signal. With a router range extender, you can keep all your devices connected no matter how far away they are from your router.


With the best WiFi range extender for home, your devices get plenty of speed and coverage when downloading files or streaming videos. It also ensures a stable WiFi connection, when multiple devices are connected. And with a WiFi router extender, you can improve your router’s range to reach outdoor areas like your garden or backyard.


Benefits of a WiFi Extender

The best home WiFi range extender has many benefits. A few of them are listed below:


Better Internet Speed and Coverage

The best home WiFi range extender acts as a wireless signal booster and improves the signal coverage and enhances the performance of wireless networks. The best WiFi booster increases the range signals, allowing users to access WiFi in areas where it was inaccessible before.


Eliminate Dead Zone

The WiFi range extender also eliminates dead zones and weak WiFi signal coverage within a home or office space. When the WiFi range extenders are placed strategically around the building, it provides stronger signals in even the most hard-to-reach places.


Cost Effective

Most WiFi extender for home or office are easy to install. They are relatively cost-effective. Rather than purchasing a new WiFi router, you can go for a such as purchasing additional WiFi routers.


However, while selecting the best WiFi range extender for home, it is best to research and compare various models. It is important to consider factors such as coverage area, speed of connection and installation requirements. Additionally, WiFi extenders should be compatible with the WiFi router booster being used and should support the latest WiFi standards.


An Increasing Demand - Need for WiFi range extenders for home & Office


In today's digital era, there is an ever-increasing demand for WiFi range extenders in home and office environments. As they offer a solution to the weakening of WiFi signal strength over distance and through walls - leading to a dead zone. WiFi range extenders solve this problem by boosting the WiFi signal and extending its range. In the best WiFi extender India, there are several brands available in the market that offer different features for different requirements.


  • WiFi Extender for Home: For homes with large areas or multiple floors, a WiFi extender is an ideal solution to ensure complete coverage of the entire house without any disruption in signal strength. The best WiFi range extender in India generally comes with dual-band support and adjustable antennas to provide a strong WiFi signal across multiple floors.
  • WiFi Router Extender: For offices and large spaces, WiFi router extenders are best suited for customizing wireless coverage and extending the area of coverage. This allows users to have access to an uninterrupted connection when moving from one end to another. It also helps eliminate dead zones and weak spots in the WiFi coverage area.


The WiFi range extenders can ensure reliable access to WiFi signals in both homes and offices. With so many options available, it is best to choose the best WiFi extender India that best fits your needs.


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Types of WiFi Extenders

Let’s a better understand the different WiFi range extenders available.


External Antennas

External antennas are devices attached to the outside of a router or access point to increase the range of the wireless signal. They are typically as WiFi network extenders for larger homes or offices where the signal needs to reach a greater distance.


Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters are devices attached to the existing electrical wiring as a WiFi signal booster for home or office. They come in handy in larger spaces to extend the signal’s reach.


Weather Proof Extenders

Weather proof extenders are wireless range extenders designed for outdoors. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They are typically used in outdoor settings such as parks, campgrounds, and other public areas where wireless coverage is needed.


Router/Extender Combos

Router/extender combos are devices that combine a router and an extender in one device. They are typically used in larger homes or offices where the signal needs to reach a greater distance. The router portion of the device provides the main wireless signal while the extender boosts the signal to reach further distances.


Top WiFi Extender Brands to Consider for Home & Office Use

Here are some top brands to consider while purchasing a WiFi extender for your home or office use. You can find the best WiFi range extender in India from this list.


Best WiFi Range Extenders for small enterprises

You can buy one of these WiFi range extenders to boost the WiFi signals of a small enterprise.


Best WiFi Range Extenders for Large enterprises

Check out these options for large enterprises.


Working of a WiFi range Extender

Using a combination of radio and ethernet signals, it takes the existing internet connection and expands its range, boosting weak spots in your network coverage! So, no more dead zones interrupting your streaming - a WiFi range extender can keep your whole house connected like never before!


How to Find the Right Extender for Your Router?

Here are some steps you can follow to identify the right WiFi range extenders for your router:


  • Compatibility: Make sure any wireless range extenders you own are compatible with your router. Most of the best WiFi boosters are compatible with various routers, but it's always good to double-check before making a purchase.
  • Consider the coverage area: The best WiFi booster should cover your home or office. If you have a large space, you may need a more powerful range extender with a longer range.
  • Speed: Any WiFi range extenders or wireless network extenders you pick should support the same or a higher speed as your router. This will ensure you get the best possible performance from your network.
  • Features: Choose a wireless range extender with features that you need, such as support for multiple devices, WiFi scheduling, or the ability to create guest networks.
  • Read reviews: Checking user reviews is a good way to get an idea of the range extender's performance and reliability.
  • Price: Decide on a budget and search for the best WiFi booster that fits your price range. Keep in mind that more expensive range extenders may offer more features and better performance, but they may not always be necessary.

With the right home office set-up, you can improve your productivity. Read more of our tips on right home office set up here.


Do You Need a Desktop or Plug-In Extender?

The type of wireless range extenders you need depends on your specific needs and the layout of your home or office. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a desktop or plug-in extender:


Desktop extenders


Plug-in extenders

●        These are larger range extenders
designed to sit on a desk or other flat surfaces.

●        They typically offer a stronger and

more stable connection, as they are

connected to the router via a wired Ethernet


●        They are a good choice if you need a

strong and reliable WiFi signal in a specific

area, such as an office or a home theatre room.


●        These are smaller range extenders

designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

●        They are a convenient and discreet

way to extend the WiFi signal, as they do

not occupy much space and can be plugged

in out of sight.

●        They are ideal if you need to extend

the WiFi signal to a specific area, such as a

bedroom or a kitchen, without a lot of setup or installation.



If you are not sure which type of range extender is best for you, you can consult with a computer or networking specialist for advice.


What is a Mesh WiFi Router?

A mesh WiFi router uses multiple devices or nodes, to create a wireless network covering a larger area. The nodes communicate with each other wirelessly to create a seamless network, with each node acting as a repeater to extend the coverage. The mesh WiFi system can provide a strong and consistent WiFi signal throughout a large area, like a multi-story house or a large office. It also supports a larger number of devices and users, making it ideal for busy households or businesses.

Moreover, mesh WiFi systems are easy to set up and can be controlled using a mobile app or a web-based interface. They are also equipped with advanced features like parental controls, guest networks, and the ability to prioritize certain devices or types of traffic. Due to the large area of wireless coverage, they can be a good alternative to traditional range extenders or wireless range extenders.


How to set up WiFi range extender correctly?

Setting up a WiFi range extender is really quite easy, and even the least tech-savvy can do it with the right instructions. Before getting started, you'll want to check that your router is capable of supporting an extender. Once you're sure it can find a spot in your home that's relatively close to where you're needing a better signal—a power outlet works best.

Plug in your extender and find its URL or SSID through wireless network settings on your device; this will allow you to access its settings page (typically done through a web browser). Follow the step-by-step process for configuring your range extender and be sure to double check that all of your settings are accurate before submitting them. And there you have it – boom! You now have extended WiFi range and good riddance dead zone problems!


Points to Consider Before Purchasing WiFi Range Extenders for


Home and Office

Here are some things that you need to be careful about before buying a WiFi range extender for home or office.


Router's Location

When it comes to WiFi range extenders, router location is absolutely key. For starters, these nifty gadgets need to be close enough to your router in order to get a good signal. But they've also got to be far enough away that they don't have an overlap in their wireless coverage -- otherwise, you're weakening both signals and raising the likelihood of WiFi dead zones instead of remedying them! So, if you want an effective WiFi extender, constantly double-check its distance from your original router.


Dual Band vs. Tri Band

Are WiFi range extenders or wireless WiFi extenders confusing you? Just trying to decide between dual-band and tri-band can be enough to make your head spin. But don't worry - understanding the difference between them is far simpler than it seems.

Dual-bands are great if you live in a small home with few devices connected at once, while tri-bands will definitely come in handy if there are lots of users or devices - especially ones that stream video - that have to be serviced effectively.



The range is a major factor to consider when it comes to WiFi extenders; after all, if the signal can’t be boosted far enough, what’s the point? Make note that not all WiFi range extenders boast the same capabilities. For you the best WiFi range extender India is the one giving you the required range.



When it comes to WiFi range extenders, knowing the brand you're buying can be vital. After all, a WiFi range extender is essentially the lifeblood of your home network and choosing one that is reliable and secure can save you from ongoing headaches (and costs).

So, before you click "buy now" on that budget WiFi range extender, invest some time in researching brands and taking into account online reviews - then you can be confident you have a device that will do its job perfectly.



Buying a WiFi range extender for home isn't an everyday activity for most of us, so it pays to remember that security is important each and every time you take the plunge and make a purchase. After all, no one wants their WiFi from an unknown source entering their home or business!



Setting up a WiFi range extender can be intimidating, especially with all the cables, cords and seemingly technical jargon that comes with the setup process.

But there's no need to panic! With a WiFi range extender, it's now easier than ever to boost your WiFi coverage in your home or office with just a few simple steps. You'll be surfing the web in no time once you complete the quick and easy setup process.


Ethernet Ports

Ethernet ports are essential for WiFi range extenders to perform their best - without them, your WiFi network won't expand as far as you might expect. An ethernet port is basically a supercharged internet connection that runs over physical cables and connects WiFi devices to each other; in essence, it's the backbone of WiFi range extenders. Simply put - if you're looking to get the most out of your WiFi range extender, make sure it has an ethernet port!


Number of Devices

When considering WiFi range extenders, the number of devices you need to extend WiFi for can be an important factor. Having the right number of range extenders can mean the difference between uninterrupted streaming and rebuffering frustration. Consider WiFi reach extenders as if they needed to cover WiFi signal wings - the more devices you need WiFi extended to, the bigger those wings will become!


WiFi Boosters or Mesh Network

WiFi range extenders, WiFi boosters, or mesh networks might be just what you need. There has never been a better time to invest in giving yourself more WiFi coverage around the house. WiFi boosters and WiFi range extenders are especially important if you have multiple stories in your home, or otherwise large areas that need WiFi access. Mesh networks offer the most for your money as they can guarantee total WiFi coverage throughout an entire building or home.


Old or New

When it comes to WiFi range extenders, the age-old adage of buying “new” really applies. Sure, you could try to save a few bucks by getting a second-hand model, but think twice before you commit to the purchase. New WiFi extenders come with all the latest features, which help ensure that your internet connection is as secure and reliable as possible.

What’s more, they come with full customer support so that any issues you might encounter get resolved quickly and efficiently. So, don't be pennywise and pound foolish— when it comes to WiFi extenders, prioritizing "new" is the best way to maximize value for your money.


Support & Warranty

It is always important to make sure that any WiFi range extender products you buy have some form of warranty or support agreement included, because who knows what could happen and when? You don’t want to install a wireless WiFi extender only for it to stop working after a couple of days!

Fortunately, you're covered if something goes wrong, as long as warranty and support are part of your purchase plan. Having an extended guarantee gives peace-of-mind and ensures that your WiFi connection remains strong no matter what occurs.

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Tips for getting the most out of your WiFi range extender


Identifying the best WiFi booster is not enough. How you utilize it to get the most of it makes it the best WiFi repeater. Here are some tips to ensure your best WiFi booster is living up to its potential:


  • Fix the wireless WiFi extender in an open area: Ensure your wireless extender is in an open area, away from any walls or furniture, to maximize its range.
  • Keep the router range extender away from other electronics: WiFi router extenders interfere with signals from electronics, such as microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. So, keep them away.
  • Pick the right frequency: Make sure to use the right frequency for your wireless extender. Most wireless range extenders support 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, so ensure to choose the one that works best for your setup.
  • Update the firmware: Keep the firmware of the WiFi extender for home or office up to date. This can improve performance and fix any bugs that may impact performance of the WiFi router booster.
  • Select the right channel: If you are facing interference from other WiFi networks, try changing the channel on your best WiFi booster for home to one that is less crowded. You can use a WiFi analyzer app to find the best channel for the router range extender.
  • Optimize the positioning: Experiment with the placement of your wireless network extender to find the spot with the best coverage. You may need to move it up or down, or closer or further away from the router to find the ideal position.
  • Use a stronger antenna: Some WiFi router boosters come with detachable antennas that can be upgraded for better performance. If you are not getting a strong signal, consider upgrading to a stronger antenna.
  • Enable the built-in security features of the WiFi network booster: Most WiFi range extenders come with built-in security features such as WPA2 encryption and a firewall. Ensure these features are enabled to protect your network from unauthorized access.


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Maintenance cost for range extenders


The WiFi network booster or wireless signal booster is low-maintenance and does not require a lot of upkeep. However, there are a few things ensure to make sure the wireless signal boosters or wireless range extenders are running optimally:

  • Ensure the WiFi signal booster’s firmware updates frequently: Timely check for and install any available firmware updates for your wireless extenders. It can improve performance and fix any bugs and enhance the WiFi network booster’s performance
  • Clean the range extender: If your range extender is dusty or dirty, it can impact its functionality. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently dust off the range extender and remove any debris.
  • Check the positioning: Make sure the WiFi network extender is placed in the right location. In case of any signa troubles, try moving the range extender to a different location. Experiment with different placements to find the spot that provides the best coverage for your WiFi network extender or WiFi network booster.
  • Check the cables: If you have a wired connection between the range extender and router, make sure the cables are properly connected and not damaged.

Overall, the maintenance costs for a range extender are minimal. You may need to spend a little time and effort periodically to ensure that it is functioning optimally, but there should be no significant ongoing costs associated with owning a range extender.


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Whew! That was a lot of information about the best WiFi repeater. We hope you feel more equipped now to choose the best WiFi range extender in India to fit your needs. Before you shop for any type of router or extender, always check the reviews. And finally, don’t forget to register with Amazon business for discounts on quality products when buying in bulk.


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  • Yes, you can connect to your home network using a router. To connect to an internet connection, however, you will require a modem.

  • Wall can completely block WiFi signals inside your home. You can strategically, place the WiFi router so that it provides an adequate coverage. However, it is not possible always. In such cases, WiFi range extenders can be the best option to boost WiFi signal inside a closed space like homes and offices.

  • Mesh networks are standalone Wi-Fi networks that can replace any existing router.


  • It is the latest generation of wireless standard that offers better speed and performance in congested areas. It offers a significant boost in network communication among multiple devices.

  • WiFi leeches are unauthorized users of a network. They scan through the area for open WiFi network and use the bandwidth without the owner’s permission.

  • Buying a WiFi router does not require an ISP. However, without an active internet connection, you can connect to your home network, but not to the internet.

  • Wi-Fi signals can’t penetrate thick walls. Since Wi-Fi extenders only amplify the Wi-Fi signals, they are naturally obstructed by thick walls. The most effective way to boost the Wi-Fi signals is to place the extenders near the entrances of a room strategically.

  • Dual band routers are best for every scenario as they provide higher speed and better connectivity.

  • The WiFi range extender or signal booster has to be compatible with your existing router. For instance, if you have a dual-band AC1750 router, you need an AC1750 WiFi range extender for the optimum result. AC1750, in this case, is the base requirement. You can opt for a more advanced product.

  • The following pointers can help you get the best WiFi router for home in India.


    ·       Wi-Fi access point

    ·       Guest Wi-Fi access

    ·       Virtual LANs and multiple SSIDs

    ·       VPN Server and Client

    ·       USB port for printers or drives

    ·       Malware and spam protection

    ·       Dual or backup WAN port

    ·       RADIUS server

  • It depends on the need of a business, but opting for a non-expensive dual band router can be a safe choice.

  • A decent WiFi router costs in the range of INR 1,000 – INR 1,500.

  • WiFi range extenders are essentially signal boosters. These devices amplify any existing WiFi signals transmitted from a router. It boosts your network's signal strength, providing a stable internet connection to every corner of your home.

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