10 Best Office Chairs Types 2021

10 Best Office Chairs Types 2021: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A complete buying guide to various office chair types & features 2021. Read now to know all ergonomically designed office chairs as per your requirements.

An office chair may just be a humble addition to your work space, but it plays a crucial role in the health of an employee. Since most corporate employees are now working from home, chances of a sedentary lifestyle is high, and their health condition can deteriorate from the inactive prolonged sitting posture. A comfortable and ergonomic chair in such a situation plays a vital role.

While it may sound preposterous to lay such importance on a chair, your employees may beg to differ. Therefore, buying the best office chairs is a solemn task. With that said, Amazon Business helps you find the best ergonomic chairs for your employees. Keep reading this blog post to find our top 10 best office chairs in India.



What are the features of the best office chair?

The best office chair is the one that ensures comfort for long hours. Having adequate lumbar and back support as well as sturdy and comfortable armrests are some of the standard features for a good office chair. To make it simpler, here is a list of features that ergonomic office chairs must have –


  •  Backrest
  •  Adjustable seat height
  •  Comfortable seat pan
  •  Good quality material
  •  Armrests
  • Stability

What are the different classifications for office chairs?


There are plenty of styles and classifications in the chair genre. Most of the buyers wouldn’t even have heard the names of such chairs, but Amazon Business has all of them listed. You can browse through our Office Supplies category to choose the type of office chairs that suit your requirement. But before that, here is a list of all types of office chairs available in the market –


Ergonomic chairs – These are the most common type of chairs best for long office hours. Best ergonomic chairs come with armrests and adequate back support.


Office chairs for executives – These are relatively expensive compared to ordinary office chairs. Executive chairs have exclusive PU leather or genuine leather upholstery that lends it a refined finish. Moreover, these are utterly comfortable, and one can sit on such chairs for long hours.


Drafting or artists’ chairs – Drafting chairs are crafted for artists, architects, or professionals who work on tall desks. Oftentimes, these professionals need to stay on their feet and seldom grab a seat. That’s why drafting chairs have a tall stance compared to other designs. They may also feature no backrest at all.


Mesh chairs – Designed for comfort and breathability, mesh chairs are mostly used by offices operating in humid countries or cities. For people who sweat easily, mesh chairs are the best office chairs. They are light and easily moveable.


Balance ball chairs – These are the whacky types and are not seen often. Balance ball chairs are designed focusing employees with back problems. They have inflatable yoga balls placed over a stable base. These chairs help improve core muscles, and thereby, improves stability. Some balance ball chairs have small backrests for added comfort.


Intensive-use chairs or 24-hour chairs – Intensive-use chairs or 24-hours office chairs are a different breed of office chairs. They are designed for optimum comfort all day long, hence the name. If you purchase a 24-hour chair, you can rest assured of comfort and quality. These chairs go under rigorous testing before they are labeled as intensive-use chairs.


Other than these, there are saddle chairs, kneel chairs, active seating chairs, leaning sit and stand chairs, and many others. If all these options have confused you further, perhaps our blog on comfortable WFH setup can lead you in the right direction.


Now, let us discuss some popular chair styles, and we will recommend our top pick in the respected category. This will help you choose the best office chairs from across the categories of chairs available on Amazon Business. You can also place bulk orders of office chairs for your company.

Saddle chair

Adjustable Height Office Chairs

For office chairs, height adjustability is one essential quality. The right height can not only help the employee reach the table more easily, but it also relaxes the calf muscles. Any good office chair is height adjustable, and HOF F-502 Series Computer Student Study Chair is certainly one of them.


Office Chairs with arm rests

The armrests are an integral part of an office chair, and they up the comfort quotient by a few degrees, if not more. While choosing the best office chairs, make sure you look for the armrests. On Amazon Business, almost all of the office chairs have comfortable armrests, but the Casa Copenhagen Madam X Collection Ergonomic Delux Super Soft Desk Chair is the one we picked for you.


Office Chairs with Cushions

Best office chairs have a good quality cushion for optimum comfort, and executive chairs score the highest in this regard. Krisskross Crown Big & Tall Modern Executive Office Chair is one of the top choices made by our customers, and we can see why. This is a premium executive chair with adequate cushion comfort and back support. It also scores high on ergonomics.

If you have a restricted budget for office furniture, you can invest in some cushions instead of buying premium executive office chairs. Faburaa Rio Velevt Multipurpose Premium Chair Pad/Chair Cushion could be a great option, in that case.


Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Office and Home Office

INNOWIN® Jazz High Back Office Chair is the best seller on Amazon Business. It is an extremely ergonomic chair with adequate back support and cushioning. It also has armrests that further add to the comfort. This relatively sleek office chair can be a good fit for snug home office spaces.


Office Chairs with a Head support

Office chairs with head support are actually a league higher than any other office chairs. There are two types of head supports available in office chairs – adjustable head support and non-adjustable head support. Most of the executive chairs do not have adjustable head support, but they are extremely comfortable. If you are okay with non-adjustable head support, go with Green Soul® Vienna High Back Leatherette Executive Office Chair.


Aluminum Based Office Chairs

If you are looking for an aluminum-based office chair, we recommend MISURAA Aluminium High Back Ergonomic Office Chair. It is a compact office furniture ideal for both office and home office. It ticks all the parameters of the best office chairs.


Steel Based Office Chairs

Steel-based office chairs are relatively heavier than aluminum-based onest, but they are very sturdy. There are plenty of ergonomic steel-based chairs listed on Amazon Business. You can choose the one that suits your preference, but we recommend the Nice Chair Alloy Steel Swivel Chair with Arm Rest. This budget option can be the best chair for work from home or office.


Leather Office Chairs

Leather chairs, as we mentioned before in this article, are the epitome of luxury, comfort, and refinement. They are a tad expensive compared to the other types of office chairs. However, there are some cheaper options available too. Instead of genuine leather, the cheaper versions have PU leather upholstery.

PU leather not only saves you money, but it is also waterproof and easier to maintain. So, if you are looking for the best leather office chairs, take a look at AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Chair.

Workplace chair


Nylon-Based Office Chairs


Amazon Business lists a host of nylon-based office chairs from premium manufacturers. The frame of these types of office chairs are made of nylon, hence they are extremely lightweight yet sturdy. The mesh cushioning and backrest also score high on breathability. If your office operates from hot and humid cities, World Office Furniture Polypropylene Ergonomic Office Chair would be the best office chair for your employees.


Best Study Table Office Chairs


Best study table office chairs are the ones that are light-weight, have adjustable height, and have a proper back support as well as lumbar support. Green Soul Seoul-V2 Mid Back Office Study Chair ticks all the requirements. It has a breathable mesh cushioning and backrest. Moreover, there are armrests on this office chair which makes it pretty comfortable to use for long hours.



Points to Consider Before Purchasing chairs for Home and Office           


At this point in the article, it should be pretty easy for you to choose the best office chairs. Also, there are many types of office chairs available on Amazon Business to choose from. To make things more convenient for you, we have already mentioned our top picks.


Bear in mind, buying just the chair is not enough. One must have a proper desk to complement the chair. Besides, furniture like office desks and footrests play a crucial role in reaching the best comfort level. In case you need help, we have a blog on Home Office Setup Tips, which buyers find quite useful. We have another blog to help Small businesses to manage WFH, and you can check that out as well.


For your convenience, here is the list of points to consider before buying the best office chairs –


  • Having a headrest is a plus point for office chairs
  • Office chairs should have armrests
  • Your office chair should offer adequate back support and lumbar support
  • It should have adjustable height and swivel


Maintenance cost for office chairs


Most of the office chairs do not require periodic maintenance. If the height lift mechanism of your chair is broken, you can get it fixed. Similarly, you can repair the mesh weaving. The maintenance cost of office chairs may vary widely based on the type and severity of the damage.


Leather executive chairs, on the other hand, need periodic maintenance to maintain the sheen. Also, make sure not to spill water and drinks on your expensive leather executive chair.




Buying the best office chairs can be a daunting task. However, we can hope that this article makes it easy for you. We also have mentioned our top recommendation. If you missed it, here is a quick list of the 10 best office chairs we picked for you –


  1. HOF F-502 Series Computer Student Study Chair
  2. Casa Copenhagen Madam X Collection Ergonomic Delux Super Soft Desk Chair
  3. Krisskross Crown Big & Tall Modern Executive Office Chair
  4. INNOWIN® Jazz High Back Office Chair
  5. Green Soul® Vienna High Back Leatherette Executive Office Chair
  6. MISURAA Aluminium High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
  7. Nice Chair Alloy Steel Swivel Chair with Arm Rest
  8. AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Chair
  9. World Office Furniture Polypropylene Ergonomic Office Chair
  10. Green Soul Seoul-V2 Mid Back Office Study Chair


On Amazon Business, all these products are available with GST invoices. Business owners can make bulk purchases and claim input tax credit. Moreover, all the products across the categories are priced competitively. There are discount offers, sales, and cashback offers available for buyers. All you need is a free Amazon Business account.


Best Office Chairs Buying Guide – FAQs


1) What are the best office chairs for back pain?

Office chairs with proper back and lumbar support are considered best to prevent back pain.


2) What are ergonomic chairs?

Office chairs that have adjustable height, swivel, and armrest are called ergonomic chairs.


3) What is the right sitting posture for office chairs?

Try to sit upright on the chair with your hips placed as far back on the chair as possible. The ideal recline angle is somewhere within 100 to 135-degrees.


4) What are some unique types of office chairs?

Saddle chairs, kneel chairs, active seating chairs, leaning sit and stand chairs are some of the unique types of chairs.


5) Are mesh office chairs really comfortable?

Yes. Mesh is very breathable, so you won’t sweat easily on a mesh office chair.


6) Are ergonomic office chairs better than normal chairs?

Ergonomic office chairs offer you the freedom of adjustability, unlike normal chairs. You can set the recline angle, the head, and backrest as per your preference.

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