Tips To Choose Best CCTV Cameras for Home & Office

Tips To Choose Best CCTV Cameras for Home & Office security

Secure your home with Best CCTV Cameras for Home & Office and Home Security system. With the innovative technology, give your home a safe-conduct without any worries.

According to a report, there are 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK. Delhi, the national capital of India, has 1.32 lakh CCTV cameras installed. The reason is simple, the best CCTV cameras lend a vigilant eye, keeping a check on crime.


If you are looking for the best CCTV camera for home protection, this article should guide you. Here, the readers will know how to choose the best CCTV camera for home and office security.



Why CCTV Cameras are so Popular?

CCTV cameras have risen to popularity over the decades. These surveillance cameras play a crucial role in the security of an area. From 2015 to 2020, the market for CCTV cameras has grown almost 500%, clearly indicating an exponential rise in demand.


Initially, banks and other important government establishments and private offices had the best CCTV cameras installed for security. However, with the growing population, cities and urban areas witnessed a rise in the crime rate. As a result, households and small businesses started installing high quality, best CCTV cameras for safety and surveillance.



Threats to your Home & Office Space

The biggest threat to a home or residential complex is burglary. Theft is a common threat to offices as well. There have been numerous cases of thieves breaking into houses in the absence of inhabitants. Many a time, burglars ransacked homes, looting valuable items.


  • Households face threats from
  • Burglars
  • Package lifters
  • Carjackers


Employee thefts cost U.S. businesses $50 billion every year. Similarly, office administrators in Indian companies might have noticed paper rims and stationery items vanish from the office quite often. These losses may not seem much, but over a period may sum up to a sizeable amount.

Apart from that, there are –

  • Office violence
  • Unwanted visitors
  • Intellectual property theft (visitors stealing important document from office)

Installing security and surveillance cameras can mitigate these threats for both homes and offices. With that said, installing poor quality CCTV cameras don’t do much justice in recognising the thief. For that, one must invest in the best CCTV camera for home and office.


Essentials to set up your secure CCTV Camera

Before you buy the best CCTV camera for home or office, you need to keep a few things in mind. Surveillance cameras need certain peripherals to work with optimum efficacy, and these peripherals are –


Cameras Set Up  

When offenders realize that they are under CCTV surveillance, they tend to bunk their plan of thievery. In a way, CCTV cameras fend off the burglar. Therefore, it is imperative to select the right spot to set up a CCTV camera. If you intend to hide the camera, spend time deciding the camouflage. Further, ensure that the camera angle is right and covers the focus area.



Best CCTV cameras need a monitor for active surveillance. These monitors essentially accompany CCTV cameras for the office. There are many CCTV cameras like the AUSHA® C5 Full HD 1080P IP Camera Wireless Home Security IP Camera that can live stream the footage to your phone, allowing you to remotely monitor the secured area.


Connecting Systems

CCTV surveillance cameras need a lot of wires to –

  • Feed power to the camera
  • Stream footage on the monitor
  • Split view, etc.,

Therefore, cables, wires and connectors are integral peripherals to the best CCTV camera for home and office. While the power cables may come bundled with the camera, customers need to buy connectors like the River Fox Combo Pack of 10 Pcs BNC Connector with Copper Wire separately.

10 Things to keep in mind when choosing the right CCTV camera

If you want to buy the best CCTV camera for home or office, keep a few things in mind. –


Ease of Installation  

Ease of installation is an important parameter that plays a crucial role in buying the best CCTV camera. Some surveillance cameras are small and compact; therefore, you can just put them atop a desk or a heightened platform. On the other hand, some CCTV cameras are quite cumbersome to set up and may require professional help.

Generally, CCTV cameras that require mounts, screws and drilling, stay fixated in their spot for an extended period. Having said that, your purpose behind buying the closed-circuit camera shall determine your purchase. If your objective is to secure the premise of your home, opting for an easy-to-install compact camera can do the job. On the contrary, you may need a bigger camera with mounts to cover a larger area like a warehouse.


Location of install (Indoor/Outdoor)  

If you choose to install a surveillance camera inside your home, the best CCTV camera would be the one that can record in low-light condition. A compact camera like the MI Wi-Fi 1080p Full HD 360° Viewing Area Smart Security Camera is best suited for indoor surveillance. It has a 360-degree viewing angle for better coverage.

Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera, on the other hand, is more suited for outdoor security. It can record 1080p footage and has night vision functionality but requires screws for installation.


While searching for the best CCTV camera for home, keep an eye on the price tag. If you are on a tight budget, you may need to settle for a wired CCTV camera. We should mention, wired home security cameras are not inferior to wireless home CCTV systems, but they are relatively cheaper.

You can purchase wireless security cameras for your office from Amazon Business. By placing bulk orders, customers can enjoy additional discounts and cashback offers.


Type of Storage  

A typical home CCTV system has multiple components – camera, monitor, dedicated storage device, etc. A CCTV camera, on the flip side, comes with a microSD card for storage purposes. Home security cameras need storage space depending on the footage quality. High-resolution video footage with a better frame rate needs bigger storage space.

Best CCTV cameras allow customization for the users. Home surveillance cameras with motion detectors can choose to stop recording until it detects a sudden movement. It significantly reduces the file size of the recorded footage. Therefore, the best CCTV camera for home would be the one that can effectively store footage for at least a few days.


Range of View (Pan/Tilt)  

The best CCTV camera for office or home is the one that covers a wide area. Home security cameras that have 360-degree coverage can be a good choice. Modern cameras can make 90-degree vertical movement (tilt) and 355-degree horizontal movement (pan).

Some cameras, such as the MI Wi-Fi 1080p Full HD 360° Viewing Area Smart Security Camera, allow the user to control its movement remotely, which is a plus point.


Motion/Audio Sensor  

Technological advancements have left their mark on the best CCTV cameras with features like motion and audio sensors. These are some salient features that enable the home surveillance cameras to sense a sudden movement or sound around it. Motion and audio detection features turn the best CCTV camera for home into a sensitive watchdog.


Offline/Hotspot support

While some cameras use wires to feed footage to the monitor, more advanced ones do that without wires. Cameras, however, with inbuilt hotspot have the edge over them all, but they have limited range. As a result, these can be the best CCTV cameras for small offices.


Night vision & Lighting support  

Cameras with night vision or infrared support can record in total darkness. Such security cameras are best suited for outdoor placement. Other than this, some cameras come equipped with LED lights that enable the lens to record in low-light conditions.



Wired security cameras and wireless surveillance cameras do not have any stark differences in performance. It mainly affects the customers’ budget. Wired CCTV cameras are cheaper than wireless cameras.

Generally speaking, the best wireless cameras are more compact and easier to install owing to the lack of wired connectors.


Ease of Expansion & Portability for further usage  

Compact surveillance cameras are easier to carry for further usage compared to the ones that need a lot of wire. Some cameras only require a power cable, and you can put them on a tabletop without using a mount or anything.


Other general tips basis your specific business needs

Following the already discussed tips will help you buy the best CCTV camera for home. Nonetheless, to double the layer of prudence, here is a quick rundown of handy tips basis your needs –


Simple Home Office/Small Shops/Stores

Simple home offices, shops, and stores have limited space, so they do not require bulky security cameras. Compact wireless cameras can provide optimum coverage inside such spaces.


Inventory Rooms & Storage Rooms

If you are trying to secure large areas such as inventory rooms or warehouses, invest in good-quality cameras. Further, ensure the security cameras provide optimum pan and tilt angle for 360-degree surveillance.


Office Spaces/Co-working spaces

Choosing the best CCTV camera for office spaces and co-working spaces is easy. You can go for either wired or wireless cameras. You can also buy closed-circuit cameras with an inbuilt hotspot. Besides, hiring a professional for installing the devices won’t be a problem as the cost may get shared by the stakeholders (in a shared office space).

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Benefits of having a CCTV for Home & Office spaces

Installing CCTV cameras in your home or office spaces can fend off thieves and offenders, significantly mitigating any chances of burglary on the premises. Moreover, if you have a toddler at your house, you can install a CCTV camera with a motion and audio sensor to keep an eye on the little one. In such cases, choose a security camera that can stream video footage to your mobile phone.

Having a CCTV camera in the office space is crucial. It helps you put an effective security system in place. The office security personnel can monitor the entry and exit of visitors. They can also ensure no one leaves the premises with any intellectual property of the company.

Installing a security camera inside and outside the office compound can stop and or help investigate office violence and offences.


Different types of CCTV Cameras

Primarily, there are seven types of security cameras in the market, and here they are –


Dome Camera – Ideal for indoor installation, dome cameras are the most economical option among the lot. Bear in mind that these cameras can only function with proper lighting.


Bullet Type Camera – Prevalently used as home security cameras, bullet cameras have a fixed angle of view. They have a thing cylindrical design.


C-mount Camera – These are advanced cameras with a detachable lens. The user can change the lens of a C-mount camera to improve its range. It can cover a distance of 40 feet and beyond.


Day/Night CCTV Camera – A good alternative to night vision/ infrared cameras, a Day/Night CCTV camera can capture video in both good or poorly lit conditions. These are perfect for outdoor use.


Night vision/ Infrared camera – These cameras can shoot video footage in absolute darkness; hence, perfect for outdoor use.


Varifocal Camera – A varifocal camera can zoom in or out on the subject without losing focus. These are primarily used in reality shows.


Wireless Camera – It is pretty evident from the name that these types of cameras do not require any wired connectivity. These cameras rely on wireless connectivity, not necessarily internet like the IP-based cameras.


Tips to Choose Best CCTV Camera – FAQs


1) What should be the top 3 features of a CCTV camera system?

  • It should record high-quality video footage
  • It should have the capability to shoot in low-light or no-light conditions
  • It should be easy to install and expand for further usage


2) Are wireless CCTV Cameras better than the traditional ones?

Wireless CCTV cameras have the edge over traditional security cameras in terms of connectivity. Other than that, wireless cameras are easier to install compared to traditional wired security cameras.


3) The CCTV camera footage is stored for how many days?

Most security camera footage is retained for a period of 30 – 90 days. However, in India, it is mandated to preserve the recording for 18 months in digital format.


4) Do all CCTV cameras have motion detection and in-build alarm system?

No, but the security cameras that have motion detection will mention it in their brochure.


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