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Bulk purchase for all your B2B needs online with Amazon Business. Order in Bulk, Get Wholesale Benefits and much more.

Glad that you landed on this page. Let’s talk about something every business owner, entrepreneur, retailer, wholesaler, and personal buyer looks for- Discounts! Amazon Business is one of the best online marketplaces ready to give you good deals and business-only discounts to make sure you save big. The best part, you can buy more and save more with our bulk orders. With amazing discounts and affordable prices, we offer doorstep delivery adding to your convenience.


From office supplies to household essentials, bulk buying online ensures your inventory is stocked at discounted rates. Let’s discover how bulk orders can transform your sourcing experience.


Why do You Need to Purchase in Bulk?

Financial Management

●      Budget friendly

Bulk orders may seem more expensive initially, but the overall costs per unit are costs lower than purchasing smaller quantities over time. Save more with Amazon bulk buying on everyday necessities, office supplies, inventory needs, business operations, etc.


●      Power of Negotiation

When you frequently buy in bulk, you get the power to negotiate the cost with the supplier. We have a pool of wholesale vendors for you to choose from. Get multiple quotes from the vendors on your bulk orders as per your business budget. We make the process of negotiating easier with our online bulk buying.



●      Reduced Shopping Frequency

Purchasing in bulk can save you time and effort because it requires fewer trips to the shop, especially for non-perishable or long-lasting commodities.


●      Ready for Emergencies

Keeping a supply of necessities on hand can be quite helpful in case of a crisis or unforeseen circumstances. This way, you can make sure you have enough supplies to last for a while without having to replenish them right away.


Reduced Packaging Waste

●      Environmental Benefits

Bulk orders usually result in less packing per unit of product, which lowers the amount of cardboard used, the amount of plastic trash produced, and the environmental effect overall.


●      Sustainability

Bulk buying is in line with sustainability policies that aim to minimize pollution and conserve resources by eliminating packaging waste.


Inventory Management

●      Consistent Supply Chain

Purchasing items in bulk lessens the chance of stockouts and operational disruptions brought on by changes in demand or problems with the supply chain.


●      Effective Reordering

Buy in bulk online and reduce the risk of inventory shortages by automating the replenishment process for bulk items by optimizing inventory management systems.



●      Prospects for Branding

Businesses can enhance brand recognition and consumer loyalty by customizing products with their branding, logos, or messaging through bulk orders. Buy products at wholesale rate from Amazon Business today.


●      Customized Remedies

In order to satisfy particular business needs or market demands, suppliers may provide customization options for bulk orders, such as product specifications, packaging styles, or delivery timetables.


Potential for Expansion

●      Profit Opportunities

Bulk purchase online enables individuals or businesses to take advantage of wholesale prices and resell products at a markup, generating revenue and potentially expanding their customer base.


●      Diversification

Reselling bulk-purchased items allows entrepreneurs to diversify their product offerings and explore new markets or distribution channels, increasing business opportunities and profitability. With Amazon bulk buying, you can get discounts on product offerings.

" I managed to cut my monthly expenses budget by at least 10-12% a month with bulk ordering. We buy in Bulk for a variety of needs from top brands like HP, Dell & many more.”

— Dheeraj Prakash, Procurement manager, Outbooks Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

Buy in Bulk, Save More

Get access to features exclusive for Amazon Business customers, to help save time and money when buying in bulk.

  • Amazon business

    Bulk discounts

    Get huge discounts on eligible orders while buying in bulk on Amazon Business.

  • Amazon business

    Custom Quotes

    Get quotes from multiple sellers who sell in bulk based on your wholesale order quantity and request for Quantity Discounts. Compare and choose the most competitive price when buying IT products, office stationeries, furniture and other accessories in bulk.

  • Amazon business

    Pay through Corporate Netbanking

    Do not let credit card limits stop you from buying in bulk. Make payments for your bulk orders through your corporate net banking account.

  • Amazon business

    Bulk order assistance

    Need immediate assistance in placing a bulk order or opting for a bulk supply? Sign In or Register and seek help from a team of well-trained and equipped Amazon Business Customer Advisors.

Which Products Can Be Bought Online?

You can purchase a variety of products online. The online marketplace is very huge to accommodate any product demand and supply to ensure you find every essential, electronics, stationary items, smartphones, kitchen appliances, books, etc., easily.


Amazon’s inventory is massive and growing every day. We keep our inventory stocked and ready for any potential business needs. You can purchase wholesale products across categories and industries from Amazon Business.


Here are a few popular product categories to buy in bulk from Amazon:


1. Electronics & Smartphones

We offer an extensive range of smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and mobile accessories such as cases, chargers, and screen protectors at wholesale rates. We house reputed and trusted brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. From IT companies, offices, retail owners to store owners we offer products for all. If you are looking for an upgrade, we also have components like graphics cards, RAM, storage drives, monitors, keyboards, and mouse. Moreover, detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and comparison tools will be handy in making informed purchasing decisions to wrap it under budget.


2. TV & Appliances

Explore a wide variety of TVs, home appliances, kitchen products, entertainment gadgets, and more through our wholesale store where window shopping is enjoyable. With bulk buying the B2B hunt for refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances like blenders, coffee makers, and toasters becomes easier. Whether it's upgrading your home or stocking up your store, we offer the best market for TV and appliances online. Our Amazon Business app makes sourcing and vendor selection accessible and time-efficient.


3. Cleaning Products & Packaging Supplies

Discover our extensive range of cleaning products and packaging supplies for your business. We have all the known and popular brands like Godrej, Cello, Scotch Brite, Spotzero, and more making your sanitation affordable and easy. Not just that, you can buy wholesale packaging supplies. From courier bags, envelopes, paper mailers, printed polys, to packaging boxes we have it all. Get on hands on these supplies today.


4. Beauty Products

Our wholesale beauty store is no joke. Whether you are a beauty shop owner, dropshipper, or a friendly neighborhood store owner, you can benefit from our product categories. You can buy wholesale beauty items like makeup, skincare, hair care, lip care, etc., from brands like L’Oreal, MAC, Dior, Revlon, Maybelline, Lancome, and Guerlain. The best part is you get amazing discounts on bulk orders online plus you get to save more with GST invoices and tax credit.


5. Home & Kitchen

You can choose from a comprehensive range of home decor and kitchen essentials products. Our special hospitality store offers on-demand products for B2B purchases. Discover wholesale items like kitchen organizers- racks, shelves, masala boxes, storage boxes, cooking essentials, dining essentials, and home organizers under one roof. With doorstep delivery get your hands on quality products from home grown brands like Milton, Cello, Prestige, Pigeon, Borosil and popular brands like Philips and Borosil. Your customers will keep coming back for more of our products. So open your Amazon Business app and order today!


6. Medical Supplies

Amazon Business also understands the necessity and market for health along with groceries and daily essentials. We present our medical supply store, your go wholesale bulk buying platform for medical equipment, professional medical tools, and personal medical supplies. Known brands like Omron, 3M Littmann, Indosurgicals, Careview, and Oriley list their best sellers and top-rated products on Amazon Business.


7. Sports, Fitness, Bags, Luggage

Amazon Business brings a whole category that caters to sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, and travelers with a diverse range of equipment, apparel, and accessories. Sports and fitness products include exercise equipment, gym accessories, activewear, athletic shoes, sports gear, and accessories for various sports and outdoor activities. You can also scroll through a range of bags and luggage options right from backpacks, duffel bags, and messenger bags to suitcases, travel backpacks, laptop bags, tote bags, and luggage sets for great wholesale purchase prices!


8. Baby Care and Kid Essentials

We even cater to the needs of babies, toddlers, and teenagers. Whether you run a baby clothing store, kids fashion store, baby store, or mommy and me store we have got you covered. From diapers, wipes, newborn essentials, feeding supplies, strollers, car seats, educational toys, puzzles, action figures, dolls, board games, outdoor play equipment, and electronic toys, we sell them all. Leverage Amazon’s bulk purchase online and replenish your inventory, meeting the demands of worrying parents and market demand.


9. Hardware & Industrial Supplies

We also have a wide selection of tools and equipment for professionals in industrial sectors, motorcycle riders, and automobile enthusiasts. Automotive fans can buy wholesale items like car parts, accessories, maintenance supplies, car care items, tools, garage equipment, and automotive gadgets. Motorcycle components, riding gear, helmets, protective clothing, accessories, and aftermarket modifications are all readily available for riders to customize and maintain their vehicles. You can also purchase wholesale items for building, manufacturing, and maintenance applications. You can also bulk buy safety equipment, tools, machinery, hardware, and electrical components.


10. E-Learning Supplies

E-learning and online education have penetrated our society as learning evolved in the post-pandemic era. This is why our distance learning store deserves all the shoutouts. This store has a curated list of products and items needed to facilitate and improve distance learning. We have network devices, projectors, whiteboards, stationery supplies, printers, writing essentials, webcams, tablets, laptops, software, etc., for schools, teaching institutions, coaching centres, and distance learning colleges to take advantage of.


Our B2B purchasing options are not just limited to these categories. You can buy diverse wholesale products online from us with bulk buying. So create your free Amazon Business account today to explore.

Get higher discounts with every bulk purchase

Here is how you can opt for bulk discounts on Amazon Business

Amazon Business

Bulk Discounts

While bulk buying, you can use the quantity discounts table to see discounts applicable on increasing quantity.

Amazon Business

Request for custom quote

If you do not see the required quantity in the Quantity discounts table, you can place a request for a custom quote, add a date to get the response and request for a discount while buying your desired quantity in wholesale.

Which Industries Do We Help With Purchasing?

1. Retail

We offer a vast selection of products across categories such as electronics, fashion, home essentials, beauty, groceries, and more, catering to the needs of retail consumers. If you're a business operating in any of these industries, we offer a complete suite of tools and resources to propel your online success. If you’re in the retail business, you can capitalize on seasonal trends by buying in bulk online through Amazon Business and ensure you have enough stock to meet increased demand during peak periods.


2. Manufacturing

Amazon Business provides access to raw materials, machinery, tools, equipment, and industrial supplies for manufacturers and production facilities from other businesses. We support your operations and supply chain needs.


3. Information Technology

We offer a range of IT products and services, including computers, software, networking equipment, cloud computing solutions, and digital services, supporting businesses in the technology sector. You can purchase multiple IT products with Amazon bulk purchases online


4. Healthcare

We also cater to the health sector with a range of healthcare products, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, wellness products, and healthcare services. Make affordable B2B purchases from Amazon Business.


5. Hospitality

With Amazon Business, you can access and sell hospitality supplies, kitchen equipment, dining essentials, hotel amenities, and hospitality services.


6. Education

Amazon Business is a one-stop solution for businesses involved in creating educational resources, books, learning materials, stationery, classroom supplies, and educational technology solutions. We support students, educators, schools, and educational institutions by connecting businesses to the end user.


7. Automotive

Amazon Business offers automotive parts, accessories, tools, and equipment catering to the needs of automotive enthusiasts, professionals, repair shops, and vehicle owners.

“We saved up to 7-8% on purchasing office supplies and stationery items when we switched to Amazon Business. Very good experience of buying products in bulk from Amazon.”

— Chandra Gajendran, Procurement Head, Silver Crest Clothing Private Limited

Top picks in Bulk products

  • Mops
  • Bins & Garbage bags
  • Scrubs & Sponges
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning clothes
  • Brooms & mops
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Dust pans

Top brands in Bulk products

  • HUL
  • Nescafe
  • ITC
  • Dabur
  • Godrej
  • Cadbury
  • Vedaka
  • Tata sampan

How Can You Bulk Purchase on Amazon?

1. Sign up for an Amazon Business Account

If you're an Amazon Business customer, sign in to your account. Remember this account is separate from your personal Amazon account as it provides access to additional features tailored to business needs.


2. Browse the Amazon Business Catalog

Once you've logged in to your Amazon Business account, you can browse the extensive catalog of products available for bulk purchase online. These products cover a wide range of categories, including office supplies, electronics, industrial equipment, and more.


3. Add Items to Your Cart

Choose the items you want to bulk purchase online and add them to your cart. You can specify the quantity you wish to order based on your business's needs.


4. Check for Bulk Discounts

As you add items to your cart, you may get Amazon bulk discounts to purchase wholesale items. Check that while adding to your cart.


5. Review Your Order

Before completing your purchase, review your Amazon bulk order to ensure that the quantities, products, and pricing are accurate. You can make any necessary adjustments at this stage.


6. Complete the Purchase

Once you're satisfied with your Amazon bulk order, proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. You'll need to provide payment and shipping information as usual.


7. Track Your Order

After placing your Amazon bulk order, you can track its status through your Amazon Business account. Amazon will provide updates on the shipping and delivery of your items.


Benefits of B2B Wholesale Buying with Amazon

1. Vast Product Selection

Amazon Business provides businesses access to a vast array of products across numerous categories so that businesses can find everything in one convenient marketplace.


2. Competitive Pricing

With Amazon Businesses extensive network of suppliers and sellers, businesses can find competitive pricing on Amazon bulk purchases. This helps to reduce procurement costs and improve profit margins.


3. Convenience and Efficiency

Amazon Business’ intuitive platform streamlines the entire purchasing process. Businesses can easily browse, compare, and order products online from anywhere, at any time. This saves time and effort compared to traditional procurement methods. From small startups to large enterprises, businesses leverage Amazon Business’ cost-effective advantages of Amazon bulk purchases online to maximize profitability and achieve strategic goals.


4. Flexible Ordering Options

Businesses can place orders of various sizes, from small quantities to bulk purchases, to suit their specific needs and inventory requirements.


5. Fast and Reliable Shipping

Amazon's efficient logistics network ensures the timely delivery of orders. Experience minimized downtime and get the products anytime. Businesses and customers looking to save money on everyday essentials frequently choose to buy in bulk online and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery with Amazon Business.


6. Transparency and Security

Amazon helps businesses make intelligent purchase decisions by offering openness throughout the entire process with thorough product listings, customer reviews, and seller ratings. Furthermore, transactions can be completed with confidence thanks to Amazon's secure payment system.


7. Business-Specific Features

Amazon offers specialized features for B2B customers, such as business pricing, quantity discounts, tax exemptions, and dedicated customer support, catering to the unique needs of businesses.


8. Scalability and Growth Opportunities

Businesses can easily scale their purchasing operations on Amazon Business to accommodate growth, whether expanding product lines, entering new markets, or serving larger customer bases.


  • Bulk ordering refers to purchasing goods in large quantities at a discounted price per unit. It's a common practice in business procurement to meet high demand, reduce costs, and ensure a steady supply of essential items. Amazon bulk orders offer discounts like never before.

  • Ordering wholesale items on Amazon Business is straightforward. First, sign up for an Amazon Business account. Then, navigate to the "Amazon Business" section to access a wide range of wholesale products. Look through the catalog, pick out the necessities, and add them to your cart. You'll be able to indicate how much you want to order at checkout, and Amazon will take care of any relevant bulk discounts. Buy in bulk and enjoy all the benefits of large orders from Amazon Business.

  • Amazon Business offers a vast selection of products available for bulk purchase, including office supplies, electronics, industrial equipment, cleaning supplies, kitchen essentials, healthcare products, and more. Buy in bulk online and find everything from paper towels and printer ink to laptops and safety equipment.

  • Purchasing from Amazon Business offers several benefits:

    ●  Access to a wide range of products at competitive prices.

    ●  Buy in bulk online with convenient online ordering with flexible shipping options.

    ●  Specialized features for business customers, such as tax-exempt purchasing and integration with procurement systems.

    ●  Dedicated customer support.

    ●  Transparency and security throughout the purchasing process.

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