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Amazon Business launches new “3-Way Match” software solution to save customers time and money

Forget about delays in reconciliation and eliminate manual tasks. 3-Way Match simplifies the post-purchasing processes and allows customers to spend time on what matters.


Starting today, Amazon Business customers can implement 3-Way Match, our latest end-to-end software solution that streamlines the purchasing process across product receiving, order reconciliation, and invoice payment. Visit your business account settings to start using 3-Way Match.  


Manually managing, tracking, and reconciling a 3-way match can be time consuming, prone to mistakes, and can result in either late invoice payments or potential account suspensions. With 3-Way Match, customers can automatically coordinate the purchase order (PO) against the product information from the receiving and confirmation feature, as well as the product’s invoice details, such as price and quantity—driving each PO to a close quickly.


“For a long time, customers have spent hours manually managing, tracking, and reconciling purchases. With the new launch of 3-Way Match, we’re looking forward to helping more organizations automate, simplify, and save time. Innovating industry-leading procurement solutions on behalf of our customers is our North Star vision and 3-Way Match is a key step on that journey.” 


— Doug Gray, Vice President of Technology, Amazon Business


Set up 3-Way Match

  • Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business settings.
  • Under Billing & shipping, select Receiving, and then choose the appropriate group or subgroup.
  • Select Receiving Settings, and then choose Yes, track receiving to allow the designated receivers to mark items as received or not received.
  • Select Save to save your changes and enable receiving. 

Update receiving confirmation

  • On the Receiving page, select the order for which you want to update receiving. You can use the Refine by filter or use the date range filter to find orders.
  • For each item in the shipment, enter the quantity of items received or select Mark everything received to mark all items as received. 
  • Select Save to save the details.
  • Start using 3-Way Match today or connect with a Customer Advisor to learn more.

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