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COVID-19 Supplies store on Amazon Business  

Supporting healthcare organizations and organizations with frontline staff with easy access to critical COVID-19 supplies.


Organizations on the front lines can access COVID-19 essential supplies as they become available.

We designed COVID-19 Supplies store as a one stop solution for all your safety and protection requirement to safeguard your staff against this pandemic.

We are currently working with tens of thousands of organizations and are working as fast as we can to reach all on the front lines.

  • Priority Access

    One location, for front-line organizations with an Amazon Business account, to access all protection and safety supplies for COVID-19 as they become available. 

  • Essential Selection

    Find all kinds of products for protecting your staff against the coronarvirus pandemic, including face shields, PPE (e.g. N95 masks), digital thermometers, ventilators, exam gloves, sanitizers and many more.

  • Trusted Suppliers

    We are constantly working with existing suppliers, on recruiting new suppliers and on ramping up our logistics network to locate and expedite the delivery of this critical inventory across the country.

COVID-19 Supplies

  • Sanitizers
  • Face shields
  • 3-ply masks
  • Gloves
  • Infrared thermometer
  • PPE Kits
  • Shoe covers
  • N95 masks

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Amazon Business introduces ‘COVID-19 Supplies Store’

Amazon Business  introduced the ‘COVID-19 Supplies Store’ to provide easy access for businesses to buy COVID related supplies on Amazon. Frontline organizations such as healthcare and government can purchase COVID-19 related essentials in bulk from the store to effectively fight the virus.

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Questions? Read our COVID-19 Supplies FAQ?

  • All customers can buy product from the COVID-19 supply store. If you have an Amazon Business account, you can buy products in bulk with GST invoice  from the COVID-19 supplies store.

  • Hospitals, medical institutions, and Government organizations are at the frontlines of the pandemic, serving people across the country. ‘COVID-19 Supplies Store’ has been curated to provide access to the inventory of critical medical supplies and alleviate shortages as soon as possible to combat the virus effectively, together.  

  • You can buy from the COVID-19 supplies store with your account. However, if you have an Amazon Business account you will be able to buy products in bulk quantities and get GST invoice on them.

  • Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, healthcare NGOs, law-enforcement, government agencies can purchase items like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits, Gloves, Sanitizers, Shoe cover, PPE Suit, face shields, surgical masks, digital thermometers, ventilators, and more in bulk to address the growing demand. We will continue to update the product selection in COVID-19 Supplies as hospitals and government organizations come to us with new requests for products in need.




  • If you have an Amazon Business account, you can buy products in bulk from the COVID-19 supplies store.

  • If you have an Amazon Business account, you can buy productswith GST invoice from the COVID-19 supplies store.


The biggest benefit of Amazon Business is the guaranteed and timely delivery of the products. Even during COVID times, where our employees are working from home, few of them are in remote areas, we get access to our office needs in a short duration. Whether it's a Diwali gift or a secret Santa event, we were able to reach our employees 100%. Thanks to Amazon for this business concept.

— Mayank Modi, Vice President, Argusoft

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Product Updates

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    Buy all Covid 19 Supplies from India's Largest Online COVID-19 Store. Choose from a wide range of Masks, Sanitizers, face shields, Respiratory devices, etc

    Humanity has experienced the toughest of times. Recently a global pandemic taught the world the importance of having essential medical devices at our disposal for ready remedy and threat mitigation. In order to avoid COVID-19 infection, such medical tools proved immensely influential.

    Amazon Business, therefore, brings the online COVID-19 store for the buyers. Here you can buy all types of COVID-19 essentials at a very competitive price.


    Online COVID-19 Store with Amazon Business

    Whether you require medical devices for personal and home care or need COVID-19 supplies for businesses, Amazon Business is your one-stop solution. Here buyers will find a wide range of medical equipment from premium brands and manufacturers. You can browse through the categories of Amazon Business COVID-19 supplies store to find the one you need.


    Here is how we meet your COVID-19 Supplies needs: Everything you need for bulk purchasing

    For hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare services, procuring COVID-19 essentials have become easier than ever. Finding all the essential COVID-19 supplies in one place is the ultimate buyer convenience offered by Amazon Business. From masks to sanitizers and crucial medical equipment, Amazon Business lists all the items under a single category – Amazon Business COVID-19 store.

    While the host of different products meets the buyers’ requirement, the discounts on bulk purchasing from the Amazon Business COVID-19 shop make way for more savings. When businesses save more, they serve better.

    Let's look at the quick rundown of products available in our COVID-19 Store.



    Sanitizers are crucial for everyone, given the current scenarios. You can browse through our wide range of hand and floor sanitizers and purchase them from the comfort of your home.


    Face Shields

    When it comes to purchasing face shields, the buyer should ensure that the quality of the material is top-notch. In the Amazon Business COVID-19 store, all the face shields are manufactured and presented by premium brands, ensuring top quality.


    Masks - 2ply & 3ply

    If you want to purchase masks in bulk, there is a good chance that you may not need to look beyond the Amazon Business COVID-19 supplies store. Here you will find a whole collection of good-quality 2ply and 3ply masks. Go for the lot and ensure safety from airborne diseases.



    If you are looking to buy latex gloves or any other types of gloves, our online COVID-19 store has it for you. To purchase any other covid accessories, browse through the categories of covid 19 supplies for businesses.


    Head Covers, Shoe Covers & Plastic Disposable Shoe Covers

    For hospitals and clinics, having an adequate supply of head and shoe covers is crucial. Shoe covers help contain any contamination. Furthermore, it is one of the essential covid accessories to stop fomite spread.


    Infrared Thermometer

    Infrared thermometers work better than conventional ones while treating patients suffering from an infectious disease. Healthcare institutions and businesses required infrared thermometers to monitor and check the body temperature of people. You can buy infrared thermometers from Amazon Business and benefit from massive discounts for placing bulk orders.



    Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions can purchase stethoscopes from Amazon Business. We all know the importance of medical equipment like stethoscopes; hence, it is crucial to procure good quality stethoscopes. The reassuring fact is that the sellers on Amazon Business ensure the quality of their products, gaining buyers' trust.


    PPE Kits

    With the rise of a global pandemic, PPE Kits have become one of the most necessary COVID-19 accessories. Because PPE Kits are for one-time use, hospitals and clinics need them in bulk to maintain an adequate supply. Understanding the requirement, Amazon Business COVID-19 store brings massive discounts on bulk purchases of PPE Kits and other COVID-19 essentials.


    N95 Masks & Other Respirators

    Purchase all types of masks from the Amazon Business online COVID-19 supplies store. Choose from a wide range of cloth masks, designer masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, and KN95 respirators.


    Why purchase from Amazon Business?

    Amazon Business is arguably the largest operating ecommerce platform, not only in India but across the world. It has a wide range of service networks with a deep-routed delivery channel spread across top-tier cities. So, when purchasing from Amazon Business, you can get best-in-class products delivered at your door-step. This unparalleled convenience makes shopping Amazon Business a no-brainer for buyers.

    Besides, there are multiple benefits that entail every bulk procurement from Amazon Business –

    • You can enjoy exciting offers on bulk orders
    • The products are available at a competitive pricing
    • Host of top-rated sellers sell the best products on Amazon Business
    • Business owners enjoy GST input tax benefits, which adds up to more savings
    • New business owners who do not have a GST account can make purchases using their PAN
    • You can have more savings during sales events

    Amazon Business has the edge over other platforms when it comes to customer convenience and quality service. All you need is an Amazon Business account. Moreover, it is effortless to open a free Amazon Business account.