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  • Courier Bags and Envelopes

    Courier Bags and Envelopes

  • Grocery Packaging Cover

    Grocery Packaging Cover

  • Corrugated Packaging Boxes

    Corrugated Packaging Boxes

  • Bubble Protective Packaging

    Bubble Protective Packaging

  • Sheet Packaging

    Sheet Packaging

  • Printed Polybag

    Printed Polybag

  • Paper Mailer Bags

    Paper Mailer Bags

  • Protective Packing

    Protective Packing

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Partner with us to help save time, money and effort for your business. We have all the medical supplies from the topmost brands. Our online medical supply store is your one-stop-shop.

  • Wide selection

    Access a wide selection of products from top brands, see top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement, and get GST invoice when you buy from India’s largest B2bB marketplace with GST enabled products.

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    Tap into business exclusive deals, wholesale pricing, and quantity discounts for bulk orders that help you save on your purchasing cost.

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    Compare across lakhs of sellers who compete for your business to choose the lowest prices. Purchase in bulk at wholesale prices and save costs through B2B purchasing.

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    If you are in the business of delivering products to consumers or clients, then you need to pack them securely to ensure their quality. After all, packaging indicates a lot of things to your consumers. It shows you precision in caring for your product, ensuring quality, and building the consumer experience when they unpack. Businesses spend considerable time and money on packaging. But don't worry, you won't have to spend a lot of time sourcing packaging materials.


    You have landed on our wholesale packaging supply page, a convenient stop to get all your packaging needs in one place. Our packing supply store saves you time and money and enables digital hunting for suppliers. Let's unpack the benefits of sourcing from Amazon Business now.


    Why Source From Amazon Business?

    Amazon Business takes pride in answering all the pain points when it comes to shopping for a business. From SMBs to large enterprises, all can easily and conveniently source from our massive inventory. Our wholesale packaging material store is just one among many such umbrella stores that businesses of all scales and sizes can procure.

    Here’s why we are the ideal procurement solution for your business:


    ➔    Immense Inventory: Our massive product inventory, specialty stores, and wholesale stores speak to meet all your diverse needs in one go. We have a wholesale beauty store, electronics store, corporate gifting store, distance education store, medical supply store, office supply store, and more.


    ➔    Business-Specific Events: Our business-exclusive events and sales give you a chance to save big while shopping volumes. We host Business Value Day Sale, Prime Day Sale, Stock-Up Sale, Small Business Days, Great Indian Festival, etc., for the benefit of business buyers.


    ➔    Favorable Payment Modes: We understand the hassle when it comes to huge business transactions. Therefore, we have ensured NEFT, RTGS, Card Payments, UPI Payments, etc., so all kinds of businesses can make payments in one go.


    ➔    Curated Suppliers: Our handpicked suppliers ensure quality products and GST invoices along with most purchases. Moreover, you can get quotes from different suppliers, compare them, and pick the best one. You also have the option to ask for single-unit discounts even if you are not purchasing in bulk.


    ➔    Reliable Shipping & Delivery: We deliver the products on a guaranteed date to your doorsteps to enhance your buying experience further. Our wide network covers around 99% of Indian pin codes to ensure we reach your business no matter your location.


    ➔    Optimize Order Processing: We also have business analytics and compliance tools to analyze order history and ordering patterns with insightful data to streamline your order processing and purchasing.


    ➔    Cost Saving: We also offer perks like bulk discounts on volume purchases so you can save more money. If you club it with GST invoice purchases, you can get an additional 28% discount.


    How Does Having Great Packaging Help Businesses?

    Packaging is vital for any business, and it is the first thing end user lay their eyes on while uncovering your product. It communicates a lot of things about your business and asserts your brand's presence. If you have a great packaging, it helps your business in the following way:


    ●      Grab’s Customer’s Attention: A creative and attractive packing can get your consumer’s attention, making the journey of uncovering the product exciting. Good packages also encourage your consumers to reach out to social media and post your product.


    ●      Asserts Brand Identity: Packaging is another way to assert and introduce your brand’s image. It also gives you a chance to advertise your brand and create more engagement with your clients.


    ●      Gives Competitive Edge: You can stand out from your competitors with your packaging techniques and wrapping. Find a theme around your brand and translate that to your packaging.


    ●      Protection: Preserving the quality of your product is vital, and good packaging ensures that while transporting, shipping, storage, and delivery. You can also try sustainable packaging and support the cause.


    ●      Communicates Information: Packaging also facilitates communicating important information about the product, like the usage, ingredients, and safety warnings.


    ●      Enhances Value: You can also enhance the perceived value of your product with expensive packaging. It builds reliability and trustworthiness and makes your product more desirable to consumers.


    ●      Promote Sustainability: You can also promote green initiatives with sustainable packing choices. We offer eco-friendly packaging supplies at our wholesale packing store at good prices.


    So, don’t take packing for granted. It can directly impact your sales, customer opinion, brand image, and profitability.


    What Our Wholesale Packaging Supply Has in Store For Your Business

    Our wholesale packaging materials provide the ideal packaging solution across industries. From micro businesses to corporations rely on our quality packaging items for their business needs. Here’s what our packaging supply store has to offer:

    ➔  Courier Bags and Envelopes

    Courier Bags and Envelopes

    We have quality courier bags and envelopes to ship and mail your essentials. Every office and business requires them to ensure their documents and products are securely transported. If you are a courier company, neighborhood supplier, or procurement manager, make sure you stock up your inventory.


    ➔  Grocery Packaging Cover

    Grocery Packaging Cover

    No matter the kind of grocery you want to bag, we have the cover for it. We have household essentials like plastic bags for packing veggies and leaves, zip lock bags for moisture lock, flexible pouches for packing snacks and munchies, wraps and films to protect perishable items, etc. Grocery packing covers are extremely handy in a household, office pantry, and other workplaces. Get your hands on them today.


    ➔  Corrugated & Cardboard Packaging Boxes

    Corrugated & Cardboard Packaging Boxes

    If your business is in the e-commerce, food, retail, electronics, or manufacturing sector, corrugated and cardboard packing boxes are a must-have. The goods are securely stored, transported, shipped, and delivered using cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes. Moreover, you can easily print labels and brand logos on these boxes to advertise your business. They come in various sizes to accommodate different dimensions of goods. They are extremely handy products while moving and migrating. Check out our collection of cardboard boxes and get you fit today.


    ➔  Bubble Protective Packaging

    Bubble Protective Packaging

    You need an extra layer of protection while packing fragile items to give that cushioning effect. One such packing material used to ensure that is bubble protection. They can easily wrap around any material or surface to prevent product breakage. Our packaging wholesalers are there to give you a fair deal on bulk buys. Get a quote from them today!


    ➔  Sheet Packaging

    Sheet Packaging

    Sheet packaging becomes very handy for adding that extra layer of protection around the products, creating dividers and inserts within the packing box, or laying a base to display products. Professional packers and movers know the value of sheet packaging the most. It is one of the indispensable packing items on their list.


    ➔  Packing Paper

    Packing Paper

    Like bubble wrapping, packing papers are often used to wrap glassware, dishes, or electronics to prevent scratches and breakages. They are one of the sustainable packing options out there as they are bio-degradable. They also act as cushions while packing and could be crumbled up. Packaging paper is also opted by students to do arts and crafts. And we have different types of packing paper you may need in our packaging supply store.


    ➔  Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainable packaging

    For our environmentally conscious consumers, we also have sustainable packing options. Our range of eco-friendly packaging supplies is the right fit to go that extra mile to ensure our planet’s safety. Moreover, if your brand or business is willing to take up green packaging, our sustainable packing supplies would fit right in.


    ➔  Food Packaging

    Food Packaging

    We understand that packaging is very crucial when it comes to food and hospitality sector. We have all the packing items you need to ensure the food reaches your clients or consumers without spillage and hot. Our range of food packaging supplies includes aluminum, glass containers, plastic boxes, plastic wraps, dip containers, steel containers, etc., for the ones eagerly waiting to open the box.


    ➔  Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Even the pharma sector can benefit from our wholesale packaging material store. Recognizing the importance of packing drugs and medicines, we have curated all the essentials of pharmaceutical packing supplies like plastic bottles, adhesive tapes, bandages, films, shrink wraps, vials, etc., at wholesale prices. Moreover, when you buy them in bulk, you can save a considerable amount.


    ➔  Plastic Packaging

    Plastic Packaging

    Plastic packaging is used across industries, be it hospitality, pharmaceutical, restaurants, offices, store owners, micro businesses, and even enterprises. It is one of the most common and reliable types of packaging, and we have the supplies for it in abundance. Get your hands on plastic jars, bottles, bags, wraps, films, foam & cushion material, sheets, and straps today.


    ➔  Printed Polybag

    Printed Polybag

    We also offer printer polybags to enhance customization, branding, convenience, and marketing, along with product protection. With our collection of vendors, you can find a suitable one with a good price that offers customization to your business needs. Get it touch with our suppliers today by creating your free Amazon Business Account.


    ➔  Paper Mailer Bags

    Paper Mailer Bags

    A sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailer bags. No matter the kind of industry or sector you belong to, paper mailer bags are necessary for business. You can easily ship clothing, books, makeup products, accessories, or other lightweight items and feel less guilty. If your supply of paper mailer bags is running short, grab them today from our store.


    ➔  Protective Packing

    Protective Packing

    The core of packaging is protection, and you can never go wrong with an additional layer of protective packing. Our online packaging store has a diverse range of protective packing essentials for any business, like bubble wraps, packing peanuts, foam, rolls, cardboard packing boxes, edge protectors, inserts, dividers, stretch wraps, etc. You name it and we have it in our supply store under one roof.


    ➔  BOPP Tapes

    BOPP Tapes

    You can achieve secure packing without BOPP tapes. These adhesive tapes are extremely beneficial for sealing boxes or packages to be shipped or transported. They are durable, weather resistant, and are available in various sizes. Stock them up to avoid the last-minute runs to the store before shipping products.


    ➔  E-Commerce Packaging

    E-Commerce Packaging

    We clearly know the meaning of efficient packaging in e-commerce. Being one of the giants in the sector, we lead by example and ensure each product reaches our customers in the intended condition. Therefore, we have all the goodies and supplies you need to secure your e-commerce business packaging.


    Buy your Packaging Items from Top Brands

    We ensure our buyers have the best quality products through the array of brands we host. We bring in all the top players in the industry for your every packaging needs. Whether you run a courier service company, packer or mover service, or manage inventory or warehouse, we have all the pick from top brands for your needs.


    Here are some of the brands we host:

    Buy your Packaging Items from Top Brands

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    • Packaging materials refer to materials used to contain and pack goods or products for transportation or shipping. They cover the product securely to ensure it reaches the desired destination in good condition. However, packaging supplies are also crucial to store products or goods at home or in inventory for safekeeping as well.

    • There are many offline and online outlets where you can buy packaging items. However, if you are looking for online packaging material, check out Amazon Business. You get a vast selection, good quality and amazing deals on bulk purchases at our online wholesale store.


    • Food packaging utilizes various materials to prevent spillage and ensure the freshness of the meal. Some of the common packaging items for food packaging include plastic, cardboard/ paper, metals (aluminum, steel, etc.), glass (for beverages, sauces, etc.), foam, biodegradable material, and vacuum packaging.

    • Packaging is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry as it deals with drugs. Based on the consistency and the type of drug, the packaging products vary, such as glass bottles, blister packets, plastic bottles, ampoules, etc. Aluminum, tinplate, and steel are also used for primary packaging.

    • Yes, you require an Amazon Business account to make any purchase. The best part is that you can create this account for free with some basic business-related information, and you are ready to start adding packaging supplies to your basket.

    • Some of the essential packaging supply store items include the following:

      ●      Cardboard box

      ●      Packing sheet, bubble wrap and cushioning material

      ●      Envelops, mailer bags, grocery bags, polybag

      ●      Tapes- clear, masking, duct, etc.

      ●      Tools- knives, box cutters, gloves, etc.

    • The suppliers listed in Amazon Business offer GST invoices along with their products, be it packaging supplies or any other product. We also have a GST filter to highlight only products with GST invoices, making your purchase more compliant.

    • At Amazon Business, you can purchase products across categories in bulk, including packing materials. Moreover, you can save money with our bulk discount feature.

    • Some of the perks that will make you purchase from our online packing material store include the following:


      ●  Massive inventory to meet your sourcing needs. From basic packing materials for home to professional-grade quality materials, we have it all.

      ●  Our prompt and reliable delivery and shipping will blow you away.

      ●  Bulk discounts and GST invoices with every purchase to save more while shopping more.

      ●  Guaranteed delivery on the scheduled date with easy return options.

      ●  Compliance and business analytics tools to navigate and streamline order processing.

      ●  Amazon Business app to make it all happen in one place and on the go.

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