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Procurement Solution That Every Customer Wants

Here are the top benefits that businesses seek from every procurement solution and learn how Amazon Business identified and addressed those needs to enhance customer buying process.

Customer service lies at the crux of what we do at Amazon Business. We understand our customers' needs and are always looking for ways to improve our B2B marketplace while continuously enhancing the purchasing process experience of our customers. Our periodic surveys form a significant part of our evolving business strategies for our procurement solutions services.


When we reached out to our B2B customers to know about their purchasing process pattern and the key factors they look at before finalising the purchasing order, we got some pretty interesting insights into the customer buying process. Here are the factors which demonstrate how we've created a procurement solution that meets your needs by providing effective and smooth purchasing methods.


1. User-friendly navigation that makes the B2B procurement process simple and convenient


Whether you are a procurement manager working for a start-up or a large organisation, one common need ties everyone across the board – the need for a simplified procurement solution for wholesale purchases. Combining the familiar shopping experience of with business-specific procurement tools, we aim to simplify buying for your business purposes  and make it as convenient as buying for your personal needs.


With the widespread transformation of the conventional purchasing process to a digital procurement process, customers expect a seamless online experience. We have taken the best practices of customer purchasing methods developed through and translated those into a frictionless and customised experience for our business customers, providing buyers with the trust, convenience, and familiarity they associate with us.


Concept PR is an independent PR agency in Mumbai. As a PR agency, making an excellent first impression is of utmost importance.  Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, recalls the time they were setting up their Fort office. She says that she wanted to set up an office with swag value, a fun place where employees also have options to unwind and relax. Pooja says, "Amazon Business changed the game for Concept PR". Amazon Business gave them access to lakhs of products spread across easy, intuitive categories to choose from. Each product is linked to multiple vendors who gave them the best prices at one click, thereby quickening their buying process.


Another case is of Wilderness Films India Ltd., a 33-year-old media company established in Delhi. Having a comfortable shopping experience is imperative for them, because as a media house, they are frequently on the move, and need deliveries done at shoot locations.


When they discovered Amazon Business, they knew it was the answer to all their procurement process and delivery problems. With Amazon Business, they were able to conduct easy product comparisons and get a hassle-free delivery experience. Founder of Wilderness, Rupin Dang says, "Amazon Business has simplified our procurement processes. It is a one-stop-shop for all our needs with the added benefit of GST invoice. We use the Guided Buying feature to ensure we are always buying products with a GST invoice."


2. Offers access to products that are relevant to the organisation's needs


Amazon Business keeps in mind the diverse needs of an organisation. Whether it is merely a one-time purchase or a list of items your office needs frequently, we have it all. Our procurement solution has five categories curated to ensure that customers can find all the relevant products under one roof.


A classic example is of Pure Brot (of Impossible Foods). Their philosophy is to create value for everyone, right from the tribal Adivasi farmers of Alibaug to the consumers in a metropolitan city. They fulfil this by distributing open, pollinated seeds to farmers and teaching them sustainable agricultural techniques.


With Amazon Business, their deliveries are just a click away. Even though they are located in Alibaug, and their requirements range from large machines to small, simple cleaning and sanitation material like cleaning fluids and liquids, Amazon Business is on time, all the time.

Their founder Vivan says, "The key reason why Impossible Foods is using Amazon Business is that they are efficient. It makes our lives easier, and our growth path quicker."


3. Enables the organisation to consolidate spends across fewer procurement  solutions


It's cumbersome and costly for organisations to manage different procurement  solutions. Amazon Business brings B2B sellers and buyers together on one online store to streamline the wholesale purchasing process for your organisation.


Buyers can access Amazon Business easily, either through their computers or their mobiles. This versatility allows them to purchase even when they're on the move. The facility of single sign-in helps buyers within the organisation to securely access Amazon Business with one click.


One of the early game-changers in the education technology space, Magic Crate, is a start-up in Bengaluru, which offers children activity-based learning. Magic Crate’s aim was to scale its e-commerce business and be a multi-channel, multi-product company with an international presence.


This is where Amazon Business stepped in as the ideal procurement solutions partner for Magic Crate. By providing an optimal combination of opportunity, quality, and cost, Amazon Business has helped them tackle and streamline their procurement process.


"Amazon Business has helped in fuelling productivity across the company by at least 30-40%", says Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CEO, Magic crate.


4. Free up employee time to focus on high-value activities and jobs


Time saved on purchasing can be usefully employed to grow the business. We aim to empower clients with procurement tools that they may need to be successful in their roles. Creating and sharing lists of recurring deliveries on items purchased frequently helps clients save time on purchases, and invest more time serving their customers.


One of our long-standing associations is with Intel which needs no introduction. Intel's processors power everything from small computers to large-scale artificial intelligence applications. "One of the things I love about my job is the ability to do something for my customers on any given day, and indeed it's the main question we ask ourselves at Intel. What excites me about our partnership is that Amazon is a customer-obsessed organisation, and so is Intel, which makes it easy—together—to delight our customers." — Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director, Intel Canada.


5. Offers Competitive Pricing


When choosing procurement solutions, organisations don't only look at cost; they consider long-term value. Some Amazon Business features that you can take advantage of are:


●       GST Invoice for input tax credit

●       Competitive price across sellers

●       Business exclusive deals

●       Bulk discounts and sales and cashback offers


E.g., Yusuf Petiwala of Fakhri Events relies on Amazon Business for their day-to-day and occasional purchases. Using various benefits like GST invoice, bulk discounts, monthly savings events, they have saved up to 30% on their monthly procurement costs.


With Amazon Business, you can unlock competitive pricing on items across categories spanning office supplies, IT products, cleaning supplies, pantry products, industrial and MRO products, COVID-19 supplies, hospitality & kitchen supplies,  and more and save on over 50 million products.


To streamline the procurement process, Amazon Business provides controls and guardrails to govern spending—tools like purchasing order approval workflows that can be managed by an organisation's purchase manager, and guided buying to direct all purchasers to organisation-recommended and approved products.


6. Provides shipping options that fit the organisation's needs


Wouldn't it be nice to get the right things at the right time? We offer you the ability to customise your delivery preferences. Be it small parcels or bulk shipping orders, we always have you covered. You can choose preferred delivery days and times during the week for addresses stored in your account for eligible purchasing orders. You can also provide customised delivery instructions such as access codes or delivery location within the premises, resulting in fewer missed or delayed shipments.


Riva Beach Resort is an elegant and tranquil resort in North Goa. Sachin Naik, Owner of Riva Beach Resort, Goa, says, "I used to appoint my office boy to go to Crawford market and bargain with the vendors. He would then pack the goods and bring them to the office. We used to transport goods via buses with a person accompanying the parcels. And if something got damaged, I could do nothing about it!"


That is when Amazon Business, with its seamless and straightforward onboarding process, unbeatable pricing, and a robust door-step delivery mechanism - all backed by a safe buying guarantee assurance helped Riva Resort to reduce its costs incurred due to damages during transit. Sachin says, "My main focus now is on offering our customers a delightful experience every time. And if Riva has managed to achieve that, it is because of the incredible support that we get from Amazon Business!"


7. Tools for analysing your procurements


It is essential for businesses to monitor their procurement budget and track their spending patterns. Amazon Business provides procurement spend analytics tools to help you generate customised reports for all your orders against multiple attributes and metrics. Such analytical reports help you track spending across every category and use this data to optimise costs and achieve your targets by making the best use of Amazon Business offers and discount services available for you.


Overall, Amazon Business aims to be a reliable partner and satisfy all your purchasing needs from the comfort of your office. Our customer-centric approach and enhanced features like GST input tax credit, smooth purchasing systems and procedures, saving and discounts on bulk purchasing orders, compliance tools, robust shipping and delivery, Insights and Analytics, address these needs and offer you a seamless purchasing experience. We cater to multiple industries from education and IT services to food & hospitality, healthcare, non-profit organisations, small and medium businesses, and top Fortune 100 companies.


So, what are you waiting for? Create a free Amazon Business account to restructure and realign buying within your organisation.

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