Riva Beach Resort

Riva Beach Resort

This boutique resort in Goa rides the wave of success with Amazon Business


Set amidst the pleasing white sandy beaches of Mandrem, Riva Beach Resort is an elegant and tranquil resort in North Goa. Perfect for a rejuvenating weekend escapade, full of sun, swimming and fun! Boasting top-class services and luxury, Riva Beach Resort offers a magical holiday experience; with a mesmerizing and aesthetic sea view and lush greenery that makes you feel one with nature.

Sachin Naik, Owner of Riva Beach Resort, Goa says, “Riva Resorts was a dream I nurtured from the beginning.” However in the initial stages of the journey, even simple setting up and managing everyday procurement and logistics was found to be difficult.


Challenges faced by Riva Beach Resort

Reminiscing about the past, Sachin Naik comments, “I used to appoint my office boy to go to the Crawford market and bargain with the vendors. He would then pack the goods and bring them to the office. We used to transport goods via buses with a person accompanying the parcels. And if something got damaged, I could do nothing about it!”

Chasing after multiple vendors, haggling for the best prices and managing logistics was eating up precious resources that could otherwise be spent in improving hospitality and CRM. Sachin Naik says,” With so much loss of time and money, I thought my dream would not come true. I wanted to give up so many times.” 


Riding the wave of success with Amazon Business

However, Amazon Business has helped this dream stay afloat. With an uncompromising focus on helping passionate entrepreneurs like Sachin who are out to change the landscape of India through transformational ideas, Amazon Business has turned these dreams into reality.

Offering a seamless and straightforward onboarding process, Amazon Business assures that business needs are just a click away! It is equipped with multiple benefits like unbeatable pricing, helpful GST-invoice compatibility, and door-step delivery - all backed by a safe buying guarantee assurance! Moreover, Amazon Business maintains transparency at every stage in the operation. 

Riva Beach Resorts believes Amazon Business is a godsend and makes an ideal partner choice, and is grateful for making all their office purchases frustration-free! Having effectively gained greater control over procurement, Riva Beach Resort has been able to better devote their energy in areas of productivity, growth, hospitality and customer relations. 

“My main focus now is on offering our customers a delightful experience. Every time. And if Riva has managed to achieve to do that, it is because of the incredible support that we get from Amazon Business!”

— Sachin Naik, Owner, Riva Beach Resort, Goa

Riva Beach Resort

Riva Beach Resort rides the wave of success with Amazon Business