GST Invoice on All Your B2B Purchase

GST Invoice on all your B2B Purchases



Purchase products with GST Invoice and save up to 28% more on your bill with input tax credit.

Buy for all your B2B purchase needs

Buy from India’s largest selection of products with GST invoice. Make all your B2B purchase of office supplies, IT Products, cleaning supplies and more from one place to save time and effort. Choose from competitive prices offered by lakhs of sellers and save more. Make all your purchases compliant with GST invoices.

 Step 1: Identifying GST Invoice Filter

Step 1: Identifying GST Invoice Filter

While searching, always use the GST Invoice filter to see items that have GST compliant invoice.

Step 2: Checking Discounts on GST

Step 2: Checking Discounts on GST

Compare GST incl. and excl. prices to calculate overall savings with GST input tax credit.

Step 3: GST Invoice Badge

Step 3: GST Invoice Badge

Look for GST Invoice badge on the product detail page to make sure the product comes with a GST compliant invoice.


 Step 4: Checking GST Compliant Products

Step 4: Checking GST Compliant Products

Few products on which GST invoice is not available will have the message (GST credit not available) on the detail page. This will help you make your decision on buying GST compliant products only.

Foster greater compliance on all your B2B purchase needs through GST compliant invoice

Decentralize your B2B purchase process, by letting your colleagues buy directly on Amazon Business' wholesale online store. Set policies to restrict the purchase of products without a GST invoice.

  • Guided Buying

    Guide your colleagues in making the right buying decisions. Enable Guided Buying in your account to set warning on products that do not come with a GST Invoice.

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  • Configure approval workflows

    Account admin can set exceptional Approval Workflows so that GST compliance can be reviewed by them for all B2B purchases.

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“The GST-compatibility feature was one that was the most impressive. The GST filter also allowed us to connect with only registered GST vendors leading to seamless business transactions with vendors.”

— Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, Concept PR

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What is GST Invoice?

After the central government introduced the GST (Goods and Service Tax), businesses were required to register for the same. Any GST registered businesses are bound to issue a GST Tax Invoice to its customers after selling any item or goods to them.

For business-to-business sales, the customers holding GST registration can benefit from the GST invoices. On Amazon Business, all the sellers are GST registered and the customers are assured of receiving GST bill after making a purchase.


Features of GST Invoice

When a GST registered business issues a b2b GST invoice, it mentions all the details of the transactions. A GST bill includes the following information.

  • Name of the product
  • Product description
  • Quantity of items/ goods/ services sold
  • Details of the seller and the buyer
  • Terms of sale
  • Date of transaction
  • Price of the items/ services
  • Any discount

The GST amount is divided into two parts – CGST and SGST. The CGST is paid to the central government while the SGST is paid to the respective state government.


Identifying GST Invoice Compliant Product

While shopping on Amazon Business, use the GST invoice filter to find goods that have GST complaint invoice. Products that have GST compliant invoice shall have a GST Invoice badge. Buyers should also compare the pricing tallying the price including and excluding GST. By this comparison, one can calculate the discount on GST.


Managing GST Invoices at Amazon Business

When you use the GST Compliant filter, you only see the products that issue GST bills. You can use this feature across all the categories of products on Amazon Business. Moreover, we have compliance tools that will help you manage your orders.

With the help of the Compliance Tools, you can track your spending, manage your b2b GST bills, empower your team to place order on your behalf, etc. Further, you can enable policies that restrict products that come without GST invoice.


GST policies at Amazon Business

Amazon Business, being the largest ecommerce platform in the world, lists premium quality-products from renowned brands. Sellers that list their products on Amazon Business are GST registered and issues GST bill to their customers.

To help buyers find the best products that come with GST compliant invoices, Amazon Business has employed some filters. GST Invoice filter, GST Invoice Badge are some of the tools that help users to spot the right products across all the categories.


Benefits of GST Invoice at Amazon Business

Buying GST compliant products from Amazon Business has their own set of benefits. GST registered buyers can avail 28% discount on GST Input Tax Credit. It is worth mentioning that you may benefit from Input Tax Credit without GST registration. All you need is a business PAN.

You may consider reading our blog to know how to take advantage of GST Input Tax Credit.


GST Invoice – FAQ

1. How do I get B2B Invoice from GST?

Purchasing any GST compliant product from Amazon Business will get you the GST bill or GST e invoice from the seller.


2. What is B2B Invoice?

When a business issues or raises an invoice against a sale of goods or services, it’s called a B2B invoice.


3. Can GST invoice be Cancelled?

Yes, GST invoice can be cancelled. In case a buyer returns the product, cancels the order, or a wrong GST bill has been raised, the issuer of the GST bill can cancel the invoice.


4. What is difference between credit note and GST Invoice?

A credit note is issued by the seller or supplier of goods/ services if they raised an invoice charging the customer more than the actual amount. After a credit note is issued, the customer may not need to pay the full amount mentioned in the invoice. It is primarily a corrigendum for any mistakes in billing made by the seller.

On the other hand, a GST invoice is raised by the supplier for a successful transaction of goods or services. The recipient of the service or goods shall pay the entire amount, if the amount is right.


5. How to check GST Compliant Invoice?

Products that have GST compliant invoice shall have a GST Invoice badge. You may also use the GST invoice filter to see only the products that come with B2B GST Invoice.


6. What is GST Invoice Badge?

A GST Invoice Badge guarantees that the product is GST compliant. It means, the seller will issue a GST invoice for selling that product.


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