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Get GST Invoice on All Your B2B Purchases

Claim B2B GST invoice and save up to 28% on all GST Invoice Bills for B2B purchases. Filter products according to GST Invoice and save on Business Purchases.

Buy for all your B2B purchase needs

Buy from India’s largest selection of products with GST invoice. Make all your B2B purchase of office supplies, IT Products, cleaning supplies and more from one place to save time and effort. Choose from competitive prices offered by lakhs of sellers and save more. Make all your purchases compliant with GST invoices.

 Step 1: Identifying GST Invoice Filter

Step 1: Identifying GST Invoice Filter

While searching, always use the GST Invoice filter to see items that have GST compliant invoice.

Step 2: Checking Discounts on GST

Step 2: Checking Discounts on GST

Compare GST incl. and excl. prices to calculate overall savings with GST input tax credit.

Step 3: GST Invoice Badge

Step 3: GST Invoice Badge

Look for GST Invoice badge on the product detail page to make sure the product comes with a GST compliant invoice.


 Step 4: Checking GST Compliant Products

Step 4: Checking GST Compliant Products

Few products on which GST invoice is not available will have the message (GST credit not available) on the detail page. This will help you make your decision on buying GST compliant products only.

Foster greater compliance on all your B2B purchase needs through GST compliant invoice

Decentralize your B2B purchase process, by letting your colleagues buy directly on Amazon Business' wholesale online store. Set policies to restrict the purchase of products without a GST invoice.

  • Guided Buying

    Guide your colleagues in making the right buying decisions. Enable Guided Buying in your account to set warning on products that do not come with a GST Invoice.

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  • Configure approval workflows

    Account admin can set exceptional Approval Workflows so that GST compliance can be reviewed by them for all B2B purchases.

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“The GST-compatibility feature was one that was the most impressive. The GST filter also allowed us to connect with only registered GST vendors leading to seamless business transactions with vendors.”

— Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, Concept PR

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One of the most attractive perks of Amazon Business membership is the huge savings associated with GST e invoices. We become your ideal online wholesale vendor for assured quality and attractive deals when you combine bulk-purchasing discounts with your purchase bill with GST. Let us show you how to make the most of your business purchases with Amazon Business. 


Purchase Bill with GST: Save Upto 28% More On Your Bill with Input Tax Credit

With the introduction of GST, the government of India not only simplified the tax burden by making it uniform but also ensured that businesses could claim the return for the taxes paid with the ITC ( Input Tax Credit). Amazon Business wants your business to avail of B2B invoice in GST associated products to get discount on GST invoices. 


The question of how to save GST on business purchases becomes easier with our products having purchase bill with GST invoices. An additional 28% savings is huge when it comes to business transactions. Whether you are stocking up your store, buying office supplies, refilling business inventory, upgrading your product catalog listings, or buying business operation supplies, having a B2B invoice in GST compliant products will ensure you save big.


But how does Amazon Business ease this process for you? Let’s find out. 


Amazon Business: Your One-Stop Solution for Business Purchase & GST Savings

Amazon Business’s online market is inclusive of all types of businesses and industries looking for seamless shopping, quality products, and impeccable customer service. We are your ideal partner for budget-friendly business purchases. 


This is how we make your business shopping experience convenient and easy:

  • We house reputed and well-known players and brands you can rely on for business purchases

  • We offer GST compliant products so you can save on purchase bill with GST

  • In addition to discount under GST invoices, we offer bulk purchasing discounts

  • Our business exclusive deals and events ensure you save big on your business purchases

  • Business-friendly payment modes like NEFT or RTGS with no limit on order value

  • Amazon Business app and website come with GST filters and compliant tools for GST e invoices. 


What is GST Invoice?

All the business owners are aware of GST invoice and their business needs. But for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out, here’s what you need to know about GST invoices. In a business purchase, a GST invoice refers to the document the seller gives the buyer specifying the goods or services supplies, including the GST amount charged for the same. 


All our vendors and wholesalers are GST registered to ensure you get purchase bill with GST invoices with applicable orders. Do not forget to get your GST e invoice from us to file the ITC. 


Why Do We Need GST Bills in Business Purchases?

Getting GST e invoice along with your B2B invoices is crucial for your business for many reasons:

  • Legal mandate: The GST regime in India states that registered businesses should be issued GST invoices for taxable goods and services. We at Amazon Business follow this rule, as failure to adhering this leads to penalties and non-compliance issues. 

  • Input Tax Credit: You cannot claim input tax credit without GST e invoice. Without a purchase bill GST invoice, you lose the tax claim on goods and services, impacting your tax burden.

  • Verification of Transaction: The occurrence of the business transaction could be verified with the B2B GST invoices comprising details like seller’s and buyer’s GSTIN, tax amounts, services or goods supplied, and other crucial information. 

  • Record Keeping: If you forget to ask for the GST e invoice along with your B2B invoices, it may hamper the tax filing process, accounting, and auditing. Therefore, GST purchase bills are vital for record-keeping and maintenance. 


Who Should Issue GST Invoice?

As per the Indian tax regime, a GST invoice is issued by a registered supplier for taxable goods and services. But here are some points to note when it comes to issuing GST invoices:

  • If the supplier is registered under the composition scheme, issuing a bill for supply is only required instead of a purchase bill with GST.

  • If the reverse charge mechanism applies, then the recipe applies for self-invoice for the payable tax.

  • Also, small businesses with an annual turnover falling below the threshold are not exempted from generating GST purchase invoices for their supplies. 


Features of GST Invoice

To claim the B2B invoice in GST tax credit, you must ensure the purchase bill with GST invoice is proper.  We have listed the crucial features of a GST invoice to avail of the benefits:

  • Supplier’s Information: Name, address, & supplier’s GSTIN

  • Receiver’s Information: Name, address, & receiver’s GSTIN. I will say URD  for unregistered recipients. 

  • Invoice number: A unique consecutive serial number assigned to your invoice up to 16 characters.

  • Invoice date

  • Place of Supply: The name of the place with state and code for inter-state purchases

  • HSN Code (Harmonized System of Nomenclature): Based on the supplier’s turnover, the HSN code for goods will either have four, six, or eight digits. 

  • SAC Code (Services Accounting Code): Associated with services comprising eight digits

  • Description: A brief description of the supplied goods or service

  • Quantity (if applicable)

  • Unit Price

  • Total Value: Total value of goods and services minus the GST

  • Taxable Value: The value after subtracting deductions (discounts or abatements)

  • GST Rate: The applicable GST rate as per CGST, SGST, UTGST, or IGST

  • Reverse Charge

  • Signature: Actual or e-signature of the supplier or authorized personnel

Make sure to check these crucial details on your GST purchase bills. However, the purchase bill with GST invoice may contain additional information based on the kind of goods or services being supplied. 


Pro Tip:

For claiming the B2B invoice in GST tax credit, you must keep the following documents handy:

  • The invoice issued, be it GST e invoice or otherwise, by the supplier

  • The issued debit note by the supplier, if applicable

  • Bill of Entry

  • Other invoices- Like the bill of supply, instead of tax invoice, for the transaction of Rs. 200 or less or reverse charging mechanisms

  • The invoice of a credit note issued by the ISD ( Input Service Distributor), according to the GST rules

  • A bill of supply issued for goods and services or both


Identifying GST Invoice Compliant Products for Your B2B Business

Our customer-centric approach has always preceded us. We even make the process of identifying GST compliant products easy so you can plan your business purchases and transactions accordingly. 


For your B2B purchases, follow these simple steps:

  • GST Filter: Enable the GST invoice filter to list the products compliant with GST invoice. With this filter on, you can freely make business purchases with the assurance of getting GST purchase bills. 

  • GST Badge: We also have a GST invoice badge on the product detail page to ensure the product can generate a purchase bill with GST invoice. 

  • A few products with GST invoices available may not have GST tax credit. It’ll be clearly highlighted to make sure to check that.


Managing GST Bills and Invoices at Amazon Business

The process of managing B2B GST invoices or GST B2B purchases becomes efficient with Amazon Business. Our GST filter and badge clearly demarcates the GST compliant products from non-compliant products. Additionally, our compliance tools ensure your orders are managed with a smooth flow. 


Our compliance tools make your B2B purchases seamless by enabling efficiency in the following manner:

  • Using a single account for business purchases where you can add team members easily.

  • Setting restrictions to give alerts when buying is deviating from the compliance set

  • The biggest plus is the ability to enable GST-compliant products to get purchase bill GST you need.

  • Ensure guided buying where restrictions are set as per your organization's standards, making shopping efficient.

  • You can even set workflow, where the approval of the admin is required for making certain purchases


If this order management system is not handy, then what is? You can even check the discount under GST for smart purchase decisions. 


GST Policies at Amazon Business

Amazon Business is one of the biggest digital marketplaces out there for B2B purchases. Quality and convenience are two things we always prioritize for a consumer-centric shopping experience. Even our GST policies follow the same drift. We make sure the following:

  • All our vendors are reputed, reliable and GST registered

  • Our vendors provide business consumers with GST invoices on the applicable products.

  • We even have a GST invoice filter to list only the products, ensuring purchase bill with GST

  • We also have GST badges under the product description affirming the B2B purchase with GST invoice.

  • Most importantly, where the GST credit is not available for a product with GST invoice we highlight that as well


Benefits of GST Invoice at Amazon Business

With the GST invoice at Amazon Business, you can benefit in the following manner:

  • Filing for input tax credit becomes easy with GST e invoice.

  • You can get GST invoice and save up to 28% on business purchases.

  • The B2B GST invoices streamline the procurement process, ease tax filing and auditing

  • GST invoices act as proof for any legal disputes with the product or quality



GST invoice benefits is just one of the attractive benefits of many. Create your free Amazon Business account today and experience seamless business purchases while saving big. Amazon Business stands to serve the unique interest of its business consumers, and every detail and feature answers to that interest alone.


  • You can easily get GST with any B2B invoice, provided the products are GST-invoice compliant.

  • Amazon Business ensures you get your GST invoice with products to ease your input tax credit claim. Moreover, we also display the product’s price inclusive and exclusive of GST to streamline your purchase.

  • The invoice generation process is as simple as downloading your regular invoice. The GST e-invoice is available for every compliant product from the supplier for your tax filing and business purchase.

  • Business owners can claim GST on most products, however, the exempted products are clearly highlighted to avoid confusion and enhance reliability.

  • Yes of course. You can save upto 28% additional with the GST invoice while making business purchases.

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