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GST Invoice on all your B2B Purchases





Purchase products for all your business requirement with  GST Invoice and save up to 28% more with input tax credit. Make your b2b purchases compliant with GST bill.

Buy for all your B2B purchase needs

Buy from India’s largest wholesale market with the widest selection of products with GST invoice. Shop for all your b2b purchase needs in office supplies, computers and accessories, electronic products and many more in one place to save time and effort. Choose from competitive prices offered by lakhs of sellers and save more. Make all your office purchases compliant with GST invoices


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Step 1: Identifying GST Invoice Filter

While searching, always use the GST Invoice filter to see items that have GST compliant invoice.

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Step 2: Checking Discounts on GST

Compare GST incl. and excl. prices to calculate discounts from input tax credit from GST invoice.

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Step 3: GST Invoice Badge

Look for GST Invoice badge on the product detail page to make sure the product comes with a GST compliant invoice.


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Step 4: Checking GST Compliant Products

Few products on which GST invoice is not available will have the message (GST credit not available) on the detail page. This will help you make your decision on buying GST compliant products only.

Foster greater compliance on all your b2b purchase needs through GST compliant invoice

Decentralize your b2b purchase process, by letting your colleagues buy directly on Amazon Business. Set policies to restrict the purchase of non compliant products that come without a GST invoice.


  • Guided Buying

    Guide your colleagues in making the right buying decisions. Enable Guided Buying in your account to set warning on non compliant products that do come without a GST Invoice.


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  • Configure approval workflows

    Account admin can set exceptional Approval Workflows so that any non compliant b2b purchase like products without a GST invoice can be reviewed by you for approval.


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“The GST-compatibility feature was one that was the most impressive. The GST filter also allowed us to connect with only registered GST vendors leading to seamless business transactions with vendors.”

— Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, Concept PR

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