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Best Home Coffee Makers in India 2022 - Buying Guide

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Coffee is quite easily one of the most popular beverages in the world. So, it is pretty natural to find home coffee makers in the kitchen corners of many homes.


What are Home Coffee Makers?

What are Home Coffee Makers?

Home Coffee makers are countertop electric appliances that automatically brew hot coffee exactly when you need your daily dose of caffeine. They typically contain a hot plate, a glass coffee pot, a water reservoir, and a filter basket.


Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine at Home


You could buy coffee on your way to work or at a cafe. Then why bother with having a coffee machine at home? Well, here are the benefits of having a coffee machine at home:


Savings - The coffee you avail of at a cafe is quite expensive, and daily having one adds up to quite a lot of money. However, home coffee makers can save you money. You can purchase a bag of coffee beans at the price of two cups of good Cappuccino and enjoy it for a month or even more.

Freshest Coffee - Does a coffee with a full, deep, and rich flavor excite you? Then you don’t want instant coffee. Only freshly ground coffee can satisfy your needs. Once you try a freshly brewed cup of coffee, you can never go back to other coffees.

Healthiest Coffee - In cafes, they add a hefty amount of cream and sugar that affects your health poorly. Even the amount of caffeine in them does not meet the necessary levels. That’s why you find yourself craving for more. That is most of their strategy to get you to buy more.

The right coffee gives your body B vitamins, Potassium, and Manganese. It helps you be physically active for more extended periods while assisting in burning fat. However, when you grind your coffee at home, you retain the essential nutrients in your cup of coffee.

Convenience - You cannot always wait too long for the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee. Home coffee makers only require you to put in the coffee beans. While it brews the coffee, you can take care of your other tasks. You will have your coffee waiting for you when you come back.

Cafe-style Coffees at Home - If you are too used to the various coffees from the cafe, you can easily make them yourself at home with home coffee makers. Find a recipe online and follow it precisely. You can even create your signature coffee by experimenting with ingredients they don’t use in cafes.

Freshly Brewed Coffee for Guests - Relax, unwind, and have memorable talks with your guests over a cup of coffee. If you scoop in the coffee beans and press one button, home coffee makers, in general, can make over 10-12 cups of coffee without you having to supervise them. Laugh it up with your friends and relatives. Leave the perfect coffee-making to home coffee makers.

Freshly Brewed Coffee for Guests

Top Coffee Machines in India

Let us help you make your decision quicker. Here is a list of the best coffee machines in India:


Top Coffee Machines in India


Top Features

Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt

Coffee Maker (Black)

INR 3,395

Non slip fee, Illuminated power switch,

Detachable filter holder and drip-stop

Capacity: 0.6-liter,

Brewing Time: 10 minutes,

Warranty: 2 years on product

Morphy Richards New Europa

800-Watt Espresso and

Cappuccino 4-Cup Coffee

Maker (Black)

INR 4,690

Makes espresso, cappuccino, and

latte, Milk frothing nozzle for

making Latte, Espresso Macchiato,

and other varieties of coffee,

Warranty: 2 years on product

Pigeon Brewster Coffee

Maker, 600-Watt, 4 Cups Drip

Coffee maker (Black)

INR 1,525

Advanced brewing technology

with mesh filter, 600-Watt heating

Plate, Capacity: 600 ml,

Anti-drip mechanism

Warmex Home Appliances

Coffee O'Clock Coffee Maker

INR 2,439

Serves 10-12 Cups, Brewing

Time: 7-9 mins, Overheat Protection

with ‘Keep Warm’ Function,

Anti-Drip Valve

Coffeeza Finero Next Coffee

Machine - 20 Bar pressure,

1200-1400 Watt

INR 13,499

Prepare perfect Italian Espresso,

Ristretto, Lungo, Cold Iced

Coffee beverages.

Perfect for home or small office use.

Wonderchef Regalia Espresso

Coffee Maker 5 Bar

INR 5,774

5 bar pressure ensures fine extraction

of coffee flavor and essential oils

for that great taste, Die-cast

aluminum alloy boiler and Pota

Filter, steel steam frothier,

stainless-steel body and beautiful

water tank for great looks with

reliable performance

Instapaper French Press

Coffee Maker with 4 Part

Superior Filtration

600 ML, Stainless Steel

INR 1,599

4-part superior filtration system,

10 cups of coffee in a single go,

heat-resistant handle

Bialetti Moka Express 3

Cup Espresso Maker/Percolator/


/filter Coffee Maker for an

Italian Mocha 06799: Italian Made

INR 4,300

Can make 4.4 ounces

(about 130 ml) of coffee,

Octagon-shaped coffee maker,

Brew 2 cups of coffee with

low wastage and in less time


Common Types of Coffee Makers


Even though most people love coffee, there are different ways one can go about brewing coffee at home. Let’s discuss several types of home coffee makers and their differences.


1. Drip Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee machines are one of the most widely used coffee machines. They can brew you one perfect cup of coffee or deliver 12 or even 14 cups of coffee based on demand.


The Mechanism

Water is put in the reservoir, and ground coffee is added to the filter. The machine heats the water, which slowly passes through the coffee beans. The coffee slowly drips into the glass pot or carafe mounted on the hot plate. Adding subtle variations to the mechanism mentioned above, here are the most popular types of coffee makers:

Pour-Over Coffee Makers

A cone-shaped funnel with a filter is filled with the desired amount of mildly coarse ground coffee beans. Then, one needs to add hot water to these grounds in two batches to capture the aroma and oils of the coffee better. This method is known to produce a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee.



Only hot water and a paper filter are required.

Rich, aromatic coffee with vivid flavors every time.



It takes slightly longer than other methods.


Auto-Drip Coffee Makers

Its workings are similar to a drip coffee maker but with automated brewing duration and controlled water temperature.



Consistent taste and flavor every time.

Only hot water and a paper filter are required.



You cannot personally control or change the coffee quality to your liking


Stovetops and Electric Percolators

You may brew any type of coffee on a Stovetop or Electric Percolator. It is ideal for beginners to start with medium roast coffees on these coffee machines. However, it requires you to be skilled at coffee-making. Otherwise, your coffee may end up tasting too bitter.



You can control entirely how your coffee will taste.



Requires your constant attention.


2. Steeping Coffee Makers

Steeping Coffee Makers

In these kinds of coffee makers, you must steep the coffee grounds in cold water for 12 hours to 1 day. In the end, what remains is a rich, flavorful coffee extract. Steeping coffee making techniques and their variations are used in the following types of coffee machines:


Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you love iced coffee, these home coffee makers are for you. Although, this coffee is much richer than any regular iced coffee you have ever tasted. It produces robust but smooth flavors.



Intense flavor and an energizing cold beverage.



Takes much longer than other methods of coffee making.


French Press

You can brew yourself a cup of coffee precisely to your taste and preferences. You can customize how long you steep the coffee grounds, which type and size of grounds to use, the water temperature, and any other variable. The French Press can help you make full-bodied coffee at home.



You can make a customized cup of coffee.

Ability to customize every factor of your coffee.



Needs constant supervision.

Requires a little longer than other coffee-making methods.


Siphon Coffee Makers

These home coffee makers deploy the technique of repetitive heating and cooling of water vapor from a lower carafe chamber to an upper infusion chamber. Essentially brewed in a vacuum chamber, the coffee slowly accumulates in the carafe chamber.



More full-bodied flavor of the coffee.



Way more complex a process than other coffee-making methods.


3. Pressure Coffee Makers

. Pressure Coffee Makers

These coffee makers push water through pressurized tubes using a pump. This water goes through a heating system and gets to the right temperature before reaching the coffee. Then, the machine pushes the hot water through the coffee grounds directly into your cup. Let’s take a look at the different types of coffee machines that use the principle mentioned above:



Aeropress Home Coffee Makers bring more flavors and body than many other coffee machines. The extraction is cleaner than most methods, and the brew has much more clarity.



Affordable and much more value for money.

Cleaner extraction and full-bodied flavors.



Cannot brew for more than two cups of coffee at once.


Moka Pot

Moka Pot Home Coffee Makers are great for making strong cups of coffee without much time or monetary investment. You may use milk instead of water in Moka Pots to create your favorite coffee.



Make strong coffee quickly.




Prone to leaks.

Coffee can quickly become bitter.


Single-Serve Coffee Machines

These home coffee makers are ideal for people who do not want the hassle of daily clean-ups. The coffee is brewed quickly, and the taste is consistent. These machines often have automatic switch off or rinse features to make the users’ lives easier.



Convenient, Easy to use.

Consistent servings.

Coffee wastage is eliminated.



You won’t have much control over your coffee.

Coffee pods can get a bit expensive.


Espresso Machines

These home coffee makers use finely ground coffee. It helps Espresso machines brew coffees faster - in about 30 seconds. Since you can have espresso, it can be considered a healthier option if you don’t add sugar or cream to it.



Produces consistent espresso.

It requires fewer coffee beans than other methods.



This flavor is an acquired taste - Not for everyone.


You may also check out our most essential home appliances list.


How to Use Home Coffee Makers?

How to Use Home Coffee Makers?

Home Coffee Makers are simple to use. Here’s how you can easily make fantastic coffee at home using Home Coffee Makers:


  1. Coffee Filter

    Start by putting the coffee filter into the filter basket. Use a good coffee filter to obtain consistent results several times.

  2. Coffee Measuring

    Considering how many cups of coffee you want to make and the capacity of the home coffee makers, measure out the right amount of coffee. Put the coffee directly into the filter and make sure none of it falls outside the filter.

    Change the coffee to water ratio based on the kind of coffee you want to make. You can keep the balance at 22 grams of coffee for every 200 ml of water as a rule of thumb. It will provide you with a beautiful brew at the end.

    Depending on which coffee blend you are using the ratio may change. You can find the instructions for the ratio on the packaging of the coffee.

  3. Water Measuring

    Based on how much coffee you want to make, pour the right amount of water into the water reservoir of the home Coffee makers. Make sure you maintain the coffee to water ratio recommended by the makers of the coffee blend you are using.


Caution: Do not pour the water into the filter basket.

  1. Turn the Coffee Machine On

    After doing the previous steps, plug in the coffee machine and turn on the power. If the make and model of your device require it, you may need to manually set a time when the brewing will stop. Or, your coffee machine could have the feature of automatically starting and stopping the brewing process.

  2. Practice Patience

    Your machine may have the option to pause brewing to pour out a little unbrewed coffee. However, for the best experience, let the coffee machine completely brew the coffee before you pour it out.

  3. Throw Out Paper Filters

    If you use a paper filter, remember to throw it away after the brewing is done. If you do not dispose of it soon, it will taste much more bitter the next time you make coffee.


If you use a mesh filter, throw away the coffee grounds and wash the mesh to reuse it again when it is dry.


 How Do Home Coffee Makers Work?


Surely you are craving some coffee by now. Instead, let us find out how exactly the home coffee makers work.


  • The water you pour into the reservoir of your coffee machine flows through a hole and travels through a one-way valve, into an aluminum tube in the heating element, and then partially up through another tube leading to the coffee grounds.
  • Then, when you turn on the power, the aluminum tube gets heated, and the water starts boiling.
  • The boiling water makes bubbles rise in the tube leading to the coffee grounds.
  • The hot water then drips on the coffee grounds and picks up their oil essence while trickling down into the coffee pot.

There are no mechanical pumps or moving parts inside home coffee makers. So, these machines are long-lasting and reliable.


5 Important Features Which New Home Coffee Makers Must Have

5 Important Features Which New Home Coffee Makers Must Have

A well-made, rich, full-bodied coffee to start your day sounds like heaven. Imagine having to sip on poor tasting coffee early in the morning. We cannot allow that. So, let’s put together a list of 5 essential features that all new home coffee makers should have:


  • Temperature Control

    You must brew your coffee at the right temperature to adequately extract all the flavors while brewing. Brewing your coffee between 90-95 degrees Celsius is considered ideal. The closer you get to 95 degrees, the stronger the taste you will get. However, if the water temperature exceeds the boiling point, your coffee may taste bitter. So, ensure that your coffee maker has temperature settings that let you get the best brew possible.


  • Faster Brewing

    No one can wait around for half the morning for the essential dose of caffeine. Therefore, check out how fast the home coffee makers can brew your coffee before purchasing.

  • Strength of the Brew

    Considering your mood or the time of the day, you may need different coffee. You may want a strong coffee in the morning but a light one in the afternoon. The ability to control the brew strength should not be too much of a hassle.

    New home coffee makers should have a feature that allows you to control your brew strength easily.

  • Ease of Use

    Another must-have feature for home coffee makers should be ample control options for making things easy for the user. Following is the list of some of such features:
  • A Brew starter time option - so that you do not have to wait for your perfect cup of joe
  • An option to make only a few cups of coffee so that you don’t have to brew a whole pot’s worth of coffee every time
  • The feature of self-cleaning to prevent calcium build-up that ruins your next batch of coffee
  • A feature that lets you set your machine on automatic off to prevent accidents when you forget to turn off the machine


  • Best Filtering

    In India, the taste of water varies between different localities. This difference can be due to an excess or lack of minerals and salts present in the groundwater in that area. These differences are sure to alter the taste of your coffee. The coffee filters that are cheap and disposable are often of poor quality. They can stop essential coffee oils from passing through. Sometimes the coffee ground can also break through these flimsy filters and end up in your cup. Therefore, two interrelated must-have features of home coffee makers are an in-built water filtration system and a gold-tone coffee filter. The water filter makes sure your water does not bring undesirable taste-altering elements to the coffee. On the other hand, the gold-tone coffee filters allow all the coffee oils to pass through. These two filters together help create the most wonderful and consistent coffee experience.


Additional Features to Consider for New Home Coffee Makers


Besides the primary offerings of home coffee makers, you must consider some additional features.


Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Imagine setting a brewing time for your perfectly timed coffee from your mobile phone or laptop. This technology is available right now. It uses Bluetooth or wi-fi signals to connect the home coffee makers to the users’ wireless devices. Enabling users to click a few buttons on their phones.

Control the amount of milk with one click. In some models, this technology even lets you select the kind of coffee you want ready upon your arrival. You may want to consider this feature for new home coffee makers.



Reduce wastage of coffee grinds and enjoy the tastiest brew every time using coffee Pods. Several home coffee makers support pods. However, such machines mainly support pods made by the machine’s manufacturers.

You can get coffee that tastes the same as a cafe but costs less. If you get such a coffee machine for your home, it can save you money in the long run.


Coffee Type

The new home coffee makers can have the option to brew different kinds of coffee depending on your needs. When you press the preset button, the machine will mix the right amount of water, coffee, and milk for your selected type of coffee.

These machines offer lattes, cappuccinos, and other cafe-like coffee types.


Strength Preference

You must look for a feature in new home coffee makers that allows you to select the brew strength you want. Otherwise, you will have to constantly watch your coffee machine so that the brew does not surpass your preference.


Number of Servings

Consider how many cups of coffee the new home coffee makers can produce on demand. If your guests come over, it is impractical to brew one cup of coffee at a time. Make sure you check if the coffee maker can handle serving at least 10-14 cups of coffee.



Always look for such features in new home coffee makers that add value by providing convenience. For example, can you set a timer on your machine’s brewing time? Does the coffee maker come with self-cleaning capabilities? Does it have the ability to shut itself off during long periods of inactivity? These features are available and must be considered in new home coffee makers.



You will not always have the time for the coffee to brew till the end until you have a cup. Sometimes, you will be in a hurry to leave for work or other activities. Thus, consider the pause-and-serve feature for new home coffee makers.

The pause-and-serve feature allows you to pause the brewing process midway and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Then, you may press the same button again for the machine to resume brewing the remaining coffee.


Milk Frother

Sometimes, you or one of your guests may want a cafe-style coffee but is your machine equipped to make it for you?

Consider having a milk frothier in new home coffee makers. Put the frothier in your milk coffee and press a button that instantly gives you a professional-looking coffee.


Shower Head Design

Consider a shower head design at the mouth of the nozzle that drips water on the coffee grounds. It will reduce the wastage of coffee by spraying water evenly on the coffee grounds. You can save a lot of money by using this efficient showerhead design in your coffee machine.


Automatic Shut-Off

If your appliances at home don’t automatically shut off, they are accidents waiting to happen.

What happens when you step out of the house in a hurry and forget to switch off your coffee machine? The best-case scenario is that you return home to the smell of burnt coffee. Any number of other accidents may occur.

Hence, you must consider an auto-off or automatic shut-off feature in new home coffee makers.


Multi-Cup Settings

You may want to consider the multi-cup feature in the new home coffee makers. When you want your machine to dispense coffee on a bigger or smaller cup than the standard size, you have a button to control that.


Removable Components

If your coffee maker has removable components, you can easily take them apart and clean them efficiently. On the other hand, if a little part in your coffee maker acts up, you will only have the flexibility to replace that part. Your coffee maker will be as good as new in no time.



Suppose, one morning, you set a 24-hour timer on your coffee machine and go out. On the following day, you will have a freshly brewed cup of coffee ready for you when you get up. The process will repeat every morning. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Well, consider the timer feature in new home coffee makers. It will make your mornings easier.


Self-Cleaning Capabilities

There is a coffee machine feature available in the market right now called self-cleaning. It prevents and removes calcium buildup in your coffee machine. The coffee maker automatically does this cleaning at the press of a button. It is sure to save you a lot of time and effort.

It is worth considering the self-cleaning feature in the new home coffee makers.


Popular Brands Offering the Best Coffee Machines in India 2022



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With the rising pressures of work and social life, you deserve a coffee break now and then. So, it is high time you ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your coffee.


However, there are so many home coffee makers that it is difficult to choose. Thus, we introduce this Home Coffee Makers buying guide to help you navigate towards the product that best suits your needs.


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  • Yes. The same coffee grounds can produce very different tasting coffee depending on the home coffee makers used to brew them. It happens because the taste of coffee depends largely on the brewing duration and process.

    1. Clean the coffee pot or carafe and the filter basket often.
    2. Every few weeks, run a hot water brew to kill bacteria and mould spores.
    3. Do not keep the water reservoir wet for too long.
  • Here is the basic difference between a frothier and a steamer:



    Frothers whisk air into your coffee and do not heat up the milk too much.

    Steamers use pressure and heat to introduce little bubbles in your coffee.


    You do not need to get a separate frothier. There are many in-built frothier options available in the home coffee makers’ segment.

  • You may try filling your coffee maker’s water reservoir halfway with plain vinegar and the other half with water. Then, lay a paper filter in the filter basket to filter out any debris that may shake loose. Turn off the coffee machine after brewing the vinegar-water concoction.

  • Most Espresso machines can help you make the following beverages:


    • Espresso
    • Romano
    • Doppio
    • Cappuccino
    • Cafe Latte
    • Macchiato
    • Mocha

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