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Concept PR leverages the Amazon Business game changer to build a workplace they are truly proud of.





Concept PR is an independent PR agency with office in the Fort area of Mumbai. They believe that perception management and image enhancement are the two strong pillars that effective marketing rests on.


Vivek Suchanti, Chairman of Concept PR, along with Ashish Jalan, Managing Director, always believe in going the extra mile for their clients. Unless and until their clients can get engaging conversations stirred up with their target audiences, the Concept PR team doesn’t take a pause.


Backed by a dedicated and passionate team of more than 250+ professionals, they have provided PR services in domains like BFSI, real estate, infrastructure, technology, aviation, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and healthcare.



But all this success hasn’t been easy for the organization. Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, recalls the time they were setting up their Fort office. The thought of setting up such a large office with a very tight deadline was giving her sleepless nights. She says that she wanted to set up an office with swag value, a fun place where everyone could get a conducive environment to work and options to unwind and relax as well.


Setting up the office was just the beginning of the hurdles for Concept PR. They wanted a procurement partner who would fulfil all their equipment requirements at the click of a button. They wanted convenient purchase option for buying all their requirement- from furniture to furnishings to stationary to electronics to office improvement. They wanted one platform that could  connect them to multiple vendors, give them cost-effective deals, quick and efficient deliveries, and easy returns.


As an organization dealing in multiple domains, they also struggled with finding registered GST vendors to conduct business with and calculating the returns at the end of every month used to be extremely difficult.


The Amazon Business game changer:

Amazon Business stepped in like a savior for them or in Pooja’s words “changed the game for Concept PR”. Amazon gave them access to lakhs of products spread across easy, intutitive categories to choose from. Each product was linked to multiple vendors who would give them competitive prices. And the promptness of delivery of these products was the icing on the cake. Ordered on the previous day, the products would swiftly appear at their doorstep the next morning.


The GST-compatibility feature was one that was the most impressive. Quick, correct, and easy GST tabulations at the end of every month bought much needed relief to Concept PR’s finance department. The GST filter also allowed them to connect with only registered GST vendors leading to seamless business transactions with vendors.


Amazon Business has been the right partner in looking after Concept PR’s procurement requirements and GST dealings, enabling them to use their time, money and effort in looking after their future goals. Amazon Business allows organizations to do what they are good at and helps them build institutions that they are proud of. Concept PR has found a lifelong business partner in Amazon Business because they understand their needs, simplify them, and give them the excellent service they deserve.


“Amazon Business has been a true partner in enabling our future growth, in looking after our needs and requirements, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best”.

— Pooja Chaudhari, Executive Director, Concept PR

Concept PR

Concept PR leverages the Amazon Business game changer to build a workplace they are truly proud of.