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“Better is Possible” – living by this mantra, Pure Brot teams up with Amazon Business to further its sustainability mission in Alibaug.


Founded by Vivan Futehally, Pure Brot’s philosophy is to create value for everyone, right from the tribal Adivasi farmers of Alibaug to the consumers in a metropolitan city. They use raw materials and ingredients that are sourced from small farmer groups and transform them into pure bread, fine condiments, jams, and forest honey for consumers looking for a dash of health in the bustling life of the city.


They believe in combining the forces of nature and modern technology for building economically sustainable livelihoods for local tribal communities. They fulfil this aim by distributing open, pollinated seeds to farmers and teaching them sustainable agricultural techniques. 


Challenges and Roadblocks:

However, creating “better food for better agriculture” has come with its own set of challenges for Pure Brot. The first challenge that they face are the supply chain challenges. Being at least three to four hours away from the nearest city means that they don’t have easy access to a lot of things that a company set up in a metropolitan city would have.


Secondly, at planting season, they require material like seedling trays and Coco Peat which are very difficult to source in large quantities. They have often been in situations where, after spending a lot of time and effort, they were able to find vendors who would have these materials. But at the last minute, the vendors either did not have enough material or couldn’t deliver the raw material on time.


A lasting partnership with Amazon Business:

Given the kind of company they are and the demands that they had, they were skeptical that a huge e-commerce company like Amazon Business would be able to help them out. But they were in for a sweet surprise. 


With Amazon Business, their deliveries are just a click away. Even though they are located in Alibaug, and their requirements range from large machines to small, simple cleaning and sanitation material like cleaning fluids and liquids, Amazon Business is on time, all the time.


Vivan couldn’t believe when they were able to procure material like seedling trays and Coco Peat on Amazon in just a couple of clicks. The problem of uncertain vendors, missing or late deliveries were gone entirely. What had taken over was pure efficiency, thousands of choices, and competitive prices from hundreds of vendors available on Amazon Business.


Amazon Business further eased business for Pure Brot with their GST feature. Complex data sheets with hundreds of cells filled with the nitty-gritty of year-round GST transactions were transformed into simple downloadable Excel and PDF files which could be easily uploaded into the accounting software of Pure Brot.


The key reason why Impossible Foods has such a strong bond with Amazon Business is because of Amazon’s efficiency, making Pure Brot’s lives more comfortable, and their growth path quicker.


“The key reason why Impossible Foods is using Amazon Business is that they are efficient. It makes our lives easier and our growth path quicker”.

— Vivan Futehally, Founder, Pure Brot by Impossible Foods.

Pure Brot

Pure Brot teams up with Amazon Business to further its sustainability mission working with Adivasi farmers in Alibaug.