Magic Crate

Magic Crate

This start up in early childhood space partnered with Amazon Business to save on the cost of building a large procurement team.

About Magic Crate:

One of the early game-changers in the education technology space, Magic Crate is a start-up in Bengaluru which offers activity-based learning for children.

Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan, co-founder and CEO of Magic Crate, along with his childhood friend Karthik Lakshaman introduced Magic Crate with the idea of making learning fun. Backed by a passionate and diligent team of early childhood experts, product designers, toy and game designers, Magic Crate has built a suite of products to help parents engage children at home in fun and interesting ways. In the process of doing so, these products build key skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity in the kids.

With a focused aim of scaling its e-commerce business in the short term, Magic Crate’s long term aspirations consist of being a multi-channel, multi-product company that boasts an international presence. The potential of these opportunities has been riddled with quite some stumbling blocks. Being an infant stage start-up, Magic Crate was initially faced with multiple challenges in the process of scaling up their business and build their brand in a cost-effective way. Moreover, designing innovative, immersive products that would appeal to children across multiple groups was particularly demanding. To realize their dream, the designers at Magic Crate needed access to the best possible computing resources equipped with all the amenities at cost-effective prices. Magic Crate realized that as a start-up, they couldn’t afford to have a large IT procurement function for acquiring these products. Chasing after multiple vendors for best prices and coordinating on-time delivery was eating up their precious time and resources.

How did Amazon Business’ services help Magic Crate?

This is where Amazon Business stepped in as the ideal partner of choice for Magic Crate. By providing an optimal combination of opportunity, quality and cost, Amazon Business has helped them tackle and streamline their procurement process. Amazon Business has won them over with their incredible collection of products available at the best possible prices. Detailed product specifications accompanied by relevant customer feedback helped Magic Crate zero in on what they wanted to buy, eliminating the need for a very large, specialized IT procurement function. By offering GST-invoice compatibility, Amazon Business further facilitated the procurement process for Magic Crate by making it compliant. The easy and seamless onboarding process of Amazon Business also added to the positive experience of Magic Crate.

Never differentiating between large and small companies, Amazon Business has always given Magic Crate the same kind of service level at all times, irrespective of the size of the order.

What does Magic Crate see in the future with Amazon Business?

Amazon Business has effectively helped Magic Crate save a lot of time, money and effort, having taken the daunting task of IT procurement function off their hands. Magic Crate, in turn, has been able to utilize these resources towards improving their efficiency and facilitating growth. It can be proudly noted that the purchases made on Amazon Business have helped in fueling productivity across the company by at least 30-40%.

Aspiring to be India’s most loved early childhood learning brand, Magic Crate looks forward to continuing this best in class symbiotic partnership with Amazon Business.

Magic Crate

One of the early game-changers in the education technology space, Magic Crate is a start-up which offers activity-based learning for children. See how Magic Crate has used Amazon Business to save on the cost of building a large purchase team

“Amazon Business has helped in fueling productivity across the company by atleast 30-40%”

— Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CEO, Magic crate