Wilderness films

Wilderness Films

The travel and adventure based video production company shoots for the Stars with Amazon Business.

Amazon Business Gives Wilderness Film’s Reliability and Accountability for Life.



Wilderness Films India Ltd. is a 33-year old media company established in Delhi. It is a leading broadcast and television services company offering a range of services like filming, editing, production and post-production support, and  location services amongst others.


Rupin Dang, an enthusiastic film-maker, mountaineer and writer founded Wilderness Films in 1987. Today, with a relentless team of a hundred freelance and full-time crew members, they have created over 150,000 hours of content, with wildfilmsindia being their online brand.


Their mission is to create South Asia’s first indigenous OTT platform with retail and travel offerings based on the feedback of their viewers. With their impressive clientele of 800 domestic clients and 500 international clients, and having shot in almost in every corner of India over the past two decades, one would think they aren’t far from their dream.


Challenges Faced:

But they too have had to face their fair share of challenges and obstacles. Wilderness Film’s team is always on the go. And that too, not in the most accessible of places. They sometimes have shoots which last upto four months on the Himalayas. Their crew and porters in these times, need a wide array of products like tea, sugar, Maggi noodles, 360 cameras to name a few! Such locations and needs aren’t easy to cater to. Such requirements mean superfast deliveries at remote locations across the nation. So Wilderness Films required a platform which could handle their diverse and ad-hoc needs and yet make it completely hassle-free.


Teaming up with Amazon Business.

When they discovered Amazon Business, they knew it was the answer to all their procurement and delivery problems. With Amazon Business, they were able to conduct easy product comparisons and get a hassle-free delivery experience. Their team now requisitions various products and equipment after doing thorough research on the website. If a particular product is deficient or is not sold as represented, they are assured that Amazon Business will resolve the problem. With convenient return pick up and exchange processes, Amazon Business has always had their back. So now they have daily,  Amazon Business deliveries at various locations across the nation, both remote and in major cities.


The Wilderness Films team has discovered an efficient, compliant way of purchasing their products. “Amazon Business has simplified our procurement processes. It is a one-stop shop for all our needs with the added benefit of GST invoice. We use the Guided Buying feature to ensure we are always buying products with GST invoice” says Rupin.


Additionally, the multi-user accounts and approvals feature helps them decentralize their purchasing process while still maintaining compliance. The saved time and effort and disciplined purchasing lets the team concentrate on more significant future goals for their organization and do what they do best day in and day out.


Rupin says their relationship with Amazon Business is for the long haul now. The key reasons for these are accountability and reliability in equal measure. They trust Amazon Business to take care of their long-term and short-term requirements and always have their back if anything goes wrong. This allows them to conquer their ambitious plans in shorter timespans and have newer and more challenging goals for the future!

Amazon Business brings everything onto one GST compliant platform where there is both answerability and reliability in equal measure.

— Rupin Dang, Managing Director, Wilderness Films India ltd.

Wilderness Films

The travel and adventure based video production company forges a lasting relationship with Amazon Business to scale newer heights.