Medical Equipment List All Hospitals Need

Ultimate Check-List of Medical Equipment all Hospitals Need

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After the second wave of COVID-19 hit the country, everything went haywire. The number of infections skyrocketed every day, pushing states into complete chaos. Doctors and healthcare workers are trying to save people, but the first thing they require is a robust healthcare facility.

It is evident that hospitals and healthcare institutions need to have all the essentials at their disposal. It empowers them to save people’s lives. This article seeks to help hospital administrations with a comprehensive medical equipment list.


Personal Protection Equipment

During the pandemic, personal protection equipment became crucial for doctors and healthcare workers to safeguard themselves from infections. For this reason, it became a vital part of the medical equipment list for hospitals.

This Personal Protection Equipment is a combination of protective gear such as masks, gowns, gloves, surgical goggles, and more. There are other measures as well that come in the personal protective equipment category. Hospital or clinic administration can compare a wide range of medical equipment on Amazon Business to ensure the best quality before procuring.


Ultimate Medical Equipment List: Masks

Medical masks are recommended for everyone to stop the spread of highly infectious diseases like the COVID-19. As wearing a mask can curtail the COVID spread, it becomes an essential item in the medical equipment list of hospitals and households. There are different types of masks available in the market. Some masks are made of fabric, while others are made of cloth.

The Govt of India recommends wearing a 3-ply mask or masks with three layers of filtration. Medical masks (also known as surgical masks) have 3-layers of synthetic, non-woven material that offer the optimum filtration and ventilation. Surgical masks are available in different thicknesses.

Surgical Masks

Surgical mask (source)


Doctors and healthcare workers working in a clinical setup or hospitals have strict guidelines to wear masks at all times. WHO recommends surgical masks for doctors and healthcare workers. The general public, on the other hand, can wear a non-medical mask made of fabric.

People above 60 years of age can wear non-medical masks, provided they do not have any underlying health issues. In that case, elderlies should also wear medical or surgical masks like others.


Ultimate Hospital Equipment List: PPE Kits


Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Kits play a vital role in keeping the doctors and healthcare workers safe from the COVID infection. The sheer importance of PPE Kits has cemented its place in the hospital equipment list or medical equipment list.


PPE Kits

PPE Kit (source)


During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a scarcity of PPE Kits across the country. However, in Amazon Business, the hospitals can find a wide range of PPE Kits available in bulk numbers. Ideal for procurement, hospitals can compare the quality of PPE Kits available on Amazon Business. For other needs of clinic essentials, Amazon Business is the most value for money solution. 


Ultimate Medical Equipment List: Sanitizers

Sanitizers are essentials in hospital equipment lists because of their germ-killing properties. Further, with the onset of a global pandemic, sanitizers and handwashes have climbed their way up to the higher position in the medical equipment list, not to mention the growing demands of sanitizers in regular households as well.

Hospitals need sanitizers in bulk for regular use. Clinics and hospitals treating COVID infected patients need alcohol-based sanitizers as well as surface cleaning chemicals. In Amazon Business, hospitals will find a wide range of alcohol-based sanitizers and non-alcohol-based floor cleaners from many sellers.

A wide range of products from multiple sellers helps buyers compare the quality and price before deciding in favor of bulk procurement.


Digital Medical Equipment

When it comes to the essential medical equipment list, hospitals and clinics need to be ready with the latest tools. In this regard, digital medical equipment enables healthcare providers to offer a more comprehensive service to patients.

As digital medical equipment becomes more streamlined in the medical system, OEMs offer newer machines with better technology. These machines help doctors diagnose diseases early, which essentially gives more time to treat patients. Therefore, every hospital has digital medical equipment on top of their medical equipment list.


Digital Medical Equipment List: Thermometers

Thermometers have been here for decades, not in just hospitals or clinics, in every household. However, advanced digital thermometers are slowly replacing conventional mercury-tipped thermometers. These digital clinical thermometers display the temperature in digits; hence they are easy to read by anyone.



Other than the clinical thermometers, there are infrared thermometers or thermal guns. These infrared thermometers are in enormous demand because of their contactless diagnostic feature. These medical thermometers use infrared to determine whether a person has a fever or not without touching the patient. Because of the COVID pandemic, these digital medical thermometers are on every hospital equipment list.


Digital Medical Equipment List: BP Monitors

Blood Pressure monitors are crucial medical equipment that every hospital and clinic must have. These machines are used to measure blood pressure in a patient with accurate results. Unlike the conventional sphygmomanometer, digital blood pressure monitors come equipped with a screen and an armband to tie around the patient’s hand. On this screen, the exact blood pressure is displayed in numeric for easy understanding.

BP Monitors

Not only do the hospitals have BP Monitors on the hospital equipment list, but an average household also includes BP Monitors in their essential medical equipment list. Essentially, this awareness caused a surge in demands of digital BP monitors, and Amazon Business is here to cater to everyone’s needs.


Digital Medical Equipment List: Oximeters

The COVID-19 pandemic has made oximeters a household medical device. Oximeters or pulse oximeters are used to diagnose oxygen saturation in human blood. As a person gets infected by the coronavirus, he or she can develop hypoxemia (low oxygen saturation in the blood).


Experts advised people to keep a pulse oximeter handy to avoid any dire consequence due to the SpO2 or oxygen saturation level in blood. Therefore, hospitals and average households both have pulse oximeter in their medical equipment list.

Hospitals and clinics can purchase oximeters in bulk from the Amazon Business COVID-19 supplies.


Digital Medical Equipment List: Glucometers

A glucometer is a small, portable, easy-to-use device that measures the glucose level in the blood. It is recommended for people with diabetes to have a glucometer at home. It helps in keeping a regular check on the blood sugar level. Diabetes is considered one of the silent killers, and, therefore, it is one of the essentials in the medical equipment list.

In Amazon Business, a host of products from different sellers allow you to choose the best glucometer at the best price for all your procurement needs.


Digital Medical Equipment List: Weighing Scales

In the United States, obesity is a national concern, and the case is almost similar in every other corner of the world. As people become more junk-food dependent, they slide towards an unhealthy lifestyle. However, there is awareness among young people, and they are trying to get rid of the unwanted weight.

Weighing Scales

                                                 Weighing scale: Image Source


According to pediatricians and experts, people trying to reduce weight should keep a weighing scale at home. It helps them keep track of their gains and losses, which further motivates them to continue their exercise. Therefore, the health-conscious urban populace keeps weighing scale in their medical equipment list.


Professional Medical Equipment


Professional medical equipment are special tools and advanced machines that hospitals or clinics require to diagnose and treat critical illnesses in patients. Amazon Business is the one-stop solution for professional medical equipment procurement needs. The platform offers a host of medical equipment necessary for the treatment of critically ill patients.

Below is a list of few critical machines that come in the professional medical equipment list category.


Hospital Equipment List Including Radiology & Imaging


Radiology and imaging enable doctors to diagnose and treat diseases inside the human body using advanced machines. Radiology and imaging allow the radiologists to study symptoms and track treatment progress without performing any operation on the patient’s body.

Because of the effectiveness of radiology and imaging, multi-specialty hospitals prioritize procuring these devices in their hospital equipment list. Some standard radiology tests include,

  • CT Scan or CAT Scan, including CT Angiography
  •  Fluoroscopy
  •  X-rays
  •  Mammography
  • Ultrasound


Hospital Equipment List Including Respiratory Equipment

To treat patients with respiratory problems, clinics and hospitals use special medical devices. For example, nebulizers, CPAP, BiPAP, ventilators are always on their medical equipment list. In the present crisis caused by the second wave of coronavirus infection across the country, many hospitals are dealing with a shortage of ventilators and other respiratory devices.

To cater to the need of the hour, Amazon Business brings a host of respiratory devices for hospital procurements. One can purchase nebulizers, ventilators, and other essential medical supplies online from Amazon Business.


Hospital Equipment List Including Anesthesia Equipment

When doctors perform any operation – minor or significant – they need to perform anesthesia. Therefore, anesthesia equipment like silicone autoclavable Ambu type bags, face masks, reservoir bags, corrugated tubes, anesthesia machines are always on the hospital equipment list.


Other Medical Products

Apart from the specialized medical equipment, there are other essentials that a hospital or a clinic needs in order to perform its day-to-day operations. Here is a quick mention of some of these essential medical elements.


Steamers & Massagers

Primarily used by cosmetologists, steamers clean the skin pores and release the dirt from the skin, allowing the skin to breathe better. Steamers are used mainly in skin care treatments.

Electric massagers relax the tissue by releasing the tension. Chiropractors use massagers to treat muscle stiffness. Not only specialists, but many people also use steamers and massagers as self-care products in their homes.



As all know, stethoscopes are essentials to doctors and nurses, and only hospitals, clinics, and private practitioners require stethoscopes. For this reason, stethoscopes are always the number one requirement from the medical equipment list.


Needles & Syringes

Hospitals and clinics purchase needles and syringes in bulk. Needles and syringes are required in many operations, from administering intravenous medicines to inoculating vaccines. Therefore, needles and syringes are always on the top of the hospital equipment list.


Surgical Instruments

To perform any surgery, doctors need special tools and medical devices. As mentioned above, anesthesia equipment, respiratory equipment, and other surgical instruments are necessary for every surgery. A hospital or clinic is always in demand of surgical tools and always includes them in their hospital equipment list.


Cutting and Dissecting Instruments

Mechanical cutters like scalpel, lancets, rongeurs, and scissors are key surgical tools used for cutting and dissecting.


Grasping or Holding Instruments

Forceps and clamps are primarily used to grasp and hold skins and tissues at the time of surgery.


Hemostatic Instruments

Hemostatic instruments are used to stop bleeding from arteries and veins at the time of surgery. Artery forceps, cautery, sutures are some examples of hemostatic instruments.


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FAQs Ultimate Medical Equipment List


1)  How and where to store medical supplies? 

Medical supplies like medicines require cold and dry storage space, whereas medical devices come with specific storage instructions.


2) Where can one find the best deals on medical equipment and instruments?

Amazon Business is a one-stop solution for the bulk procurement of medical supplies online.


3) How to organize a medical supply room?

Generally, hospitals have a dedicated team to manage the medical supply room. The team keeps a record of purchases and disbursement of supplies and has the responsibility to store the medical supplies properly.


4) How to disinfect hospital equipment?

Hospital floors and equipment are sanitized using hydrogen peroxide solutions. However, there are sensitive machines that require special care. Alcohol rub or other disinfectants may be used as per the instruction.

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