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8 Best Home Office Setup Tips & Furniture Options

With our Best Home Office Setup Buying Guide Learn to Create your Own Ideal Home Office Setup for Efficient and Motivating Work Environment Today.

Work from home gives you flexibility and offers many advantages, but the one aspect that stands out is your zero-commute time, along with improved savings and customisable workplace. People are often under the impression that working from home means you can work from any part of the house; your couch, balcony, bed, etc.


But what one needs to understand is that working from home tends to be most productive when you have an appropriate 'home office setup'.


Benefits of Setting up Home Office


For many sectors, working from home was not a new thing. In fact, it was an effective tool for employees to lengthen the weekends strategically. However, no one had ever predicted that the world would adopt such a long work from home routine that some people would actually long for working from offices.

It is still an argument whether working from home should continue or not. The majority, however, votes in favor. Here are a few perks of having set up home office.


Eliminates Daily Commute – Inarguably, working from home has done one good for sure – eliminated daily commute time.


Increase in Productivity – This is a controversial claim. Many people think that setting up home office has boosted their productivity, while some claim otherwise. Technically speaking, the elimination of commute time can be leveraged to boost productivity.


Better Performance – Like the point of increased productivity, the claim of better performance is also subjective, but it has worked wonders for many people.


Better Lifestyle – People who saved a lot of commute time could re-invest those moments into building a better lifestyle. Breaking out of a sedentary routine, many people started working out.


Environment-Friendly – Fewer office-goers meant less rush-hour traffic. Less traffic meant less pollution


What is the Ideal Home Office Setup? – The Rising Trend

Working from home may seem a straightforward approach compared to conventional office-going days. However, creating the best home office setup that is optimum for a productive day is a tad challenging. One needs to rethink and rearrange the workspace to create that corner office.

This article seeks to help those in need of finding the perfect furniture for the best home office setup. The first step, find the space you want to turn into your office.


Find a Dedicated Space for Work with Ventilation  


Choosing a spot in your home to create your home office setup is not easy unless you have a big house with an extra room. Not everybody has that kind of space in their homes to convert an entire room into an office. In modern compact homes where space is tight, you have to be creative in creating a workspace.

Unused corners of large rooms, compact spaces in your balcony or spaces around your windows are ones where you can start your search for the ideal workspace. Whatever space you choose, the most critical factor has to be that it gives you privacy and is not frequently accessed by other family members.

If you happen to find a corner of a large room, you might want to add a divider to separate your home office setup from the rest of the room. Based on your budget, you can either buy a wooden divider or use curtains - these are generally inexpensive.


Invest in supporting equipments for home office setup


Create a professional environment; where you're going to be working for at least 45 hours a week, so make sure you consider quality products. Similar to any investment, you get what you pay. Buying cheap furniture that needs replacement in a couple of years will not save you any money in the long run.

Primarily, identify what you need. You'll have to set up your home office depending on the type of work you do. Create a mental picture of how you can arrange your working space. Consider the ventilation, flow of natural light to where your desk is being placed, and the décor of your workspace so that it lifts your mood and is also easy on the eyes.

With that said, certain elements of an office are essential to the best home office setup. For your convenience, here is a table of items that you might need:

Essential Furniture


Laptops & Computers




Scanners & Printers



Routers & Modems


Keyboard & Mouse

WiFi Extenders

Find the right furniture to suit your work requirements as well as your physical structure. Your height, your weight, your visual acuity; all of this play an important role in the type of furniture you use and how much time you spend looking at laptop/desktop screens.

Having the right furniture at the right place gives you a comfortable working experience. If you're not comfortable with your home office setup, it will not motivate you to be efficient and productive.


Pick the Right Furniture to Set up Home Office


Identify if you are the only one using it as a workspace or if your partner or any other family member will also work from the same space. Picking furniture for your home office setup would depend on that. Your job profile also plays a vital role in the kind of furniture you need for your workstation. Pick out furniture that gives precedence to comfort, and at the same time is suitable for your type of work.


Ergonomic Chairs Seating

Choosing the right office chair for working from home has a tremendous effect on your work life. With the amount of time, you are going to spend on your chair, it is important that you choose an office that is comfortable, safe and well-designed. If your work involves sitting for hours together at a desk, just grabbing any chair at home is the best way to invite lifelong back problems.

To avoid any such problems, Amazon Business offers you a variety of ergonomic chairs that keeps your back upright and offers appropriate support when sitting for many hours.


Get the Right Desk

The right home office desk or computer table is one that fits your space and your budget. A desk is as essential as a chair because it helps you stay comfortable throughout your working hours and contributes to your productivity. The appropriate home work desk should have adequate space so that the computer monitor can be placed at least 20 inches away from your eyes. This ensures that your neck and eyes do not strain with long working hours.

Invest in a desk such as the Klaxon Provintia Computer Table/Study Table. This desk gives you adequate leg space and allows you to stretch your legs for a comfortable work experience. It is stylishly designed as well as functional to suit any workstation that has space constraints. It has a shelf to fit the CPU and an elevated shelf for compact printers or other stationary items.

Height-adjustable desks like the Rife Next Generation height-adjustable desk is an ideal addition to your home office desk setup. This desk comes with pneumatic springs to use in a standing or sitting position with just a light lift of the handle. This desk can be adjusted or moved to any corner easily.

The ErgoYou electic Height-Adjustable Desk can be adjusted to any height between 2.29 and 3.77 feet and comes with sleek control panel that can save 4 preset heights to improve your posture, health and productivity at your home office.

Such good quality desks are apt for the ultimate home office setup, offer value for your money and you won't feel the need to buy a replacement for a very long time.


Footrest for Comfortable Seating


When talking about buying furniture for a home office setup, we typically give importance to chairs and desks. Ergonomic office chairs and appropriate desks focus on your back, shoulder and neck. What about your feet? Did you know that your feet tell a lot about your health?

A footrest is designed to reduce fatigue, back discomfort and risk of injury. It provides you with a good posture. Healthy feet are critical for mobility, and footrests help you to keep that ignored part of your body healthy.

The ergonomic 3M adjustable foot rest provides support to your feet when sitting for long periods, helps in good blood circulation and is an excellent option for shorter people. This footrest offers easy foot-controlled tilt adjustment and its wide platforms keep your feet in place. It also has soft bumps to help soother your feet.

The StarTech Under Desk Foot Rest features a large anti-slip platform to create a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. This foot rest uses platform rollers and surface bumps to improve your blood circulation and massage your feet, and can be set up for two adjustable heights and two tilt angles.

The Yantram Spy Under Desk Foot Rest is a super strong product that provides good slope for better comfort. This foot rest is an ideal addition to your home office setup when working for long hours. The ascending design on this foot rest allows you to place your feet as per your convenience giving you a comfortable posture.

Look out for information and reviews about ergonomic office furniture before actually buying it. Planning ahead will help you to work comfortably and efficiently. Your office space requires more than just home office essentials, chairs and desks; it should get your professional mind humming. The décor of your home office setup plays a very important role in keeping your motivated.


Computers and accessories

The tribe of employees working from home are dependant on their computers and laptops. Therefore, companies ensured that the employees received their workstations delivered to their homes at the earliest.

In some cases, where employees had to move to their home cities, companies allocated new systems and accessories for them. To meet the requirement of new computers and systems, corporate houses made wholesale purchase of IT products from Amazon Business. Amazon Business delivered the items at the doorstep of every employee. The most sought after items were:

  • Laptop/PC
  • Computer Monitors
  • Cables & Charging Adapters
  • Computer Hardware
  • Storage Devices
  • Earphones & Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Webcams
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Projectors for meetings
  • Networking and Connection Devices

Now that you know what you require, you can browse the Amazon Business electronics & IT products category for the best deals available. In case you need help in choosing the best products, we recommend reading our ultimate buying guides.


Miscellenous Equipment

Apart from the essentials, many items are exclusive to individual choices. Depending upon their work from home setup inside the house, one may require the following items –

  • Laptops Stands
  • Monitor Mounts
  • Multi-Port Hubs

If you are an individual employee or someone responsible for business procurement, getting a supply of this miscellaneous equipment can be a bit of a challenge. Amazon Business addresses this issue and simplifies bulk buying. Buyers will find everything listed under the office supplies category of Amazon Business.


Creating the ambiance for work from home setup


Working from home for a very long time or permanently can create psychological barriers for many people. Therefore, creating the right ambiance for work inside your home boosts productivity and strikes a balance between the home and office environment.

Position your workstation where you can look at something interesting rather than just a blank wall. If you're not near a window, hang a nice painting or picture above your desk. Choose extras like a pretty mug to hold your pens, pencils and other small stationary items, have trendy sticky notes and notepads, artworks and a decorative waste basket around your workspace.


Choose Home Office Setup Furniture & Décor


Modern home office setups would be compact due to space constraints, so using space efficiently is very important. The Shine Wood Art Floating Wall shelf is the perfect alternative to traditional shelves. Made of wood, it suits any décor and is decorative as well as functional for your home office.

The AmazonBasics Metallic 4 Cube Wire Storage shelf is another fun alternative that provides storage and décor. Made from durable steel, it offers the best of both rugged reliability and modern appeal. With a weight capacity of 4.5 kg for each cube, it is highly functional and the sold white colour makes for easy coordinating with surrounding décor.


Setup Proper Lightning

Also, try to get as much as natural light flow to your workstation. So having your workstation near a window would be ideal. But if that isn’t the case, try using desk lamps. The Helicon table lamp is highly flexible with 360 degrees of rotation. It helps you adjust the height and angle to suit your requirement.

The SaleOn rechargeable desk lamp has a multifunctional design that can be also used as a smart phone holder and can be used comfortably at different angles to suit your requirement.  It can be adjusted to different levels of brightness and you can charge it quickly using micro USB.


A Deidicated & Well-Organised Workspace


Since you have separated home and office by carving out a small place as your workstation, you will need to keep it clutter-free. Clutter is very distracting and also reduces efficiency. Disorganized and cluttered workspaces can lead to low productivity. Check out Amazon Business for a comprehensive list of much needed office supplies.

Apart from all the above-mentioned products, one also needs the best WiFi routers to ensure uninterrupted network for smooth and unhindered working experience.

A clutter-free workspace means less distraction, more freedom, new opportunity and enhanced professional reputation. You can express your attitude and character by decorating and planning your workspace well. This will enable you to work better and have a perfect place as your 'own home office setup.'


Setup a Fast Internet Connection Services


An uninterrupted internet connection is the backbone of an organized work-from-home routine. Therefore, buying a modern router is the most crucial part of setting up home office for fluent connectivity. You can also buy WiFi range extenders for a signal boost across the house.


What is Traveler’s Portable Office Setup?

Now if you are travelling and working at the same time, or you are planning a staycation, you need to check a few boxes on your checklist. This will make setting up home office for staycations as well.


  • Foldable Monitor Stand
  • Extension Cables and Boards
  • Power Bank
  • Hard Disk
  • Power Adapters
  • Poratble Organizers and Stationary Items
  • Other Electronic Equipments


Why buy from Amazon Business

Amazon Business is one of the largest ecommerce portals in India. It offers a varied category of products to cater to the customers’ needs. Furthermore, Amazon Business has a huge delivery network spread across the country. People residing in top-tier cities receive fast delivery of their orders at their doorstep. 

Additionally, there are many benefits of shopping on Amazon Business. People purchasing items in bulk quantities enjoy exciting discounts and other benefits. Not to mention, there are regular sales on products like electronics, office supplies, office stationery items, medical supplies, and many others. During these sales, people can also receive cashback.

Apart from the direct monetary discounts and offers, business owners can claim Input Tax credit on GST. Small and medium business owners who do not have a GST yet can use their PAN to place bulk purchase offers and enjoy all the benefits.

If you do not have an account, you can create a free Amazon Business account without any hassle.


In conclusion

Every home office setup should replicate the ideal office scenario to boost employee productivity and also ensure to eliminate any psychological hindrances. Choose the right office furniture and equipment from Amazon Business to setup your workstation at home.


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  • By keeping our workstation clutter-free, you can effectively organize our home office setup. We can use desk organizers to keep the stationery items in place. Also, using file storage items and drawers can help us keep everything in their places.

  • These are some of the ‘must-have’ electronics that are not just ideal, but essential for WFH setups.

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    ·       Cables & Charging Adapters

    ·       Computer Hardwares

    ·       Storage Devices

    ·       Earphones & Headphones

    ·       Speakers

    ·       Webcams

    ·       Printers & Scanners

    ·       Projectors for meetings

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    ·       Ergonomic chair

    ·       Keyboard

    ·       Mouse

    ·       Printers

  • The following furniture list is the most basic requirement for a home office. They also serve more than one purpose.

    ·       A shelf floor lamp that doubles as a bookshelf

    ·       A convertible chair bed for optimum comfort while working

    ·       A foldable table

    ·       A tea table-cum-laptop table

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    c.       Wireless keyboard

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    e.      Height-adjustable monitor

  • Work from home has brought offices to homes, eliminating boundaries. Therefore, to draw a clear line between personal and professional lives, having a separate office room is better.


  • Setting up your home office desk is not that difficult. You need to ensure the desk height is right and placed in a well-ventilated area or corner of your house. There should be natural light coming in. It will help you freshen up your mood.

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