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Hardware Items List: A Complete List for Workplace

A complete guide to must-have Hardware Items List. Check the complete hardware items list for different categories and save more for business purchases.

A hardware items list includes an exhaustive list of equipment, fixtures, devices, and tools used to repair or construct an object or structure. A hardware items list is an indispensable part of every type of repair and construction. Whether residential or commercial, no infrastructure construction is complete without architectural hardware.


Hardware Items List Fulfilled by Amazon Business

Amazon Business brings you an extensive hardware items list to choose from. From power tools to safety apparel, from packaging supplies to furniture hardware, Amazon Business has your every hardware need covered. Customers can buy these products at wholesale prices and save up to 28% on GST claim input tax credit as all the products are available with a GST invoice.

Here is the hardware store items list on Amazon Business –


Power Tools

Actuated by an additional mechanism source and power, a power tool uses electric motors, internal combustion engines, and compressed air. They are commonly used to drill, cut, shape, grind, etc. Power tools can be portable or stationary.

Here are some of the power tools that customers might need –


Power Tools

Safety Apparels

Safety apparels (also referred to as PPE) are, as the name suggests, equipment to keep a person safe from on-the-job hazards. Individuals exposed to extreme weather, fire, toxic chemicals, high voltage electricity, or low visibility must have adequate safety apparels as per guidelines. You can avail a wide range of safety apparels or PPE from Amazon Business.


Enterprises may consider including the followings in their hardware material list –



Adhesive Tapes

An adhesive tape consists of a combination of paper, cloth, foam, plastic film, etc., which has a coating of a sticky release liner. The combination of each adhesive tape roll is unique, and they are tailored to be suitable for specific applications. They hold materials together in place of mechanical fasteners.


Adhesive tapes are always on hardware shop item list because they simplify manufacturing processes and are useful for lower-temperature applications. A wide range of adhesive tapes is available on Amazon Business’ hardware items list.

Some of our recommendations are:



Readers can also explore Amazon Business’ Industrial & MRO Supplies for more product options to include in their general hardware items list. These are available at competitive pricing.


Packaging Supplies

Materials, either reusable or single-use, used for the packaging of tangible property are known as packaging supplies. Boxes, pallets, bags, containers, etc., are some of the materials included in the definition of packaging supplies.

Here are some packaging supplies that you should have on your hardware items list –



Testing Devices

There are numerous self-testing medical equipment/devices available for personal use. With the help of these testing devices, an individual can be more autonomous in the management and assessment of their health. When it comes to testing devices, Amazon Business’ hardware items list provides a wide array of options for the customers to choose from.



Measuring Scales

For manufacturing businesses and measuring scale is a must. It can be a heavy-duty measuring scale to weigh steel and other heavy items, or just a tiny one to measure food proportions. Buyers may find various categories of measuring scales in Amazon Business’ hardware items list –




Semiconductors basically have a mix of electronic properties of a conductor and an insulator. Transistors and diodes are made up of semiconductors like silicon and germanium. They are generally used in electronic appliances and other social infrastructure support. They play a crucial role in the operation of air conditioners, automobile safety, and medical technology advancements.

Semi-conductors should be on the hardware items list for businesses manufacturing electronics.



Hand Tools

Tools used by craftsmen in manual operations like chiseling, chopping, forging, sawing, etc., are called hand tools. They are used in lieu of power tools where possible. Hammers, wrenches, insulation tapes, combination pliers, etc., are some common examples of hand tools. Pick from a wide range of the best hand tools on the Amazon Business hardware items list:



Door Hardware & Locks

Mechanisms used and parts contributing to the functioning of a door come under the broad umbrella of door hardware. Get the best door hardware on Amazon Business’ hardware items list:



Hardware supplies store

Tarps & Tie-Downs

Our hardware items list includes tarps that are waterproof and come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They are ideal for personal, industrial, agricultural, and military use. They are extremely versatile and durable. Tarps generally consist of materials like canvas, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene.


In contrast, a tie-down is a strap used to hold or keep the cargo in place during transit. Our recommendations include:



Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware is the additional fittings installed in the bathroom in addition to the permanent fixtures. From shelves, bath towel hooks to exhaust fans, you can choose from a wide range of the latest bathroom hardware at affordable prices on Amazon Business’ hardware items list:




A ladder is an equipment used to climb to places beyond the reach of an individual. Different types of ladders are used for various functions. The commonly used one is the step ladder. They support themselves and do not have to be leaned against a wall. A telescopic ladder, on the other hand, can be folded, thereby making them easy to move around. Get the best ladders from our hardware items list:



Padlocks & Hasps

While a lock may be described as a mechanism to keep an object fastened, a hasp is a type of strap made typically from sheet steel containing slots that fit over a staple designed to have a padlock fit in. Discover a wide range of padlocks and hasps from our extensive hardware items list:



You can also refer to our Housekeeping Material List and Best Laptops for students in 2021 list.



A hook is a tool that consists of a length material, typically a metal, that has a portion curved or indented so that it can be used to hold something or grab onto something. Hooks are used to catch fish, hang clothes, and other items. You can explore a wide range of hooks from our hardware items list. Here are our recommendations:



Get the Best Projectors for Home & Office Use on Amazon Business at affordable prices.


Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet pulls are handles attached to a drawer or cabinet door. They can provide a unique flair to the bath and kitchen cabinetry while allowing you to customize your space to your taste.

Knobs are generally smaller than pulls, and they cost less too. They can be used for both cabinets and drawers. Knobs are easy to install as only one screw is required to secure a knob to the cabinet surface.

The device that enables the horizontal movement of a drawer is referred to as a drawer slide.

You can navigate the wide range of cabinet hardware from our hardware items list:



Nails, Screws & Fasteners

Nails, screws, and fasteners are absolutely vital for construction and home improvements. Explore a wide range of hardware products from Amazon Business’ hardware items list at affordable prices. Here are our recommendations for nails, screws, and fasteners:



House Numbers, Plaques &Signs

Get the best deals on House Numbers, Plaques, and Signs on Amazon Business. Choose from our wide range of home improvement products:



We also recommend you to check out our Best Earphones with Mic list.



Amazon Business’ hardware items list gives you a wide range of mailbox options to choose from, all at affordable prices and of the best quality. You can opt for a post-mount mailbox, package drop box, or the classic wall mount mailbox:



Furniture Hardware

Furniture hardware refers to the fittings, fixings, and individual pieces that create a durable, working piece of furniture. Furniture legs, pads, etc., are examples of furniture hardware purchased separately and later assembled by the manufacturers. We offer great prices on furniture hardware. Explore our items to know more:



Gate Hardware

Gate hardware means the tools and accessories required to keep a gate functional and aligned. Typically, hinges, latches, handles, etc., are what is referred to as gate hardware. They could be made with iron, bronze, aluminum, brass, and other metals. You can shop from our wide range of gate hardware products and get top-quality products at affordable prices. Some of the recommendations from our hardware items list are:



Window Hardware

Window hardware refers to the parts and accessories that are used to ensure the proper operation of a window. Lift handles, crank handles, and cam locks are all a part of window hardware. Explore a wide range of window hardware from Amazon Business’ hardware items list:



Top Hardware Items Brands to choose from

Amazon Business deals with products from the biggest and most reputed hardware items brands. Each category of products will have a different top brand. For example, BOSCH and iBELL are the top brands when it comes to purchasing the best power tools. For medical testing devices, on the other hand, we recommend Accu-Chek. Similarly, Godrej is the most reliable when it comes to padlocks. And if you are looking to purchase window hardware from our hardware items list, we recommend you get Prime-Line Products.


Why purchase hardware items from Amazon Business?

Arguably the largest online wholesale market, Amazon Business guarantees premium products from top brands at affordable prices. There are multiple discounts and cashback offers for bulk orders.


Also, as mentioned earlier, we ensure that every product is sold with a GST invoice. This enables savings of up to 28% on GST claim input tax credit.


Buying items from Amazon Business is effortless and straightforward. Make an Amazon Business account and get started!


To conclude

Shop from Amazon Business and help us cater to your every hardware need. Explore our vast category of hardware products from our extensive hardware items list and get them at affordable prices. Besides, shopping on Amazon Business is very convenient for buyers. They only need to have a free Amazon Business account.


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  • Different hardware items are manufactured with different materials. For example, plumbing hardware items are usually made up of corrosion-resistant, extreme weather-resistant materials like copper, steel, aluminum, and PVC.

  • Ideally, every household should have power tools, nails, screws, mailboxes, hooks, padlocks, ladders, hand tools, and measuring instruments.

  • Every office should ideally have power tools, nails, screws, mailboxes, padlocks, ladders, hand tools, measuring instruments, adhesive tapes, hooks, testing devices, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware, and window hardware.

  • Yes, you can purchase hardware items in bulk from Amazon Business and receive exclusive cashback offers and discounts.

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