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Driving Digital Transformation for SMBs- AWS Digital Suite on Amazon Business

Learn how organizations can speed up their digitization by adopting the Digital Suite powered by AWS on Amazon Business.

In today’s business world, digitization is critical. Technology helps organizations beef up their operational efficiency and enables them to make the right decisions proactively. Organizations that have adopted the digital route, understood its advantages in reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency of business processes, improving response time and customer service, and many other benefits. With technology, employees are empowered with updated tools and methods that help to create data-driven strategies, giving organizations the competitive edge to operate faster, better and at a lower cost than their competitors are.


Challenges in the Digitization Journey

To work towards digital transformation, most SMBs require a helping hand due to the lack of expertise and resources to take on such projects. Research and focus groups with SMB industry associations have concluded that SMBs want to be part of the digital movement but are not aware of where and how to start adopting technology. The marketplace for technological products has so many options, making it a daunting task for SMBs to choose the ideal solution that suits them. This, coupled with a lack of awareness and insufficient growth capital, deters them from embracing digital transformation. Hence, this is where Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays an integral role in bridging the road to digitization, making technology accessible to all businesses, including SMBs.


Digital Suite, Powered by AWS

Digital Suite provides a comprehensive set of technology solutions built by AWS’ trusted technology partners in India, so that SMBs no longer have to spend a large amount of time and effort trying to figure out the technology solutions for their business needs.

OkBusiness: This mobile app business bundle includes OkCredit ledger, OkShop digital store and OkStaff to help take the business of SMBs online and ensure quick growth with increased sales, faster collections and efficient staff management, all at minimum cost. OkCredit ledger, available in 11 regional languages, is useful for recording all credit and debit transactions with instant update on each transaction and WhatsApp reminder for instant money collection. OkShop is a 1-click solution in setting up a digital store where SMBs can share products with their customers and receive and deliver orders directly. OkStaff is a tool for staff management that tracks attendance, manages salary and bonus, and allows businesses to download and share the salary report on WhatsApp.


Razorpay: Razorpay is a one-stop payments and banking solution to automate the entire payments process and payroll, and receive or disburse payments with ease. It helps expand the business into new demographic markets by providing capital loans and a free current account for everyday transactions. One also gets loans instantly for cash requirements, business operations, salary payouts and vendor payments. With Razorpay, SMBs can automate and execute payroll, compliance and contract payments, and simplify their payment process through 100+ online payment modes. Srikanth Acharya, CEO of OffiNeeds.com, says “Razorpay has helped us simplify customer payments. With seamless integration and effortless onboarding, they are our One-stop solution for receiving & disbursing online payments with ease!”


Freshchat: This customer messaging platform connects SMBs to their customers across web, mobile and other social messengers. It includes AI-powered conversations, targeted outbound messages and intelligent scheduling to respond to customer queries. It provides a real-time overview of team inbox, incoming conversations and speed of response.


Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer engagement solution platform that provides businesses with exceptional customer service across various channels like social media, phone calls, email and chat. Its best-in-class AI features include analyzing and gathering critical insights, automating follow-ups and other tasks using specific time and event-based triggers, and native Field Service Management features.


Freshservice: Freshservice streamlines IT service management requests from employees through ticketing support, incident management, knowledge base management & powerful automation. It helps create workflows to automate repetitive tasks using simple drag and drop actions. SMBs can manage both hardware and software with asset management module, raise requests using service catalogs, and leverage enterprise-level analytics to gain insights into their operations.


GreytHR: This solution automates the payroll and HR software and helps businesses to be statutory compliant, empower employee self-service and increase productivity. It also helps monitor attendance in real-time and improves employee engagement through anytime, anywhere access to the portal. It provides SMBs with all-round productivity with fully engaged employees and easy access to pay slips and other critical information through its mobile app, resulting in paperless employee data management at one location.


In addition to the above, Digital Suite will launch additional software products in the coming months to provide a holistic set of software solutions for SMBs.


Amazon Business and its Benefits

By collaborating with Amazon Business to access the feature-rich Digital Suite, SMBs get access to a digital catalog of software listings from Indian independent software vendors making it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software for their use. The main value proposition for SMBs is simplicity, low prices and extensive support. Vishal N, Director at Bedeck Woods Pvt. Ltd. says “Before Digital Suite, we used to process payroll & track attendance manually on Excel sheets & physical registers. Now, with greytHR from Digital Suite, these tasks have become easier & more cost-effective, saving a lot of our time & effort!”


The biggest advantage for SMBs with Digital Suite is the simplicity of adoption. Each Digital Suite product is kept simple (simple interface, simple onboarding and configuration). On Amazon Business they can discover all the solutions in one place, read though and place orders for these products with relative ease keeping the whole buying process simple.


Another big benefit for SMBs is low offering prices (the price through Amazon Business is significantly lower than industry average pricing). Customers have saved up to 50% by buying Digital Suite products on Amazon Business.


Lastly, the other important benefit is the extensive and extra support. Most simple software products require the customer to set-up the software and learn how to use it themselves, while Digital Suite technology partners provide additional onboarding and on-going support exclusively to customers who buy on Amazon Business. AWS support provides a mix of technology and people for guidance on configuration and problem resolution. The support systems are designed to proactively help SMBs optimize their performance, lower costs and innovate faster.


AWS provides small and medium-sized businesses with the right technology to respond faster to customers’ needs, improve products and services, and reduce costs. If you are ready to adopt technology and reap the benefits of digitization, register for an Amazon Business account to avail the benefits provided by Amazon Web Services.

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