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Amazon Business launches Business PAN for Educational Institutes and non-profit organizations

Amazon Business paves the way for NPOs and educational institutes to enjoy the benefits that were limited only to GST registered businesses.

Amazon Business has made a name for itself as the one-stop marketplace for all small, medium, and large business enterprises to make their purchases. Any business, small or big, can register with Amazon Business using their GSTIN (GST number) and take advantage of the huge discounts and competitive prices offered by thousands of sellers via Amazon Business. Being registered with Amazon Business makes purchasing office items and supplies seamless, efficient and inexpensive. 


Until now, only businesses with GST registration could open an Amazon Business account. Non-profit organizations, educational institutes, NGOs, Trusts, etc. could not register with Amazon Business. Hence, such organizations could not take advantage of the competitive pricing and quantity discounts that Amazon Business offered. To mitigate this factor, Amazon Business recently launched a new feature known as Business PAN as a license type for registration on Amazon Business. India has around 80 lakh educational institutes and NGOs that can now register on Amazon Business and avail of its benefits.


Challenges for Educational Institutes

1) Purchasing Process - Typically, the process of purchasing involves allocating a budget, checking out tenders from various vendors, and identifying the vendor who provides the best quality products at the most competitive price.

2) Quality Products - The other challenge that schools, colleges and other professional institutes face is that at times, the purchasing department spend days in identifying the products, but are not able to get the required quantity or quality and thus have to visit and interact with various vendors, which also increases their budget.

3) Return and Replacement - Items that do not fit the quality standards that schools, colleges, or coaching institutes prefer need to be returned or replaced, which also means wastage of time, effort and money. Here, the inefficiency of local vendors and the need for a one-stop marketplace comes to light.


Benefits of registering with Amazon Business

1) Business Pricing and Bulk Discounts

Schools, colleges, coaching classes and professional institutes can take advantage of the business pricing and quantity discounts from Amazon Business. They can place bulk orders to avail of pricing discounts if they intend to purchase large quantities of products from selected third-party business sellers.

2) Strong Logistics System

Educational institutes can also benefit from Amazon’s world-class logistics network and get door-step delivery of products. Even those educational institutes located in rural areas and Tier II or Tier III cities can easily procure their educational requirements since Amazon Business has a pan-India coverage.

3) Easy Return and Replacement

Most products purchased from Amazon Business can be replaced at no extra cost if you are not happy with the product. However, in some product pages, it will be clearly mentioned that those products are not returnable. Hence, one can easily identify products that can be returned and place orders accordingly.

4) Business Analytics

The Business Analytics feature of Amazon Business will help educational institutes track their order and create reports based on their requirements. Administrators and the purchasing team can use this feature to view all details about the order and create reports based on various filters. Reports that can be created include reconciliation reports, order reports, refund reports, invoices and order summaries.

5) Compliance Tools

With Amazon Business compliance tools, school administrators can also make spend analysis that allow purchases to happen only with the administrator’s consent. Spend limit can also be set up by using approval workflows, thus establishing a systematic buying process for the entire institute.


Much more than just Happy Customers!

Some of the educational institutes that have been happy customers of Amazon Business, include IIMB, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Shiv Nadar University, NIIT, TIME, Aptech, Byju’s, and many more. Amazon Business provides a virtual classroom store for all the educational requirements that an educational institute needs to be technology ready to provide uninterrupted online education to its students.


This store includes a variety of educational essentials like tablets, laptops, printers, webcams, headsets, speakers, projectors, networking devices and learning essentials like stationery supplies, whiteboards, markers, writing essentials, and of course school and college text books.


Branded Products Across Categories

All educational institutes can purchase products across different categories like IT products, office supplies, cleaning supplies, industrial and MRO products, pantry supplies, and specialty stores such as Covid-19 supplies store, distance learning store, and educational store. Products from all these categories are available at discounted prices from world-class brands such as HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, JBL, Logitech, D-Link, AmazonBasics, Cello, Luxor, Cross, Kores, Faber-Castell, Godrej, Presto, Bosch, Pidilite, iBell, 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Dabur, Vedaka, ITC, Nescafe, HUL, Tata, ScotchBrite and many more national and international brands.

How to Register Using Business PAN

It is simple and free to register for an Amazon Business account. Any business can register using their official email and basic company information. During registration, on the business info page, customers can enter their Business PAN number and date of incorporation of their business. Amazon Business will use these details to verify the Business PAN and create a business account for the customer. 

To avail all the features of Amazon Business and buy products across the various categories from the best brands, create an Amazon Business account by using this link.




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