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COVID-19 Essential Products List - A Buying Guide

Read our guide to all the COVID-19 essential products required to ensure workplace safety. Here is the list of all the critical supplies along with the Amazon Business product suggestions.

The Present
2020 has been a year of reflection and realignment. Businesses, governments, and activities the world over had come to a complete standstill with the novel coronavirus taking precedence. With the first half of the year gone in trying to contain the virus and medical professionals working like never before, businesses are slowly trying to pick up pace to  reboot  the economy.  A ‘new normal’ is the way ahead till a vaccine helps control the virus completely.


The Future
Even though remote working has gained a lot of prominence the same cannot be applied to manufacturing units, service providers, and medical professionals. However, it is imperative for businesses to implement some checks to ensure the safety of their staff, such as, hand sanitizing, wearing masks, checking temperatures and maintaining physical distancing. As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in May 2020, only 33% of staff members are allowed to work at any given time in private companies.


New Normal
Keeping the new circumstances in view, Amazon Business has a special Covid-19 store to make it easy for businesses and individuals to resume work without the hassle of figuring out what all they need to invest in. The online store has been meticulously laid out with all the Covid-19 essentials available on one single domain.

Moreover, organisations with medical or frontline heroes can purchase the supplies in bulk as well through their Amazon Business account. Conveniently divided into 11 categories, customers can browse through the various sections as per their needs. Here is a list of essentials available on Amazon Covid-19 supplies store:



Masks are the way to go to protect from splashes, sprays and potentially infectious droplets. This is especially useful when traveling for work or attending meetings. Amazon Business has partnered with brands such as WSX, Venus, Kawach, Magnum, Wildcraft, Impact, Woschmann, Intech, Oriley, and Adeptt to guarantee good quality and durable masks for their consumers. 

Hand sanitizers have become the most coveted product of the year. Since washing hands regularly in public places is not feasible, sanitizers are the next best option. These help in cleansing hands instantly especially when you are forced to touch shared surfaces. Some popular brands include, RoboCraze, Sara Soul, Kleenex, Oriley, Microwin, Rejsol, and SterloMax.

Thermometers, Stethoscopes and Oximeters
Keeping in mind the symptoms of the virus and the needs of frontline workers, Amazon Business also stocks a range of thermometers, stethoscopes, and oximeters. Facilitating social distancing norms the thermometers work on infrared technology, thereby making contactless monitoring easy. Brands to choose from are, Zebronics, Champion, Woschmann, Oriley, Flawish, RoboCraze, Landwind, House of Quirk, Jumper, Sansui, HealthSense, Shenzhen Hezhizhou, Comper, IndoSurgicals, and 3M Littmann.

Gloves, head, and shoe covers provide extra protection. Highly recommended for caregivers, brands available on Amazon Business are, Oriley, Adeptt, Nuvo Medsurg, Careway, Urban Haat, AM Safe-X, Chaithanya Orthopaedics, Twenoz, Smartcare, Swadesh, and Generic.

PPE Suits
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is especially designed to give maximum protection against infections. Covering the complete body of the wearer, customers can choose from a variety of options to suit their requirements. Brands available are Auditech, mLabs, Buildskill, Oriley, Generic, and Flawish.


Face Shields
Designed to provide extra care for the face and especially the eyes, face shields act as a barrier to keep infections at bay. Depending on their need, customers can opt for a visor or just eye protection gear. Amazon Business stocks brands such as, RoboCraze, Oriley, Jackson, 3M, Wuerth, Frontier, Honeywell, and Mediweave.

Amazon Business understands the need of the hour and ensures complete customer satisfaction by continuously replenishing stocks. For ease, the online store also stocks kits so that businesses can make quick purchases by opting for these instead of choosing individual items. We stand in solidarity with frontline workers and businesses to fight the virus and help keep the community safe, and build the economy together.

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