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Streamline your B2B purchases with GST invoices available for all online transactions on Amazon Business. Read this amazon blog to know more.

How Amazon Business Meets Wholesale Shopping Needs?

Amazon Business is the ultimate solution for wholesale online shopping needs, offering an array of features designed to streamline and enhance the B2B purchasing process.


With a wide selection of over 15 crore products, complete with GST invoices, businesses can access wholesale prices and achieve greater savings across various categories, such as electronic items, security systems, laptop accessories, office supplies, cleaning products, and many more.


Amazon Business is home to 3.5+ lakh sellers, serving across 99.8% of pin codes in India. This expansive reach, coupled with features such as bulk discounts, bulk purchasing, account security, and compliance tools. Register with Amazon Business for seamless and cost-effective wholesale procurement.


What Sets Amazon Business Apart: Key Features

Amazon Business distinguishes itself through a set of key features designed to meet the specific needs of B2B buyers.


From GST invoice bills and bulk discounts to bulk purchasing and account security, you can take advantage of several of these key features by registering with Amazon Business.


Here is more on the two main features of Amazon Business:

GST Invoice - Get GST Invoice on All Your B2B Purchase Online

When it comes to catering to the needs of B2B buyers, Amazon Business shines with its GST invoicing feature.


This feature allows you to claim GST invoices for all your B2B purchases made online. This streamlined documentation not only enhances transparency but also helps you stay compliant with tax regulations.


The convenience of having Amazon Business GST invoices readily available simplifies your financial record-keeping, making audits and B2B GST filings a breeze.


●      Claim Input Tax Credit: Beyond simplifying documentation, Amazon Business enables you to make the most of your purchases. With GST invoices in hand, you can claim GST input credits, potentially saving up to 28% on your taxes. This translates into tangible cost savings for your business, enhancing your bottom line.


Bulk Purchasing Discounts

Amazon Business recognizes the importance of bulk purchasing for businesses. Through its bulk purchasing discounts, you can access wholesale prices irrespective of order size.


This feature not only optimizes procurement but also translates into tangible cost savings. Whether you're restocking essentials or fulfilling large-scale orders, Amazon Business ensures competitive pricing that aligns with your business needs. Do you need bulk purchases for your business? Write to us at for assistance.


What is a GST Invoice?

A Goods and Services Tax (GST) invoice is a crucial financial document that provides a comprehensive record of a transaction subject to GST.

This B2B invoice in GST is issued by a supplier or seller to their customer whenever goods or services are sold and supplied, indicating the value of the goods or services, date of transaction, applicable GST rate, the amount of GST charged, product description, and more.

All sellers on Amazon Business are required to register for GST, and customers can be assured of receiving GST invoice bills after making a purchase.

How to Claim GST Invoice?

To simplify the process of claiming GST invoice bills for buyers, Amazon Business has implemented a range of filters and tools.

These tools, including the B2B invoice in GST filter and the GST Invoice Badge, are designed to assist users in identifying products that come with GST-compliant invoices across various categories.


Utilizing the GST Invoice Filter:

When browsing products on their website, take advantage of the Amazon Business GST invoice filter. This filter acts as a refined search option, allowing you to narrow down your choices to products that specifically offer GST-compliant invoices. Here's how to make the most of it:

●      Check Discounts on GST: To begin, explore products with the Amazon Business GST invoice filter while also considering any associated discounts. This enables you to identify products that meet your needs and offer potential cost savings through input tax credit.

●      Spotting the GST Invoice Badge: On the product detail page, keep an eye out for the GST Invoice badge. This badge serves as a visual indicator that the product is accompanied by a GST-compliant invoice. This way, you can easily distinguish products that align with your invoicing requirements. And after completing your purchase, you can download the B2B GST invoice easily from your account.


How to Take Advantage of GST Input Tax Credit for Your Business?

GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) is a valuable mechanism that can significantly benefit your business's financial health. By allowing you to offset the GST paid on your purchases against the GST collected on your sales, GST input credits present a range of advantages that can propel your business forward:


1. Cost Savings and Improved Profitability

B2B GST filing directly translates into cost savings for your business. When you shop for supplies on Amazon Business, you can take advantage of GST input tax credit to save up to 28% on your total.

By reducing the tax liability on your purchases, you effectively lower your operational expenses. This results in improved profitability, allowing you to allocate resources to growth, innovation, or other strategic initiatives.


2. Streamlined Compliance

Amazon Business also stands as a reliable partner in ensuring GST compliance through its arsenal of compliance tools.

These tools enable businesses to effortlessly track spending, manage B2B GST bills, empower teams to make authorized purchases, and even enforce policies that restrict products lacking GST invoices.

This suite of solutions enhances transparency, streamlines processes, and minimizes compliance complexities, enabling businesses to navigate the world of GST with ease while concentrating on their core objectives.


3. Operational Efficiency

GST Input Tax Credit also encourages businesses to streamline their procurement processes. With the opportunity to claim credit, businesses are motivated to choose suppliers that provide valid GST invoice bills, promoting efficiency in vendor relationships.



In essence, Amazon Business stands out by understanding the unique demands of B2B buyers. With its emphasis on GST invoicing, bulk purchasing discounts, user-friendly interface, compliance tools, and a wide product selection. Register with Amazon Business to redefine your B2B shopping experience.


By seamlessly integrating convenience, cost-efficiency, and versatility, Amazon Business emerges as a preferred platform for businesses seeking optimal solutions for their procurement needs.

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