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How to get instant savings on millions of products: Quantity Discounts

Discover how Quantity Discounts can help you save money for your organization.

The world of work is changing. For some of you, remote working is here to stay. For others, you may be going back to work, but only some of the time. Regardless of your situation, one thing hasn’t changed: you need to get supplies and you need to get them at the lowest cost possible to keep your organization moving. Discover how Quantity Discounts from Amazon Business can help you save money for your organization.   


What are Quantity Discounts? 


Quantity Discounts are a form of savings (a discount) specifically designed for customers like you, who are shopping for work supplies and products and need to get them at the lowest cost. So why not go to Amazon.com and find what you need? Because we offer you savings, on average, of five percent more when you purchase items that qualify for this exclusive offer versus Amazon.  


How do Quantity Discounts work? 


When you shop in our online store, you’ll discover a selection of items, available in nearly any quantity, to meet the needs of any size organization. And with over 16cr items from 90,000 top-rated brands including Microsoft, Lenovo, LG, Havells, you’re bound to find and save on exactly what you need. To help you save even more, we designed and priced the discount tiers so you actually save more when you buy more. For example, tiers start at just two items with an average saving of five percent. However, you can save up to twelve percent on 25 items or more in the highest discount tier. 


Quantity Discounts are available from Lakhs of Amazon Business Sellers who have chosen to offer up to five tiers of discounts for customers. What’ more, with so many competing brands, you’ll also save time on sourcing and vendor selection when you easily compare competing offers. As an Amazon Business customer, you don’t have to do anything to get these savings—we automatically apply them for you as you shop for your items. Simply click on the quantity tab to view the multiple offers and save. Need more proof? See what Ellen Nielsen of Chevron has to say.    


“We’ve moved purchases to Amazon Business to consolidate spending in a dynamic store environment, where everyone can find what they need, and still take advantage of large-scale ordering and bulk buying.”


— Ellen Nielsen, General Manager of Category Management


This quote is just one example of how customers have saved using Quantity Discounts. Don’t forget that you can also match your savings with other features, like Prime, MUA. Stop hunting, start saving, and join lakhs of customers who already save with this exclusive offer.


Save now by discovering items with Quantity Discounts.

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