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Get Instant Savings on Crores of Products with Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts, offered by Amazon Business on bulk purchases, can help you save a substantial amount of money on your business orders. Read on to learn about how you can leverage India's largest B2B marketplace to buy in bulk at wholesale prices and increase your procurement related savings

As the number of fresh COVID-19 cases in India started dipping, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has allowed the offices to start operating at minimum capacity, to begin with. This means that though most of your employees may still be working from home, you can begin planning about restarting full-fledged operations at your office.

However, this also warrants the need to get office supplies at the lowest possible costs to keep your organisation moving. Discover how you can use Quantity Discounts from Amazon Business to get high discounts on office inventory and save money for your organisation.


What are Quantity Discounts?

Quantity Discounts are a form of special discounts or savings offered to the customers like you, who would like to purchase work supplies and products at lower possible costs. All you need is an Amazon Business account and you can place bulk orders to get Quantity Discounts. Customers have saved up to 30% on their regular monthly purchases by buying items with this exclusive discount at Amazon Business.


How do Quantity Discounts work?

Quantity discounts are available on lakhs of items, ranging from laptops to mobile phones to water dispensers to COVID-19 essentials, ordered through your Amazon Business account. You can make bulk purchases at our online store to enjoy these exclusive discounts, tailor-made for businesses like you. Discount tiers start on orders of minimum two or more items.

To avail Quantity Discounts, you need to go to the product detail page and click on the “Add to Cart” button at the right hand side of the page. Then, you can choose the required quantity from the dropdown box. The discounted price offered by the seller for the chosen quantity will be displayed on your screen.

In case you cannot find the required quantity in the dropdown, you can click on “Request discount on a greater quantity” to request the seller for the discount on your desired quantity. When you place the order for these items, the discounted price will be automatically applied to your order. Not sure yet? Read what Mr. Dheeraj Praksah, Procurement Head, Outbooks Outsourcing has to say about Amazon Business-


“We have managed to cut down our monthly spends by 10-12 percent by buying from Amazon Business. We buy in bulk for a variety of items from top brands like Dell, HP and many more.”

- Mr Dheeraj Praksh, Procurement Head, Outbooks Outsourcing.


This quote is just a single example of how our customers have used Quantity Discounts to purchase great products at great prices. If you don’t have an Amazon Business account yet, you can create it for free by simply clicking here. Moreover, you will also get GST invoices so that you can claim an input tax credit on your business purchases and further maximise your savings.

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