Republic Day Celebration Ideas

24 Unique Republic Day Celebration Ideas in Office & School

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Freedom is crucial for all nations and its citizen. Like most nations, Indians fought for their freedom and right and we still do. Therefore, reminiscing and celebrating our freedom collectively as a nation is crucial. We are slowly drifting into the 74th Republic Day, celebrating our independence and freedom. Let’s make the Republic Day celebration extra special this year.

Whether office, home, or school space, Republic Day celebrations are essential to mark our solidarity and honor in being part of a nation with diversity. No need to scratch your head about Republic Day celebration ideas, we are here to rescue you.

This blog will answer your questions on Republic Day activities for students, Republic Day decorations ideas for schools, Republic Day celebrations ideas for office and home. Get bulk discounts on decorative items and other part essentials by registering with Amazon Business.


What is Republic Day?


Republic Day celebrates the day the Constitution of India came into effect on 26th January 1950, representing the independence of India from British rule. Every year on 26th January, India collectively celebrates her freedom, sovereignty, and when she stood as an independent nation. The Annual Republic Day parade is something everyone looks forwards to. It takes place in Delhi, the capital of India, seeking participation from each Indian state.


Why is it Celebrated?

Republic Day is celebrated to honor the very first time the Indian Constitution came into effect marking a free and independent Indian after years of struggle and freedom fight. Although the Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949, it officially came to effect on the 26th January 1950.

The Republic Day celebration symbolizes how we celebrate our freedom and independence from British colonization and gaining Purna Swaraj as a sovereign and independent republic.


What is the Significance of Republic Day?


The Republic Day celebrations are essential and significant as this day symbolizes our transition from a colonized nation to an independent republic when the Government of India Act (1935) was replaced with our very own Constitution. The Indian Constitution was drafted under the leadership of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Every year across Indian various activities for Republic Day is conducted to celebrate and express our freedom. Especially the Republic Day parade is something most of us anticipate. The Republic Day decorations and Republic Day activities for students in school across nation and regions is something every student looks out for.


When is Republic Day Celebrated in India?


Every year Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January, the day our Constitution came into effect and we finally gained the official title of an independent nation.


12 Republic Day Celebration Ideas for Office


You can implement the following 12 Republic Day celebration ideas in office:


Decorating the cubicles & Office

Decorating the cubicles at your office would reflect the Republic Day celebration spirit. There could also be a competition to see who decorated their cubicle well with the winner getting a small prize. A Republic Day activity for employees involving relatively less effort and everyone can participate.


A Tiranga Dress Code

Want to crank it up? Have everyone dress up in Triranga colors. A fun Republic Day activity to revoke the patriotic feeling. Don’t forget to intimate them in advance to help the employees prepare well. Check out our online store for your triranga look:

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A Tiranga Dress Code

Organizing Quiz Competition

Recreate the effect of a trivia game by hosting a quiz competition. This is a great employee engagement activities for Republic Day to boost their knowledge. Ensure you give enough time to the employees to prepare. Offer attractive prices like a vacation day or gift cards so your employees anticipate the same. Don’t make the questions too difficult for them to answer, that may impact employee participation.


Dinner Party

Wondering how to celebrate Republic Day in office? What about a dinner party? Why not host a family inclusive Republic Day dinner party? Or you could host a potluck dinner party where everyone can bring something that reminds them of the Republic Day celebration at home. If not, it could be hosted outside office for a fun offsite experience. You could even take pole of the places they wish to visit to enhance their participation.

Dinner Party

Singing Patriotic Songs

How about a Republic Day celebration by singing patriotic songs? You could make it a karaoke leaving the stage open to the employees to sing. Or having a signing competition among different teams would be fun Republic Day activity to plan.


Republic Day Bingo

You could play Republic Day themed Bingo. Also, a good option for virtual Republic Day celebration ideas. Whether you have a hybrid or WFM culture, bingo is one of the best Republic Day celebration ideas in office to consider to unite the employees. Make sure to explain the rules of the game before starting, even though everyone knows how to play to prevent any confusion. 

Republic Day Bingo

Flag Hosting Ceremony

If you want a simple and subtle Republic Day celebration, conduct a flag hoisting ceremony. Nothing unites us more than being the citizen of this great nation. Our cultures, region, states, and languages divide us and unite us as Indians.


Patriotic Speeches

As the leader or manager of your company, why not try giving an inspiring patriotic speech? If you are not a good orator or stage shy, play the best patriotic speeches even given by our freedom fighters and other influential figures. Listening to a good speech is a very stimulating and engaging experience for all and a great way Republic Day celebration activity.


Watching a Patriotic Film

Who does not enjoy watching movies? You could host a movie-watching event, where a patriotic film picked by the employees through a poll will be played. Get some popcorn and cola on the side and you have a winner. A collective experience for all which revives our patriotic spirit.

Best Dresses Competition

Ask everyone to dress up and have the best dress competition. Set a theme like freedom fighters, women in the movement, martyrs, etc., and urge employees to dress up as them. The best dressed employee could get an attractive gift, like a gift card extra vacation day, movie ticket, or coupons.


Singing National Anthem

Our national anthem has the power to unite us and is a perfect way to reminisce about the freedom we are enjoying as a republic. If you want no hassle and have a very tight schedule and project deadlines to accomplish, singing the national anthem together will not take much time. Better yet you could also make a video of this to remember and share it with employees to secure this memory.


Office Evening Snacks Party

Hosting an evening office snack party is also a good Republic Day activity. A casual gathering of employees enjoying some snacks and having chats. To make it even better you can make the snacks tricolor themed and play some patriotic music to set the mood. For a different spin on the same everyone can share their favorite Republic Day memory.


12 Republic Day Celebration Ideas for School

Republic Day holds tremendous significance in India. Celebrating this day in schools is vital to instill and strengthen a sense of patriotism amongst children right from their formative years.

Here are 12 ideas for schools to celebrate Republic Day:


March Past Parade

On this Republic Day, students and teachers should come together to celebrate the spirit of patriotism and unity that binds us together as a nation. The march past parade is one way we can symbolically show our pride in being part of a great nation and pledge collective responsibility for its progress. Through this traditional Republic Day celebration, we can pay tribute to our shared history and the values that make us a strong, independent country.


This Republic Day activity should be disciplined, patriotic, and respectful to instill national pride in students. Ask your students to dress up as soldiers, join hands and march in a parade with props, such as flags or banners that show solidarity for the nation.


Use songs, speeches, and other mediums to evoke the spirit of patriotism and end with the National Anthem as a tribute. These activities are an excellent way to teach your students the importance of discipline and respect for authority while celebrating Republic Day. Incorporate these activities to make Republic Day more meaningful and memorable for your students.

March Past Parade

Cultural Events      

Organize cultural events, such as singing patriotic songs, reciting poetry, and performing traditional dances. Encourage students to dress up in traditional attire and perform folk dances for the Republic Day celebration, such as Garbha or Giddha. They can present short skits related to the Indian freedom struggle or discuss the importance of democracy and its significance.

You can also add games related to Indian mythology that will create a fun and creative atmosphere for the event. This will help students to understand the importance of Republic Day and allow them to showcase their skills.




Encourage students to prepare speeches for Republic Day celebrations. They can research on Republic Day and choose topics related to its significance. This Republic Day activity will help the children understand the history and importance of republic day in India.


Speeches should not only focus on the history of Republic Day but also its relevance in current times. The students can dwell upon topics, such as the Indian Constitution, its values and principles, India’s democratic structure, and more. This will help them develop an understanding of the importance of democracy while celebrating Republic Day.


School Decorations

A great way to bring the importance of Republic Day alive is to decorate your school with colorful flags, banners, and other festive decorations. Have each student or class create a unique decoration based on their research about Republic Day. This will serve as a fun and creative project and spark conversations amongst the students and give them a greater appreciation for the day.


Once all of the decorations have been created, hang them around the school to give it an extra celebratory feeling and make Republic Day more memorable. These are great Republic Day decoration ideas that can help create a lasting impression on your students.


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School Decorations

Performing Skits/ Drama

Encourage your students to create engaging skits or dramas to commemorate Republic Day and honor it. These can focus on enacting famous speeches, showcasing significant moments in history, or telling stories of ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions to the nation. Researching more about our remarkable history will help students gain a greater appreciation for its importance. Organizing this activity can be a meaningful and rewarding way for students to deepen their knowledge about the Republic and its history.


Food Fair     

Apart from merely serving food, you can organize Republic Day activities among the students, like a cooking contest. Assign them tasks like coming up with dishes inspired by Indian culture and traditional recipes passed down for generations. This encourages innovation and creativity among the students while also teaching them about India's rich culinary heritage.

You can also incorporate quizzes and debates on the history and significance of Indian dishes. This will help the students gain a better understanding of the event and its importance in our nation's culture while providing them with exciting Republic Day activities to look forward to.


Fancy Dress Competition

The fancy dress competition is an entertaining and educational event for students. As part of their preparations, encourage them to research the historical background of their chosen character and gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and history, as well as the importance of Republic Day in our society. Award prizes for the most creative costumes and allows the participants to have fun with their designs. This will ensure a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Fancy Dress Competition

Dance Performance         

A Republic Day-themed dance performances by students could be conducted as Republic day activities in school. This will help them understand the importance of Republic Day and practice their dancing skills.

The theme and costumes of the dance can be inspired by India's national flag, or you could opt for traditional dances that represent different states. The costumes, music, and beats should be reflective of India's patriotism and enthusiasm. Involve parents in this activity to create an interactive and enjoyable experience for the students!


Flag Hoisting          

Invite your students to join the flag-hoisting ceremony and teach them about the history of Republic Day. Explain why it is such an important day for India and how it celebrates the establishment of our Constitution. You can ask the students to sing patriotic songs, display Indian flags, and share anecdotes related to the event. Make sure they understand its importance and take part in the celebrations enthusiastically.

At the end of the ceremony, distribute sweets and souvenirs to commemorate this special day. Allow your students to interact with each other during this event so they can feel connected to their country's core values. Invite a few distinguished guests who have experienced freedom first hand or have made a significant contribution towards nation-building.

This will be an unforgettable experience for your students and they will look back fondly on the Republic Day flag-hoisting ceremony. It is a great opportunity to educate them about this important event and make sure that it always remains close to their hearts.


Drawing Competition     

Organize drawing competitions for your students, where they can draw Republic Day-related topics, such as national symbols, heroes of the nation, or anything that reflects the spirit and importance of Republic Day

This is an excellent way to celebrate Republic Day with your students and get them actively involved. Make sure the competition has clear guidelines. You can also display their artwork in prominent places around your school or other public places to show that you appreciate their enthusiasm for the national holiday.

Encourage the young minds to reflect on their work and think about how Republic Day is relevant to them. This will not only help them become more aware of the importance of this special day but also provide an opportunity for creative expression. Additionally, having a drawing competition will provide your students with a great platform to showcase their talent and artistic skills.


Sports Activities    

Sports competitions, such as tug of war, kabaddi, and other games can be a few excellent Republic Day activities in school. This will help your students understand the importance of teamwork and also have fun while celebrating Republic Day. Make sure to pick sports activities that are suitable for all age groups.

Organizing fun competitions between different classes or groups, such as a relay race are also some Republic Day ideas for schools to try! For example, you may want to create two teams for the tug of war with each team wearing a different color of clothes. This will make it more engaging and enjoyable for everyone! Register with Amazon Business and explore the range of sports essentials today.


Distributing Sweets         

Distributing sweets is another way of celebrating the occasion. To make it more memorable provide a few simple yet sweet recipes that the students can make together. This is an opportunity for them to learn how to work together and share the joy of Republic Day with each other.

It is important to take part in activities that encourage the feeling of national pride. By distributing sweets and engaging in fun cooking activities together, your students can enjoy a delicious treat while celebrating India’s rich history and culture. Invoke the feeling of patriotism in them and give them an unforgettable experience on this special day.

You can also distribute chocolates and snacks to the students to make their day even more special.


Unforgettable Experience with Memorable Republic Day Ideas

Organizing Republic Day activities in school is a great way to teach students the importance of this special holiday and foster patriotism among them. Flag-hoisting ceremonies, drawing competitions, sports activities, and distributing sweets, are some of the Republic day ideas for schools for students to learn about their country’s values and heritage while having fun.


Schools should take the initiative to organize Republic Day activities for students and make it an unforgettable experience. This is the only way to ensure that the spirit of Republic Day remains alive in their hearts and minds. No matter what activity you plan for your students, make sure it invokes a sense of national pride within them. With these ideas, you can make sure that your school celebrates this important holiday in style!


10 Virtual Republic Day Celebration Ideas 

As Republic Day approaches, it is time to look for unique Republic Day celebration ideas for this historic event. And to make your task easier, we will tell you how to celebrate Republic Day in the office or with your friends.


If you wish to connect with people all over the country for the Republic Day celebration, here are ten virtual Republic Day celebration ideas that you can use to bring some joy. From online movie screenings and game nights to virtual parades, these ideas will help you and your colleagues or friends have a memorable Republic Day. So let’s get started!


Virtual Dress Up

Invite everyone to participate in a Republic Day-themed virtual dress-up contest as part of employee engagement activities for Republic Day celebration. You can ask everyone to select their favorite traditional Indian attire and accessories, like sarees, kurtas, sherwanis, turbans, or colorful jewelry items. Get them to share pictures of themselves in the outfits they've chosen.


You can even ask your guests to showcase their knowledge of Indian culture and history by adding some descriptions to their outfits. At the end of your virtual party, you can choose a winner based on creativity or accuracy of representation. This segment would be sure to bring lots of fun and enthusiasm among your guests as part of the Republic Day celebration.


Donate to the Needy

Give back to your community this Republic Day by donating to a local charity or organization. Whether it’s money, clothes, food, or another form of help that you can provide, your efforts will go a long way in making sure those affected by the pandemic are taken care of.


If giving cash is not an option, there are many other ways to show your support, such as donating stationery items to underprivileged children. You can also volunteer at a local food kitchen, fundraise for an organization that assists those affected by the pandemic or even participate in virtual charity events.

Donating is one of the best ways to show your patriotism and appreciation for the people who have sacrificed so much during this time of crisis.  By donating to those in need, you can make a positive impact on your local community and show that you care.


Virtual Bingo

Virtual bingo is a great way to celebrate Republic Day! It can be one of the exciting Republic Day activities for employees to get together with friends and colleagues. With virtual bingo, you don’t have to worry about printing cards or keeping track of numbers; it’s all conveniently done online. You can customize the game, choose your unique numbers, and even select different backgrounds and themes. Plus, you can play with people from all over the world! 


Watch Movie Online

Watching movies online can be a great way to celebrate India's Republic Day. Watching a movie from the comfort of your home is a fun and easy way to enjoy some quality entertainment while celebrating this important day in India’s history. From classic Indian films to modern award-winning films, there is something for everyone to watch.


There are plenty of ways to add to the festive spirit when watching a movie from home. Make sure you get the snacks and drinks ready beforehand and enjoy a movie night with your colleagues and friends. To make a real party of it, you could even dress up in traditional attire to give the occasion an extra festive feel. Making it a watch party in the OTT platform for one of the fun Republic Day activities for employees. Alternatively, why not create a Republic Day-inspired menu for everyone to indulge in during the movie?


Live Patriotic Concert

For an extra-special experience, why not make it a Republic Day-themed concert? Ask the musicians to dress in traditional Indian clothing and play some of India's most beloved patriotic songs. Invite viewers to join in by wearing tri-colored clothes or face paint! Have everyone sing the National Anthem together during the finale. Make sure you record the whole experience to share with everyone afterward. Nothing can bring people together like a celebratory musical tribute to our great nation!


After the concert, you could also host an interactive question and answer session about Indian history and culture, or even have a contest of who knows the most patriotic songs by heart. Let's make it a Republic Day to remember!

You could even encourage people to record videos of them singing and dancing along with the music. You can compile all these videos into a montage, showcasing everyone's patriotism and love for the country.


Virtual Flag Hoisting

If you can access a live streaming platform, use it to broadcast the entire flag-hoisting event. Invite prominent figures as special guests. Have someone narrate patriotic stories or poems during the virtual flag-hoisting ceremony. Once the program is over, encourage participants to post inspirational messages in the chat box.


You may also incorporate various activities such as quiz sessions, songs, or storytelling into the program. Not only will these create an engaging atmosphere, but they will also serve as a reminder of India's significant milestones and accomplishments. With a fun and interactive virtual flag-hoisting ceremony, you can ensure that Republic Day remains an annual celebration filled with pride and patriotism.  


Tricolour Game night

If you want employee engagement activities for Republic Day create a quiz about India's culture, history, and geography — have everyone answer questions with the correct color flag associated with the correct answer! Alternatively, you could play Pictionary or Charades where one team has to guess what the other team is drawing or acting out with clues related to India's culture.


You could also design your board games, such as a memory match game with different colors and symbols related to India! To add in some fun physical activity, suggest a virtual scavenger hunt around the house where each player has to collect items of a particular color.

At the end of the night, reward winners with a tricolor badge or a special treat! Show off your creativity and have fun celebrating Republic Day with your friends.

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Showcase Each Other's Regions

Ask each member to share something unique about their region that is special to Republic Day. Introduce them to any interesting festivals and customs celebrated in their respective regions.


For Republic Day activities, you could also encourage everyone to prepare a traditional dish from the region they are from, and get together for an online potluck! This will give everyone a chance to explore different flavors from across India.


For those who are unfamiliar with Republic Day traditions, you could organize a quiz or an online game to help them brush up on the history and culture behind it. This will make for a fun and interactive way for everyone to learn more about each other's regions!

Even if we cannot be physically together this Republic Day, these activities will help us feel connected and create memories that we can cherish for years to come.


Watch the Republic Day Parade

The Republic Day Parade is an important event that celebrates India's rich culture and heritage. It serves as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by people in achieving independence. Watching the parade virtually as part of the Republic Day celebration ideas in the office allows us to appreciate the efforts made by our country folks for freedom and to commemorate their courage and resilience. The parade showcases the military prowess of India, which gives us a feeling of pride. It also gives us an insight into our country's rich cultural diversity and its development over the years, which is worth celebrating.


Watching the parade virtually also celebrates India’s unity in diversity, as it brings together people from all sections of society to celebrate with equal enthusiasm and fervor. This helps promote national integration and unity. Moreover, the parade also serves as a great source of entertainment, with its grand display of marching contingents and musical bands.


Online Quizzes and Puzzles

You can celebrate Republic Day by bringing out your competitive streak and having some fun with online quizzes, puzzles, and riddles. From trivia questions about India’s history to jigsaw puzzles of the national flag — there are plenty of creative ways to honor Republic Day. Create your quiz or search for one online – either way, you’ll be sure to have a great time trying to answer the questions and solve the puzzles! Who knows, with the right mix of friendly rivalry and patriotism, you might even end up learning something new about your country. So get ready to flex your brain muscles and show some love for India by playing online quizzes, puzzles, or riddles on Republic Day! Online quizzes are puzzles are also employee engagement activities for Republic Day.


Come Together Virtually to Celebrate India’s History and Culture

No matter how you choose to celebrate Republic Day, the main aim should be to make a connection with India’s history and culture. From cooking traditional dishes to watching a parade online – there are plenty of ways to spark up your virtual celebration and bring in an element of pride and patriotism. Celebrating Republic Day remotely is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about India, spread joy and optimism, and create lasting memories with your friends, colleagues, and family. So let’s get together virtually to honor our nation and make this Republic Day one to remember! 


Republic Day Decoration Ideas

Whether it's Republic Day decoration ideas for school, office or home we have items that you could use. Even though we all have different answers to how do we Celebrate Republic Day, these decoration ideas for Republic Day celebrations would come in handy:


Tricolour Balloons

Balloons make every celebration festive. To give it a Republic Day celebration touch, you could go for tricolor balloons symbolizing the color of our mighty flag. There are also the best Republic Day celebration decoration ideas for themed office parties, school, or even home.


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Indian Flags Hangings

Must-have decorative items for any republic Day activity or party- flag hangings. They would be perfect to instill the patriotic feeling and also will set well with the theme. No matter how do we celebrate Republic Day, an Indian flag hanging would be the perfect ornament for our celebrations.


Paper Craft Decorations

For all the craft lovers out there, paper craft decorative items would be perfect for adding fun to the Republic Day celebrations. Rather than buying paper decorations, it could be one of the fun employee engagement activities for Republic Day. Moreover, children love paper crafts and it stimulates their creativity. Rather than buying decorations, it would be engaging Republic Day decoration ideas for school students to make themselves.


Indian Flag Honeycomb Ball

Another Republic Day celebration decoration ideas to enhance the festivities and rejoice is the Indian flag honeycomb ball. These elegant honeycomb balls will charm up the place be it school, office, or home. Simple yet elegant. Moreover, it can be one of the fin Republic Day activities ideas for children to try by making their own version of a honeycomb ball.


Indian Flag Rangolis

Why not go for Indian flag themes rangolis? This could be a fun Republic Day activity for school or office. You could also host a rangoli competition, it would be one of the Republic Day activities for employees or students. What a fun Republic Day celebration idea to try right?


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How do we celebrate Republic Day represents our expression of a free and independent nation. This blog lists many Republic Day celebrations ideas to answer how to celebrate Republic Day in office or the Republic Day activities for employees to engage in. This year let’s celebrate the joy of freedom and honor the ones who sacrificed their lives to sustain that.


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  • Throwing an office party is a good answer to how to celebrate Republic Day in office. Here are some things to consider before throwing an office party on Republic Day:

    • Send out invitations to everyone and get an idea of the people attending the party
    • If there’s a dress code let the invitees know before to avoid confusion
    • Think of some fun Republic Day activity ideas to make the party fun
    • Secure the fund for the party
    • Ensure there are some light snacking or drinking options
    • Take inspiration from this blog for some Republic Day celebration ideas for office
  • Republic Day celebrates the Purna Swaraj we fought for from British rule. India became independent on 15th August 1947, but the Constitution of India was not adopted until 26th November 1949. However, officially the Indian Constitution came to effect on 26th January 1950, declaring India a sovereign state and a republic.

  • Amazon Business offers a vast collection of decorative items and other essentials you need to buy in bulk for an office party or school. Whether a small- or large-scale celebration Amazon Business can take care of all your Republic Day celebration ideas. You can also try Amazon for quick and efficient deliveries.

  • Some of the themes you can try for the Republic Day celebration at office include:

    • Host a tricolor party
    • Organize fun Republic Day activity(s) and make it a game party
    • Host a virtual Republic Day celebration Party
    • Dress up Party
    • DIY Republic Day decorations making party

    You can find a few more office Republic Day celebration ideas in this blog.

  • The Beating Retreat ceremony marks the end of the Republic Day celebration.

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