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COVID-19 Virtual Learning - The New Age Schooling

The Covid-19 pandemic heralded a new age of online education. Virtual learning has shifted focus towards distance learning and online teaching equipment. Here's how education institutions can stay ahead by adopting these new ways.

We are in the midst of an unusual predicament, and the future will be defined by how we embrace change within our present. There are some who say that life will never be the same again, whereas others choose to see the glass as half full. Perceptions differ, but the fact remains that changes are in order, one such being the education sector.


The Response of the Education Sector to the Pandemic

With the onset of COVID-19, schools have revamped their methodologies. While some have chosen to retrace their steps back to correspondence, a vast majority are trying to recreate an online school setting using digital tools. With long-term disruption of educational institutes, governments worldwide have encouraged continued learning. This is being done by adopting a 3-step policy of coping, managing continuity, and improving & accelerating. When the pandemic hit and the nationwide lockdown was imposed, most students were going through their final examinations. Several such examinations were either postponed or cancelled altogether with students promoted to the next class based on internal assessments. 


The Shift to a World of Digital Education

An overhaul is imperative in the way we teach and learn. And for years, we have been discussing the future of digital transformation in the education sector. Well, that future has arrived! The shift to digital learning was deemed a huge challenge earlier as no one was ready, until the pandemic made us future ready.

The way we share knowledge, deliver/access information, and impart education will undergo a transformation in the digital era. The pandemic and its subsequent impact on our lives have raised the need to embrace innovative ways of teaching, and a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an example of how children could learn in the future.


Essential Tools Required to Set Up Virtual Learning Classrooms

One of the most effective ways to teach students online and mimic a classroom as much as possible is through an open source video and audio recording tool that allows you to record, stream instantly, and do a lot more. Many such recording tools are available on Amazon Business and schools, colleges and other educational institutes can purchase these tools and enable teachers to continue imparting education. 

In addition, there are several free education apps that enable teachers to create a virtual classroom where they can share pictures and videos with students. Several tech firms are working on their own online teaching portals that could be helpful for all stakeholders in the process of learning.


What is the Future of Virtual Learning?

In a post-pandemic world, we are likely to see more pre-recorded videos with only a few live meetings. In such a scenario, a teacher will have limited control over the cycle of learning. Learners will start focusing only when their interest piques and they will take their own time to learn. Teachers will therefore have to put more effort on gaining children’s attention. In the future, instead of imparting knowledge, educators will have to inspire learners to get more involved in the subject, go looking for their own questions, and get back with their answers.


An event like COVID-19 is an inflection point for speedy innovation. While we have not seen anything truly innovative with virtual learning after the pandemic hit, it is one industry where companies will continue to invest. This pandemic has made us all realize the importance of disseminating knowledge across all sections of society and of how virtual learning can play a major role here.


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