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Amazon Business helps Interface Digital Solutions ltd. go from Local to National


More than 25 years ago, in the by lanes of Lower Parel, Mumbai, Naresh Garg thought of starting a business amid the telecom boom.


Interface Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading companies in Mumbai, providing communication, life safety, security, automation solutions and inexpensive energy solutions to its clients. Their motive is to support their clients in every stage, right from procurement to maintenance support. They achieve this goal by providing consultation installation, and training on relevant technology products.


Their diligent and robust team, over the years, has managed to gain the trust of an impressive list of over 2500 impressive clients across the nation. In this age of pace and efficiency, the team has a vision of excellence for their clients which eventually will lead to future-proofing their own business. The team’s services have also been recognized by the Government of India, who has certified and licensed them for their services in Fire Prevention and Safety Solutions.


Going forward, Interface Digital Solutions wishes to form partnerships with international clients also. They already have clients like Panasonic, Mobotix, and Honeywell seeking their services. They plan to build more such connections in the future and take their business from national to global.



But their ambitious business plans have also come with a lot of roadblocks. Earlier, in the absence of a pan-India exclusive business portal, they were dependent on only local markets to conduct business with, in addition to sourcing their material. This meant depending on a limited number of vendors for all their procurement needs.


Another pain point was filing GST returns. A lot of their vendors did not have GST registration numbers which would lead to purchases without GST invoices. This lead to a lot of undisciplined purchases and chaos within the finance department.


The journey with Amazon Business:

With the arrival of Amazon Business, Naresh says “things haven’t looked this promising for us ever”. Interface Digital Solutions was able to go national from local. They no longer had to depend on local businesses. The entire pan-India market opened up for them.


Naresh found that when they purchased from Amazon Business, they could do a careful analysis of the product specifications, check reviews of thousands of other consumers, get competitive quotes from thousands of vendors, and shop seamlessly across lakhs of product categories from the comfort of their office. He says that they now save 25-30% of their time and effort spent on searching for the best technology products at the best prices.


Till date, they have purchased products like television screens, computers, network cables, call loggers, etc. All these products are delivered to their doorstep within a couple of days.


Another impressive feature that has helped Interface Digital has been Amazon Business’ GST feature. Filing for their Input Tax Credit under GST has been extremely easy because all their GST purchase invoices for all their products bought on Amazon Business are available in just a few clicks.


Amazon Business has helped Interface Digital Solutions ideate, innovate, and integrate on an entirely new level. The time, money, and effort that they have been able to save, to is used to fuel more productivity at work and bring in more national and international clients on the table. Interface Digital Solution’s bond with Amazon Business continues to grow stronger as they work on bringing in more efficient and innovative digital solutions for their clients.


“Since the Amazon Business has been introduced to me, it save 25-30% of our time looking for the best technology products at the best prices”.

— Naresh Garg, co-Founder, Interface Digital Solutions.

Interface Digital

Amazon Business helps Interface Digital Solutions ltd. go from Local to National