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Why use Amazon Business for Corporate Gifting?

  • Direct-to-Home Shipping

    Direct-to-Home Shipping

    Send the gifts to multiple people with a single order and ship the gift directly to their homes

  • Business exclusive deals

    Business exclusive deals

    Save more with exclusive deals, specially curated for Amazon Business customers.

  • GST invoice for input tax credit

    GST invoice for input tax credit

    Purchase products with GST Invoice and save up to 28% more on your bill with input tax credit.


  • Bulk Discounts

    Bulk Discounts

    Special prices and discounts on purchase of multiple units and save more for your organizational purchases. Buy more and save more!

Corporate Gifting store is now live on Amazon Business

Choose from a wide array of corporate gifts for clients, employees, and customers and build lasting relationships for your business.

  • Choose from bestselling corporate gift options across categories

    Choose from a wide array of gift items across categories such as headphones, speakers, wearables, gift hampers, organisers, festive coins, Amazon gift cards and many more. All our corporate gifting options have been carefully curated in the Amazon Business Corporate Gifting store.

  • Meet your budget requirement with attractive savings

    Choose from an assortment across price points to meet your budget requirement from our wholesale B2B marketplace. If you have a price point in mind, look through the Under Rs.599, Under Rs. 1499, Under Rs. 2999 and from Premium Gifts stores to pick products as per your budget. Get additional savings through exclusive business deals and GST invoice for an input tax credit.

  • Buy in bulk and save more

    Buy in bulk to meet your gifting requirement and get additional savings with wholesale pricing and bulk purchase discounts.

Exciting deals across top categories

Choose from a wide array of gifts for corporate clients, customers and employees and build lasting relationships for your business.

Create a lasting impression through our wide range of corporate gifting options

  • corporate-gift-for-clients

    Gift your clients and customers

    Create a lasting impression on your clients and customers through special gifts items. Choose from a wide range of corporate gifting products like headphones, travel cases, fitness bands and many more.

  • corporate-gifting-for-employees

    Gift your employees

    Show appreciation towards the contributions of your employees and motivate them through a gifting gesture. Buy wholesale corporate gift products like comforters, decor items, chocolate hampers and many more.

The biggest benefit of Amazon Business is the guaranteed & timely delivery of the products. Even during COVID times, where our employees are working from home, few of them are in remote areas, we get access to our office needs in a short duration. Whether it's a Diwali gift or a secret Santa event, we were able to reach our employees 100%. Thanks to Amazon for this business concept.

— Mayank Modi, Vice President, Argusoft

Celebrate the festivity with Amazon Business

Celebrate this festive season with your employees, clients, and business partners. Buy gifts that reflect your feelings. Choose from a wide range of categories, premium brands, and get door-step delivery - for one place or multiple remote locations!

Corporate gifts on Amazon Business have discounted price tags. We cater to a wide range of buyers, meeting a variety of purposes.

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    Corporate Gift Items: Buy Bulk Gifts for Employees & Clients


    Looking for a unique corporate gifting supplier in bulk? Register today, get the best business and corporate gifts in bulk, and save more with Amazon Business.


    Welcome to Amazon Business’s corporate gifting store, where we understand the value of client relationships and employee satisfaction in the business world. We are the ultimate solution you seek for thoughtful gifts for your clients, leaving a lasting impression. Our extensive range of gifts is curated to satisfy diverse business needs, whether you are thinking of clients, rewarding your employees, or celebrating milestones or achievements.


    Discover the joy of gifting and sustaining client relationships with Amazon Business, where we realize the power of corporate gifts for building relationships with customers, especially if you're looking to build up your current clientele or reach new ones.


    Understanding the Tradition of Gifting in Business: Why It’s Important?

    Have you ever wondered why the tradition of gifting is still prevalent today in the business space? Although it seems like an obsolete practice, it has many crucial implications for fostering, sustaining, and building client relationships and ensuring employee satisfaction. Business relationships are very important for building a network and sustaining your business. Likewise, ensuring your employees feel rewarded and valued is also important to keep the wheel churning.


    Here’s why you should think hard about your corporate gifting ideas:


    Reason 1: Strengthens Relationships: With unique gift ideas, you can build and maintain good relationships with your employees, partners, and clients, indirectly aiding your business and its success.


    Reason 2: Shows Appreciation: Professional gifts are a way to show your appreciation and value to your clients, colleagues, and partners. It’s a way to acknowledge their efforts, let them know they are seen, and boost their morale and loyalty.


    Reason 3: Aids in Marketing and Branding: Corporate gifting can be a marketing strategy tool to promote brand awareness, loyalty, and recognition. Especially company gifts with the company logo or message, your clients or employees can post them on social media to gain you some popularity.


    Reason 4: Sets You Apart: Adapting the practice of gifting could set you apart from your competitors. You just have to find the right business gifting ideas to build a positive association with your brand. For instance, sending them corporate Diwali gifts, celebrating your client’s milestones, or even a simple yet creative gifting idea could help your client relationship.


    Reason 5: Ethics and Compliance: Some companies or businesses have it fabricated within their policy as an employee satisfaction initiative or client relationship management to give corporate gifts. However, there will be strict guidelines regarding the among and the kind of items that could be gifted.


    The Joy of Giving: What Corporate Gift Items Should You Consider for Your Next Gifting?

    If you are racking your brain for unique corporate gift ideas or the best gift ideas for your clients, don't worry. We will tell you what gift items to consider. Business gifts should be practical items your clients, employees, or business partners could use.


    Here are some of the popular business gifts to consider:


    ★     Branded Products


    ★     Gift Baskets


    ★     Electronics Gadgets


    ★     Desk Accessories


    ★     Laptop Accessories


    ★     Personalized Gifts


    ★     Gift Cards or certificates


    ★     Green Gifts


    ★     Experiential Gifts


    ★     Charitable Gifts


    These are some common gift ideas to try. However, you can pick and choose based on the gift recipient. We have some gift suggestions for you to consider for your employees, clients, and business partners.


    Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

    Picking a gift for your clients should not be done in haste but thoroughly. Before you choose, consider factors like the length of your business relationship, the revenue they bring you, the number of projects you have collaborated on, and the future you envision with your clients.


    Here are some corporate gift ideas for clients you could consider:


    ★     Customized gift baskets with gourmet treats


    ★     Branded tech gadgets for office use


    ★     Personalized gifts like a diary or pen


    ★     Fine wine or Luxury chocolates


    ★     Assorted coffee beans


    ★     Dinner at a fine restaurant



    Corporate Gifts For Employees

    Showing appreciation and acknowledging the efforts of your employees is vital for increasing retention, loyalty, productivity, boosting morale, and encouraging them to do their best. As an employer or business owner, don't shy away from ensuring your employees are satisfied. Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to do that.


    Here are some of the best company gifts for employees to consider:


    ★     Festival gifts- Diwali, Christmas, Onam, Lohri, etc.


    ★     Customized gift basket with curated items


    ★     Electronic gadgets- Power bank, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, etc.


    ★     Recognition rewards- Best employee of the month, best client service, best performing employee, etc.


    ★     Wellness products- diffusers, smart water bottles, fitbits, yoga mats, etc.


    ★     Subscription boxes- self-care products, books, green snacks, or food.


    ★     Experience gifts- concert tickets, stand-up comedy shows, movie tickets, spa day, etc.




    Corporate Gifts For Business Partners

    Your business partners are like an extension of your business. Selecting a gift for them should be done with thoughtfulness and care. Like your clients, maintaining a positive and good relationship with your business partners is essential for business operations. We have made a list of gift suggestions for you to consider:


    ★     Premium and high-quality products- Leather goods, fine wine, luxury items, etc.


    ★     Smart Gadgets- Smart home devices, virtual assistant, wireless headphones, etc.


    ★     Customized artwork reflecting their taste


    ★     Personalized gifts with company logo


    ★     Subscription services


    ★     Experience gifts- Ticket to their favorite play, musical, concert, golf outings, etc.




    The Paramount Convenience of Buying Corporate Gift Items From Amazon Business

    We have a massive inventory for corporate gifting, with unique items being added frequently, considering the needs of our business consumers. But we take shopping for business gifting to the next level by making it uber-convenient for you. All you need is our Amazon Business app, and you can witness the ease of shopping like no other.


    Our business gifting store understands what our users are looking for and ensures the following:

    corporate gifting

    ➔  Bulk Discount on Corporate Gifts

    Amazon Business offers bulk discounts on company gifts. This feature is extremely handy for ordering in bulk for clients, employees, and business alliances.


    ➔  Direct-to-Home Shipping

    We also offer a direct-to-home shipping feature where you can ship your gifts directly to your client’s or employee’s home under a single order. We ensure these gifts reach different addresses with the same care and packaging quality.


    ➔  Business Exclusive Deals and Offers

    Amazon Business consumers get business-exclusive deals and rates on different products. If you are planning to buy gifts in bulk, sign up for an Amazon Business account today. You can even contact the vendor or supplier directly and negotiate a good deal that justifies your budget.


    ➔  Save More While Buying More

    Our registered vendors also ensure you get a GST invoice with every compliant product to save an extra 28% on your bill. This invoice will prove beneficial while filing your input tax returns.



    Corporate Gift Ideas For Festivals

    How can you add to the joy of the festival with business gifts? This question comes to mind for every business owner around the holidays. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, New Year, and Onam spike the hope of your employees as they know HR is planning something. Be it a gift for a manager, peer, co-worker, client, or employee, people want unique professional gifts to play their part well.  


    Don’t worry, here are some company gifting ideas to add that extra glitter during festivals. We have considered some of the major holidays in India while creating this list:



    Corporate Gifting Ideas


    Here are some of the Diwali gift ideas to consider:


    ●      Customized Diyas or candles with the company logo

    ●      Silver coins

    ●      Plant gifts

    ●      Crockery set or Dinner Set

    ●      Glassware

    ●      Sweets and dry fruits                                                                       




    ●      Christmas decorations- ornaments, wreaths, or stocking

    ●      Gift vouchers for shopping, dining and entertainment

    ●      Gourmet cakes and chocolates

    ●      Christmas-themed gift basket

    ●      Gift Tree Sapling                                                                              

    Independence Day

    ●      Tri-color gifts

    ●      Patriotic memorabilia like flags, badges, and other items

    ●      Historical book

    ●      Movie tickets to old movies



    ●      Organic color set

    ●      Holi sweets

    ●      Water guns

    ●      Thandai hampers

    ●      Colorful apparels



    Amazon Business provides unique, thoughtful, and appealing business gifts. We understand customers' needs, and our selection of high-quality professional gifts is unparalleled.


    Your business presents should stick out when "unique" is in style. With this in mind, we have curated some exclusive, high-end, and exquisite pairings with assured quality so you can pick the perfect corporate gifts for clients and peers.


    Amazon Business: Ensure a Satisfying Online Gifting Experience     

    Is online corporate gifting a feasible option for me? Should I personally go to a vendor and get it done like we used to? Are you wondering about the same thing? Then, let us put your mind at ease. If you love convenience, you will love Amazon Business's online shopping experience. Our wide range of online gifting options ensures we find the perfect gifts for clients and employees.


    Whatever corporate gifting ideas you have, our gifting store will make that happen.


    Here are some of the ways Amazon’s online gifting can be aligned:


    ★     Gift Baskets: You could create gift boxes by curating gifts like gourmet food items, fruits, chocolates, and even beauty products.


    ★     Customized gifts: If customized gifts sing a different tune to you, and Amazon Gift Cards, you're looking for special presents for employees or clients, consider our wide range of personalized notebooks, mugs, water bottles, or even jewelry as a thoughtful business gift.


    ★     Gift of Technology: Individuals greatly value tech-related gifting ideas to keep up with their daily operations and tasks. Home theater systems, earphones, headphones, speakers, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, or smartphones are the ideal business presents for tech-savvy individuals.


    ★     Amazon Gift Card: Experience-based gifts are popular. You can use Amazon Gift cards to help give the required money for tickets to sporting events, concerts, spa treatments, and weekend trips.


    Here are some tips to make your virtual gift hunting easier on Amazon Business:


    Tip 1: Plan ahead about your gifts in advance and get the required clearance.


    Tip 2: Set your budget, create a pool of viable options, and chuck the rest.


    Tip 3: Add a personal touch with the recipient's name or a message.


    Tip 4: All suppliers and sellers are reliable; however, check their ratings and reviews before booking them.


    Tip 5: Don’t forget to cash in our bulk discount feature on bulk orders.


    Tip 6: Check the pin codes in the addresses to ensure delivery and shipping for multiple addresses.


    Top Categories for Corporate Gift Items

    Amazon Business's business gifting store has a wide variety of office gifts for employees, clients, consumers, and staff for you to choose from. Buy bulk gift items online and take care of your collective:

    Corporate Gifting categories

    Corporate Gifting Trends: Different Corporate Gift Ideas You Should Know About

    Several new gifting ideas have surfaced in recent years. Here are some of the business gifting trends that emerged recently that you should consider while picking yours:


    1. Sustainable Gifts

    Recognizing the importance of sustainability and going green nowadays, companies are also gifting recycled, eco-friendly, and reusable sustainable products, adapting to a positive attitude towards gift giving. You could also try niche products like furniture made out of plastic found in oceans or handbags made from recycled Maggie packets.


    2. Personalized or Customizable Gifts

    There's nothing better than giving a personalized gift to show your care! You could gift personalized keychains, mugs, earphones, hoodies, laptop sleeves, calendars, notebooks, bags, water bottles, and t-shirts with your client's or employee's name. It'll not just be a gift but an experience to relish for a lifetime!


    Similarly, customized gifts are a great way to show your clients and employees appreciation. And gifting items for work or personal use is even better.


    3. Tech Gadgets

    Tech gifts never go out of style. The point is to find the right product rather than bombarding your clients or employees with the same headphones, USBs, or power banks. You could try smart gadgets like a smart water bottle, smart plant, or smart trash can. There are many smart gadgets and accessories for your smartphones or laptops, like laptop sleeves, mini Bluetooth speakers, retro music boxes, wireless chargers, etc.



    4. Self-care and Wellness Gifts

    People often forget to prioritize health while working. Through your company gifts, you realign the notion of self-care and wellness in the workplace by gifting theme activity trackers, fitness trackers, smart water bottles indicating hydration levels, smartwatches, etc. There are also many self-care appliances that you could gift, such as electronic massagers, air purifiers, heat blankets, facial steamers, oil diffusers, etc.


    5. Remote Work Aiding Gifts

    Now that remote work is gaining popularity and has become a part of most work cultures, remote work gifts are also becoming popular. Virtual presents like e-books, online courses, virtual event tickets, etc., are popular gifting ideas. Moreover, you could also try work-from-home essentials like a laptop table, laptop stand, power bank, comfortable chair, air purifiers, etc., for work-from-home employees.


    6. Corporate Gift Cards

    An old one but effective: company gift cards. They work like magic. Gifting an Amazon Gift card allows the client or employee to choose what they want to buy from the wide range of options available on Amazon. They can buy anything from office chairs to printers to home coffee makers.


    7. Gift Combos

    You could never go wrong with a gift combo. You don't even have to try hard to pick each item. There are many platforms, like Amazon Business, where a pre-made combo is made for you. All you need to do is pick. If you want to be more adventurous, there are many subscription boxes where you can send different boxes based on your recipient’s liking.


    Our Biggest Perk: The Direct-to-Home Delivery of Corporate Gift items

    One of our biggest perks is our efficient and reliable doorstep delivery. Send company gift items directly to your clients' or employees' homes while enjoying the convenience of covering numerous recipients in a single order. With our excellent delivery and shipping services, Amazon Business attracts customers worldwide.


    Our effective delivery system ensures that your employees, clients, or office staff receive their gift items at doorsteps, regardless of whether they are gifts for employees, office staff, or clients. Create your free Amazon Business account today to get the best offers, bulk discounts, cashback offers, and doorstep delivery for all gift items!


    Why say no to convenience? Find the best business gifts online and bag your gifts for employees today!


    Why Purchase from Amazon Business Online Corporate Gifting Store?

    Amazon Business is the procurement solution you are searching for all your business purchases. We understand the importance of business relationships and how they impact business. That is why we have taken care of all the anticipated needs when it comes to executive gifting.


    Here’s why you should bet on Amazon Business for your next gifting needs:


    ★     We offer an extensive product range. From smart gadgets and self-care appliances to gift baskets, we have it all.


    ★     The bulk discount option ensures you save more when placing a big order.


    ★     You can get in touch with reliable and registered suppliers to get quotes and negotiate.


    ★     Doorstep delivery across different locations under a single order.


    ★     Business exclusive deals and discounts while saving an additional 28% with GST invoice.


    All this convenience is just a click away. Open your Amazon Business app and start shopping now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Business gifts indicate that you appreciate the value and efforts of your employees, colleagues, and clients. They benefit and strengthen the professional relationships between co-workers, clients, and staff, enhancing the overall work environment.

    • Through Prime membership, you can get early access to gifts online. Prime membership also comes in handy for online sale events like the Great Indian Festival, Business Value Days, Freedom Sale, and Prime Day Sale.

    • Amazon Business provides exclusive discounts for buying gifts or products in bulk. To save more, be smart and buy bulk company gifts online during events like Amazon Small Business Month and the Great Indian Festival.

    • With exclusive bulk discounts, GST invoices, bank offers, and no-cost EMIs, you can save big on your bulk purchases. Take advantage of annual events like the Great Indian Festival, Prime Day, Freedom Sale, or Small Business Month to save even more.

    • With every discourse, the perception of the best corporate gifts changes. Some of the trends seen in business gift ideas include:


      ●      Gift Hampers

      ●      Personalized and unique gift box

      ●      Gifting utilities like tech gadgets and electronics

      ●      Business luxury items

      ●      Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts

    • Purchasing business gifts from Amazon Business has many benefits. Buyers can claim input tax credits since all the products are available with GST invoices.

    • You can order professional gifts in bulk from Amazon Business. Placing bulk orders can offer buyers additional discount offers and benefits.

    • Through Amazon's gifting store, a single order can cover multiple addresses. The items can be shipped to multiple people simultaneously, ensuring an easy gifting experience.

    • Yes, you will be able to get GST invoices for that. This is easily manageable with Amazon Business's 'Bill to Ship to' feature. If you have a GST registration in at least one state, you can get a GST invoice and claim the tax credit for orders delivered across India.

    • The cost of business gifts varies depending on the kind of product or items you have in mind. If you are going for luxury items, they will cost more. However, Amazon Business has many budget-friendly gifting options, with an option to save more via bulk orders and GST invoices.