Amazon Freedom Sale & Offers 2021 Amazon Freedom Sale & Offers 2021

Amazon Freedom Sale Exclusive Offers

  • Smartphones & Accessories
  • Electronics & Accessories
  • Electronics & Accessories
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  • Bulk Discounts

    Bulk Discounts

    Get bulk discounts on eligible orders while buying in bulk on Amazon Business.

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    GST invoice for input tax credit

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  • Wide Selection

    Wide Selection

    Choose from a wide range of 15 cr+ products from categories like electronics, office supplies, grocery and many more.

Freedom Sale with Amazon Business


It's that time of the year again when offers and discounts become abundant on Amazon Business. Yes, the Amazon Freedom Sale is going to be live from 5th August to 9th August. If your list of purchases is not ready, take some time out to make a wish list from the products available on Amazon Business.


Amazon's Great Freedom Festival is one of the largest sales events on any ecommerce platform in India. It allows customers to purchase daily essentials, electronic items, and many other products across multiple categories. Buyers get massive discount offers on various products. Such discounts on an exhaustive category of products make Freedom Sale one of the best ‘offer days' to look out for.

Other than the savings, there are more to the Freedom Sale on Amazon Business.


Amazon Freedom Sale offers are best for bulk procurements


Customers are the top priority for Amazon Business. It caters to a wide buyers’ base in India and abroad, making Amazon Business one of the top-visited ecommerce platforms in the country.


Bulk purchasing on Amazon Freedom Sale offers great discounts and cashback. Furthermore, shopping with Amazon Business is very convenient for buyers. They can browse through a wide category ranging from IT Products, Office Supplies, Healthcare products, Pantry products, and many others.

Just select the one you need, specify the quantity for bulk purchasing, and add them to your cart. The last step is opting for the desired payment option before checking out. After placing the orders, you can expect a door-step delivery in 2-3 business days.


The A – Z Of Amazon Freedom Sale 2021: Offers and benefits


 Amazon Freedom Sale 2021 will have premium products from popular manufactures. You can expect top-quality products priced way below the median range. Moreover, the offers are not limited to Amazon's deal of the day.' 

Additionally, there will be many Business Exclusive Deals only available for bulk procurements. Small businesses, corporate offices and retailers can save up to 28% from GST input tax credit. To top this off, there will be offers on purchases made on credit cards. If that’s not a deep-pocket discount, we wonder what is!


Make sure to mark your calendar for the 2021


Get a variety of products at the least prices during the Amazon Freedom Sale 2021 which will start from 5th August till 9th August.

Mark your calendar, put a reminder, do whatever it takes, but do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the Amazon Freedom Sale 2021. Premium brands, quality products, wide range of categories, massive price drop, door-step delivery – Amazon Business offers everything buyers need.


What to Expect from  Amazon Freedom Sale 2021?


 Amazon Freedom Sale celebrates the Independence of India. It gives you the freedom to choose from various top-shelf products and purchase them at a highly discounted price. Below are some of the top offers to expect from the Amazon Freedom Sale 2021.


Massive Discounts

Massive discounts on all the products and an opportunity to save up to 28% with GST Input Tax Credit. To get the 28% discount, you need to have a GST registration or Business PAN. Discount and cashback offers are on a wide range of categories – Corporate Gifting, COVID 19 Supply Store, Hospitality Store, and all the others.


New Launches

This time, Freedom Sale 2021 will bring new products from prominent brands. 


Top Brands

Choose the products from popular brands and manufacturers. In Amazon Business, you will get products from companies like Philips, Voltas, Solimo, Borosil, Dell, Lenovo, JBL, Microsoft, Intel, Luxor, Faber-Castell, Godrej, Nescafe, ITC, Dabur, and many others.


Why purchase from Amazon Business?


Amazon Business values customer convenience. As the largest e-commerce platform across the globe, it extends its service to millions of customers. Buyers prefer Amazon Business for the variety of products, discount offers on bulk procurements, and cashback offers. Moreover, the Amazon delivery network reaches the remotest places in India, creating a seamless delivery network.


Customers from Tier 1 and 2 cities can also expect a door-step delivery in just 24-hours after placing the order. Further, Amazon Business adheres to a customer-friendly return policy. If you don’t like the product, you can return it in a few easy steps. They have dedicated customer service teams that expedite the return process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is arguably the largest sale event in India, organised by Amazon Business. Customers can make bulk purchase at a highly discounted price.

  • No, Great freedom sale is for all the customers.

  • You just need to create a list of products you want. Once you have that ready, visit Amazon Business and browse through the product category to shortlist the items. Now, you need to visit the site during the Amazon Freedom Sale and make purchase of the products from your wish-list.


  • No you do not have to be a prime member to access Great freedom sale offers.



  • This year, Amazon Freedom Sale 2021 commences on 5th August.


  • Yes. Visit Amazon Business during the Freedom Sale 2021 to experience the great offers.

  • Yes, but there could be some exclusions. Visit the category of product to find if the product is listed for the sale.

  • During the Great Freedom Sale, discounts and offers will cover all the categories. Here is a list of top-discount offers that you can benefit from.


    •  Mobiles & Accessories- Up to 40% off
    • Electronics & Accessories- Up to 60% off
    •  TVs & Appliances- Up to 55% off
    • Office pantry & Appliances- Up to 70% off
    • Laptops – Up to INR 30,000 off
    • Furniture- Up to 70% off
    • Office improvement- Up to 60% off
    • Décor & furnishing- Up to 70% off


  • This year, Amazon Freedom Sale 2021 brings massive discount offers, new product launches, and premium brands.

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