Financial Year End

Financial Year End Sale Checklist for Business Owners

Get your business ready for the financial year end with our comprehensive checklist. Plus, with the Amazon India sale, ensure preparedness for the next year.

Financial year end is a stressful time for business owners, companies, corporates, banks and almost all workplaces. However, it's also a crucial time to review the fiscal year end, and your finances and set new goals for the next accounting year. Along with reviewing business operations and strategizing for the next business goals and success, it's important to clear out old stock and boost profit. That's where the financial year end sale on Amazon proves beneficial.


An end of year checklist would be extremely helpful to analyze how the past fiscal year ended for your business. In this blog, we will guide to through the year end financial checklist, so you don't overlook important aspects. Moreover, with the upcoming Amazon Business sale, you could check off most of the items in this checklist.


What is Financial Year End?

Financial year end represents the end of a business's financial period, usually at the end of each calendar year. During this time, businesses assess their current financial position and plan for the upcoming year. It's helpful to have a clear idea of your company's financial health before making decisions about any changes or making bold business decisions.


To ensure no important details are overlooked at the end of the financial year, creating a checklist is a good idea to ensure all tasks are completed. This checklist can include tasks like closing any open accounts, paying outstanding taxes, and making sure all records have been updated with the correct information. It's also important to review your business goals and make sure they are still relevant.


What is the Start and End of Financial Year?

The start and end of the financial year (or fiscal year end) is a period used to measure the performance of businesses. This period usually starts from July 1 to June 30 every year, but it varies depending on the type of business or country in which the company operates. The financial year does not necessarily have to line up with the calendar year.


Knowing when the start and end of a financial year is important for businesses to plan their budgeting and taxation obligations orderly and timely. By defining a specific period in which these numbers can be monitored, companies can ensure they are meeting their tax deadlines and remain in good financial health.


What is an Assessment Year?

An assessment year is a financial year in which your income tax return must be filed with the government, like the GST return filing. It usually follows the financial year end of March 31 and runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following calendar year. The assessment year is used for calculating taxes due on earnings made during that particular financial accounting year. For instance, if the financial year ends March 31, 2021, then the Assessment Year would be 2021-2022.


Any income earned from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024, will be assessed for taxes due in the financial year ending on March 31, 2024. It's important to remember that all applicable taxes must be paid before the end of the financial year.


Suppose you have earned income in two financial years (one during the financial year end and one during the assessment year), then you may need to pay taxes on both incomes. Therefore, it's important to understand what your tax liabilities are for each financial year by keeping track of all earnings throughout the financial year and the Assessment Year.


What is the Difference between Financial Year and Assessment Year?

It's crucial to know the difference between the financial year and assessment year to assess the end of year financial checklist for your business and what the future holds for you.


The financial year and assessment year are different concepts related to taxation.


Financial Year

Assessment Year


The financial year end is the period when a

business or individual's financial records are

reviewed for the financial period, usually

ending on June 30 each calendar year.



An assessment year, on the other hand,

is the financial year in which taxes are

assessed and collected.


The financial year end is when the financial

statements and accounts are prepared for

the financial period ending on June 30 each

year. This financial year will also be used to

assess any tax liabilities for that financial period.



The assessment year is a 12-month period

from April 1 to March 31, during which the

financial records are reviewed, and taxes

are assessed and collected


Understanding this difference is important to ensure taxes are paid on time and financial records are updated. It is also important for businesses to complete financial statements in accordance with the end of financial year guidelines.


Financial Year End Checklist for Business Owners

As a business owner, it's important to assess financial information at the end of every financial year. A checklist can ensure you have reviewed all necessary financial documents and obligations for your business. To redeem you of your stress, we have some pointers to keep in mind while making your year end checklist:


Review Financial Statements:

Reviewing financial statements such as financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements to ensure accuracy is one thing you shouldn't skip from your financial year end sale.


Review Tax Obligations

Don't forget to assess your business's tax obligations, including GST, PAYG withholding and Payroll Tax, in preparation for lodging of end of financial year returns. This way, you can make the most of the accounting year and financial year.


Review Accounts Receivable and Payable

Reviewing financial documents such as invoices, e-invoices, and payments is important. Accounts receivable represents the amount owed to a company by its customers for delivering goods or services that haven’t been paid for. Accounts payable is the amount your company owes to its suppliers or vendors for received goods or services but not yet been paid for. Reviewing both is crucial for financial stability and success.


Review Inventory

Check inventory levels and financial records to assess stock movements and identify discrepancies. If you are running low on stock and surplus, you could decide on the next plan of action, inventory planning and order management, and find the flaws with the current process, if any.


Review Fixed Assets

Review financial documents, depreciation schedules and calculate the net book value of fixed assets.


Review Employee Benefits and Compensation

Assess financial documents for employee benefits, bonuses and compensation.


Review Business Insurance

Review financial documents to ensure appropriate insurance coverage is in place for the new financial year.


Review Bank Accounts and Credit Lines

Check financial records to identify any discrepancies between bank accounts and credit lines.


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Let's find out what end of financial sale has to offer this year.


Purchase Of Fixed Assets for Business at the Financial Year End Sale

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6. Up to 55% off on Industrial Supplies

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Benefits of Financial Year End Sale For Businesses      

1. Bulk Discounts

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep costs low and profits high. That's why our Financial Year End Sale offers bulk discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics to office supplies to industrial equipment on this financial year dates. Buy in bulk and save big on your business expenses, all while getting the high-quality products to keep your operations running smoothly.


2. GST Invoice

It’s crucial to keep track of your expenses and file your taxes accurately. That's why we provide GST invoices for all purchases made during our Financial Year End Sale. Our invoices are clear, detailed, and compliant with all GST regulations, making it easier for you to manage finances and stay on top of your tax obligations. Make this financial year ending date a celebration!


3. Business Exclusive Prices

We understand that, as a business owner, you need access to products that meet your specific needs and requirements. That's why our End of Year Sale offers exclusive business prices, with discounts you won't find anywhere else. Get the products you need at prices that work for your budget, all while taking advantage of the quality and reliability that you expect from our brand. Create your free Amazon Business account today to find out.


4. Extra Cashback

Who doesn't love getting cash back on their purchases? During the sale, we're offering extra cashback to businesses that make qualifying purchases. This cashback can go up to Rs. 10,000. That means you can save even more money while getting the products you need to run your business. It's a win-win situation that you won't want to miss.


5. Wide Selection

Our End of Financial Year Sale offers a wide selection of products, including electronics, office supplies, pantry items, furniture, and industrial equipment. With such a diverse range of products, you're sure to find what you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.


How to Prepare for Financial Year End Sale?

This upcoming sale on Amazon has a lot to offer. Therefore, it is wise to ready yourself for the sale so you don't miss out on the chance to save big. Here are a few tips on how to do it:


●      Make sure you have an active account. Sign in to ensure it’s up and running smoothly before the sale. If you don't have an account, create your free account today to get exposed to great deals.


●      Have your checklist ready before the sale, that way you could get quotes from the different vendors and identify your ideal match.


●      Prioritize what your purchases are and wiggle out more ways to buy in bulk to save extra on quantity discounts on Amazon Business.


●      If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for exposure, become an Amazon seller and list your products before the sale occurs.


●      Most importantly, have a budget in place for your purchases to analyze later how far or less have been spent around it.


●      Make use of the compliance tools and business analytics tools on Amazon Business to study and review your past orders to do better and save more this time.


●      Update your account. This means adding all the relevant members, setting your compliance, updating your bank details and shipping address before the sale.


●      Get a Prime membership to enjoy early access to deals and shipping benefits during the sale.


●      Keep checking the website or Amazon Business app daily for the latest offers and short-term deals to save more.



Why Choose Amazon Business?        

Apart from this one of a kind end of year sale, Amazon Business has a lot in store for their buyers. Not only do we offer a wide variety of high-quality products from popular and reputable brands, but we also ensure they come with a GST invoice. With GST input tax credit, you can save up to 28% on your purchases. We also offer other attractive benefits for our business users making it hard to turn away from us, like the following:


●      We offer quantity discounts on bulk purchases as well as our recurring sale events.


●      We offer an easy return policy if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.


●      Our doorstep delivery ensures your package reaches your preferred location in a guaranteed time.


●      Our business analytics and compliance tools come in handy while shopping to draw insights.


●      We have special stores for wholesale beauty, office supplies, corporate gifting, gym equipment, laptop accessories, distance education, etc., so you find every associated purchase under one category.


●      We cannot stress enough about our vast inventory ensuring products across categories or industries are available for your benefit.


●      Business exclusive sales and events for business buyers to save more.


●      Registered and verified vendors listing quality products with GST invoices


Whether you're looking to upgrade your electronics, revamp your workspace, or stock up on pantry essentials, we have your back. This year end, shop on Amazon Business and make the most of tax returns! So don't miss out on a chance to save big and get the products you need to succeed. Visit our Amazon Business today!


  • The financial year end sale will start from March 13th  to 21st. To ensure you don't miss out on the best deals and attractive deals, start preparing a week ahead. Make a checklist for the financial year end of 2024 and ensure you have an Amazon Business account to take full advantage.

  • Having a year end financial checklist is extremely important as it enables business owners to prepare for the assessment year and analyze how the past year went, have they made a profit or not, and the next business goals they should set. However, with a financial year end sale checklist, businesses can ensure the following:

    ●   To plan inventory and buy the necessary goods

    ●   To ensure they don't miss out on Amazon deal of the day and the best deals on Amazon to support their business

    ●   To buy big and save bigger on business purchases

    ●   To have a seamless shopping experience during the sale

  • The financial year end sale is a god sent sale on Amazon for business consumers, especially when it comes to inventory management. This is how business owners can manage inventory during the financial year end Amazon India sale:

    ●  They can bulk buy the missing products from their inventory with bulk discounts

    ●  They can become an Amazon Seller to sell the surplus goods on AmazonThey can buy office supplies, projectors, printers, monitors, vacuum cleaners etc., with Amazon deals

    ●  They can purchase project or client-specific inventories during the financial year end sale 2024.

  • Amazon India sales, like the financial year end 2024, experience a lot of traffic and high demand. You can handle this in the following manner:

    ●  You can pre-select the products for a seamless checkout

    ●  With a Prime account, you could get early access to Amazon deals during the financial year end sale

    ●  Don't wait till the last day to shop

    ●  If you are a seller, ensure to update the product catalog and listing

    ●  Try shopping during late hours to avoid the rush

  • Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid during the year end sale on Amazon:

    ●  Not making a shopping checklist before the financial year end sale.

    ●  Not checking the website or app regularly and missing out on Amazon deal of the day and best deals on Amazon.

    ●  Not updating the product catalog as an Amazon seller

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