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What is Financial Year End Sale?

Financial Year End Sale is a yearly event hosted on Amazon Business platform. It brings massive discounts on products across categories.All Amazon Business customers can acess exclusive business prices, bulk discounts, exclusive deals and much more.

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Get access to features exclusive for Amazon Business customers, to help save time and money.

  • GST invoice for input tax credit

    GST invoice for input tax credit

    Purchase products with GST Invoice and save up to 28% more on your bill with input tax credit.


  • Wide Selection

    Wide Selection

    Choose from a wide range of 15 cr+ products from categories like electronics, office supplies, grocery and many more.

  • Bulk discounts

    Bulk Discounts

    Get bulk discounts on eligible orders while buying in bulk on Amazon Business.

Shop at the Amazon Business End of Financial Year Sale 2024     

This Financial Year End Sale, save big on laptops, electronics, home goods, and more! Find great deals and discounts during Amazon Business's upcoming sale.


Another financial year is about to end and it's crucial for businesses across industries. It doesn't matter if you own a small Kirana store or a big enterprise, the end of the financial year gets everyone into busy mode with tax filing, auditing, accounting, and appraisals.


However, it is also the apt time to check your office supplies, inventory needs, stock levels, procurement needs, and other business needs. This is why Amazon Business is bringing you the Financial Year End Sale in March. So don’t worry if your current supplier is also restocking his inventory we have your back!


Let’s find out what the upcoming Amazon Sale 2024 has to offer for all the budding and established businesses out there!


Mark Your Calendar: End of Financial Year Sale 2024 Dates        

Let us answer the most obvious question running through your mind, when is the sale happening on Amazon? The Financial Year End Sale on Amazon will take place between the 13th to 21st of March 2024. Don’t forget to set a reminder, take out your smartphones, and pin down these dates.


However, for Prime members, as always, this sale will start a day early. One of the biggest perks of being a Prime member is early access to sales. So, all the Prime members look out!


Financial End of Year Sale Starts On

13th March

Year End Sale Ends on

21st March

Amazon Year End Sale For Prime Members Starts on

12th March


Get Exciting Offers and Benefits in End of Financial Year Sale 2024   

This Financial Year End Sale has a lot to offer. It is the ultimate sale in March to look out for your business purchases and sourcing needs. If you love extra savings, good deals, a wide selection, and quality products then do check what this upcoming Amazon sale 2024 has to offer.


This year there are can’t say no discounts on many product categories like electronics, laptops, school supplies, office supplies, indoor & outdoor furniture, beauty products, home improvement products, and more. From business users to personal buyers this End of Year Sale on Amazon is loaded with attractive deals.


Log in on 13th March to find out more!


Save More with End of Financial Year Sale 2024

Financial Year End Sale is your savior this year for saving more on business and personal purchases. With this sale plus the inherent perks of being an Amazon Business consumer, your savings will reach beyond your expectations.


Here’s how!


●      Bulk Discounts

Be a smart shopper and take advantage of the bulk discounts and the upcoming Amazon Business sale. Get quotes from various suppliers check the bulk discount they offer and club it with the sale prices while checking out to save extra this year end.


●      GST invoice

Another way to ensure extra savings is the GST invoice. Ensure you pick GST-compliant products. Just enable the GST filter to pick and choose the products you want. Sit back and enjoy an additional 28% cashback with this invoice.


●      Business exclusive prices        

As you are aware we offer business exclusive prices to our buyers. So micro and big enterprises look out for this sale of the year for budget-friendly business shopping.


●      Wide Selection     

The best part about this upcoming End of Year Sale is the wide variety of products we offer. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, store owner, supplier, reseller, or business owner, we have everything you need to run daily operations to inventory management.


Extra Cashback on Business Purchases      

Did you know that the upcoming Financial Year End Sale has extra cashback on business purchases? Business buyers get an extra 10% cashback on business products with a maximum cashback of ₹10,000. Can you imagine the savings you can bag with this cashback and the additional Amazon Business benefits?


Get Exclusive Offers

Here’s a little taste of what’s waiting to be unveiled in this End of Year Sale on Amazon!

financial year end sale 2024

How to Gear Up for the Financial Year End Sale on Amazon?


Having a game plan is vital to make the most of what the End of Financial Year Sale has to offer. Here’s how your business can gear up for the sale:

financial year end sale 2024

Find Out What's in Store for Amazon End of Financial Year Sale 2024   


The End of Financial Year Sale on Amazon is going to be a must-shop sale for business users. Especially because of the cashback offers. Imagine getting up to 10,000 cashback on your purchases. That’s what this sale is offering, 10% cashback on products!


Not just that the category-wise discounts will blow you away. Some popular categories include home improvement, books, food & beverage, automotive, luxury beauty, electronics, drugstore, luggage and more.


This year is your chance to buy big and save bigger with the Financial Year End Sale 2024! So, what are you waiting for? Start making your wishlist today!


Why Purchase from Amazon Business?     


Apart from hosting business-specific events like the Financial Year End Sale, Amazon Business is your ideal partner for your B2B business needs. Let us tell you why!


●      Inventory Selection: Our inventory is no joke. We ensure our business consumers can find everything they need. From office supplies to envelopes we have it all.


●      Special Stores: To make your shopping experience even better, we have specialty stores to ensure you find all the supplies in one place. Some of the special stores include corporate gifting, wholesale beauty stores, distance education, hospitality, medical supplies, office supplies, gym equipment, laptop accessories, etc.


●      Reliable Suppliers: We carefully pick our suppliers and vendors for your trust and do business with. Our suppliers are GST-registered, experienced, and reliable offering quality products.


●      One-Click Checkout: Gone are the days of breaking your order into two for easy payment. We pride ourselves on one-click checkout, with our diverse payment modes including NEFT or RTGS for our users.


●      Doorstep Delivery & Easy Returns: Our delivery is as seamless as our returns. We ensure guaranteed delivery on your doorstep as Amazon is serviceable up to 99.99% of Indian pincodes. Moreover, if you are unhappy with our products return them with just a single click.


●      Quantity Discount: Along with sale events, we also offer bulk discounts on bulk purchases. You get the best price for your purchase by getting quotes from multiple vendors.


●      Business Analytics & Compliance Tools: We also have the best business tools in our kitty for your benefit. Business analytics tools study your purchase history and track your order to give you insights on your next purchase. Moreover, with our GST-compliant filter, you can ensure you are buying GST-compliant products to save big on input tax credits while filing returns.


With all these perks business shopping with Amazon becomes the smartest business transaction. Are you still waiting? Create your free Business account today enjoy these benefits and save more on your business purchases.


  • All you require is an Amazon Business account and you become eligible for all the perks including the business-exclusive prices. However, if you have a Prime membership you get early access to all sale events including the End of Year Sale.

  • Depending on the location, warehouse, and quantity of the products the delivery date is decided. However, on every order you get a guaranteed delivery on the promised date. Moreover, you also have the option to schedule delivery on the required date. There are no additional charges for most deliveries except in a few cases where you require same-day delivery, specific slot delivery, etc.

  • Be it End of Year Sale on Amazon or any other sale, the payment mode is always consumer-friendly. Payment modes like NEFT/RTGS are also included alongside credit/debit card payments, UPI, and more. There are no additional charges just the GST or extra shipping charges, if any, for delivery.

  • When you register with Amazon Business for the first time, there is a promotional code that is available for a specific period. You can apply this code while checking out the products under the gift cards or promotional code section. However, there are many cashbacks associated with this Financial Year End Sale on Amazon.

  • Being a Business Prime member comes in handy, especially during any sale event. Prime members get early access to sales, meaning for them the sale starts a day early so they can call dibs on many items before others do. Additionally, Prime members also get free shipping, priority shipping, same-day delivery, etc., which is crucial in business purchases.

  • The upcoming Year End Sale 2024 is bringing lots of cashback and exciting offers to ensure the user can save more and buy more. However, as the sale unravels the extra coupons or codes available for sale items will be revealed so stay tuned.

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