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Furniture Item List for Home and Office Use - Buying Guide

Searching Furniture Item List for Your Home and Office Set up? Explore the Different Types of Furniture and Things to Consider While Buying Furniture.

Searching Furniture Item List for Your Home and Office Set up? Explore the Different Types of Furniture and Things to Consider While Buying Furniture.


Furniture defines a space, its purpose and utility. But often, it is confusing to pick the right one, whether it's your office or home. To ease this confusion, we have this buying guide with different types of furniture items list to guide you properly and give you an idea about the various requirements of an office or house space.

Let's start by understanding the importance of furniture for home and office.


Importance of Home and Office Furniture

Making the room lively, adding more comfort, or just buying the essential stuff for your room, you cannot avoid buying furniture! It is a key element of any space as it affects your emotions and productivity.


What makes home furniture so important?

Home sweet home! But what gives it that homely feeling? First the people, and then the furniture that makes those people comfortable. Now, home furniture plays an important but varied role. Here's why!


Adding comfort

The most basic thing anyone looks for in their furniture is comfort. Imagine sitting on a chair that hurts your back or a mattress that is too tough even in your imagination. So, comfort cannot be compromised.


Adding Authenticity

As humans, we are bound to choose to be in an environment we flourish in! Home furniture turns any house into a substantial and functional unit. The entire placement of furniture, chairs, coffee table, couch, artifacts, and so on contribute to the attire of the given space.


Adding Durability

Clothes, utensils, books, stationery, and so much other stuff are stuffed into various compartments of our furniture. Each and every item needs to be placed in the right way. All your items are stored safely, which increases their overall product life. It can also withstand the weight of objects or spills, thus adding more durability.


Adding organization

When all your items are stored together in the right place, everything automatically becomes more organized. You know which item will be found in which compartment. This also creates a certain peace of mind. An organized space has also proven to boost productivity.


Decreasing Maintenance

There are various types of furniture available in the market today. Some of these items can actually save you from huge maintenance costs. A prime example of this is a stain-resistant couch, so if you spill some coffee, instead of paying to get it cleaned or changing the couch, you can just wipe it off.


Why is Office furniture important?

Furniture being the center of attention for almost all spaces, cannot be ignored. Even in office space, the quality and placement of furniture cannot be compromised. Office furniture acts as an asset to the company and a comfort zone for its employees. Since office furniture is not changed frequently, it's important to make the right choice as well.


Furniture Helps Make Offices Look Spacious

It is said that furniture takes up a lot of space. But many are unaware that, if arranged properly, it can actually make a space look more spacious than it is. One of the best ways to save space and cost while increasing utility is by choosing multi-functional furniture. There are other ways to help you save space, like using furniture against the walls.


Furniture Promote Employee Collaboration

Leaders today believe that business can be conducted in a better way if more value is given to its employee contribution. The traditional style of cubicles can box an employee's potential, wherein communication is hindered. A collaborative atmosphere boosts interaction in the workplace. Making use of furniture that places everyone on the same ground gives rise to new business ideas and marketing strategies.


Furniture Help Promote Employee Wellness

An add-on benefit of a collaborative atmosphere is the well-being of employees. Moreover, furniture items that provide comfort and leisure space for employees can help reduce work stress as well. Today, in various offices, there are spaces dedicated to leisure or group activities such as pool tables, carrom boards, and so on.


Improve Workplace Interactions

An employee spends a substantial amount of time in the office. It becomes obvious that they need to interact on a daily basis. However, employers should take steps to improve workplace interactions. Deploying the right furniture types is one of the ways to do that. Work desks instead of cubicles, breakout benches, and common eating tables help in creating a more open space that encourages conversations.


Improve Employee Productivity

Installation of revolutionary furniture designs in an office leads to the most desirable outcome of increased productivity. Ergonomically designed chairs and work tables help in providing comfort, maintaining posture, and keeping the brain cells active. With a spacious, positive, interactive, stress-free workspace, the productivity of employees can be increased substantially.


Furniture Can Leave a Good Impression

Good impressions last for a long time. The office furniture type says a lot about your work environment and work culture. It depends from company to company, the furniture might be aesthetic, artistic, colorful, trendy, or just basic. The clients who visit the office make various assumptions just on the basis of your furniture types and its placement.


Give Company Brand Credibility in The Market       

Who doesn't want their brand to create a buzz? Stylish, spacious, yet comfortable furniture can give a company brand credibility in the market. This can be beneficial for the firm in many ways, such as attracting more clients, customers, and even employees.


Difference between Home and Office Furniture

The difference between the furniture for home and office lies in the type of furniture used in both spaces. Although comfort is a common factor in making a furniture item list in both cases, the purpose of the furniture makes all the difference.


Let's find out about furniture types and furniture items for home and office separately!


Different Types of Furniture for Office Use

Office setup uses different types of furniture to serve the varying needs of the employees and staff working there. Amazon has room for all! Here's the office furniture list every office needs.

1. Cupboard

Office cupboards differ depending on the type of items that need to be stored. Big cupboards are mostly used to store larger equipment such as extra printers or xerox machines. Smaller cupboards are used to store stationery, documents, bags, and so on.

2. Desks

Working desks differ from department or role. A manager's desk in the cabin is bigger than the working desks of other employees. The table of a receptionist is also different from other people in the office.

3. Tables

Tables are most important in the case of discussion rooms, conference rooms, or leisure spaces. Each table has its own value. The size and quality of the table also differ depending on the various departments and their preference.

4. Dining Tables

Lunch, dinner, or mid-breaks is the time when employees interact with each other the most. Thus, their tables should be big enough to accommodate large groups and their food. The dining tables must be placed at an appropriate distance to avoid any inconvenience.

5. Drawers, Cabinets and Shelves

With the amount of stationery, paperwork, kitchen supplies, drawers, cabinets, and shelves are essentials in every office. Generally, the drawers and cabinets placed next to an employee's desk are ideal for the occasional stock of inventory and documents. The kitchen cabinets should be bought according to the utensils, mugs, and pantry.

6. Lockers

Employees store many of their belongings in their office lockers. It is safe to store important office supplies or documents as well. Lockers can be manual or digital. Digital lockers are given more preference due to their advanced safety options.

7. Shoe Racks

Not every office prohibits the use of footwear, but for the ones that do, a solid shoe rack is a necessity. The shoe rack must be stable and strong enough to equip the footwear of all employees in the office.

8. Stool

A stool is another small object that plays an important role when it comes to office furniture type. The stool comes in various sizes for different purposes, small, medium, and big. The smaller and medium ones are multi-functional, whereas the bigger ones are used for cleaning.

9. Docklands

Docklands is yet another addition to the office furniture list for employees, clients or visitors. Different range of docklands provides a temporary setup for an individual-centric workspace.


[Tip: Check out our blog for useful tips on home office furniture for the ideal WFH setup.]


Amazon has it all, starting from cupboards to shoe racks. Here is a furniture items list for the best furniture types for offices that you can buy from Amazon:


Best Office Furniture Type

Amazon's Vault


Office Chairs

Kepler Brooks  Office Chair


Green Soul Jupiter Go

Office Chair

₹ 7,799


₹ 8,590-9,590

Office Desk/


Mr. Ironstone L Shaped Desk


Featherlite Workhub table

₹ 9,499


₹ 10,697

Storage organizers

Callas Metal Mesh Desk



VeleSolv File Rack

₹ 498


₹ 859


Cupboards and Cabins

Laxmi KAPAT Steel Drawer


Cello Plastic Cabinet


Multipurpose Storage Shelf

₹ 16, 4999


₹ 1,449


₹ 1,699


Multipurpose Bookshelf


Anikaa Jeffry 5-tier Bookcase


Welltrade Wall-mounted


₹ 1,199


₹ 4,524


₹ 748

Office décor items

Litleo Decorative Plants


ArtX Paper Motivational

Wall Hanging

₹ 299


₹ 576



Different Types of Furniture for Home Use

Living room furniture

Living room may be your activity room, book reading room, chill-out zone, or just a common hangout place. But each and every piece of furniture adds value to the overall sentiment of your rooms. Here is a living room furniture list that ends up making a huge difference.

1. Sofas

When it comes to the sofa or the couch, the primary requirement is comfort. And comfort is based on two factors, material and fabric or leather. The sofa can be as soft or thick as you want. You can also use a multi-functional sofa that acts as a bed as well.

2. Sectionals

Sectionals have recently made a comeback in the trend zone. Now sectionals are a good option for anyone who wants to move around that extra space that comes with it, anywhere in the house. One day it can be attached to your sofa and the next, it can be on your balcony.            

3. Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas act as an amazing multi-functional unit. They are really helpful for people who live in smaller flats, studios, or with multiple flatmates. They occupy less space while providing two different functions. In many cases, they also come with a storage unit.

4. Accent chair

These act as a comfortable option for many individuals who don't like to take the couch. It acts as a personal couch. Here again, the primary requirement is comfort, which is why attention should be paid to the material, fabric, or leather. A comfortable WFH chair is an essential piece of furniture for your home office, like the Green Soul Jupiter Go Office Chair, one of our best sellers.

5. Recliners

Reclining sofas are the perfect combination of comfort, style, and functionality. They are a great way to compliment the other items in your living room. They can turn out to be the focal point for lounging and entertaining guests. And lastly, who doesn't love footrest?

6. Futons

Futons are like another version or pleasing alternative to the traditional sofa. It is considered to be extremely comfortable as well. A futon couch serves as seating and comes in handy in case of family or guests are staying over.

7. Swivels & Gliders

One can always make room for a great, comfortable chair. Gliders and swivels have traditionally been a regular part of most living rooms, family rooms, or media room setups. It provides an option for a quick nap on the sofa, or just some time to think comfortably.             

8. Chair Ottomans

They are another option for a multi-functional furniture piece. It can be attached to any sofa or sectional or they can just be placed in the living room to accommodate one extra guest.

9. Benches

Benches are quite rare in a living room. The main reason is the discomfort caused due to the hard material and back support. But they surely add a different dimension to the setup of your living room.    

10. TV stand

Now even though we no longer have to place a TV on any table, we still need a table or a stand to equip other attached materials. These materials include a setup box, music player, CD players, remotes, or even artifacts.

11. Bookcases and open shelving

An amazing way of adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your living room is by adding open shelving and bookcases. It comes in handy when you have to search for some item or read a book. If your friends love books, then it can take up some time to entertain them.

Here's a quick living room furniture item that could be purchased from Amazon:

Living Room Furniture

Amazon's Vault


Sofas and Couches

Dr. Smith 2-Seater Sofa


Adorn India Chandler

L Shaped 5-Seater Sofa


Solimo Leatherette 2-Seater

₹ 5,999


₹ 20,999



₹ 22,599

Chair Ottomans

Nestroots Printed



Home Streak Ottoman


₹ 3,395


₹ 549

Recliners and Accent chair

Furlay Metal Recliner



Solimo Musca Sofa



Modern Accent Chair


Emes Replica Accent Chair

₹ 4,899



₹ 27,999



₹ 16,990


₹ 4,299

Side tables and Corner stands

UHUD Crafts Foldable Side Table


Vudy Mango Wooden

Side table


Star Work 4 Tier

Corner Shelf


Furniture Café Wooden

Corner Hanging Shelf

₹ 399


₹ 1,749



₹ 1,494



₹ 809

TV Stand

Aroora Gaya H3 TV

Entertainment Unit


Bluewood Coober

TV Wall Unit


Solimo Cygnus 2 Door TV Cabinet

₹ 2,549



₹ 2,449



₹ 6,989



Redwud Caliper

Standing Tree Bookcase


Bluewud Wolabey Ladder

Shaped bookshelf



₹ 1,499



₹ 4,149


Floating Wall Mount Shelf


Decazone Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

₹ 859


₹ 299


Kitchen Furniture

Even if you are someone who doesn't spend much time in the kitchen, you cannot ignore the kitchen furniture. The kitchen furniture needs to be more durable as it needs to hold heavier items, utensils, and cutlery.

1. Kitchen Cabinet

The most basic furniture item you will find in any kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinet stores your groceries, expensive cutlery items, cooking utensils, and so on. The cabinets are mostly customized as per the requirements of an individual.

2. Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is helpful for food preparation and arrangement of daily machines such as the coffee machine. It can also be used to keep the jug, glasses, or water bottles. The most commonly used materials are marbles or granite.

3. Dining tables

Dining tables are the place to share everything that happened during the day with your family while enjoying your food. The dining table should have sufficient space to accommodate the number of people in the family and the guests as well. The chairs should be comfortable as well.

4. Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are mostly for having your morning coffee or tea with a quick breakfast while you read the paper. The coffee tables are not seen in every household, but they surely have their own value.

5. Arm chairs

The dining tables or coffee tables can be paired with a wide variety of chairs, arm chairs being one of them. Arm chairs take a lot more space than side chairs but are extremely comfortable. It is ideal for people with a larger kitchen space.

6. Side chairs

Side chairs are ideal for people who want comfort but also want to save space. These chairs also come in various sizes and materials. Wood and cotton chairs are preferably a choice for many.           

7. Bar and counter stools

People who love cocktails and drinks love to have their personal bar. The bar is mostly made of open cabinets attached to the walls, with a bar counter table and stools. The size of the bar and other furniture items for home depends on the preference of the owner.    

8. Baker Rack

Baking professionals know how messy home baking can get. In such cases, a baker rack comes in handy. A baker rack holds all your ingredients, tools, and even microwave or oven. So you don't have to worry about finding what you need or the mess.

9. Sideboards

Sideboards are multi-functional units that have become an essential part of every kitchen. It can be used to store every item in your kitchen. Thus, have always been proven to be helpful. Sideboards can again be small, medium, or large on the basis of requirement, space, and purpose.


Bedroom Furniture

One of the most important and relaxing rooms of a house is the bedroom. Comfort is key when making the furniture list for home, especially the bedroom. A bedroom furniture items list will have the following products, and Amazon can check off all of them.


Here is a list of best home furniture list for bedrooms you could procure from Amazon:



Bed Room Furniture

Amazon's Vault


Beds and Mattresses

Wakefit Queen Size Bed


Solimo Aquilla

Engineered Wood

Wenge Finish Queen Bed


Wakefit Orthopedic

Memory Foam Mattress


Sleepyhead Flip Dual

Sided High Density Foam Mattress


₹ 11,088


₹ 11,379




₹ 7,356



₹ 9,499

Head Boards


Nilkamal Dexter

Solid Wood Upholstered



Luxton Home Bed




₹ 37,990




₹ 2,800

Night Stands


Browne Art Shoppe

Night Stand


Wooden Cave

Night stand

₹ 1,999



₹ 1,195



G Fine Furniture Chest


Springtek Wooden Chest

₹ 16,999


₹ 19,199

Mudroom Lockers


Lukzer Closet Space


Whitecloud Closet

₹ 1,530


₹ 1,509

Toy Organizer


Funblast Toy organizer


Flipzon Multipurpose Shelf

₹ 521


₹ 1095


Kids Furniture

Kids have developed their own tastes and have opinions about how their room should be. Keeping this in mind, Amazon has a range of kid's furniture. Kids often visualize their room and furniture with the heroes, cartoons, and other fictional characters they idealize. Keeping in mind their ideas and needs, the kid's room furniture item list should include the following. Some of our best home furniture list for kid's rooms are listed below for your reference:

Kids Furniture list

Best Sellers at Amazon



Flipzon Premium

New Bord Cradle


TOFO Premium Cradle

₹ 1,699



₹ 3,490


Prima Detachable

Baby Chair


₹ 914

Baby loungers

Superminis Baby

Foldable Matteress

₹ 620


Unique Handicraft

Bunk Bed


₹ 16,495

Bedside tables

UHUD Crafts

Kids table


₹ 399


Flipzon Baby Wardrobe

Little One's Wardrobe

₹ 1095

₹ 1499


Bathla Stomo Drawer


Flipzon Multipurpose

Storage Drawer

₹ 1,699


₹ 199

Bookcases and Shelves

MemeHo Bookshelf


Flipzon Multipurpose


₹ 1099


₹ 1,145

Toy boxes

PrettyKrafts Toy Storage


Marvel Avengers

Toy Storage

₹ 375


₹ 489


Rudrams Plastic Chair


Nilkamal Apple

Junior's Study Set

₹ 799


₹ 2100



What to Consider When Buying Home and Office Furniture?

To make an effective furniture item lost for home and office, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Before purchasing any furniture types, below are some important points that you need to understand:


Space is a crucial factor to consider before checking off the furniture item list. The constraints imposed by space, be it office, home, living room, conference room, dining room, pantry, etc., weighs heavily on the size and dimension of the different types of furniture. Ensure the furniture you are eyeing fits the space well without restricting movements and space for other furniture.


Manifestation of any furniture item list is deeply impacted by your budget. Depending on how much you can shell, the type of furniture you could own. Conduct thorough research and browse through multiple catalogues before hastily buying furniture. If you are the procurement manager or in charge of checking off items from the furniture item list, the budget is of supreme importance.


Depending on your need and utility, the material for different types of furniture will be determined. For instance, while buying a chair, you would have to decide whether to go for wooden, leather, velvet, mesh, or other materials. We have the furniture list for the best office chairs to purchase for your reference.


Yes, style is also an important factor in furniture picking. Most homes and officers are designed to match the theme or tone of the space. This manifests a furniture item list based on interior design.


You have to consider the shape and dimension considering the space and style. The shape becomes extremely crucial for interior design to determine whether to go for contemporary, 3D, diamond, or L-shaped furniture.


Features play a significant role in manifesting the furniture item list, whether it's home or office furniture items. The introduction of smart and modular furniture has ramped up the game. A single piece of furniture with a multipurpose utility becomes attractive to consumers.


The most important aspect to consider while making your furniture item list is comfort. No matter how much money you invest, ensure the furniture you pick provides comfort. Especially while buying a mattress or a chair, prioritize comfort over other factors and consider them a one-time investment.


Why buy furniture from Amazon?

Amazon is the right platform to check off your varying furniture item list. The extensive range of products, multiple brands, and efficient delivery and packing ensure your furniture needs are met. For your business needs, try Amazon Business, exclusively made for business and wholesale purchases. Not just that, you get amazing bulk discounts on bulk purchasing with quick shipping, delivery and returns.



Furniture symbolizes a part of who we are. It helps to reflect our taste, way of living, and the expression of our individual selves. So, pick the right furniture for you by considering various factors. Amazon Business is at your aid whether to fulfil your furniture needs for office, home, store, business, or different sellers. If you don't have an account yet, create one and avail the benefits of being an exclusive Amazon Business consumer for your diverse business needs.


  • This is the kind of office furniture equipped to be multifunctional to meet your various needs. It's sort of like multipurpose furniture bending and shifting shape to suit various needs.

  • Being mindful of the following things while picking an office chair would be helpful:

    ●        Lumbar support

    ●        Seat height and width

    ●        Backrest, armrest

    ●        Furniture material

    ●        Swivel

    ●        Cost

  • The basic furniture item list would depend on the space (i.e., home, office, college, etc.) in mind. The basic house furniture list includes:

    ●        Bed and mattress

    ●        Sofa or couch

    ●        Dining table

    ●        Shelves or dresser

    ●        Bathroom Storage

    ●        Rugs or carpets

  • In a broad sense, the most popular furniture styles include the following:

    ●        Traditional

    ●        Modern

    ●        Contemporary

    ●        Transitional

    ●        Mid-century Modern

  • The criteria for choosing the ideal home office desk would depend on how you wish to use it. Considering the following factors would help you choose:

    ●        Your working habits and tools

    ●        Space and ergonomics

    ●        Desk's surface (laminate, wood, metal) based on your liking

    ●        Durability and quality

    ●        Shape of the desk (L or U-shaped)

  • The key difference lies in their inspiration and style. Traditional furniture takes its inspiration from the past- the material, kind of work/ embellishment, woodwork- while celebrating the history and beauty of the past. In contrast, contemporary furniture is more aligned to the present taste, using different materials and designs.  

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