Housekeeping Material List & Cleaning Products List

Housekeeping Material List & Cleaning Products List

Have your own housekeeping material list? Buy best housekeeping material from Amazon Business. Choose from the category of best cleaning supplies.

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  • 5 types of household Cleaning Methods
  • Housekeeping materials list - All-Purpose Cleaner

Abrasive Cleaner

Non-Abrasive Cleaner

  • Kitchen cleaning products

Drain Openers

Multi-Surface Cleaners

Hard Water Mineral Removers

  • Bathroom Cleaning Products

Disinfectant Cleaners 

Daily Shower Cleaners 

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

  • Multi Surface Cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Floor Cleaners

Carpet and Rug Cleaners

  • Furniture Cleaning Products

Dusting Products

Furniture Cleaners and Polishes

  • Cleaning Cloths, Mops, and Brushes

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Mops

Cleaning Brushes

  • Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum

Deep Clean Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

  • Essential Cleaning Tips
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Those responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene inside an office space would know how big of a challenge it is. Large office buildings require housekeeping staff to maintain clean work areas, lobbies, and lavatories. While the conservancy staff works hard, the responsibility of the office administrator or head of housekeeping is to procure the essentials from their housekeeping material list to expedite the cleaning process.

Here, we seek to help those wanting to procure housekeeping materials for offices and home offices.


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5 types of household Cleaning Methods


Before we start, here is a quick guide on the basics of cleaning. The one who procures cleaning items should have a basic knowledge of how things are done. To simply put, there are five essential cleaning methods –


  • Dusting
  • Shaking
  • Sweeping
  • Moping
  • Washing or Polishing

These are the basic housekeeping processes and the primary shield against dust and loose dirt. Be it a tabletop, or a vase, or any surface for that matter, daily dusting can keep the dirt away. A microfiber cloth and a broom are all one needs for effective dusting.

Similarly, floors and tiles require regular sweeping and mopping to maintain cleanliness. For larger areas like the office or mall floors, lavatories, one may require heavy-duty equipment for proper cleaning.

Having the basic learning about these types of cleaning methods, one can easily understand the requirement of the housekeeping team. It helps people create an extensive housekeeping material list.

Housekeeping materials list – All-Purpose Cleaner        

Stains are the worst enemy of good things, shiny surfaces, and everything else. They can be soft or tough depending upon the causing reagent. While liquid soap or minor scrubbing can help one get rid of easy stains, tough ones require a little more effort and abrasion. Therefore, the housekeeping department of an office must have both types of housekeeping materials – abrasive and non-abrasive.


Abrasive Cleaners

There are different kinds of abrasive cleaners available in the market. Depending upon the need, one may go for harsh abrasive cleaners to fight tough stains, or otherwise, go for milder homemade natural abrasive cleaners.

Every housekeeping material list should have the following types of abrasive cleaners –

  • Dry powdered abrasive cleaners such as silica, feldspar, calcite, etc.
  • Liquid/ wet abrasive cleaners which are essentially a liquified form of dry abrasive housekeeping materials

Mixing sodium bicarbonate with liquid soap is an easy way to create an abrasive cleaning agent. It works pretty well against stains on metals like tap, kitchen sink, wash basin, etc. It is to keep in mind that one needs a scrub or sponges to apply and rub the abrasive solution on the stain.

Generally, these scrubbers come bundled with the cleaners. If the scrubs are not included in the packaging, it is wise to keep them in the housekeeping material list. Some good quality scrubbers that one can find on Amazon Business, include the Gala Super Scrub Set – Made of Steel – Black – Pack of 6 and Scotch-Brite Fibre Bathroom Scrubber Brush and Jet Tough Brush.


Non-Abrasive Cleaner

Unlike abrasive cleaners, non-abrasive housekeeping materials or cleaners do not leave scratches on the surface after cleaning. Therefore, these are in every housekeeping materials list in today’s time.

Non-abrasive cleaners mostly come in liquid form, but they are also available in powder form. Basic floor cleaning chemicals, and disinfectants (both alcohol-based and non-alcohol based) are non-abrasive. The Natural Tile Grout Cleaner Heavy Duty Non-Abrasive, Pidilite T16 Roff Cera Clean Professional Tile, and Floor and Ceramic Cleaner are some cleaners that have multiple uses, like cleaning the soil and dirt accumulated on shiny surfaces like tiles and marbles at homes, garages, factories, toilets, etc.


Kitchen Cleaning Products

Kitchens are where all the food is prepared. For that reason, one must ensure that the following essentials make their way on the housekeeping material list.

Drain Openers

One should mandatorily put drain openers in his housekeeping material list. The reason is that over a period of time, kitchen sinks or drains get clogged. It happens because of the parts of rubbish that go down the drain after every dish wash. Therefore, it is essential to shop for drain openers as housekeeping materials.

Putting a drain opener inside the kitchen sink pipe or a washbasin causes a chemical reaction inside the drainage system, subsequently unclogging it.

In Amazon Business, there is a host of drain cleaners like the caster Powder Drain Opener and Rainchem Bio-Drain Cleaner Liquid available in the housekeeping material list. One can compare the price and buy the one that fits the requirement best.


Multi-Surface Cleaners 

Similar to all-purpose cleaners, multi-surface cleaners work to cut the grease and keep the house clean. Heads up! Not all multi-surface cleaners kill germs; only some of them do. One can find a comprehensive housekeeping material list to disinfect surfaces on Amazon Business that includes all sorts of cleaning reagents.


Hard Water Mineral Removers

One of the must-have cleaning supplies for offices is the hard water mineral removers used to clean the mineral deposits on tap or surfaces that are constantly in touch with water. One may notice such deposits on the showerheads, sinks, chrome faucets, and toilet tanks, etc. 

Water mineral deposit on chrome

Besides, buyers can browse through the housekeeping material list on Amazon Business to find the best hard water mineral removing solutions. These solutions work pretty well as metal cleaners and polish, as well as tile and sink cleaners.

Those who like to preserve the shine on chrome objects shall find metal cleaners and polishers in Amazon Business. The housekeeping material list here is comprehensive enough to cater to every need of the customers.

Products like Atomic Tap cleaner, and Zimmer Aufraumen Tap Cleaner Spray are among the heavy duty cleaners that can effectively remove mineral deposit from the chrome faucets and taps.


Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom surfaces, faucets, and toilet tanks need periodic cleaning to maintain a hygienic life. Every office or home office ought to have the below-mentioned list of cleaning supplies.


Disinfectant Cleaners  

Disinfectant cleaners kill germs in the toilet surfaces. Sometimes, moulds grow on the toilet bowl, tubs, and floor because of the constant dampness. Using a good quality floor cleaner that doubles as a disinfectant helps maintain bathroom hygiene.

It is recommended to include disinfectants like Dettol Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner and Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer in the housekeeping material list.


Daily Shower Cleaners  

There are many types of shower cleaners available in stores. Generally, these cleaners have a few vital components – alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid soap (optional). Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide act as disinfectants.

Bathroom cleaning

One needs to spray the solution to the showerhead, leave it for a while, and rub it off. Simple drill to rinse off the mineral deposit, and at the same time disinfect the surface. One can use grout brushes to clean tubs, shower walls, and tiles on the bathroom walls.


Toilet Bowl Cleaners

It is essential for offices to have all the mentioned housekeeping materials mentioned above. Additionally, one or two types of toilet bowl cleaners are must-have housekeeping materials.

Toilet bowl cleaners like the Harpic Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner, and Domex Fresh Guard Lime Fresh Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner are predominantly available in liquid form. One needs to pour the cleaner on the toilet bowl’s surface, scrub it with a brush. After some time, washing the bowl with water will clean it. Depending upon the use and the number of family members, one should clean the toilet bowl at least twice a week.

When it comes to cleaning the tubs and tiles, the regular bathroom floor cleaners work just fine. Amazon Business lists good quality cleaners available from reputed brands. You can compare the prices and purchase in bulk.


Multi-surface cleaners

Multi-surface cleaners can clean glass surfaces as well. These cleaners are primarily available in liquid form and come in spray bottles.


Glass Cleaners

While most of the surface cleaning sprays double as glass cleaners, some products serve the purpose in particular. One can judge a good glass cleaner by its efficiency in cleaning the soil and whether it leaves any residue after drying.

Similar to multi-surface cleaners, glass cleaners like the Colin Glass and Surface Cleaner Spray with Shine Boosters, and Wavex Glass Cleaner Liquid are sold in spray bottles for user convenience. Though products like the 3M Professional P3 Glass Cleaner are available in jars. One can make a solution of this glass cleaner and put it into a spray bottle for easier application.

One needs to apply the glass cleaner solution on the surface of a mirror or window and rub it with a clean cloth or paper towel. Since glass surface are prone to smudges and soil, having glass cleaners in the housekeeping material list is essential for every home office, office and other establishments.

On Amazon Business, there are a host of products available. Buyers can compare the prices and choose the one that suits their needs.


Floor Cleaners

Every office, home office and other establishment have floor cleaners in their housekeeping material list. It is essential to keep the floor clean for hygiene purposes. Some floor cleaners also act as floor disinfectants, which is why many people include them in their list of COVID-19 supplies.


Carpet and Rug Cleaners

For carpeted office spaces, all-purpose floor cleaners do not work - the apparent reason being the surface. Carpets and rugs require cleaning and deodorizing at the same time. The key here is to not wet the surface.

That being said, vacuum cleaners cannot remove stains or deodorize the rugs and carpets. For that, one needs special carpet cleaning tools and machines. If storage space is not an issue, investing in a good carpet cleaning machine is a wiser step than renting a machine.

On Amazon Business, there is a variety of carpet cleaning machines available from prominent brands. Choosing the one according to house owners' requirement is very easy with all the product choices.


Furniture Cleaning Products

Taking care of the floor, glass and bathroom is not enough. To take care of the expensive office furniture, the housekeeping department must include furniture cleaning products in their housekeeping material list.

Depending upon the material, different furniture has different needs for care.


Dusting Products

Using soft bristle brooms can easily clean steel or wrought iron furniture. Whereas, to clean off any stain or accumulated dust, one needs a microfiber cloth. These housekeeping materials also work on wooden furniture.


Furniture Cleaners and Polishes

For wooden furniture, using a feather duster is ideal for dusting off the loose dirt. However, for stains and sticky spots, one can use mild detergents or soap dissolved in water. Dab the spot with the soap-water solution, and wiping it off with a lint-free microfiber cloth gets the job done. Also, there are furniture oils available in the market that help retain the shine on wooden furniture.


Pro tip: One should not use water or all-purpose surface cleaners on wooden surfaces. Besides, vacuum cleaners work pretty well in dusting furniture.

Cleaning Cloths, Mops, and Brushes

So far, the article discussed various products that one can use to clean surfaces, glasses, bathroom walls, carpets, and floors of all kinds.

Apart from these, there are different types of mops, cleaning cloths, brushes, and scrubs that serve different purposes. Here is a quick rundown of the types of cleaning cloths that are available on Amazon Business’ housekeeping material list.


Cleaning cloths -

  • Scourer  
  • Cloth
  • Dishtowel  
  • Microfiber Towel 


Cleaning Mops –

  • Microfiber Mop  
  • Flat Mop  
  • Steam Mop (perfect for carpets and rugs)
  • Spin Mop  


Cleaning Brushes –

  • Duster  
  • Floor and Wall Brush  
  • Grout Brush  
cleaning clothes, scrubs and mops

Vacuum Cleaners


For offices with a large carpet area, vacuum cleaners are must-have cleaning supplies. A vacuum cleaner can clean a large carpet area in a very short period. However, these machines are not very effective in disinfecting surfaces. For that purpose, one can opt for a steam cleaner or steam mop.

Amazon Business has an exhaustive housekeeping material list that includes different types of vacuum cleaners, such as –


Canister Vacuum 

Being very light, canister vacuum cleaners offer great maneuverability


Deep Clean Vacuum Cleaners 

These vacuum cleaners are relatively heavier but are more effective in cleaning carpets and rugs


Stick Vacuum Cleaners 

These are lightweight pole-mounted vacuum cleaners best for one-handed use

Essential Cleaning Tips


Here are a bunch of quick tips that will help housekeeping staff keep the office space, toilet, and kitchen clean and hygienic.

  • Using abrasive surface cleaners on tiles may scratch the surface; abstain from using them on shiny surfaces
  • Non-abrasive surface cleaners are effective on every surface, and some of them also have disinfectant properties
  • Vacuum cleaners are more effective on carpets, rugs, etc.
  • One can disinfect carpets and rugs using steam mops
  • Using water or all-purpose floor cleaners on wooden furniture can damage the product


Why Buy from Amazon Business?


Amazon Business, being the largest e-commerce platform in India, attracts a lot of sellers. With more sellers, the buyers get a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing housekeeping materials. Besides, the huge delivery network spread across the country facilitates doorstep delivery for every order.

In addition to that, customers purchasing products on Amazon Business can save on bulk procurement orders as the platform offers discounts and exciting cashback offers. Also, the business owners can benefit from GST input tax benefits. For those who do not have an Amazon Business account, they can create a free Amazon Business account pretty effortlessly.


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  • Using cleaning products is easy. Every cleaning product comes with instructions written on them. Generally, surface cleaners are diluted in water before using, and disinfectant sprays have other instructions.
  • ·       One should read the instruction before using the cleaning products

    ·       It is recommended not to mix one or more cleaning products together

    ·       Store the cleaning products away from the reach of children (inside home offices)

    ·       Wash hands with soap water after using any strong cleaning product

  • Cleaning products, such as surface cleaners and disinfectants, contain strong chemicals that may cause harm to one’s skin and other vital organs. Therefore, these cleaning products need to be stored in a safe place, away from the reach of children (inside home offices).

  • Cleaning supplies contain strong chemicals and can be hazardous to skin and overall human health. However, these housekeeping materials are less likely to create any toxic environment inside the office space or homes. If there is any such possibility, it will be mentioned on the label.

  • Store the cleaning supplies and chemicals in a safe place away from the reach of children.

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