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What helps a business become successful? What is that one factor that drives the company towards growth? Your answer is - business objectives! So what do you mean by business objectives? Why is it important? How does it help? Don't worry this blog will explain the objectives of business and build your understanding from the group up, starting from the primary objectives of business.

Let's begin!


What is Meant by Objectives of Business?

The objectives of business reveal how the strategic and specific business goals ensure an organization's or company's success will be achieved. It represents the result your business wants to achieve in the future. Business objectives inform the direction of a company's growth and how the business goals will be achieved by planning and allocating resources, assessing opportunities, and improving weaknesses and strengths. Building the right business objectives is relevant to implementing the goals and objectives of a business.


Why are Business Objectives Important?

Every business is started with some vision. Business objectives are the milestones helping a business to fulfill the goals and objective of a business. Without it, a business is left stranded, without proper direction or motive. Business objectives are significant because:


  • It helps to visualize business goals
  • Makes it easier to assess the business goals and assess growth
  • Helps to determine and allocate the required resources
  • Delegate responsibilities and distribute tasks across departments or teams
  • Facilitates timely achievement of business goals
  • Plays a crucial role in business planning


The 5 Main Objectives of Business

There are five primary objectives of business- economic, social, human, national, and global. Let's dig deeper into the types of business objectives.

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Economic Objectives of Business

One of the primary objectives of the business is making a profit. Economic objectives are achieved to earn more profit and expand the range and scale of business. However, to fulfill these objectives, there are essential steps to be taken, such as creating more customers and innovative ideas, accumulating financial stability, and realizing the right opportunities. Launching new products or services could widen the economic well-being of your business.


Social Objectives of Business

Social objectives are those primary objectives of business aimed at societal well-being. Businesses utilize multiple resources. In return, it's their duty to give back to society. A business needs to make sure that it leaves a positive impact and adds value to the social structure. CSR is one of the policies introduced by the government in this light.


Human or Individual Objectives of Business

Human objectives are one of the most crucial primary objectives of business, targeting the well-being of the employees or workers. Human objectives include the economic, social, and psychological factors of employees. The people within the business are critical assets. Be it planning, strategies, or execution; the people are involved in every aspect of the business. Therefore, an employee's overall well-being and development should be emphasized in any business.


National Objectives of Business

The national objectives of business expect business owners to give equal treatment to all employees, comply with government rules/ policies, and generate employment across society, including the weaker sections. Businesses should also focus on earning revenue for their government, becoming self-sufficient in producing goods and services, paying taxes in time, and conducting business without harming the environment.


Global Objectives of Business

The global economy has changed enormously over the past few decades. It has presented businesses all around the world with an opportunity to expand business on a global scale. Global objectives of business are aimed at reducing national disparities, promoting fair trade practices on a global scale, and sustaining the resources used to make the world a better place to live in.


What are the Economic Objectives of Business?

The economic objectives of a business are the profit-making objectives of a business. The concept is simple - using resources in the best way possible, attracting customers, making sales, and earning profits. The economic aspect of a business is inseparable from the objectives of a business plan if the company wishes to grow and expand, like the following:


Profit Earning

Every business is centered around the motive of earning profit. This economic objective of business helps them to generate revenue and survive in the competitive market. Profits help in wealth creation, investments, marketing, innovation, and increased social responsibility. Profit making makes it easy to pave the way for social objectives of business within and outside the territory of the working space.


Market Share / Creation of Customers

Profits can be considered the lifeblood of a business. But these profits can be earned only when there is a market for your products or services. Adequate market research is required to identify the product or service you intend to sell. Once you have identified it, efforts need to be put towards creating customer personas who would be your primary target audience. Creating the right market funnel is crucial in reaching your target audience.


Innovation & Utilization of Resources

Resources are the factors that are necessary to carry out any activity of a business. Mainly including financial, human, material, and intellectual resources. It is important to ensure optimal resource utilization to enhance the business and pave the way for innovation. Innovation helps to adapt and overcome the challenges of change and stagnation. However, it is important to aim for sustainable development and innovative eco-friendly practices.


Increasing Productivity

Productivity plays a key role for any business to thrive and expand. Stagnated productivity or decreased productivity affects the profits and business operations. Therefore, constant efforts need to be made to boost productivity in every aspect of a business. Technology, flexibility, working environment (Check out the best monitors you could procure for your employees and office), interactions, and human resource management are significant in increasing productivity.


What are the Social Objectives of Business?

Social objectives of business is one of the primary objectives business focusing on social responsibilities and giving back to society. Every business owner is a part of society and has certain social responsibilities. These responsibilities (listed below) lead to societal improvement, impacting the company's reputation and extending the scope and reach of the business. Most goals and objectives of a business accentuate the social dimension in their business operation. Some of them are mentioned below:

Providing Goods & Services at Reasonable Prices

Pricing is a crucial element in any business. A business owner should provide the desired goods and services at an appropriate price. (Learn the best pricing methods for your business) Malpractices such as unnecessary hoarding of goods, creating artificial scarcity of goods, or extravagant increases in the profit margins lead to an overall price hike. These practices prevent fair trade and should be prohibited.


Employment Generation

Employment generation is highly significant among the social objectives of a business. Employment is a pathway to the overall growth of an individual, providing income, financial independence, and opportunities to different sections of society. Generating inclusive employment opportunities is an important social responsibility of any business. The TATA Group is the best example exhibiting employment generation across industries and demography uplifting society.


Fair Remuneration to Employees

Employment helps in the upliftment of society. But a job without a fair salary wouldn't lead to much improvement. Therefore, businesses need to ensure fair remuneration to their employees in addition to health and other benefits such as provident funds, pensions, or insurance. Incentives and other perks can also be provided based on the type of business.


Community Service

Business owners should extend their services towards the development of society via community service. Even small initiatives can bring about a change if done right. There are many ways your company could help people, like focusing on weaker sections/ classes of society and providing opportunities to physically and mentally challenged individuals. Inclusiveness is the key. Although it is not obligatory, community service is an integral part of the primary objectives of any business.


What are Human or Individual Objectives of Business?

The employees, workers, or human resources form an integral part of any organization. Keeping the workforce motivated results in more efficiency and productivity. There are different methods of keeping employees productive and efficient. Some of them are explained below.


Pay Competitive Salaries

Every working professional wants satisfactory monetary compensation. Checking competitive salaries and additional perks have become quite simple. Salary is a major cause of employee turnover. If your employees feel they are being underpaid, it affects their output. In many cases, they leave their jobs, leading to re-hiring new individuals and training them. Thus, ensuring competitive salaries becomes an integral part of the human objectives of a business.


Offer Employee Perks

The best way to make employees feel secure about their work is to offer them additional perks. It helps build a sense of belonging and trust within the organization. Some of the most common perks you can offer employees include insurance, healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, infrastructure (check out the best office chairs for your employees), and bonuses (use our corporate Diwali card and show you care).


Provide Safer and Health-Conscious Working Environments

The work environment is the most important factor when considering the growth and development of employees and your business. Businesses must ensure that their employees work in a clean, safe, and open environment. Ensuring clean air (here are the best air purifiers for your office) and a well-sanitized and hygienic work environment is essential.


Provide Personal Growth and Development Opportunities

Learning never stops. Individuals need to pick up new skills for their growth continuously. Business owners should take measures to enhance their employee's skill-set and strengthen their abilities. Providing personal growth and development opportunities to employees will benefit and promote your business development.


Provide Incentives to Motivate Employees

The human workforce or employees are the individuals who drive the business. Thus, it is necessary to give them the required momentum continuously. One of the best ways to boost their morale is by providing various incentives. These incentives may include leaves, bonuses, performance bonuses, or gifts.


What are the National Objectives of Business?

Businesses are an inseparable part of the nation. Every business must work for national development and growth. The crucial national objectives of business include the creation of employment, promotion of social justice, contribution to the nation, helping self-sufficiency, and increasing exports.


What are Global Objectives of Business?

The economic and trade policies, which were once quite rigid, are now flexible. Globalization has provided businesses with an opportunity to operate on a global scale. Businesses can now sell their products and services on local, national, and international platforms. However, it also gives rise to global objectives which aim to improve the overall quality of life with better goods and services. It also focuses on reducing the disparities between the nations and bringing unification.


Additional Business Objectives for your Business

Are there just five main types of business objectives? Or there any additional objectives of business that are gaining prominence? The answer is yes. Let's check out these additional types of business objectives:


Getting and Staying Profitable

Profit is the most loved term by any business without which they cannot survive. Staying profitable is one of the primary objectives of business. Assessment of operations, expenses, working hours, and sales efforts are some of the basic steps that help a business stay profitable. A company or business should always be on the lookout for opportunities and make quick decisions to make profits.


Productivity of People and Resources

People and resources are the two main components of a business that need your constant attention. Outdated machines or poor-quality materials lead to inferior quality goods and services. Similarly, a monotonous routine makes your employees feel stuck, affecting their quality of work. Therefore, the productivity of resources and people must be improved with weekly games, competitions, or workshops to maintain and enhance productivity.


Excellent Customer Service

Customers are the king of the market. The product or service must be of desirable quality to satisfy and attract consumers. Providing a mediocre service and product would impact your business operation, and your customer retention takes a hit. Therefore, ensuring customer service is important in building a connection with the customer and your business. Good customer service leads to prosperity and expands the customer base.


Employee Attraction and Retention

Businesses should aim to create an environment where the employees want to do their best. A company's culture (enhance team building among the employees) is an attractive factor in determining whether the employees want to work there. Thus, building a strong online presence and brand value is important for employee retention. Social media platforms like employees involve LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and google ads, which enables you to create a strong online presence


Mission-driven Core Values

A company's core values are the basic ideas that a company believes in. These are the basic principles that form the foundation of an organization. A business's primary objective is to have solid and positive mission-driven core values.


Sustainable Growth

While conducting business operations and making profits, considering its impact on the environment is important. So, businesses should find and look for sustainable alternatives for business operations, causing less harm to the environment. For instance, use metal or paper cups in your restaurant instead of plastic ones. Hence, having sustainable growth that benefits the environment with your business.


Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow

Cash flows help understand the flow of your money and ensure you have sufficient funds to pay off your bills. A healthy cash flow keeps your income and profit in check. It further helps to find out how fast your income, like sales money, is being deposited in your bank account. A healthy cash flow saves you from being cash-strapped.


Dealing with Change

The only constant thing is that things are always changing. Every business needs to learn and adapt to the ever-changing and competitive world surrounding them. The changes may be the latest trends, machinery, equipment, methods, channels, etc. Being prepared to face challenges and adapt to change is among the primary objectives of business.


Reaching the Right Customers

Finding the right customers for your business is one of the main objectives of a business plan. Reaching out to the right customers is crucial among the primary objectives of business. Strategic business marketing could ensure the right marketing channels and platforms to reach the desired customers and convert them to leads.


Staying Ahead of the Competition

Today there is cut-throat competition in the market in almost every sector. Therefore, finding ways to be one step ahead of the competition should be one of your primary objectives of business. There are no set rules or any handbook for the same. Innovation, right business decisions, grabbing opportunities, finding the right business partners, etc., helps you to stay ahead of the competitors.


Examples of Primary Objectives of Business

  • Manufacturing goods with optimal resources with minimum wastage
  • Adopting multiple methods for marketing and advertising
  • A retail business providing groceries at a discounted rate to people from the low-income group
  • A business opting for sustainable packaging
  • Employees getting paid according to industry standards with paid sick leaves


How can Amazon Business help you in setting the primary objective of your business?     

Amazon Business could help your business, company, or organization to achieve primary objectives like profitable product procurement, business growth, and customer satisfaction. An Amazon Business account gets you close to the primary business objectives in the following manner:


  • Startups, SMEs, and local businesses could sell their products to promote business growth
  • Large enterprises could avail of the bulk purchasing options and bulk discounts to stay profitable while procuring goods, products, or items from Amazon
  • By becoming a seller, your goods and products reach a wider consumer base
  • Customer satisfaction also increases by availing of the fast and reliable shipping and delivery services of Amazon


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