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Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India 2022

Looking for Best Small Business Ideas? Here's top 10 Small Business Ideas list for you. Find out the most Profitable Small Business Ideas in India 2022.

Haven't we always adored our street-side Mithaiwala, hawkers calling out to buy their pretty products and that beauty parlor didi? Well, they have all contributed to the economy by starting those small businesses.

These modest firms offer employment opportunities, changing India's reputation from a nation that seeks employment to one that creates work. Register with Amazon Business to be a part of the small business revolution!

So, if you're wondering about small business ideas in India or whether you should start a small business, then keep reading.


What is Small Business?

Small business refers to the kind of industries producing goods and services on a small scale. The economic development of a nation could be affected by small businesses. Let's take a look at the characteristics of a small business for a better understanding:

  • Ownership: Small businesses have a single owner. Hence it's known as a sole proprietorship.
  • Management Style: One owner controls the complete management team and calls the shot.
  • Limited Reach: The limited or restricted area of operation with limited reach. Like a local shop or area located in an area.
  • Labor Driven:  Small businesses are manpower and labor dependent
  • Flexibility:  As they are small, unlike large industries, they are very flexible
  • Resources: Small businesses utilize local resources with better utilization of natural resources and reduced wastage.


Why start a Small Business?         

It takes a lot of faith to decide to launch your own company. It's like stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something novel. Although a lot of labor and some risks are involved, the potential returns are enormous.

Why wait around if that thought delights you?

If you don't agree with us fully yet, maybe you will once you know the top 5 reasons to start a small business:


1. You Can Begin from Nothing

This is your enterprise! You set the guidelines. Your freedom is not constrained by your boss's or the company's culture's rules and regulations. Now you can provide a good or service that fulfills your goal.


Your concepts will be the rules. Maybe you've come up with a solution to improve procedures. Perhaps you want to guarantee that your workers receive fair pay and paid time off for family obligations. Whatever issues you may have had at work, starting your own business allows you to try something new.


2. Freedom of Creativity

You can develop a concept or idea that no one has ever tried. You will control what your company produces or sells with your own company. Even if you're planning to dab into products and services that are already existing in the market, you can now develop novel, unconventional solutions to problems daily.


3. Control your Life

You can choose how to create your work schedule with your own company. Of course, during the early years, you will have to work long hours for your business growth. However, once your business is established, you can spend more time with your family and friends and create a flexible schedule for yourself.


4. Financial Freedom

Starting a business shouldn't be done to get rich. There are many ways to create money that don't involve working as hard or taking as many risks as owning a business.

However, the desire to support your family and improve your life can be a strong drive. And you can probably make more money as a business owner than an employee in the long run. Make sure you have the necessary operating capital and around six months' worth of living expenses before starting your firm.


5. Finding Your True Calling

Finding a niche and filling it is standard business advice. However, many opportunities still need to be discovered. Sometimes, listening to your friends or family's annoyances can frequently help you find your specialty.


List of top 10 Small Business Ideas

It may seem difficult to develop a solid business idea, but with little thought and preparation, you may quickly start a small business to supplement your income or work for yourself full-time. Choose small profitable business ideas today!

Here are the top 10 small business ideas to inspire you to follow your dreams:

List of top 10 Small Business Ideas

1. Electronic Appliance Store

One of the top 10 small business ideas in India is the electronic appliance store. The enormous demand for electronics products has propelled the electronics sector to new heights. People heavily use electronic products in virtually every activity, making it a small profitable business idea.

Before opening an electronic store, you need a plan to develop your business. Make sure to know your competitors and choose the right location for your business. Research how your competitors are running their stores for you to implement one of the best business ideas in India.


2. Cleaning and Sanitation Product Store

Starting a cleaning and sanitation product store is a good small business idea. However, decide if you want to dab into all kinds of cleaning processes or a niche category. You can choose to supply products for medical office cleaning, window, and blind cleaning, pressure washing for exterior cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, restroom cleaning and disinfecting, disaster cleaning, etc.


3. Marketing Agency

Launching a marketing agency is yet another small business idea in India to think about. If you have marketing industry experience or want to offer creative marketing solutions for different clients, open a marketing agency. You can start small with a few equipment to help you work online, like a laptop, office chairs, monitors, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

The most typical route is to acquire this knowledge and focus on some of your earliest first customers. Demonstrate the value of your business, and early clients frequently open the door to a network of recommendations that might go on forever.


4. Gym

If fitness is your passion? One of the best small business ideas in India is opening a gym. You could pick a locality where people notice you. Create a solid business plan, including funding to keep your business stable.

Don't underestimate the power of good interiors. Invest in good interiors and set up the gym with all the required equipment. Get the required licenses and hire good trainers. Marketing for your gym can start with great discounts for families, women, men, etc.          


5. Gift Shop

Everyone likes receiving gifts. We never show up at any occasion without a gift, whether a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or anniversary. Opening a gift shop is one of the small business ideas in India you could try. However, before opening one, consider the location and make sure you have a website with the products listed.

You could also try opening a gift shop online (For assistance, read our blog- Start an online business in India)  by procuring the right items.


6. Pantry Shop

The ups and downs of the economy have little impact on the profitability of starting a modest pantry shop. That is why the concept of creating a pantry shop is one of the best small business ideas in India.

Having an inventory management system is extremely crucial to running a pantry shop. Make a strategy to know how much money you'll need to establish a pantry shop, whom to target, and how to increase profitability. The location of your pantry shop is vital because different areas have different clientele.             


7. Beauty Products Store

It would be best if you first comprehended how makeup and cosmetics function. If you have prior experience in the cosmetics industry will be beneficial. Decide whom to target and which market to dive into- aging issues, teens, women, or men. What marketing and promotion tactics to employ? How are you going to out-compete other cosmetics shops?

Finally, incorporate capital investment, cash flow, and estimated rate of return into your financial strategy.


8. Salon

Salons can be reliable and lucrative small business ideas in India, but you need to be well-prepared and have a solid business strategy before you can operate one.

You can build a devoted clientele for your salon by identifying a niche in the market.

The most crucial elements for a salon to prosper are a positive workplace environment, knowledgeable staff, and an appreciation of the value of its offerings.

Consider what distinguishes your salon from others. Are they the services you provide? Your courteous staff? Your personalized encounters? Try to make it the center of your identity, whatever it may be, and expand your company.  


9. Security Systems Store

You must conduct extensive research before beginning new security systems store to ensure you will be well-positioned for sustained success in the sector.

Selecting a business model should be one of your initial choices. Will you run a dealership or a franchise, or will you run your business entirely on your own?

Once you've chosen your company's home security services sector, you'll need to contact the franchisor(s) you're thinking of to determine whether the venture will be a good fit. Talk about the costs and business terms. Find the right location for your business. People should be able to locate you easily.


10. Industrial and Safety Equipment Store

Establishing an industrial and safety equipment store can be pretty straightforward and one of the best small business ideas in India, especially if you have a thorough business plan that details your goals and objectives, and strategies.

Advertising is crucial if you want people to learn more about your company and reach your target market. If you own a business website, you can distribute newsletters, flyers, and business cards, promote in magazines, and run online advertisements. Begin looking for a suitable site for your store.


Low Budget Small Business Ideas 2022

Starting a business with a low budget is possible! Ideas for small businesses are right here! Let's take a look at the top 5 low-cost small business ideas list:

Low Budget Small Business Ideas 2022

1. Event Management

Are you someone excited about planning events and organizing parties? Then consider opening an event management business. Your business's growth, success, and stability depend on your client's happiness and the experience you deliver.

Therefore, hiring the right talent and having impeccable teamwork, problem-solving skills, and quick decision-making is extremely important for this business. You could start with a small office but have all the required tools like the best printers, laptops, and best office chairs.


2. Online Tutoring

What do you feel strongly about? Marketing? Baking? Web design? By providing online classes, you can assist others in improving their life if you are an expert in your field. Make videos and packets of information that may be downloaded, or arrange for clients to have live/ online classes.

Buying a projector will help you showcase your teaching content in the video. It will be an interactive way of teaching.

A home-based or online tutoring business is one of the top small business ideas in India for ambitious or aspiring educators.


3. Video Creation

Many businesses, influencers, and aspiring YouTubers want to take their videos to the next level but lack the tools or expertise necessary to make high-quality films. Being a freelance video producer is a wise business choice if you have experience as a video producer, a strong portfolio, and the drive to assist people and companies in creating great videos. This could be one most successful small business ideas for you.  


4. Life Coach

Ever thought of working as a life or career coach? Many of us seek career guidance, but it can be challenging to locate a mentor with the time to help. If you've expertise in successfully handling professional, personal, and societal changes, go for it.

Although life coaches aren't cheap, they can provide clients with the intensive, practical instruction and guidance they require to make significant progress in their personal and professional lives.

After all, we could all use a bit of inspirational advice now and then, especially ever since the pandemic making it one of the best Small Business Ideas 2022.


5. Fashion Business

Why not launch your fashion empire with a neighborhood shop if you have dreams of doing so? Create a buzz with eye-catching dress choices, motivational social media profiles, and active community involvement.

While it is possible to create an offline business, you can also try it online. If that is successful, you may then build a local store.

There are various ways to launch a clothes store. First, if you have fashion design knowledge or know how to sew, knit, and choose colors and designs, you can make the clothing yourself.


How to start a Small Business?

Having small business ideas in India is one thing, but the know-how of actually starting one is another. Before you stress yourself out on how to implement your best business ideas in India, here's a stepwise guide to give you direction:

How to start a Small Business?

Things to consider before starting a Small Business

Even if you have identified the top 10 small business ideas in India, problems are bound to occur, and struggle is your daily companion when materializing any of them. A lot of thinking and decision-making goes into actually establishing a small business. Most successful small business ideas in India come from careful consideration:

Therefore, consider these things before you venture onto your small business:


  • Do Intense Research

Research, research, and a lot of research should be part of your daily routine to know your industry and your competitors, to identify the unique selling point, and to even understand which demographic to target. Most successful small business ideas in India always come from intense research.

Always remember, maybe you are not the only one with the most successful small business ideas!


  • Pick your Audience           

Knowing your target audience or key demographic is crucial to implementing profitable small business ideas. Understand your audience's shopping behavior, needs, and priorities, to find out what you can offer them.

If there's a misalignment between what you're delivering and what the consumer wants, it'll be difficult to find success.


  • What's your mission?

It's a task to pick your endeavor from the small business ideas list, let alone stay on course with your end goal. Define your mission, reiterating the purpose of your business. Most of the decision-making to expand, sustain, and grow your business is informed by the core business purpose, strengths, and lacking aspects of your business.


  • Pick a legal structure        

The most crucial thing to consider before acting on any of the best small business ideas in India is choosing its legal structure. Many paperwork, documentation, licenses, registrations, tax concerns and other legal aspects are associated with starting any business, big or small.


  • How are your finances?   

Ah yes, the most pressing concern for any small business ideas to materialize is mapping out your finances. Some entrepreneurs start with a small amount and struggle later. Have a clear picture of the amount you need for registering a company, infrastructure, employee hiring, taxes, business operations, and other expenditures.


  • Understand your tax burden      

Timely tax payments are one thing you need to ensure. Moreover, knowing your recurring, intermittent, and regular taxes to a state or country will determine your payroll. Hire a professional to make you understand if you have to, but clearly understand when whom, and how to pay the taxes and fees.


  • Know the risks

No business can grow or flourish without taking any risks. Before you check off one of the top 10 small business ideas in India, know the risks involved in the industry before jumping into the business plan. Decide how you'll tackle or manage these risks beforehand.


  • Have a solid business plan

A business plan is a blueprint of steps or actions you need to take for a successful business launch and sustained growth. Have this document ready to go whenever requested, and ensure it has all the relevant components:

  • The mission statements
  • Business description
  • List of services or products you offer
  • The list of decision-makers in company
  • Your financial plan
  • An analysis of the current market and opportunity


  • Your timing is a big deal

Believe it or not, timing has a very significant role to play in your business launch, product launch, business expansion, and partnership decisions you will make. If you launch your business at the wrong time, you may take a big blow, or if you wait too long, you may miss the bus. Make a list of business ideas.


  •  Who are your mentors or advisors?

Finding the right aspiring and experienced advisors or mentors is important when setting up your business. Actualizing ideas for small business takes a lot of aid, helps, and experiential knowledge to guide and direct you. Don't think of doing it alone. Find the ones who've been through this journey and struggled before.


  • Bring in professionals

Hire professionals and tap into their experience as it's impossible to know everything as an entrepreneur. Especially legal assistance for setting up a new business, registering it, and the legalities of labor laws and other employee hiring processes.


How can Amazon Business help in starting your Small Business?

Amazon Business can be crucial in helping start your small business. Here's how:


  • Become a seller with Amazon Business and sell your products
  • Take advantage of the Amazon Launchpad platform for entrepreneurs and innovative products
  • The Amazon Small Business Month is dedicated to encouraging small businesses
  • Events like Stock-up Sale, EMI Fest, Great Indian Sale, and Business Value Days to purchase office supplies, stationary, and other items at a lower price
  • Moreover, the business has exclusive GST invoice discounts, bulk discounts, and doorstep delivery for cost-effective business purchases.



Giving wings to your small business ideas in India is possible with a well-thought-out business plan, a clear mission, enough budget, and the passion for becoming an entrepreneur. Even if you have a list of small business ideas in the bag, the success of your endeavor decides on your persistence, business strategy, decision-making ability, and problem-solving skills.

We hope this blog gives you some direction and guidance to substantiate your list of business ideas for small businesses. 


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