What to buy on Dhanteras

Dhanteras Gift Items Buying Guide: What to buy on Dhanteras

Get Dhanteras Shopping Ideas & Read What to buy on Dhanteras? Check out the list of Best Things to Buy and Gift this Dhanteras to bring Home Luck & Prosperity.

Dhanteras Gift Items Buying Guide 2022: What to buy on Dhanteras | Amazon Business


We have entered the month of festivals, and the festivities are slowly kicking in. Starting with Dussehra, the month of October is all set to welcome the festival of lights, Diwali. With Diwali comes the tradition of gift giving and thali exchanging! Are you ready with your gifts yet? (Don't worry, we will lend you our Diwali shopping list.)


Marking the first day of the Diwali celebration is Dhanteras. Have you heard of it? Do you know what it symbolizes? Or What to buy on Dhanteras? Rest assured, we have answers to all these questions.


However, we just don't have answers but the solution to all your Dhanteras shopping needs! Don't take out word for it. Register with Amazon Business today and check out our extensive online store for yourself.


What is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras, or "Dhanatrayodash," is a Hindu festival marking the first day of Diwali. The word derives from "Dhan" (wealth) and "Teras," meaning the number thirteen, which designates the thirteenth day of the waning moon's phase.

This auspicious day is believed to bring good luck, and people purchase utensils, gold, and silver jewelry. A lot of rituals are associated with Dhanteras, like praying for the husband's health and long life and the household's wealth. Laxmi puja is often performed in homes marking the initiation of joyous Diwali festival celebrations.


When is Dhanteras 2022?

Every year, the day falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha, a month in the Hindu calendar. Usually, falling one or two days before Diwali. Dhanteras 2022 will be celebrated on Sunday, October 23, 2022.


Why is Dhanteras Celebrated?

Dhanteras honors the birth of Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda and an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is believed to have arisen from the ocean's churning while clutching religious books in one hand and a pot of honey in the other. Lord Dhanvantari is revered as the founder and teacher of Ayurveda and is credited with treating the Gods.



17 Best Things to Buy on Dhanteras

You don't have to scratch your head about what to buy on Dhanteras anymore or think of Dhanteras shopping ideas no more, we have a list to guide you right here. When it comes to buying gifts for Dhanteras, keep in mind that items like gold, silver, and diamond take precedence.


To save your time, we have a curated list of Dhanteras items to buy:


1. Utensils

Purchasing brass, silver, and gold utensils are considered auspicious on Dhanteras. However, you must avoid plastic and glass purchases as they are said to bring ill luck. On this day, it is also said that one must try their best to avoid sharp tools like knives, scissors, and other cutting implements.


2. Television

This Dhanteras, celebrate with a brand-new television! Exciting colors, features, and everything new will light up your Diwali and Dhanteras!


3. Fridge

It's the perfect time to purchase a new refrigerator! Great prices are live on our online store. A refrigerator serves as a hub for making meals for the whole family, keeps your food fresh, and you depend on it. You could be tempted to put off updating it even when it becomes an eyesore or an energy hog that is driving up your energy cost.


4. Washing Machine

Buying a new washing machine is the most important aspect if you haven't upgraded yet! Make the most of the great prices on Amazon and buy a new washing machine! Washing machines now have more capabilities than ever, including intelligent networking and steam sanitization.


5. Gold or Silver

One of the main attractions and goals of Dhanteras, in addition to spiritual pujas, is for people to buy jewelry made of gold and silver and a, in particular, steel and brass utensils.

Devotees from all over the nation adore and worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi during this auspicious season. They are both recognized as the Goddess and God of wealth.

Buy gold and silver on Amazon for discounted prices!


6. Laptop

This new season, upgrade your old laptop to a brand-new laptop! You get a brand-new battery when you upgrade your laptop, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in the amount of time you can go without charging. Modern laptops are also not only more powerful but also more energy-efficient.

Read our blog on Best Laptops for Students to decide on one.


7. Mobile Phone

Upgrade to a new mobile phone this Dhanteras! With a new mobile phone, you can anticipate a more prominent, sharper, and easier-to-read display, improved performance, and possibly for the first time, a battery you can rely on for a whole day before needing to be recharged.

And 5G! Buy the best 5G mobile phones on Amazon at amazing prices!


8. Speakers

Who does not enjoy the great sound quality? And now you don't even need to worry about the price anymore! Get new speakers from Amazon this Dhanteras! Great quality sound at amazing prices is all yours!


9. Earphones

This is the most important asset today! Traveling or having a me-time, earphones bring music to your ears! Make sure to enjoy music with the best sound with the most amazon earphones range on Amazon today!

(Here's a list of best earphones with mic for your reference.)


10. Clothes

Buying new clothes for Diwali is an unwritten rule! Enjoy the best discounts on top brands and fashion categories with Amazon today! Gift new clothes to family and friends at the most amazing prices!


11. Lakshmi Ganesh Idols

Buying the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh is a Dhanteras festival tradition. According to popular belief, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased when people properly worship her on the day of Diwali, and she bestows prosperity and grandeur upon them. On the day of Dhanteras, it is fortunate to purchase a Lakshmi-Ganesh idol.


12. Gomti Chakra

A gomti chakra is said to be able to shield you and your loved ones from your jealous neighbors and other people's "Evil Eyes." Vedic astrology states that this stone functions as a shield and is especially useful for children.


13. Furniture

Let's liven up your room or home with new furniture this Dhanteras. The worn-out furniture could use a little upgrade. Restructure your home to fit the work-from-home setup.


14. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are idle as Dhanteras gift. The deep cleaning occurs in most homes before the festivities will be improved and quick with a good vacuum cleaner. Here's a list of the best vacuum cleaners in India to help your search.


15. Puja Thali

An ideal gift to mark the occasion is a Puja thali. You could go for silver thalis for the Dhanteras Puja and let the religious hymn flow by you. Check out the puja thalis on Amazon.


16. Rangoli Colours

Gifting rangoli colours would be apt to welcome the Lakshmi Goddess to your homes, as per the significance of the festival. Therefore, rangoli colours are one of the best items to buy in Dhanteras.


17. Broom

Brooms are one of the auspicious gifts for Dhantreas. Traditionally it's considered good to buy brooms on Dhanteras, and also donating one is considered auspicious.

[For more Dhantera gift ideas, you can check our home appliance list and know the essentials every home needs.]


Dhanteras Gift Ideas & Items

Let's explore some more Dhantera shopping ideas and gift items to know what is good to buy on Dhanteras to ease your search.



Why not try something different this year and go for a smartwatch? One of the essential gadgets for all working individuals and tech-lovers. However, they are not just for professionals. Your family, relatives, and friends can schedule all their appointments, set reminders, and whatnot with a smartwatch.


Here are some of the best picks:



You could also consider office essentials like printers, also a good corporate gift. We have some of the best printers for home and office use on our online store. Nowadays, the Work from home culture, e-learning, and virtual workspace accentuate the need for printers.



Backpacks are another option you can try. Be it your children, relatives, family, employee, or friends. A backpack is a much-needed item in the daily commute. Check out our collection of backpacks:


Personal Care Products

Personal care products may be your answer to what to buy on Dhanteras. Who doesn't like styling, grooming, and skincare products? Find all the personal, skin, and beauty products on our extensive online store.


Chocolate & Sweets

A box of assorted chocolates or sweets would make all the sweet tooth in your family and friends happy, be it Diwali or Dhanteras, and they will not say no to it. Check out our corporate gift store for luxury chocolate boxes.


Smart Water Bottle

If you wish to buy something smart on a budget, try the smart water bottles. They are ideal for managing and maintaining the water intake and hydration levels of your family and friends. You can also personalize it and make it extra special.

Smart Bottle

Storage Devices

For someone not storing the data and information on the cloud, storage devices would make perfect sense. Hard drives and Pendrives allow extensive data storage even and all your consolidated data under one device.


Silver Gifts

One of the best Dhantera shopping ideas is going for silver gifts- utensils, cutlery, coins, glass, jewelry, etc. With the ongoing Amazon Great Indian sale, get good deals on silver items without shelling more. Register with Amazon Business to know more.


Shagun Coins

The next best thing after silver gifts is to buy Shagun coins for yourself, friends, or families. Based on your budget, you can opt for gold or silver coin. Amazon has a collection of purity ensures coins for your needs. Check it out:


Door Hangings

If you wish to gift subtle home décor, try door hangings. Ideal for puja and Diwali activities. From chunky mirror work, and subtle door hangings, Amazon has it all.


Artificial Rangoli Gifts

Give a gift oozing positivity, an attractive Lakshmi goddess, and prosperity, a rangoli. For those with naught kids running their time-consuming handmade rangoli, artificial ones would make the perfect sense.


Photo Printers

Everyone wants to immortalize their best captured moments. What if they could do that in an instant? Our amazon collection of photo printers would do just that. If you are low on budget, try the mini and portable photo printers that could be hooked to smartphones.



Gaming Consoles

What to buy on Dhanteras for your gamer friends and family members? The answer is right there, gamer consoles. They would love it, and you can buy one without sending more. From handheld, TV video consoles to old Retro Video games, Amazon has it all. 


Wireless Chargers

Charging multiple devices together is a chaotic scene with the wires getting tangled. Wireless chargers can clean this mess and makes charging smartphones, smartwatch, earbuds, tablets, etc. easier.


LED Lamps

You can take two turns here, either got for LED diya or LED lamp. Diyas would be the perfect addition to people's Diwali celebrations ideas, or you could go for LED lamps for serving more practical use.


Combo Packs

If you are unable to pick one gift item, then go for a combo pack. You could either pick a gift category and form a combo pack or makes an assorted combo pack from different product categories.


 How to Buy Dhanteras Gift Items from Amazon Business?


The tension around what to buy on Dhanteras relaxes with Amazon Business. You can find all the Dhanteras items to buy on our vast online store. The question of how is as simple as:



The ease of Dhanteras shopping on Amazon Business comes with exclusive offers and benefits.


  • Wholesalers, sellers, retailers, store owners, etc., can stock up on different products needed for selling, storing, or reselling
  • Entrepreneurs can launch new Dhanteras gift items
  • Personal users can pick their favs from multiple categories
  • The bulk discounts, additional GST invoice discounts, bank offers, and Great Indian Festival offer to save big with every purchase.


All you need to do is to get your checklist ready and decide what is good to buy on Dhanteras!


 What are the Offers on Amazon Business for Dhanteras Shopping?


The best part of Dhanteras shopping is the Great Indian Festival happening right now! Guaranteed offers on all categories. Here take a peek:




Coins and Jewellery


Gold and silver coins up to 20% off. Diamond

jewellery starts from 0% making charge and up to 40%

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Electronics and Appliances


Up to 40% off on smartphones, laptops, tablets, refrigerators, and

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Pooja essentials


Idols, mandir, diyas, and lamps are up to 60% off. Up to

50% off on Diwali lights and more.


Clothing & fashion


Up to 80% off on men's, women's, and kid's clothing.

Bag footwear with up to 80% off.




Up to 50% off on precious metals range, safe, and locks.

Copper and brass utensils for up to 60% off.




Not just that, exclusive bulk discounts and 10% instant discounts on Debit/ Credit cards, and easy returns make it more attractive.




We believe this blog was helpful in answering what should we buy on Dhanteras? Remember to avoid the color black, sharp objects, glass items, and oils while purchasing Dhanteras gift items. The most auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras include gold, silver, diamond products, cutlery (silver), kitchenware, and other kitchen essentials.


  • Getting into the mood for Diwali, Amazon has attractive offers on gold, silver, and diamond jewellery, kitchenware, kitchen essentials, etc. For instance, Amazon is offering up to 60% off on Gold Coins, jewellery, kitchenware, and more with attractive back offers. Cutlery products and kitchen tools start at ₹79 and up to 20% off on gold and silver coins.

  • The beliefs associated with Dhanteras shopping fuel the intense shopping witnessed on this day. The common belief suggests that shopping on Dhantera brings good luck and prosperity, especially buying gold, silver, and utensils. So, have you thought of what to buy on Dhanteras this year?

  • If you are a strong believer, then the best time to purchase is the Pradosh time. It's predicted between 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on October 23rd. However, if you want to get implemented with your Dhanteras shopping ideas early, start making your checklist for Dhanteras gift items now.

  • Here are some tips on Dhanteras shopping:

    ·       Make a checklist of what to buy on Dhanteras

    ·       Know Dhanteras items to buy and avoid. You shouldn't buy items like iron, steel, empty pitchers, fake gold, glass products, etc.

    ·       Unlike Diwali, gifts are not usually exchanged on Dhanteras

    ·       Avoid black colour products from your Dhanteras gift items

    ·       The best things to buy on Dhanteras include gold, silver, diamond, kitchenware, etc.

  • While you're more focused on what to buy on Dhanteras, steer clear on these items from your Dhanteras shopping- iron, color black, fake gold, sharp objects, stainless steel products, glass items, oil, etc. For more Dhanteras gift ideas read our blog.

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