Diwali Celebration Ideas For Office

Exciting Diwali Celebration Ideas For Office 2022: Offline & Virtual

Make this Diwali more Fun with these Awesome Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office. Discover the Latest Employee Engagement Activities for Diwali Celebration.

Diwali, a beautiful festival filled with lights, laughter, love, and positivity, is not only a festival but an emotion. A time that brings people closer, wherein colleagues become friends and friends become family. One of the most significant festivals in India, Diwali calls for a gala celebration, not just at home but also in the workspace. Perhaps it is the buffet of sweets, the glimmering lights all around, or simply the positivity in the air that makes every employee excited and willing to partake in Diwali festivities.


We will lay out Diwali celebration ideas for office to make this festival more joyous in this blog, like ideas for Diwali celebration in office, virtual Diwali celebration ideas for office, and fun Diwali celebration games for office. Keep reading to know more!


Benefits of Celebrating Diwali in the Office

Celebrating Diwali in the workplace can be a great way to engage the employees. Other than this, many benefits are attached to celebrating Diwali in the office. Let us look at a few of them!

  • Promotes an inclusive work environment
  • Induces team spirit and an overall positive atmosphere
  • Boosts the morale of the employees
  • Brings employees closer together, leading to a more synchronized workplace
  • Helps with employee engagement


Celebrating festivals like Diwali by throwing an office party or events will reflect how you value the employees, staff, or clients. By registering with Amazon Business, you get access to our online corporate gifting store.


13 Creative Diwali Office Celebration Ideas

Organizations today have come up with more innovative ways to celebrate Diwali. Let us dive further to know the most creative and latest Diwali celebration ideas for office.


Office Decoration

Decorating your surroundings is one of the important elements of the Diwali celebration. Decorating the workspace is one of the most interesting Diwali celebration ideas for office that fosters employee creativity and engagement. Traditionally, office decorations meant simply lighting clay lamps and making rangoli; however, in the present times, organizations have upped their game. Diwali office decorations involve decorating the entire office, from alleyways to workstations, with colorful lamps and LED lights, flowers, paper lanterns, wall designs, etc. Check out our online store for Diwali decorative items for office.


Traditional Attire

Diwali celebration in office is incomplete without cheery employees flaunting their traditional attires. One of the many facets of celebrating Diwali is getting ready and looking your best.

Encouraging all employees to wear ethnic wear can be a Diwali party idea for Diwali celebration in office. Arranging an ethnic wear contest can be a fun Diwali activity for employees [Read our blog on Diwali Activities for more fun ideas]. Employees can have a ramp walk session, looking their best, and the best traditional attire can be bestowed with gifts!


Rangoli Competition

No matter how many new Diwali ideas flourish all around us, making rangoli remains one of the most sought-after traditional Diwali activities, ranking it among the best Diwali celebration ideas for office or home. Decades have passed, yet a good-old rangoli competition colors everyone with hues of love and joy. Purchase your rangoli kit through our online store.


Diwali Puja

Organizing Diwali Puja can be a terrific way to diffuse inclusivity in the office. Diwali Puja is the most significant aspect of the festival; it fills the people and surroundings with positivity and joy. Organizing the Puja is could an idea for Diwali celebration in office to instill a sense of unity among the employees. [Make your Diwali Puja Thali with Amazon.]


Best Dress Competition

As discussed above, Diwali calls for employees to bring their A-game in terms of fashion. Since all employees are decked up for the Diwali celebration at office parties, arranging an ethnic wear contest can be a fun Diwali activity for employees. Employees can have a ramp walk session, looking their best, and the best traditional attire can be bestowed with gifts! With events like the Great Indian Festival and Amazon Small Business Month, save more on your Diwali shopping.


Diwali-Themed Photo Booth

One of the most exciting Diwali celebration ideas for office is having a fun Diwali-themed photo booth area. Adorned with garlands and Diwali props featuring quirky slogans can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate Diwali and bring employees together.


A Sweets Deck

Be it any festival,sweets are a crucial part of the celebration, and why not? They are delightfully mouth-watering. Different varieties of sweets would surely appeal to the employees' taste buds. While arranging a variety of scrumptious sweets can be one of the most tempting Diwali celebration ideas, you can also beautify the arrangement and instill some creativity into it.


Dance Party

Amongst the plethora of fun Diwali activities for employees, this one tops the list. A dance party can be loads entertaining for the employees. Grooving to pop tunes can help break the ice for some employees and allow them to bond with others. A game of musical chairs can also be organized to bring more excitement to the party.


Diwali DJ

One of the most exciting employee engagement activities for Diwali is hosting a DJ party. Pep up the Diwali celebration at office with a professional DJ. To boost the spirit of the employees and add more zeal to their energy, arrange a DJ for the office premises and have a full-blown Diwali party!


Talent Show

Out of all the exciting ideas for Diwali celebration in office, this one remains the most appealing. Since each employee is unique and has a talent that may or may not be known to others in the office, organizing a talent show becomes a just cause. Conducting a talent show is not just a great employee engagement initiative but also provides employees with a platform to showcase their talents, boosting their morale.


Few other Diwali event ideas for office to liven up the mood and keep the employees engaged can include any of the following:

  • Diwali-themed face painting contest
  • Diwali Potluck
  • Henna painting
  • Dress your manager contest
  • Spend Diwali at an old age home or orphanage
  • Donate your time as a team
  • Movie Marathon for 5 days of Diwali


Exchanging Gifts

An age-old tradition, exchanging gifts signifies the feelings of companionship and love between people. Hence, this ritual can be added to the Diwali office celebration ideas list. Employees exchanging gifts helps boost the feelings of fellowship within the organization. Organizations can also give Diwali gifts to their employees, instilling a positive outlook toward their work. With an array of corporate Diwali gift ideas to choose from, give the best to the employees.


Diwali Treasure Hunt

An auspicious festival signifying prosperity and luck, Diwali is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and what better way to celebrate this festival than organize a treasure hunt? A full-fledged, planned treasure hunt can be highly stimulating for the employees and is undoubtedly an exciting idea for the office Diwali party!


Best out of Waste Cubicle Decoration

With organizations becoming more environmentally conscious, a best-out-of-waste decoration is a way to go. From recycled paper streamers to LED lights, decorating office workstations by creating the best out of waste can kindle the spark of creativity within the employees.

Apart from these creative ideas for celebrating Diwali in office, you could also organize Diwali celebration games in office. Some of the popular Diwali celebration games in office space could include:

  • Social Humor
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Taboo
  • Freeze Dance
  • Diwali themed Pictionary


7 Creative Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office


Although many organizations have adopted a work-from-home model post-COVID-19, office events and festivities did not take a backseat. With the help of technology prowess, organizations with a work-from-home or hybrid work model have found new ways of doing things and conducting events. On a relatable note, let us discuss a few virtual Diwali celebration ideas for office.

7 Creative Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas for Office

Online Best Diwali Selfie Contest

Selfies have become quite popular among different generations of people. An online selfie contest represents on such Diwali activities for employees to amp up the Diwali celebration in office. Individuals can instill a dose of creativity, humor, and a set of unique ideas to capture the best selfie and win the contest.


Best-out-of-Waste Diwali Decoration Online Contest

The best-out-of-waste contest can also be held virtually. Employees can decorate their workspace at home with recyclable or waste materials and showcase the same over a virtual Diwali party. The most innovative and creative of all the decorations can win a Diwali prize. As various platforms such as Zoom, Google meet, etc. have simplified virtual celebrations and events, Diwali festivities can easily be covered over such platforms.


Online Tambola Game

A good old game of Tambola can never go wrong. Be it an office event or an office party, Tambola wins hearts everywhere, every time. One of the most popular Diwali celebration games in office, Tambola allows multiple people to play at once and can be effortlessly conducted online.


Watch Movie

Fortunately, we are born in the era of technological advancements, wherein new applications and platforms are released every fortnight. With the help of applications like Rave, Twoseven, and Syncplay, people can virtually watch movies together. Since watching movies together is a great bonding experience as it opens doors to dialogue, it can be one of the most interesting virtual Diwali celebration ideas for office.


Live Musical concert

Apart from the different ways organizations conduct festivities during work from home, partaking in a live musical concert is certainly a unique practice. Other than the regular online games and virtual talent shows, attending a live musical concert can be an exhilarating and exclusive experience for the employees, making it one of the choicest Diwali event ideas for office.


Bollywood Trivia

Since Bollywood remains a huge part of our lives, wherein most of us have grown up watching Bollywood movies and singing Bollywood tunes, trivia on the same might interest many employees. Teams can be made, and a prize can be awarded to the winning team.


Virtual Rangoli Competition

One of the vital celebratory elements marking the festival of Diwali is rangoli. A rangoli competition is one of the many interesting ways to celebrate Diwali and can be held virtually. Employees can participate by making exquisite rangoli designs at home and showcasing the same via video conferencing platforms.


Complete your Diwali Celebration by Gifting your Loved Ones with Amazon Business


A significant aspect of Diwali is exchanging gifts with your loved ones. Exchanging gifts during the festival reflects bonding and connection between two people. With Amazon Business, you can choose from an array of memorable gifts to mark this occasion of love and light. From hi-tech Bluetooth speakers to top-notch earphones, give your close ones the joy of Diwali. The list of Diwali gifts at Amazon Business is endless, wherein products come with exclusive offers and special prices to add to the day's festivities. From elegant corporate gifts to gifts for family and friends, all your needs for Diwali are taken care of with Amazon Business.



A festival of immense importance, Diwali calls for a gala event. From celebrations at home to the residential complex to the office, the festival witnesses splendor and grand celebration. While companies have organized Diwali parties for a long time now, many companies have raised their bars and made the celebration more exciting and wondrous. By gifting exclusive gifts to the employees and hosting an array of amusing games and contests, companies are succeeding at winning the hearts of their employees and raising their morale.

To enhance Diwali festivities in your office, gift your employees with the choicest of products. From state-of-the-art external hard disks to fancy coffee makers, opt for the most sophisticated gifts for your organization. Choose amongst a wide range of discounted products and win hearts this Diwali!

Undoubtedly, the joyous festival is an excellent window into the people's hearts, where new connections are established, and old ones are strengthened. Instilling the feelings of unity, inclusivity, and companionship, celebrating Diwali in the workspace irrefutably induces team spirit in the employees and creates a more positive work environment.


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  • Hosting a Diwali event in the office can be very exciting. You can organize many employee engagement activities for Diwali, like a treasure hunt or a game of musical chairs. You can work with other employees to organize the party, which will undoubtedly inculcate team spirit amongst the employees and help build connections at work. While taking help from other employees, you can arrange for food, including sweets, to mark the joyous festival. You can also decorate the office and organize decoration-specific contests, such as the best-out-of-waste cubicle decoration challenge.

  • One of the most significant Hindu festivals, Diwali is an auspicious day reflecting love, positivity, and joy. People clean and decorate their houses and offices to partake in the festival and celebrate it. They also light lanterns and lamps around their surroundings while worshiping Hindu deities, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. While the festival symbolizes prosperity and abundance, it is also a day filled with love and companionship, and to mark these emotions, people exchange gifts with their loved ones.

  • Most companies organize a Diwali party or event to celebrate the festival. Offices are decorated with LED lights, colorful lamps, flowers, and Rangoli. Many companies organize rangoli-making competitions or decoration-specific contests. Various fun-filled competitions and activities are held, wherein winners are bestowed with exciting gifts. Some companies provide their employees with Diwali bonuses or gifts. Other than this, as a collective Diwali gift for the employees, companies can also choose to revamp their office premises. From comfortable office chairs to top-notch air purifiers, buy premier products with heavy discounts.

  • There are several exclusive corporate gifts for companies to give to the winners of Diwali competitions. From mobile accessories to earphones to personalized notebooks, there are a plethora of gift items. Companies can also gift fitness trackers or watches to their employees; there is an array of electronic products to choose from. The list of corporate gift items is exhaustive and features exclusive prices.

  • Exchanging sweets and gifts on Diwali signifies feelings of love and fellowship between people. It is an age-old tradition that represents the bonding between people. Since Diwali is an auspicious festival filled with joy and positivity, exchanging gifts denotes mutual respect and admiration.

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