Corporate GiftIng Ideas for Diwali

Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas for Employees, Office Staff & Clients

Explore The Best Corporate Diwali Gift for Employees & Clients Here. Find Out Unique & Best Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas to Gift this Festive Season.

Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas for Employees, Office Staff & Clients | Amazon Business


Diwali is a season of merry-making and exchange of gifts! And what could be a better way of celebrating Diwali than gifting appreciation and love to your clients and employees?


This blog targets the pressing questions every employer faces while picking a corporate gift for clients, employees, or office staff. What are the best Diwali gifts for clients? What are some useful Diwali gifts for employees? What are some Diwali gift ideas for office staff? And most importantly, how to pick budget Diwali gifts for employees or clients?


You’ll get answers to all these questions in this buying guide.


We present a range of carefully curated gift ideas to make your clients’ and employees’ Diwali extra special! Register with Amazon Business today and experience the convenience of picking corporate Diwali gifts online.


Take a look!


What is Corporate Diwali Gifting?         

Corporate Diwali gifting refers to giving gifts to clients, employees, peers, or office staff as a way of celebrating Diwali, showing appreciation, or strengthening the existing relationship. Companies usually make use of the Diwali season for corporate gifting.


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What Makes a Corporate Diwali Gifts Idea Unique?    

Everyone celebrates the festival of lights with great pomp and splendor. During the festive season, companies who take the initiative to celebrate their relationship with the client or employee leave a lasting impression on the heart.


The clients and employees will celebrate this gesture along with other festivities. If you’re looking for a way to make the Diwali gifts for corporates unique, here are some tips:


1. Make it Personalized

Personalized gifts are magical. They help build a closer bond with your clients and employees as they demonstrate appreciation for who they are. And it would bring them great joy to see that you made a move to appreciate and accept their uniqueness.


Unique One-to-One Corporate Gift Ideas

If you have a small team of employees, it’s much easier to understand their unique tastes and differences. Check out Diwali gift hampers for employees! You can choose to gift presents like:

  • Coffee Table
  • Personalized Mug, Jewellery, handmade gifts
  • Gym Membership
  • Entertainment channel subscription
  • Movie/ concert tickets


Unique One-to-Many Corporate Gift Ideas

Companies with many employees and clients can choose to give a standard present to all. You can consider these Diwali gift hampers for employees:

  • Gourmet Snacks/Sweets
  • Corporate Diaries
  • Earphones
  • Headphones
  • Mugs
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Watches
  • Smart Watches
  • Pen
  • Dry Fruits


The Significance of Corporate Gifts on Diwali         

The Festival of Lights is another way of lighting people’s lives. Corporate gifting is almost mandatory at such a time simply because of the aura and magic of Diwali. However, if you want more reasons to celebrate Diwali with corporate gifting, here’s why:

1. For Peace and Unity

Corporate gifts are another way to encourage harmony and peace, and unity among co-workers irrespective of their religion and background. Diwali puja is also performed in some offices, and gift-giving follows.

2. To Appreciate

A Diwali gift for employees or clients expresses gratitude to your clients and all other employees who have remained devoted. They will be delighted, which will impact their performance.

3. Build Stronger Relationships

The right Diwali gift for employees or clients can engage and influence them. For instance, if a company sends a client a personalized planter, calendar, or mug with the name and tagline of the brand, it will serve as a reminder every time they have a look.

4. Keeping Up with the Competition

A client or customer can be associated with other businesses through commercial relationships at any time. This is where corporate Diwali gift ideas could make a difference helping you stand if the client receives a thoughtful and meaningful present.

5. A feeling of Egalitarianism

The largest Indian holiday, Diwali, is one for which people make extensive preparations. A magnificent Diwali basket would blur geographic boundaries and bring one closer to their roots and people.


Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees to Build the Professional Bonds       

Diwali is the perfect time to strengthen the professional bonds between employees and employers. A corporate Diwali gift for employees or clients is a perfect way to show your appreciation and gratitude. It could also be a very effective way to build team spirit and morale.


When choosing a Diwali gift for employees, it’s important to consider the needs and interests of your employees. However, it is also important to choose a practical and useful gift.


Unique Ideas for Corporate Diwali Gift for Employees and Staff

Coming up with unique Diwali gift ideas for corporates or employees is a head-scratcher. Here are some tips while searching for unique Diwali gift ideas for office staff, employees, clients or peers:


  • Consider the interests and hobbies of the receiver. If you can get a hamper that includes their favorite items, they will surely appreciate it more.
  • Take into account the company’s culture and norms while picking any Diwali gift for employees/ clients. For example, opt for a healthy gift basket if the company emphasizes health and wellness.
  • Get a unique and memorable gift. This will ensure the recipient remembers your gesture long after Diwali is over.
  • Pick a gift that is suitable for the occasion. A festive gift like a diya or a puja thali is perfect for Diwali, while something like a wine basket would be more appropriate for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.
  • Take the budget into consideration while selecting the Diwali gift for employees. Our store has affordable corporate Diwali gifts online, so you don’t have to break the bank to show appreciation.


Here are some unique Diwali gift ideas for employees, clients or staff!


Gift Mobile and Laptop Accessories to Employees and Staff


1. Earphones

What good is a gift if it is not personal, doesn’t offer usefulness, or doesn’t make you feel good? Headphones are versatile devices that enhance every lifestyle, whether used for commuting, work, or leisure, drawn-out business conversations, video conferences, after-hours virtual parties, and much more.


2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches provide you with the chance to customize your Diwali present. It can be altered to support particular corporate goals. You can also create apps that serve particular corporate goals, connecting the gift to a project for business transformation.


3. Hard Drives & Pen Drives

Hard drives and USB pen drives are the ideal Diwali gift for employees or clients. Especially for tech-savvy workers. These can be readily personalized with brand names and logos and come in various configurations.        


4.  Power Bank

Power banks are yet another corporate Diwali gift idea which is functional. The portability of power banks makes them unique. It comes in handy as you don’t always have access to electricity while traveling.


5. Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers account for the perfect corporate Diwali gifts as they emphasize technological convenience. Wireless technology is the new Bluetooth.


[ Check out buying guides for best printers for home & office and best projectors for more Diwali gift ideas for corporate]       

6. Laptop Holder Stand       

Ah, the perfect Laptop accessory to consider for a Diwali gift for employees. Elegant, super quality and elevation-friendly laptop stands can make the work lives of your clients, co-workers, and employees much easier and more productive.


[You can also explore other laptop accessories from our corporate gift store.]


Diwali Gifts for Employees Home Appliances         

  • Coffee Maker- One of the best Diwali gifts for clients or employees. Something practical, enjoyable, and a stress buster. Pair it with a good quality coffee bean, and they thank you for every sip of coffee they enjoy!
Coffee Maker
  • Air Fryer- Encourage your employees to a healthy lifestyle with an air fryer. It makes one of the best corporate Diwali gifts for office staff, as it shows you care.
  • Toaster- One of the best Diwali gift for employees to keep up with busy days, late mornings, and early meetings with an instant snack!
  • Juicer- Surprise your employees and clients with a juicer grinder this Diwali and encourage them to continue their strenuous regimen.
  • Blender- Take away the kitchen woes of your office staff and employees with a blender that chops, blends, mixes, and produces smoothies, chutneys, purees, and other foods quickly and easily. This is one of the best Diwali gifts for office staff!
  • Table Lamps- What is better than gifting light during the festival of lights? That’s why table lamps make the perfect corporate Diwali gift.
  • Smart Kitchen Appliances- Another terrific Dilwai gift ideas for clients or employees is gifting them smart kitchen appliances making their life easy, like a smart pressure cooker, ice maker, microwave, food recycler, cocktail maker, etc.
  • Kitchen Mixer- The one must-have item in every Indian kitchen is the mixer. No one will say no to a sturdy stainless steel mixer pro at making chutneys, baking, blending spices, and whatnot.
Kitchen Mixer
  • Portable Vacuum Cleaners- Clean homes are the best ones to return to after a long hard day at work! Gifting vacuum cleaners are a great way of helping employees and clients to do just that. Refer to our guide for the best vacuum cleaner in India to help you choose.
  • Air Purifier- Who wouldn’t appreciate an air purifier when the air quality is something we have to fight for? If your client’s office or company fall under the major polluted cities, then air purifiers would make useful Diwali gifts for employees.
  • Alexa- Alexa is highly beneficial for employees, clients, or peers to synch their work emails, calendars, notifications, meetings, work briefs, etc., A very convenient gadget for home and office use, making it a practical Diwali gift for office staff and employees.
  • Home Theater System- Who would not enjoy watching movies of the highest quality at home? So don’t think twice about gifting a home theatre system, undoubtedly. Your clients and employees will never forget the experience. (Read our blog on the best home theatre system and ease your search.)


Gift Travel Bags and Accessories this Diwali

Travel is fun when you have the right items to tick off your list! Gift travel bags and accessories to your clients and employees this Diwali to make the season more magical!


1. Backpacks

Backpacks serve as the best corporate Diwali gifts items as it’s affordable, trendy, safe and highly useful. You could go trekking, camping, or other travel-friendly backpacks with good capacity.


2. Travel Bags

Travel bags are an essential item on everybody’s travel bucket list. So, gift your clients and employees a travel bag today to push them in the right direction.


3. Luggage Trackers

Want your clients and employees to enjoy their vacation days peacefully? Let them tackle the issue of misplaced luggage with a small gadget. Why not consider giving luggage trackers as customized corporate Diwali gifts?


3. Travel Pouches

Travel pouches are a must-have! Keeping things like cell phones, water bottles, passports, MP3 players, chargers, power banks, etc. well-organized and together in multiple pockets. So, give one to your employee or client today!


4. Travel Pillows

Who doesn’t love to sleep while traveling? A travel pillow helps with getting a good nap without sleep apnea issues! What a thoughtful gift to give!


Pro Tip: You could make Diwali gift hampers for corporate clients and employees by mixing and matching these travel items.


Gender Neutral Gifts for Daily Use        

Gender equality is not just a phenomenon but a reality! Make sure to reiterate that you believe in unity and equality! And what better way to demonstrate it than gifting gender-neutral gifts to your employees and clients? Here’s a list of corporate gift items to inspire you!


1. Fit bands

Gift fit bands to your clients and employees and encourage them into a fitness life! Using a fitness tracker, they can monitor and track their heart rate, daily caloric burn, and steps walked. Their everyday workouts will be boosted and made more attainable with the regular use of a fitness tracker.          


2. Kindle

If they don’t already have an e-reader, it is a terrific present for someone who reads a lot. Having access to your library wherever you go? Find that bookworm in your employees and clients, and give them a Kindle today!     


3. Alexa Echo Dot       

The Amazon Echo Dot is reasonably priced and has excellent voice control functions. With this compact yet potent device, your employees/ clients can listen to your favorite music, get reminders, connect with loved ones, and keep an eye on connected devices. It’s a perfect gift for not just your clients and employees but also their families!


4. Candles and Home Décor Items

Candles and home decor items are a must to add the oh-so-lovable glow to your client’s and employees’ homes! Surprise them with scented and personalized candles and a few home decor items today!


5.  Multi Cable USB chargers and Wires

Multi-cable USB charges are crucial, especially when you’re commuting. Gifting this to your clients and employees may just tick a want off their list!


6. Storage Bags

Storage bags are inexpensive and the best options for a corporate Diwali gift! The non-woven fabric composition of the storage bags encourages airflow and maintains the interior odor-free while protecting the belongings from dust and moisture.


Premium Ideas for Corporate Diwali Gift for Clients       

Clients will keep coming back to associate with you if you appreciate your relationship with them. And one of the ways to show you value your relationship with your clients is by gifting the best Diwali corporate gift items! Here are some ideas to inspire you!


1.  Self-Heating Mugs

Self-heating mugs are the trendiest new gift options for your corporate Diwali gift! They help you keep your beverage warm even with no power source. These mugs are usually constructed of stainless steel and are more durable. Gift one today!


2.  Premium Journals and Stationery Items

Journals and stationery items are just the right motivation to keep your employees enjoying working! Light up their desk space this Diwali with premium journals and stationery items!      


3. Home and Office Appliances

Home appliances will help your employees have a great time working from home! Who doesn’t want a more simplified lifestyle, especially at home? Gifting printers, projectors, laptops, and smartwatches are other ways of gifting the perfect home and office appliance!


4. Photo Printer

One of the best corporate gift items is a photo printer. You can decide the kind of photo printer you wish to purchase. Check out a premium range of affordable photo printers for the most astonishing prices!      



6. Smart Equipments

Smart equipment knows no gender. Try gifting smartwatches, smart bottles, security cameras, smart locks, smart light bulbs, etc., to your employees and clients.


7.  Fun Desk Elements

Fun desk elements like motivational posters, personalized mugs, diaries, pens, etc., will add a spark to your employees’ and clients’ work lives!


8. Game Consoles     

A video game console is a great gift for those employees who are gamers through and through. Gifting them to those gamers in your company will be the right boost to continue their hard work for your company.


9.  Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards are the most convenient way of rewarding employees or thanking clients! They can choose to buy whatever they want from Amazon! So, this Diwali, give them the gift of choice with Amazon!


 Browse through a Huge Range of Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas for Employees and Clients

If you are trying to find some great corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees and clients, you have come to the right place. Browse our corporate gifting store and find the perfect present for your employees or clients.


Amazon Business has something for everyone so that you can easily choose the perfect gift.


Our corporate Diwali gifts include a wide variety of items, from traditional Indian gifts to more contemporary options. You would find something to suit any budget, and we have a range of delivery options available so you can get your gifts to your recipients quickly and easily.


Here are some of the popular Diwali corporate gifting ideas organized into categories


1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts like pens, diaries, mugs, clothes, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earphones, hoodies, etc., are a great way to appreciate your employees this festive season!


2. Diwali Hamper

A hamper is a great way to give a lot all at once. You could choose to combine a self-care kit, office supplies, gourmet food or just all of them! Choose a Diwali hamper today!


3. Diwali Combos

Check out Amazon’s hand-picked collection of Diwali-themed gift combos today! Right from gourmet food to Indian sweets, we have it all! Bulk orders, discounts, and doorstep delivery are all yours to enjoy this Diwali!


Corporate Gifting Laws

It is common in India to give gifts, such as vouchers or tokens, to staff on social and religious holidays like Diwali, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the company’s anniversary, marriages, and so on. Now the question is whether these gifts will be taxed under Indian law.


In short, yes, corporate gifts in India are governed by the Indian Gift Tax Act, 1958. Under this act, any gift a company gives its employees or clients is taxable. The tax rates vary depending on the value of the gift, with rates ranging from 1% to 30%.


Employees would be tax-free if they received small presents worth up to ₹50,000 per year. But any gifts worth more than ₹50,000 will be taxed. Gifts above ₹50,000 are taxed as a perk in the hands of employees.


It will be ideal if you keep the documentation of all presents so that any tax dispute may be avoided during the assessment procedure.


Top Diwali Gift Items that you can Send to the Clients and Employees

Why not send Diwali gift for employees, clients, or staff directly to their homes and surprise them this year? One of the most exciting aspects of gift giving is not the surprise of not knowing when or what one is getting! Purchase your corporate Diwali gifts online and deliver this joy to your client or employee’s doorstep.


Here are some best Diwali gifts items to consider:


For Employees

For Client’s

  • Subscription to entertainment
  • platforms- Netflix, Amazon Prime,
  • Disney Hotstar, etc.
  • Home Appliances
  • Kitchen Utilities
  • Comforters- Blankets, rugs, quilts
  • Diwali Gift Hamper
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Customized corporate Diwali gifts- backpack, hoodie, Tshirt, mugs,


  • Assorted Dry fruits
  • Luxury Chocolates or Sweets
  • Creative Art Pieces
  • Aromatic Candle Set
  • Green Diwali gift items- tote bags,thermal coffee mugs, stainless steel bottles, etc.
  • Gadget Organizer
  • Fitness items
  • Cocktail Bar Set


Explore our buying guides for home appliances list, Bluetooth Speakers, and water purifiers for home & office for more gift ideas.


The Most Common Diwali Gift Items List

Some corporate Diwali gift ideas are recurring and common during the festive season. That doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of them. Instead, you re-introduce the traditional gift-giving regime into the Diwali gift for employees and may come across the best Diwali gifts for clients.

Here’s a list of the most common Diwali gift items to bring back the nostalgia:


  • Diwali Sweets- Laddu, Barfi, Halwa, Rasmalai
  • Dry Fruits- Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts, Raisins, etc.
  • Spices- Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Nutmeg, etc.
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Home Décor
  • Laxmi and Ganesh Idols or Coins


[Enjoy this festive season to the fullest with these Diwali celebration ideas and fun Diwali activities for families, offices, and friends.]


 How to Buy Corporate Diwali Gifts from Amazon Business?

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 All you need to do is:

  • Create an account with us
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So, with so many ideas for inspiration, give your employees and clients the perfect gift to add some more color and light to their Diwali. We are sure they’d appreciate your way of appreciating them for years to come! If you are still hesitating, open an account today and become a Prime member to make the most out of every deal! Amazing discounts and prices await you!


  • Some Diwali gift ideas for corporates for 2022 include:

    ●       Gift hampers

    ●       Personalized or customized gifts- water bottles, desk items, backpacks, etc.

    ●       Diwali Gift cards

    ●       Office essentials- organizers, desk decors, bookmarks, etc.

    ●       Assorted Diwali-themed gift boxes

  • You could try these Diwali gift ideas for employees to make this season more interesting:

    ●       Paid vacation days for the season

    ●       Surprise gift grabbing

    ●       Must-have electronic accessories- wireless headsets, Fit bands, smartwatches, smart bottles, etc.

    ●       Diwali Bonus or vouchers

  • If you are searching for a Diwali gift for office staff, budget Diwali gift for employees, corporate Diwali gift ideas for clients, or the best Diwali gift for employees, make a stop at Amazon Business corporate gifting store. Buy Diwali gifts for employees in bulk and enjoy exclusive bulk discounts, GST invoice discounts, and bank offers.

  • Diwali gifts for employees are not an obligation but a gesture from the employer or company to show how much they care. The symbolism of corporate Diwali gifts goes beyond material possession and helps to boost morale, loyalty, relationship and work culture.

  • Here are some last-minute Diwali Gift items to consider for friends and family if you are in a hurry:

    ●       Skincare- Vegan, organic, herbal, etc.

    ●       Makeup Products

    ●       Traditional Diwali gifts- Idols, Assorted Sweets or Dy fruits, candles, or chocolates

    ●       Jewellery

  • Finding the right corporate Diwali gift for clients is a task, let alone their kids. However, some Diwali gift ideas for kids are safe most times, like the following:

    ●       Gadget Hamper- Tablet, Smartphones, Game accessories

    ●       Kindle with e-book collection for kids

    ●       Kid’s room Décor and furniture

    ●       Toys and games

    ●       Assorted chocolate hampers

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