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Wholesale Home & Kitchen Electronic Appliances at Amazon Business

Find Exclusive Discounts & Save Big on Top Brands of Home & Kitchen Electronic Appliances for Business Purchase with Amazon Business.


Are you hunting for home and kitchen electronics for your store? Are you restocking your inventory for reselling? Are you planning to dropship home and kitchen electronics? If you are seeking an answer to these questions, then you have landed on the right page. Welcome to Amazon Business’s wholesale kitchen and home appliances store. A place where you will find wholesale appliances for your home and kitchen at affordable prices without compromising quality. This is an ideal outlet for dropshippers, retailers, wholesalers, store owners, and other businesses to procure quality items online.


Here are some of the top picks from our lot!


Top Picks From Our Kitchen and Home Appliances Store

Our wholesale home appliances and kitchen electronics store is massive and diverse enough for micro to large enterprises. Check out our top picks from the inventory:


➔    We have all the must-have kitchen appliances like mixer grinders, toasters, air fryers, induction cooktops, and OTGs for every household. Most kitchens cannot function without these essential kitchen appliances.


➔    We also have the right home electronic appliances for the morning routine, like coffee makers, coffee grinders, juicers, milk frothers, kettles, tea machines, espresso machines, drip coffee machines, and tea diffusers.


➔    Our wholesale home appliances store also has summer home essentials like ACs, coolers, fans, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, inverters, etc., to beat the heat and power issues during the summer season.


➔    Our online home appliance also offers an affordable range of cleaning products like vacuum cleaners (cordless, handheld, wired, mini, etc.), robot vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and window cleaners for maintaining the hygienic equilibrium of homes.


➔    We also have small kitchen and home appliances for basic household needs, like meat grinders, deep fryers, waffle makers, popcorn makers, ice cream blenders, rice and pasta cookers, egg boilers, and food processors.


➔    If you are hunting for large kitchen and home appliances, we have that too! From air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and drying machines to dishwashers, freezers, range cooktops, and wall ovens. We have it all.


➔    The best part is, we also have smart home and kitchen electronic appliances for our technologically inclined consumer base, like induction cooktops, smart floor cleaners, automatic washing machines, smart dishwashers, smart fridges, and more.  


You can browse through these categories and enquire about quotes from different vendors before you check out any product.  Moreover, if you register on Amazon Business, you get bulk discount on every purchase, adding to your savings, which is very crucial for small businesses and startups.


Brand Power: We Host Only the Best!

Amazon Business always delivers A1 quality for their customers. We have curated the most renowned brands from the industry, offering quality products, reliability, innovation, and performance. Here are the brands across the product categories we host:


●      Philips                         ●      Godrej                   ●      BPL

●      Bajaj                            ●      Bosch                    ●      Haier

●      Eureka Forbes            ●      Whirlpool             ●      Morphy Richards                

●      Pigeon                        ●      LG                          ●      Usha

●      Samsung                    ●      IFB                         ●      Hul Pureit


Why Choose Amazon Business for Wholesale Kitchen and Home Appliances?

Amazon Business is your ideal sourcing partner for wholesale kitchen appliances and electronic home appliances. Here’s why you should pick Amazon Business:


➔    Major Savings: Our bulk discount perk enables a cost-effective purchase every time you check out items. Moreover, you can also avail of GST savings from the GST invoices and input tax credits that adds to your savings.


➔    Business Specific Events: We conduct business exclusive sale events like BVD ( Business Value Days), Stock Up Sale, Small Business Days, Prime Day Sale, etc., for businesses offering attractive deals and amazing prices for wholesale purchases. So, it's the best time to stock up your inventory if you are behind.


➔    Reliable Brands: We only house the products from reliable brands and suppliers without tarnishing the product quality. All the industry players, home-grown and international, list their best-selling products for our buyers to grab.


➔    Massive Inventory: Our inventory is massive to ensure the needs of businesses regardless of their size and scale. Additionally, we have specialty stores for IT products, wholesale supplies for office, wholesale cleaning supplies, hardware and MRO supplies store, wholesale pantry store, etc., to cover diverse procurement needs.


➔    Insights: If you are looking for some business insights and direction, we also have blogs and buying guides addressing different concerns and needs of businesses. For instance, our guide for home and office set up items would prove beneficial for making a list of items to procure for your store, home or office.


➔    Super-fast Delivery and Quick Returns: We also deliver on the guaranteed date to your doorsteps, and if you are dissatisfied, you can easily return them as well, adding to your convenience.


  • Home appliances are devices for every household's needs. They perform specific tasks and functions, easing the work around the house. Home appliances comprise various categories targeting each function or purpose, like cleaning, home maintenance, food processing, preserving food, cooling, or keeping your home warm. Some of the common home electronic appliances include washing machines, mixers and grinders, air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, ovens, etc.

  • If you are thinking of opening a home appliance store, here are some quick steps to do it:


    ●      Research: Conduct thorough research to understand the market requirements for the home appliances in your neighborhood.

    ●      Plan: Once you have identified your target consumer, create an elaborate business plan outlining the target audience, marketing strategies, goals, and financial projections.

    ●      Register your business: Acquire the necessary permits and licenses to open your business. And set up a business bank account.

    ●      Location: choose a suitable location for your store with accessibility and visibility to attract your target customers.

    ●      Identify suppliers: Fill your store with quality home appliances after identifying the ideal supplier. Maintain a good relationship with them.

    ●      Prompt your store: Develop a market plan for store promotion, forcing your consumers to check out your store.

    ●      Customer service: Uphold good customer service to encourage them to come back and purchase more.

    ●      Inventory management: Stock your inventory according to the need and sale.

    ●      Compliance: Make sure you are adhering to necessary compliances and regulations.

  • There are many offline or online platforms where you can buy kitchen appliances. But if you are looking for an online option offering doorstep delivery and quality products, then try our wholesale home appliances store. You will find all the home and kitchen essentials at a good price.

  • The best home appliance or kitchen appliances to purchase vary across the needs of individuals. However, here are some must-have kitchen appliances for every home:


    ●      Blender or mixer

    ●      Air fryer, oven, or range

    ●      Coffee or tea maker

    ●      Induction cooktop and electric kettle

    ●      Refrigerator and food processor

    ●      Electric chopper, toaster, or egg boiler

  • Smart home appliances could be controlled remotely and set to perform tasks automatically. Some of the smart home appliances include- washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, lights, security cameras, smoke detectors, etc.

  • Here are some of the basic home appliances we cannot do without:


    ●      Washing machine

    ●      Dryer

    ●      Refrigerator

    ●      Iron

    ●      Microwave

    ●      Stove or oven

    ●      Vacuum cleaner

    ●      Toaster and kettle

  • There are many reliable home-grown and international brands for home appliances like Samsung, Godrej, Bosh, Pigeon, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, LG, Whirlpool, Usha, Prestige, etc., and Amazon Business houses them all for your convenience.

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    Access a wide selection of products from top brands, see top-selling products, meet your compliance requirement, and get GST invoice when you buy from India’s largest B2bB marketplace with GST enabled products.

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